A Women Gets Her Contact Tracer Certificates and Tells All

Vladislav Sobolev — YouTube March May 27, 2020

6 responses to “A Women Gets Her Contact Tracer Certificates and Tells All”

  1. A WOMAN (singular), not a WOMEN (plural).

    Sorry. Could not resist. If you’re going to try to appear intelligent -and may really be- pay attention.

  2. The minimum this will do is bankrupt the nation. Isn’t that a main goal of the commi globalists. Good for California, but people in real states will not put up with this.

  3. We are witnessing special times in the human history. The same ethnic group behind ‘revolutions’, such as the French Revolution, or the Bolshevik Revolution, is now intensively at work for their parasitic agenda (to gain the status of SUPER-PARASITE on humanity).
    Now the plan is to gain total control of the planet’s human population, and to reduce it (planetary population) by two thirds by the beginning of the next decade, according to the UN documents – Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. They rely on their network of opportunists in the political arena, and a multitude of social constructs and tools, such as the ‘competition’ between parties, the press and different media, on the lack of education and information of the masses that they manipulate practically at will.
    The COV19 is an evidence of the agenda and manipulation efficiency – a viral infection less impressive than the flue in killing, is used for the implementation of their social control, as explained in this eyes opening video.
    This is going to work as long as people comply with their agenda. They rely much on the food distribution network control, on the obedience of the people in charge with the basic economic social functions, and on the money control. Telling the truth, and disobedience is the key solution at present to counteract their agenda. Wake up people, before you realize that you are used as a tool for implementing their sick mind agenda. Do not contribute to their victory on your present and future life, of your and of your family! And… refuse their satanic vaccines. Increase your immunity with good nutrition, exercising, and sunshine (vitamin D3). Disobedience is the new ‘cool’!
    With love, Cornelius

  4. Please don’t play their game and give this BS a veneer of legitimacy. E.g. right now, any airlines or tourism destinations that expect me to get tested and/or sit on the beach behind a plexiglass can count me out. I ain’t normalizing this through my participation.

    Life in this emerging techno-gulag isn’t worth living, period.

  5. Now .. Question ??
    What will be next ? Cheap method ?? A tattoo number on the forearm ??
    Or a Bar-Code tattooed on the forehead ?
    Maybe Bill Goetz will fund a Microchip to be injected with the next vaccine to cure people from thinking, common sense & logic ?? Not, that this vaccine is in need for lots of people?
    Only those who didn’t kneel, & missed the last BLM protest, are to be vaccinated …

  6. People everywhere need to stop paying taxes, and fines..