Report: Iran builds fake aircraft carrier for drills

Al-Monitor – June 9, 2020

A satellite image of the mock aircraft carrier. Click to enlarge

Iran has built a fake aircraft carrier that resembles a US one for naval drills, The Associated Press reports.

Satellite photographs obtained by the AP show a structure that looks similar to US Navy carriers that sail through the strategic Strait of Hormuz between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. Iranian officials have not commented on the mock-up, which also carries replicas of fighter jets on its deck, the news agency said.

The development comes amid continued tensions between the United States and Iran in the Persian Gulf and around the world this year. In April, the US military released video showing Iranian speedboats maneuvering dangerously close to US ships in the Gulf. US President Donald Trump then threatened to destroy any Iranian vessels harassing the US Navy.

Iran also continues to send fuel tankers and aid flights to Venezuela despite vocal US efforts to stop them.

Iran also said today that it will execute a man, Mahmoud Mousavi Majd, accused of spying for the United States and Israel against Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani, whom the United States killed via airstrike in Iraq in January.

The fake ship was in the Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas. Iranian forces destroyed a similar replica in 2015, the AP said.

A 2014 photo of a mock U.S.S. Nimitz featuring fake F/A-18 Hornets. The mock carrier was used in naval drills. Click to enlarge


4 responses to “Report: Iran builds fake aircraft carrier for drills”

  1. America has picked fights with
    N Korea
    Russia etc in its wakened state israel is just picking over the bones

  2. This carrier has been known about for well over a year and I believe the story appeared on this site. Iran clearly believes they will be put into a situation where they will need to strike a US aircraft carrier. Only the other week, this site reported with an illustration of an unmanned (AI?) submarine that appeared to have substantial space for a weapon.

  3. I posted some important informationon the speedboats and the vulnerability of larger and slower ships. There are also video links with timestamp for IRGC’s speed boats.

    This one is of particular interest:

    US navy claims it can shoot and hit small targets with moving speeds of below 20 knots using cannons. IRGC navy commander said he even doubts that! IRGCs fast boats are just too small when further away than 10 Km and just too fast when closer!
    ( Time: 39:00

  4. America is Israel same for Argentina