Riots, Race, Religion and Revolution – The Truth About What is Happening In America

E. Michael Jones – YouTube June 8, 2020

One response to “Riots, Race, Religion and Revolution – The Truth About What is Happening In America”

  1. That Black man said “The truth is relative, right?”
    Obviously he does not know what he is talking about. The Truth is NOT “relative” The Truth is the Truth. THAT s what the Jews have done to the World – OUR World. They have foisted this ly on the World – OUR World and so we do not know any more what is real and true!
    The Jews do not understand the EARTH, what is solid and real.
    Why do they not understand? Because they are eaten up with jealousy – which they project. They have no sense of the Sacred. Such miserable people – but how can they be sane and healthy when they are taught from BIRTH, that all the rest of mankind hates them? For no reason!
    It is they who hate all the rest of mankind and actually all the rest of LIFE! All of reality –
    They do not understand what is real and what is fake! They are used by their masters who control them – from birth.
    Buddhism says there are realms – there are the gods who are too rich and comfortable to be in the right frame of mind to bother to try to understand anything or to seek to be enlightened, then the demi gods who live in a state of envy, then the human realm and beneath them the animal kingdom and beneath that the hell beings.
    The middle realm is the human realm which is the only realm from which beings can understand enlightenment and how to attain enlightenment,

    That is why being born as a human being is so very, very precious. Buddhism teaches that it is also very very rare = as rare as if a turtle surfaced in an immense ocean once in a million million years, quite by chance.

    Being born in a realm of envy is no a place from which one can be enlightened because one is so obsessed, obsessive and blind to Reality.
    How can one NOT be jealous of human beings who are not driven by envy and hatred and who are taught that they are superior = when so obviously they are anthing but.?

    Read The CONTROVERSY of ZION by Douglas Reed, free on line and see what he has to say about how the “sinister Levites” took control of the mind f that poor wretched little tribe.

    Then read The BABYLONIAN WOE. by David Astle – also free on line.
    Then read The BIBLE UNEARTHED. by Israel Finkelsltein where you will see that there is hardly a word of truth in the Old Testament It is all just stories stolen from the surrounding cultures – especially Egypt where Christianity comes from.

    Even the story they tell themselves about “Abraham” was a hero myth of the Syrans,
    The “Song of Songs” which they like to pretend was something to do with Solomon was simply a love song of a priestess in ancient Mesopotamia to her king!

    It was Sargon the Great who was placed in a basket which was sealed with pitch and set to sail down the River TIGRIS until it came to rest in the reeds at the bottom of the garden of the palace and the baby was rescued and brought up in the Palace and grew up to become Sargon 1st – and the rest of that Moses story is actually the real history of Hammurabi who was inspired by God to inscribe The Law on rock – and one can see one of his rocks in The Louvre today.

    Then read “…….and forgive them their debts.” by Michael Hudson!

    The Jews need to learn to RELAX and be HUMAN!

    Otherwise they will never be able to be haappy and will forever continue to DESTROY. It is all they know.

    Watch the videos about the “Noahide Laws” made by Adam Green at They are planning to behead more or less all of mankind!