WARNING: ‘We Are Bringing You the Plague!’

Darkmoon – June 15, 2020

 Is Donald Trump America’s new Messiah? Or is he, as the author of this controversial article argues, a minion of Satan and a tool of the Deep State?

By John W. Whitehead — International Clearing House June 11, 2020

Introduction by Lasha Darkmoon

I have thought fit to abridge this long article to roughly half its original length, adding four exceptionally pertinent pictures in honour of the great American political cartoonist David Dees (pictured) who died exactly two weeks ago at the age of 62. The accompanying quotations and captions are my own modest contribution to this article by way of commentary.   
According to John Whitehead, human rights attorney and founder of the Rutherford Institute, it’s not black Americans who are the main problem right now. This is what conspiracy theorists and the Deep State—the main hatchers of conspiracy theories—would like you think. The problem is created by the Deep State itself, using killer cops on the rampage in a deliberate attempt to stir up a civil war. Rioting blacks are simply a pretext for martial law and the introduction of a savage Orwellian police state. 
The crucial question here is this: is the Orange Emperor Donald Trump an enemy of the Deep State, as he likes to make out, or is he a hidden tool of a plutocratic elite hell-bent on world domination and a drastic reduction of global population by means of killer vaccines and other man-made plagues? [LD]  

Dees Mandatory Vaccine. Click to enlarge

“If only Americans knew,
we are bringing them the plague!”
— Sigmund Freud

Watch and see: this debate over police brutality and accountability is about to get politicized into an election-year referendum on who should occupy the White House.
Don’t fall for it.
The Deep State, the powers-that-be, want us to turn this into a race war, but this is about so much more than systemic racism. This is the oldest con game in the books, the magician’s sleight of hand that keeps you focused on the shell game in front of you while your wallet is being picked clean by ruffians in your midst.
The nation in turmoil after months of pandemic fear-mongering and regional lockdowns, a national election looming, a president with falling poll numbers, and a police state that wants to stay in power at all costs.
As author Jim Keith explains: “Create violence through economic pressures, the media, mind control, agent provocateurs = thesis. Counter it with totalitarian measures, more mind control, police crackdowns, surveillance, drugging of the population = antithesis. What ensues is Orwell’s vision of 1984, a society of total control = synthesis.
Here’s what is going to happen: the police state is going to stand down and allow these protests, riots and looting to devolve into a situation where enough of the voting populace is so desperate for a return to law and order that they will gladly relinquish some of their freedoms to achieve it. And that’s how the police state will win, no matter which candidate gets elected to the White House.
You know who will lose? WE will—every last one of us.
People should be outraged over what happened to George Floyd, but let’s get one thing straight: Floyd didn’t die merely because he was black and the cop who killed him is white. Floyd died because America is being overrun with warrior cops—vigilantes with a badge—who are part of a government-run standing army that is waging war on the American people in the so-called name of law and order.
This isn’t about racism in America.
This is about profit-driven militarism packaged in the guise of law and order, waged by greedy profiteers who have transformed the American homeland into a battlefield with militarized police, military weapons and tactics better suited to a war zone.

Dees: social distancing. Click to enlarge

‘Bring back the plague!’

“Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague.” — Thomas Malthus, Essay on the Principle of Population, Book IV, Chapter V (1798)
These warrior cops—fitted out in the trappings of war, drilled in the deadly art of combat, and trained to look upon “every individual they interact with as an armed threat and every situation as a deadly force encounter in the making—are the police state’s standing army.
This is the new face of war, and America has become the new battlefield.
—   §   —
FOR YEARS NOW, we’ve been told that cops need military weapons to wage the government’s wars on drugs, crime and terror. We’ve been told that cops need to be able to crash through doors, search vehicles, carry out roadside strip searches, shoot anyone they perceive to be a threat, and generally disregard the law whenever it suits them because they’re doing it to protect their fellow Americans from danger. We’ve been told that cops need extra legal protections because of the risks they take.
None of that is true.
In fact, recent research done by the political science department at Princeton University concludes that militarizing police and SWAT teams “provide no detectable benefits in terms of officer safety or violent crime reduction.”
In other words, warrior cops aren’t making us or themselves any safer.
Militarized police armed with weapons of war who are allowed to operate above the law and break the laws with impunity are definitely not making America any safer or freer.
The problem, as one reporter rightly concluded, is “not that life has gotten that much more dangerous, it’s that authorities have chosen to respond to even innocent situations as if they were in a warzone.” Consequently, Americans are now eight times more likely to die in a police confrontation than they are to be killed by a terrorist.
Militarism within the nation’s police forces is proving to be deadlier than any pandemic.
Specifically, what we’re dealing with today is a skewed shoot-to-kill mindset in which police, trained to view themselves as warriors or soldiers in a war,  shoot first and ask questions later.


Making matters worse, when these officers, who have long since ceased to be peace officers, violate their oaths by bullying, beating, tasering, shooting and killing their employers—the taxpayers to whom they owe their allegiance—they are rarely given more than a slap on the wrists before resuming their patrols.
This lawlessness on the part of law enforcement, an unmistakable characteristic of a police state, is made possible in large part by police unions which routinely oppose civilian review boards.
Indeed, not only are cops protected from most charges of wrongdoing—whether it’s shooting unarmed citizens (including children and old people), raping and abusing young women, falsifying police reports, trafficking drugs, or soliciting sex with minors—but even on the rare occasions when they are fired for misconduct, it’s only a matter of time before they get re-hired again.
State and federal laws allow police to walk away without paying a dime for their wrongdoing, and rampant cronyism prevails among government bureaucrats.
It’s happening all across the country.
This is the New America—what America has become.
Police officers are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be held financially accountable for their actions.


‘”We are bringing them the plague!”
— Sigmund Freud


Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

14 responses to “WARNING: ‘We Are Bringing You the Plague!’”

  1. If I can say anything positive about the past four months it would be that at least Holly wood has been inhibited from producing more of their puerile shit.

  2. If you need an honest, realistic update about Donald Trump and what is going down — including well-reasoned critique of all your fears and suspicions, please get it from Vox Day, Bond Robin, or Anonymous Conservative, NOT Gordon Duff or Ms. Darkmoon, who only pour out black pills and ad homonym.

    There are reasons for what happens and what is done. There are things that can be accomplished, but only with proper prep and timing.

  3. Tony Bairs astrologer said tht trump could jump either wy, no other president would have brought Einstein and Epstein to justice
    but he was very stupid to kill the Iranian general trying for peace
    Miions of muslims people trafficked into the uk by a racist govern,ment are a ready made 5th column, who will do great damage
    a colleague who is I intel says the british government now relises its mistake here
    policians have their brains removed when they come to office I hear
    makes sense to me

  4. Once upon a time, some things evil our way came. So long ago now, they’ve always appeared among us, here, there, and everywhere we find Money Power and its overlords. The Puppet Show has proved an everlasting feature of their presence.

    In ancient days, the puppets seemed real enough, engrossingly entertaining, entrancingly influential. In recent times, the larger, more extravagant puppet shows moved to the silvered screen, still pictures undulated with forbidden symbols. Yet, we paid to watch.

    Planet-wide, socio-economic and political puppet shows merged long ago. Here today, the two-headed fowl has wings named Demonrat and Repugnut. Immoral Dialectics run continuously, like movie theaters of old. Miss the start of a film, you waited around to catch it again, and again, and again.

    Puppet Donald, vilified by the sorts of Duff [“Veterans Today”], heralded by others as a 5D chess playing prodigy, gets all the blame and all the credit. All the while, his puppeteer happily stands above and aside, pulling strings, reaping that which The Power$ That Be sow in your mind. Grimly grinning, deadly determined, viciously merciless. By all means, silly fools, blame The Donald, cheer the advent of Biden. The show MUST go on!

  5. Who or what was in the coffin at the services for George Floyd was kept hidden because it was a closed coffin affair.

    The booking photo of Chauvin appears to show a different person than than the cop in the knee-on-neck video.

    George Floyd and cop Derek Chauvin worked as Security Officers at the same night club, the El Nuevo club. People planning to stage the knee-on-neck scene would have to know each other.

    If the Chauvin-Floyd scene was real instead of staged Chauvin would have recognised Floyd and let him off easy because Law Enforcement people do that with each other.

    Cops are notorious for not giving a ticket to another cop, covering for each other, letting cops get by with violations that are enforced on common people.

    How much of the Floyd story is real and how much is fake is uncertain. But the riots, burning of cities, anarchy, and looting are financed and orchestrated by banker Jews such as George Soros.

    The connection of the Floyd story with riots and madness casts even more doubt on the credibility of the Floyd story, because the riots and madness are run by the bankster Jews, their Jews Media, and their puppet politicians.

  6. As noted by a comment at ICH —

    “June 10, 2020 MSM Finally Admits US Cops Kill, Injure, and Cage More People Than Any Other Country on Earth.”

    All old allies, be advised: The USA has now beaten records established by Stalin, Mao, and all the worst tyrants in the world.

    Keep in mind in the 1980s several American States were attracting Japanese “transplant” industries to employ Americans, having gotten so much criticism. All gone now, what remains they leave to be run by badly trained locals. The reason? US law. There’s simply too many things “illegal” in the USA that is not offensive and in most cases unknowable.

    The dictatorship long predicted has arrived.

  7. It has been my long held position that Donald Trump and his personality is a sophisticated psyop to get you to think he is defending us when he is really delivering us into a Talmudic police state and bankrupting the county. Trump is surrounded by Jews looting and gutting the nation. Trump is doing Netanyahu’s bidding that is clear.

    He did not make Amerika great again, he is ending Amerika, and that is finally dawning on the masses who have been fooled, but no matter he will probably get elected again if the stock market goes up or sideways, only a severe crash can oust him like President Hoover.

    So the answer to LD’s rhetorical question ” Is Donald Trump America’s new Messiah? Or is he, as the author of this controversial article argues, a minion of Satan and a tool of the Deep State?” is obvious, Trump is a tool of Israel.

    Notice in the article that Netanyahu is not mentioned, people are not connecting the dots of who is orchestrating the downfall of Amerika.



    “So the answer to LD’s rhetorical question ” Is Donald Trump America’s new Messiah? Or is he, as the author of this controversial article argues, a minion of Satan and a tool of the Deep State?” is obvious, Trump is a tool of Israel.

    Notice in the article that Netanyahu is not mentioned, people are not connecting the dots of who is orchestrating the downfall of Amerika.”

    An excellent comment, Yukon, right on target! 🙂

    As for Netanyahu not being mentioned in the article, that’s true. John Whitehead’s original article is all about killer cops and makes no mention of Netanyahu or the crucial fact that American police forces take regular trips to Israel, all expenses paid (“freebies”), for instructions on how to police America.

    Israeli advisors can be found attached to every major police department in America, offering advice on crowd control with tear gas, water cannon, and rubber bullets. The best American snipers have to go to Israel for special training. That well known

    Ordinary American citizens are now, alas, the new Palestinians.

    BTW, there IS one important reference to Netanyahu and his relationship to Trump in this article. This is LD’s pictorial contribution. Scroll up the Dees cartoon right at the end of the article and you will see Netanyahu there. With devil horns sprouting from his forehead!


  9. And Malthus a priest.

  10. Why would anyone with an once of common sense and a shred of decency want to be President of the United States to play an endless deflection game supporting one establishment psyop after another, channeling all major debt into future generations, always sucking up to people who are either greedy bastards or plotting psychopaths, and trying to rule over a people who are so divided, brainwashed and screwed up by the same establishment which anointed you to do their bidding?

    Trump likely did not approve of deliberately infected US soldiers to do the dirty work last October while staying at a five-star hotel across from the Wuhan market, but he obviously had to get on board the psyop Plandemic or likely be ousted unceremoniously with a bullet to his head from his nation’s international-banking-cartel-controlled military. Apart from the very initial tidy wet work executed by these dutiful soldiers, the entire operation and planning has involved the governments of every major nation on the planet. The pandemic psyop shows how sick we really are.

    What the pandemic has done for many people is to show them most clearly that the real disease is in the human psyche. It is a disease where the symptoms are mainly various aspects of the vices of dishonesty and selfishness – like deceiving your fellow man for your gain, using threats and fear mongering to beat down any criticism and to advance your interests, cheating if you can get away with it, fabricating stories for deflection, exploiting the vulnerable, getting rid of those in your power whose basic rights conflict with your interests, casting a blind eye to the atrocities and evils your government allows and commits. The list goes on, and to some extent everyone behaves somewhat dishonestly in their affairs, and that has always been the case.

    However, there are two significant differences for our age, and one of them is that is we no longer for the most part think it is evil or wrong to lie and to be dishonest in order to get what we want. Few people think facts or truth matters anymore. We no longer with our opponents suspend judgement, debate and submit to reason before we judge. The reasoning process has become a game where the contestants feel entitled to distort the facts and unjustly vilify opponents to serve their team or side of any issue. It is also okay for people to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the evil others do so long as their actions serve their interests. Your fantasy and belief is as real and relevant as anything else. Facts are a matter of choice. What the consensus deems is correct must be correct. The climate change psyop is another classic example of a pragmatic process where the envisioned ends for change justify the lying and totally exaggerated means. Now we have the Covid psyop which brings these traits out even more

    Our schools and universities teach essentially pragmatic versions of situation-ethics which boil down to moral relativism, translating into a kind Nietzschean will to power psychology. Yet, for all the learning, massive brain power, and their ideals for a so-called “more equitable”, or “fairer” world, they are completely unable to connect the dots to notice that their eradication of God and the immortal soul has destroyed any real basis for human integrity, as well as any meaningful basis for real justice over the might-makes-right prevailing ethic which they so detest. Ultimately, our so-called “best and brightest” are the biggest dupes of all.

    The other significant difference with respect to the vices manifesting in dishonesty and selfishness in our age, is the concentration, consolidation and institutionalization of all of the vices into the persons and lives of all of the power elites and all of their institutions running things. We see how they have concentrated and consolidated their wealth and power and we criticize the dishonest and ruthless means by which they have done so, but we fail to connect the final dots and see how these enabling vices are now embodied and inseparable in them and all the way down their chain of command. In fact most of us know of their corrupt methods but because our true gods are money and power, we simply give them a pass.

    The people who are running things behave like they are gods and everything exists for them or their ideas. From their concentration and consolidation of wealth, power and vice we see in this latest massive psyop, this worldwide Plandemic, their ultimate and complete disregard for the truth, liberty, and basic individual rights. We see clearly their suppression of facts and free speech, their absolute ruthlessness in exercising unjust and unnecessarily lockdowns and controls, their deliberate snuffing out of the lives of the frail elderly. We see their massive brainwashing through a thoroughly dissembling media, and their corrupt political leaders, parties, and governments of all stripes. Not only do we see a concentration of all of these evils in lock step all the way up their evil chain of command to a very hidden and maniacal top, but the Covid psyop is their very incarnation of all of these evils.

    The really scary thing is not so much how evil our rulers actually are as they sit around in their conference rooms and offices musing that despite their dishonest means it is all “necessary” for the fulfillment of their far-reaching plans over our lives. No, the really scary thing is that most of the people today are quite happy to go along with that way of thinking as long as it serves their interests in their time. They trust their governments, anything in a uniform, and especially all the nice people in the media.

    The problem in the West is not our alleged financial and economic bankruptcy, it is our moral bankruptcy, and we are not going to right things to have any real trust, peace and prosperity in our nations and in the world until we put God back into our lives – such that all other things are added to us in proper proportion with the exercise of virtue, so sorely absent in our dealings with one another.

  11. We can put an end to this insanity. Please help by signing this Petition To Congress Demanding The Return to God’s Laws https://thepetition.net/?fbclid=IwAR2yAWrPKzWjJqb87luVpcvEmSKoBLZ-c0CKwifGZim42lnIvF

  12. Fred B wrote:
    “What the pandemic has done for many people is to show them most clearly that the real disease is in the human psyche. ”

    I realized after trying to get the truth out about 9/11 that “the real disease is in the human psyche,” and it still is, more than ever.

  13. @b: It’s a nice thought, but as history has shown us through the ages, morality cannot be legislated. It must spring naturally from every one of us – and that’s where the problem lies.

  14. I found Fred B.’s comment so revealing and well written I published it here:


    In my view of the horrible situation on earth, the reason why humans are so screwed up can only be answered by expanding one’s consciousness into the ancient alien or extraterrestrial hypothesis of human origin. It is my understanding that if humans had evolved they would not be the way they are.

    Humans are lying deceiving evil creatures not because God created us and is testing us on earth, but because ET genetically created a rapacious hominid in it’s own image meaning a predator space faring human race came here and used it’s DNA to create humans.

    Thus the human situation can not be reversed by “turning ourselves over to God” or getting into old time religion (mindless servitude). Our god belief is part of the problem as it blinds us to our origin. God is not what we think it is, it is not a benevolent old man in the sky, it is a criminal specie of space pirates who illegally came here and created man in violation of all spiritual principles and maybe galactic laws.

    In other words humans shouldn’t exist, humans are an illegal and insane specie, and earth is a prison planet in quarantine. The gods knew they did wrong because when they departed earth they tried to wipe us out, thus all the flood myths.

    The point I am making is that you can not understand the human condition until you expand your awareness that earth’s highest fauna was tampered with, the slowly evolving pre-human specie was re-engineered and thus all of our problems because God with a big G was not the Creator of humans, it was imposter gods who we still foolishly worship.

    Want proof that we worship criminal space overlords? The Lord’s Prayer decoded: