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henrymakow.com – June 8, 2020

Is Derek Chauvin, actor Ben Bailey?
Then who is this? 
Whether Floyd’s death is real or not, it’s very clear that key facts were hidden by media in order to stoke an agenda of political chaos in line with the Masonic maxim of ‘Ordo ab Chao’ – ‘Order from Chaos’
The police restraint of a figure who had been violent and appeared drug-affected was in line with police practice and policy … yet the video of Floyd’s ‘death’ was used to create the riot-stoking narrative. 
The true facts surrounding Floyd George’s “death” are still murky but questions abound.

by Brabantian — (henrymakow.com)

The George Floyd alleged death, and global protest and riot aftermath are highly Masonic events symbolized by the widespread push to Masonic ‘take the knee’ of submission after a video ‘death scene’ involving kneeling on the ‘victim’
When George Floyd – literally an actor – undressed for his pornographic film star role in the ‘Habib’ multi-cultural adult video offerings, his chest had a tattoo of what seemed to be a Masonic eagle.
Moreover, George Floyd’s famous basketball player-best friend from youth in Texas, so close he is called Floyd’s ‘twin brother’, Stephen Jackson, has posted on Instagram about his ‘father’s Mason Brothers 33’ with a photo of Masonic gear with the All-Seeing Eye, and how he will follow his father.
Former USA football player, Larry Johnson, outright charges that the George Floyd death was a human Masonic ‘sacrifice’
Maya Santamaria is a Latina media and entertainment mogul who had owned the El Nuevo Rodeo Nightclub, where policeman Derek Chauvin and George Floyd both worked as bouncers, the club at 2709 E Lake St, Minneapolis … fellow club bouncers then, partners in staged theatre now?

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That nightclub turns out to be adjacent to another property also owned by Santamaria, the ancient hall of the International Order of Odd Fellows, at 2701 E Lake St Minneapolis, now called the ’27 Event Center’, but with the IOOF letters still on the facade
Odd Fellows are fully parallel alt-Masons: “The two Fraternities are very similar in symbolism they use, values they share, and the way they began. Both Fraternities use many of the same symbols – the All-Seeing Eye, the Sun and Moon, the Bible, the Beehive.
Odd Fellows have an initiation and degree system much like Masonry, and also use aprons as part of regalia.
“Throughout history, many Freemasons have also been Odd Fellows: Winston Churchill, William McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt, Red Skelton, and USA Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren were also Odd Fellows. Famous Mason Albert Pike, was also an Odd Fellow!”



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