Colorado Bill Requires “Re-education” For Parents Who Refuse The Coronavirus Vaccine

Mac Slavo – June 11, 2020

Are you ready for re-education camps in the United States? Colorado has introduced a bill that would “re-educate” parents who refuse to vaccinate their child with the coronavirus vaccine.

The bill forces all doctors and medical staff to give vaccinations with no exemptions, even if they are in a situation where they believe it would not be in that child’s best interest. The bill’s current version, however, does not list any sanctions or punishments for medical staff that refuse, according to Life News

The bill just passed through a committee in Colorado (20-14) to reduce available exemptions on vaccinations for school-age children (making vaccines mandatory). This bill offers “online education modules” for parents who want a different vaccination schedule than what the state demands. Submitting a “certificate of completion” from the re-education classes is one way to receive the state-sanctioned vaccine exemption.

This plandemic was never about health, it was about forcing everyone to get a vaccine: an injection of whatever the hell the ruling class decided to put in the vaccine.

These vaccines are not being required for the health of anyone unless it’s for the health of Big Pharma and the ruling class.

What happens if the “re-education” fails to convince a person to get the vaccines? It’s hard to say, but these types of concentration camps (and be honest with yourself, you know that’s what they are) should be condemned by anyone who wishes to be free. This is utterly insane.  The limits the governments are now going to in order to force people to get vaccinated is unbelievable.

But, we knew this was coming. We knew that the coronavirus was a scam to force everyone to take the COVID (certification of vaccine ID) under Agenda 2020. Beware, this could very well be what more religious people are calling “the mark of the Beast”, and people commenting on this Colorado bill have already made it clear that “people won’t be able to go to work or school” unless they get the vaccine.

This is the new normal they are conditioning us to accept. This is why they need martial law. Your chains are about to get much shorter unless you wake up and start to extract yourself from their system.  There isn’t much time left.  The government is not going to help you out, after all, they are the ones writing the laws while they have the police and military enforce them at gunpoint. Wake up, or be enslaved.


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  1. US sheeple frequently move from field to field, so those sheeple who don’t like the rules can just leave. For instance, a U-haul hire truck from California to New York costs $2,500. From New York to California costs $1,500, this is an honest market. The world won’t become completely tyrannical, there are places where life will continue in a normal fashion.

    With Brexit, I considered moving to the EU, I still am, but if most EU state carries on with their current trajectories, I will consider countries on the EU fringe or outside of it.

    This morning, BBC Andrew Marr show started with a feast of lies, Marr said: “Twenty years of growth.” That is the last UK 20yrs. They really do need to bury Brexit disaster and the fact that Britain is an absolutely bankrupt Weimar regime.

  2. Carl Jones, do you think the Republic of Ireland may be a good place to go? Although I am not sure how it will manage financially it is more relaxed in general then the Uk

  3. There is a serious possibility that a significant reason (among many, no doubt) for the Covid Hoax, was to forestall or indeed and if at all possible, prevent Brexit altogether.
    Given the PTB’s long term aim of global, one world government, a fractured EU is going the wrong way.
    How many of the elderly euthanised in the “care” homes or who have died since through lack of any real NHS, would have voted to complete Brexit in the face of a Starmer-backed 2nd referendum?…

  4. The British Government is planning a coup in which a faction will assume control of the country and turn it into into a fascist state. The amalgamation of powers has already begun under the auspices and direction of Mark Sedwill who has assumed responsibility for most Departments of Government including Civil Service/ Military/ Intelligence Services, and other smaller secret outfits whose roles will be to ensure compliance.
    There has been no oversight, no debates and no involvement from Parliament which will be sidelined under these new arrangements. COVID 19 and lockdown have been the perfect cover. The British Constitution has been trashed along with Magna Carta. Treachery is afoot.

  5. I would think very carefully about trying to escape to anyplace. There is no place to go. The first option to look at is the right of gun ownership in any country you would try to run to. Why? Because all of these governments are in collusion. They may seem laid back right now, but when the order comes to clamp down they WILL follow orders! You will have to fight back with a pitchfork or scythe like the mobs against Frankenstein.

    Here in America is about the only place left where White people still have the means of defense when the final order comes to all of the actors in the great hoax to clamp it down.

    We are the ones the Jews fear because, no matter what they have tried, they still haven’t been able to take away our means of defense. They have destroyed virtually all of the Bill of Rights but have only managed to cripple the 2d Amendment.

    Every country on Earth, right now, is being run by governments who are complicit in this great play. They are all actors playing their parts. None of them care squat about the people regardless of what they say.

    Fight for your own!

    Your best bet is to remain in place until they come for your means of defense because that is when it will be time to fight back. In all of the other countries you are considering moving to, you will have to take your weapons from armed thugs at the point of a pitchfork.

  6. Zoe: Ireland is an EU state, so they might just do what they are told to do. Ireland is a fiefdom run by a handful of elite families & their only interest is self-preservation. Contrast how Ireland dealt with the 08 financial collapse, compared to Iceland. Ireland did exactly what London/the City wanted. If you know the country really well and you have decent land/smallholding with no debts, it could work. It could work in the UK, but only if you intend to spend 99% of your time on your land. I follow a couple of YouTube creators who are close to being self-sufficient and they haven’t left their land since lockdown. Both have extensive food gardens and both produce their own power. One guy has solar, wind, and his own water turbine.

    If you want to be free and mobile, then you might need to look beyond the EU. Some of the Balkan countries look good, but they are cold in the Winter and the US is priming the Balkans for another war. Russia is giving away farmland, but you need to consider the mind-bogglingly hard Winters and becoming

  7. Carl Jones,

    I really don’t think that you can call anyone a sheeple, especially when you state: “With Brexit, I considered moving to the EU, I still am, but if most EU state carries on with their current trajectories, I will consider countries on the EU fringe or outside of it.”

    Carl, you’re clearly not of European origin, so why do you still stay in the west, when you are not of any of the nations that make up the many countries within. I presume, from previous posting that you are, in fact, African. Why don’t you go back to Africa? You do not speak for me, nor for many people who comment on this website. You are, I’m sorry to state, part of the problem and clearly a Bremain supporter, meaning you advocate mass immigration and the promotion of multiculturalism.

    Why, on earth are you here, not just on the Truthseeker website, but the west in general? One thing, I’ve begun to realise is the reason there’s so much hatred for white people, by blacks is because of the overwhelming hatred for yourselves. Blacks don’t want to connect to their culture and live in their own land. Instead, they prefer, living in the white man’s land, appropriating their culture and doing their best to destroy it. Black Lives Matter protests are doing their best to dismantle British history and culture and have the audacity to call us racist? What is more racist than this, to wish to destroy a people’s nation, history and culture, as blacks are doing?

    I’m not being funny, but I can see a race war happening and the safest place for you, would be in Africa. Moving to a fringe nation of Europe, with your racist views, would not bode well for you in the least. “Racist views?” you say? You’re a Bremain supporter. You chose to remain in Europe. You chose for Britain to be under the control of a foreign power. You chose for continuing non white immigration into Europe (and the UK). Bremain supporters, through their beliefs are, ironically racist, even though they continually labelled those who chose Brexit as racists.

  8. That all political systems in the world are entirely corrupt in which all of our leading politicians, political parties, and governments DO NOT represent and protect the people but are simply paid and controlled instruments of the un-elected thoroughly corrupt and evil power brokers running things, SHOULD BE A WELL-KNOWN FACT TO EVERYONE WITH AN IQ OF AT LEAST 40. All of those who do not resist the totally unnecessary and most-likely laced vaccinations, and totally REJECT AND OPPOSE WITH ALL THEIR MIGHT this communist Chinese-style totalitarian, hot-pot of a state-run, social-credit, reward and punishment system is the author of their own slavery and extinction, and a part of the problem and a traitor to humanity.

  9. Harbinger : oh dear, has someone caught a nerve? I am white, I was born in North Wales, my parents are white and they were born in North Wales and Lancashire and the same for my grandfathers and grandmothers. You are a first-class twat hiding behind your fake name like the nobody you are.

    Let’s ‘face’ it (pun intended), can you really take anyone seriously when they hide their identity, like some Muslim woman wearing the niqab? You resort to personal attacks because you can’t debate in a rational manner… & I’ve not made a personal insult, I’ve just pointed out a truth.

    For all I know, you could be some arse wipe at GCHQ or some bitter twisted ex-military pratt with two stumps?? Please note, I am only responding to you because you are doing exactly what the BBC does when they are dealing with people who they don’t want to debate with. Just so you feel a bit better… I NEVER READ YOUR RUBBISH, but I am so please you read

  10. Oldranger your advice is good……However a leftie loonie Like Jones with a GUN?? Seriously?? Ps Message to Jones Why are you still here?? off you pop if you HATE Britain so much

  11. Quote:Colorado Bill Requires “Re-education” For Parents Who Refuse The Coronavirus Vaccine?
    Yupp.. I see those FEMA CAMPS with a big sign above the Gate..

  12. Carl Jones,

    You haven’t hit a nerve, far, far from it. But you are clearly left wing and certainly anti indigenous. If you hadn’t read what I’d written, you wouldn’t have replied, so that’s a bit of any own goal there isn’t it?
    As for hiding my identity, why should I post under my real name? For what purpose? Tyler Durden, of Zero Hedge writes under a pseudonym and he’s taken seriously, along with many other people who choose to hide their identity. And no, I’m not GCHQ, not ex military either. And I’m not doing what the BBC do either. I was debating with you, but you had no intention of, as you stated you never read what I had to write. Again, another own goal there. Not doing too good are we Mr Jones?

    The thing is Carl, you’re just a hopeless liberal, or at worst a socialist. And there was no Brexit disaster. There certainly WAS an entry into the EEC and member of the EU disaster. And if the UK is remotely like Weimar, it’s certainly down to the £350 million it paid weekly to, the robbers in Brussels, that benefited the UK, nothing at all, whatsoever.

  13. Harbinger: “A hopeless liberal”. I would have pairs of sharpshooters shooting people who drop litter or fail to clean up their dog’s shit. I would put this countries elite (0.1%) on trial for high crimes and I’d string them up in Whitehall and Parliament Sq, and as Jeremy Clarkson suggested, I would make their kids and partners watch. Yep, I am a

    What does this tell anyone who is reading this? Well, it tells us that Harbinger has terrible analysis skills and has a thought process riddled with prejudices.

  14. Carl Jones, I’ve read your comments before, on other subjects besides this, and have never thought of you as anyone other than Carl Jones. No labels, no judgements.
    Unfortunately Harbinger seems to enjoy to personally attack people based on his own misguided, invariably incorrect, assumptions.

  15. Andy: thank you. I’m vaguely human, but I try to be rational, unbiased & to leave out prejudices. Not my line… “The truth does not fear investigation.”

  16. “I would put this countries elite (0.1%) on trial for high crimes and I’d string them up in Whitehall and Parliament Sq, and as Jeremy Clarkson suggested, I would make their kids and partners watch.”

    No you won’t, you’ve just said you want to leave the country for better pastures. But nothing matters anyway, we all gonna die in 10 years when the poles shift, right? Great analysis! (not)

    Now Carl wants us to put our real names on line, if we are real men, says the running away guy. That’s a good for the Jews idea, so we can all be sued for “thought crime.”

    Hey, we are truth seekers here not attention seekers. Do you have to make the first comment on all threads?

    Keep up the good work, Harbinger!

  17. NBTT: hilarious! I am not running away, I am simply considering much better places to live. If I had the power, I would put them on trial and hang them… it’s an idea, a concept that others might want to consider. I comment when new articles are put up. If you scan all the article’s comments sections, you will notice that I am selective and at least half of the articles don’t have comments from me. I have no idea when other people comment. It’s not some race. I have things to do in the mornings. I might check this site around 8 am & nothing new has been added, so it might be 9 am or 10 am & some days I can’t see anything that I’d post a comment to, which is a downer. “Sued for thought crime”. are you a man or a mouse? I’ve caught a Massad flunky casing my home & I reported it to the