Weimar 2020

Gilad Atzmon – gilad.co.uk June 8, 2020

Have you noticed the peculiar fact that despite the lockdown, the economic crisis, tens of millions unemployed and multiple corporations filing for bankruptcy, Wall Street is having a ball? CNBC‘s Jim Cramer examined this anomaly earlier a few days ago, his verdict:  “we’re looking at a V-shaped recovery in the stock market, and that has almost nothing to do with a V-shaped recovery in the economy. What is going on is one of the greatest wealth transfers in history.”
Jim Cramer: The pandemic led to ‘one of the greatest wealth transfers in history’ https://youtu.be/15pFQxG9wko

How can the market rebound when the economy has not?  Cramer’s answer is so simple. “Because the market doesn’t represent the economy; it represents the future of big business.”
Cramer points out that while small businesses are dropping like flies, big business—along, of course, with bigger wealth, is coming through the crisis virtually unscathed.
Cramer projects that the transfer will have a “horrible effect” on the USA. We are already seeing a tsunami of bankruptcies. The economic fallout is inevitable. Federal data shows that the nation faces a 13.3 percent unemployment rate. The fortunes of U.S. billionaires increased by $565 billion between March 18 and June 4 while the same 11-week period also saw 42.6 million Americans filing jobless claims. The results are devastating, if hardly a news item: while the American people are getting poorer, the rich are getting richer.
One would have thought that the American Left and progressive political institutions would be the first to be alarmed by these developments. We tend to believe that tempering the rich and their greed, caring for working people and fighting for equal opportunities and justice in general are the Left’s prime concerns.
The American reality,  however, suggests the opposite. Instead of uniting us in a fierce battle against Wall Street and its broad daylight robbery of what is left of American wealth, the American Left is investing its last drops of  political energy in a ‘race war.’ Instead of committing to the Left’s key ideological values, namely: class struggle that unites us into one angry fist of resistance against this theft and discrimination, and without regard to our race, gender, or sexual orientation, the American Left makes us fight each other.
The  silence of the Left on the current Wall Street “wealth transfers” is hardly an accident.  American Left and Progressive institutions are supported financially and by Wall Street and global financiers. This funding means that, in practice, the American Left  operates as a controlled opposition. It maintains its relevance by sustaining social and racial tensions that draw attention away from Wall Street and its crimes. The so called ‘Left’ is also reluctant to point at  Wall Street and its current theft,  as such criticism, however legitimate,  would immediately be censured as ‘antisemitic’ by the Jewish institutions that have appointed themselves to police Western public discourse.
There is plenty of  history of such divisive politics from the Left and the way it often ends up betraying the Working Class. The collapse of the German Left in the early 1930s is probably the most interesting case-study of this.
Prior to the 1929 economic collapse, Germany’s fascist movement was a relatively marginal phenomenon consisting of various competing factions. In the 1928 elections the Nazi Party received 2.8 percent (810,000 votes) of the general vote. But then the 1929 crash led to a rapid and sharp rise in unemployment;  from 1.2 million in June 1929 to 6 million in January 1932. Amidst the crisis, production dropped 41.4 percent from 1929 to the end of 1931, resulting in skyrocketing poverty.  Like millions of Americans at the moment, in the early 1930s millions of Germans spent many days and nights in food queues.
One would assume that the collapse of capitalism would have been politically celebrated by the German Communists and Marxists as the Germans lost hope in ‘bourgeois democracy’ and capitalism alike.  The German Communist Party (KPD), like the Nazi party,  increased its power exponentially following the economic meltdown. Yet the German Left missed its golden opportunity. Despite the poverty and the austerity measures, it was Hitler who eventually won the hearts and the souls of the German working class. By the September 1930 election Hitler had won 18.3 percent  and then in July 1932 37.4 percent. In just four years the Nazis increased their support by 13 million votes.
A lot has been written about the failure of the German Left, both Marxists and Communists, to tackle Hitler and Fascism. Some Marxists are honest enough to admit that it was actually the KPD, its authoritarian and divisive politics that paved the way for Hitler and Nazism.
Like Stalin, the German KPD was quick to employ the term  ‘fascist’ to describe any and all political opponents. In an act of gradual self-marginalisation, the German Left reduced itself into irrational political noise that finally lost touch with reality. The KPD were so removed from understating the political transition in Germany that on January 30, 1933, the day Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany, the KPD foolishly declared: “After Hitler, we will take over!”
Like the American radical Left today, the KPD fought in street battles against the Nazis from 1929 to 1933.  These battles cost the lives of hundreds of Nazis and KPD members. But in 1933 no political group paid as high a price in blood as the KPD. Nearly a third of KPD members ended up in prison.
It is notable that one of the most concerning aspects of Left politics is the peculiar fact that agitators who claim to be inspired by ‘dialectics’ appear blind to their own ideological past. Consequently, they are detached from the present and totally removed from a concept of ‘future.’
I have been saying for some time that Trump often makes the right decisions if always for the wrong reasons. For instance, he declared ‘a war’ on social media authoritarianism in the name of the 1st Amendment. Though this is clearly the right result, Trump is not motivated by any genuine concern for ‘freedom of speech’ or ‘human rights’ he is simply upset that his tweets are subject to ‘fact checks.’ The Left, peculiarly enough, tends to make the wrong decisions if usually for good reasons. Fighting racism is, no doubt, an important goal; Combating America’s police brutality or racial discrimination is a major crucial battle, however, fuelling a race conflict is the worst possible path toward eliminating both racism and discrimination. Such a tactic will only deepen the divide that already splits the American working class. I wonder whether this divide is exactly what the American Left is trying to achieve: is this possibly what it is paid to do?
Today as American progressives and leftists  gear up for a long relentless battle, I have a little advice to offer. History teaches us that Fascism always wins when the conditions for a Marxist revolution are perfect. When you push for a race conflict and further fragmentation of the American society, bear in mind that you may end up facing a real Trump character (as opposed to Donald) that may be able to unite America and make it great for real, but you won’t find your place in it.

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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

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  1. I am a big Giad Atzmon fan
    its not generally realised how hard its been for this mn to swim against the tide of jewish supremacism and speak out to us.
    The jewbankers smashed Germany they were starving the people until hitler came to power and gave it all back to his people
    unfortunately there is no one in the USA who will speak for the people maybe cynthia mk kinney or jesse ventura, so if there is no Hitler to same the USA it will go down the pan
    remember Nuteyahus words
    ” palestine today tomorrow america “

  2. This is not new, the markets (they are not real markets) are detached from the everyday sheeple High Street economy and this since 2008. The Plunge Protection Team (PPT) was set up by Ronald Reagan in 1888. In 1986 Thatcher deregulated the City. Whenever the markets got out of step, the PPT would step in, as in, a collective of big US banks and rig the markets to protect their interests. Things have changed, many economies are getting out of the US dollar and Russia controls the price of oil. The only thing Russia has done is that they’ve refused to slash production in order to save the Saudis bacon (pun) & help US shale. Since the oil price collapse, Russia has agreed to a very small production cut, but this won’t save the Saudis.

    This loss of control by Wall Street and the City would ordinarily bring war to any country that threatens the Petrodollar, think Iraq and Libya. Russia is too big a military foe, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have plans.

    The point I am making is that what we see now has nothing to do with Covid. Covid happened because of Brexit and the fact that the global financial system was collapsing this time last year… or whenever the US Fed started pumping $100 billion into the global financial plumbing system which has no borders. For instance, some of this Fed money could be keeping the Bundesbank from collapsing, who knows? Someone does.

  3. Hear, hear Patrick… Gilad is a good man, end of!
    And some very astute observations made in this post, left is right and right is left. Reminds me of David Shaylers view of how the establishment effects this turn around, in this case the movement is framed, as in defined, then inverted by think tanks etc, then projected back out by the mass media
    And on Trump Patrick, he may be this Hitler figure that the US currently needs. The way the establishment is constantly trying to bring him down suggests to me that he is not part of the plan. And if you go with what Brendon O’Connell is saying, via deep state insider Dr Steve Pieczenik, that a coup has already taken place in the US with Trump being the front man for The Generals, as in the military, who are pissed off with the way US hi- tech, dollars, and power are being siphoned off to Israel (look to the Talpiot program), and has been for decades, then this could all make sense. Time will tell and we shall see.
    Come the glorious day…

  4. I spoke to many ex British servicemen in the 50s but mainly in the 60s
    they all said they were lied to, and wished Hitler had won the war
    the jewish problem would have been solved and we would ot be in this position now

  5. @dave,
    My father told me that one thing that shocked him when he came from Ireland to London in 1948 was that there were many German prisoners of war here and that “the Cockneys” really liked them and talked to them in a very friendly manner.
    “They seemed to kind of…”, he paused for a long while searching for the right words, then looked into my eyes with puzzlement in his own …
    … “look up to them”, he said.

    That was a memorable moment for me, as was the day as a student (about 1969) when I was doing a summer job in a Carpentry workshop in Battersea run by three very English brothers, all in their 40s/50s. In spite of the opposite impression I entertained, created by everything I had seen on TV, they all absolutely HATED Winston Churchill.
    The language they used was quite unprintable. I said, “He had a huge State funeral. He was a National hero, surely?”
    ” Not round here, he wasn’t. If he turned up round here we’d be out there throwing bricks at the c*nt.”
    I was pretty shocked by that.
    Sometimes reality pushes through.

    So… I’m not surprised to read your own recollections, Dave. Just shows what the media can do over time to the collective mind.

  6. Dr. Cray:

    Please listen carefully:

    Trump is a total Jew shill! He is acting his part and if they are appearing to try to take him down it is only an act. He is an actor. His handler is his Jew son-in-law and brainwashed daughter.

    There are NO generals left in the military who are pissed off about anything to do with Israel. Their power depends on Israel.

  7. We have a new word in the English language
    to be “madoffed ” mans to be robbed by jews
    its time we in th UK and the Americans stood together and bombed the shit out of israel then all the muslems could go home

  8. Jim Cramer is two months late in his comment. Greg Mannarino on his Trading site has been saying the same thing since April. Guess Johny Come Lately Cramer must get the credit for such a clever insight. Besides Cramer is very much a part of the establishment. Mannarino calls foul saying it is a buyout of big corporate stock with Fed money made out of nothing for the benefit and ownership of Fed designates and the government and that the market no longer is real in relation to the economy, but Cramer in mirroring some of the insights thinks that is okay and ignores the massive theft while placating his audience by saying the market is just an indicator of the way the economy is going. Like saying, “Gee it is too bad, but we can’t do anything about it.”.

    As Mannario says, the US has now become a national socialist state. However, the elites and now those using and abusing the trust to create money out of nothing to buy up everything in site, for the 1% and for the government – a deal made in hell.

    Atzmon, gives distorted view of what actually led to the election of Hitler in 1933. If his own tribe had not been the principal backers of communist movement in Russia and in Europe there would have been no fascist reaction anywhere.

  9. The observation that Amerika is Weimar is not knew, in the age of the internet the theme of Weimar Amerika is a popular topic, only now is it getting obvious to the majority. So who is the new Hitler?

    Cramer is not correct in his answer to “How can the market rebound when the economy has not?”. The market follows it\s own pattern that is not connected to the economy should be the correct answer, but since no one will state the obvious because of the fundamental flaw in human thinking of cause and effect.

    Humans have operated and still function in false causality all of the time. Building windmills because of Global Warming and runaway CO2 levels is a good example of acting on false perception of reality. CO2 does not warm the atmosphere or regulate earth temperature, but the myth is widely held and billions of dollars are thrown at a non problem.

    In my opinion are humans even sane creatures? I’ve been saying that most states of “normal” consciousness are actually states of insanity. Global Warming is one form of insanity, another hundred is religious beliefs of every kind.

    If a lightning bolt strikes brother Jeb then the gods are angry with him and we must perform a sacrifice to the gods to appease their anger. How many thousands of years did man sacrifice animals and humans because of a false perception of reality? This inherent false causality has caused humans to think incorrectly they have sin and must be in need of salvation. Sorry, sin doesn’t exist and neither does the need for salvation.

    The point is humans are irrational creatures and the stock market is no exception, hunting for a logical explanation of why the market is going up while the economy is crashing is futile.

    So what exactly is the stock market doing? It is a fractal pattern moved by human subconscious and emotions. The pattern is in a rebound wave 2 up, a fake out before the next big decline of wave 3 down. This is explained by Socionomics:


    “Why have investors been bidding up stocks? Simple: The stock market has been in Primary wave 2.

    Now, what does that mean? It means that a natural period of increasing optimism is following a natural period of increasing pessimism. The change toward pessimism lasting from January-February (depending upon the index) until March 23 took a five-wave form. That form is reflected in the path of stock prices. The Elliott wave model describes what was due to follow: a partial recovery in optimism that takes a three-wave form. It does not matter that there is a global pandemic. It does not matter that the economy is imploding. It does not matter that millions of people have become jobless. It does not matter that businesses are failing, debts are going unpaid and banks aren’t lending. To follow the Elliott wave form, people had to become more optimistic for a time. They have done so, non-rationally.

    It is no good saying that there are “reasons” for the latest investment binge. Investors can rationalize anything. And they do: “The virus will dissipate.” “The economy will make a V bottom.” “The Fed and the government will see us through.” “Everything will soon return to normal.” It does not matter whether these claims are true or false. It matters only that people make them. They make them because their increasingly positive mood induces them to make them.”

    When the market crashed last Feb and March the short sellers piled on, then early on in the rebound in late March the short sellers get crushed as the market always moves AGAINST the majority position. As it goes up and up the short sellers lose their asses, and the bulls become convinced that stocks are now only going up, as opposed to the late march sentiment that was the market was going down.

    So as investors are getting convinced the market is going up it will then move against them. The market goes the opposite of what you expect. For instance everyone also thinks interest rates are going to stay low or even go negative while in the bond market Treasuries yields are now rising again, and may continue rising for the next 20-30 years. This will crush real estate and car prices, the fear of hyperinflation is misplaced, we are going into a long period of deflation and depression.

  10. The disparity of wealth in America has almost certainly assured the collapse of the USA.
    The top .1 of 1% have the wealth of the bottom 80%. The average American has no, or negative, net worth. The average annual earnings of employees in the USA is about
    $34,000 (before the virus hoax shutdown). Meanwhile, the Satanic Khazars of Wall St
    have millions, or billions of dollars. The Khazar financial system, which includes the
    criminal Federal Reserve, has stolen many tens of TRILLIONS of dollars from Americans.
    Look at the $21 TRILLION missing from HUD and DOD from 1998 to 2015. What about the $2+ TRILLION the Satanist Rumsfeld announced was missing at DOD on 10 Sept
    2001? Just WHERE did the missile that hit the Pentagram on the morning of 11 Sept
    land? At the point where representatives of the various services were meeting to start
    trying to locate that $2+ TRILLION. The US Congress is so compromised and cowardly
    that it will do NOTHING, other than shovel borrowed money to the Ashkenazi Bolshevik SATANISTS of Israel. Most of the US Congress are addicted to adrenochrome, or are
    being blackmailed for pedophilia. America is DEAD. Thanks to the Freemasons
    and Khazar Satanists. When the 50+ million who today have “food insecurity” get
    ENOUGH of this evil, Khazars will be run out of America. Buy food, water, guns, ammo and silver and gold.

  11. Atzmon is excellent.

    Few there are who can pull off the balancing act between left and right, to bridge the gap with living insight.

  12. The article, to me, seems to purport the Idea, that commununism, or shall we say Bolshevism, helped bring forth a reaction, which was represented by the nsdap.
    And sure, we almost knew a month or two ago, and could easily imagine, that small businesses would fail and be bought, if interesting, or otherwise just disappear. But its a process, and with time those assumptions can be the moore factual.
    But the article has, as often with mr Atzmon, a certain message about the left. And that is, I think, always worthwhile repeating, from various angles. Traditional leftist position, is taken over by rightist parties, many of which though, slowly seems to transform into right-centrist, to traditional right, to, well, were will it end…
    Its puzzling how that which the author wishes for, never materialises. The left is a merrygoround, with different funny creatures to mount.
    But, then again, wasnt all what leftism is, born out of historic dialectic materialism theories, which all has run its course. But that is Hegel, of whom Kierkegaard made a ridicule. Søren, of what I once heard Danish litterature professors say, saw only benevolent dictatorship, as the only realistic rule, for a fallen humanity.

  13. Gilad Atzon states:

    “The German Communist Party (KPD), like the Nazi party, increased its power exponentially following the economic meltdown. Yet the German Left missed its golden opportunity. Despite the poverty and the austerity measures, it was Hitler who eventually won the hearts and the souls of the German working class. By the September 1930 election Hitler had won 18.3 percent and then in July 1932 37.4 percent. In just four years the Nazis increased their support by 13 million votes.”

    This is why I pretty much laugh at Gilad when he attempts to write about politics and more importantly Germany.

    He still thinks that the ‘Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei’, or the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) was right wing.
    To the communists it most certainly was right wing, but to liberals (classic British) it was left wing. The hints in the ‘socialist’ party, but for some reason, they like to maintain that being called a ‘national’ socialist party automatically makes you right wing.
    And that’s where the ignorance lies.

    I really though Atzmon would have figured it out by now. Before the war, there was no need to have a ‘nationalist’ party, in any of the European peoples’ lands. Why? Everyone was a nationalist, so they didn’t have to be reminded OF being nationalists, that is belonging to their nation. It was common sense. However, after the war, the British government started to flood the country with people from the common wealth, who WERE NOT nationals, nor ever would be (but they’ve continually been indoctrinating and brainwashing people to see otherwise, through the promotion of the ‘great lie’).
    Germany, created the NATIONALIST party for the German people and Hitler CORRECTLY saw that the Jews, whom he was against, for creating WW1, destroying Germany, robbing it and responsible for the hell of the Weimar Republic and Treaty of Versailles, WERE NOT Germans. He knew these people were not of his nation and thus formed a party for German nationals.

    This is why people like Atzmon will promote their nonsense, because you see Gilad is an old socialist and a modern socialist all wrapped into one. On the one hand, he sees the battle should be waged, by the people, against the gentry, the unscrupulous landowners, landlords and factory owners, the corporations and those who fight against the working man; however on the other hand, he’s trapped in modern identity politics that assumes right wing means racist, xenophobe and white supremacist and the left is anti racist, anti fascist and for the free movement of world peoples and open borders. That, therefore in itself, should tell you pretty much about what Gilad Atzmon is.

    Gilad should watch Dennis Wise’s ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ about Hitler and the Third Reich’s successes. The German people loved him. No other statesman, in the history of the west was more loved by his population. He gave them the goods. He promoted the family. He brought in animal cruelty laws. He kicked out the private bankers and brought in a national bank, that issued government money. The unemployment rate, under the Jews plummeted and the population got back to work. Germany was technologically superior to any other nation on this earth and other than the fact he kicked out the Rothschilds and imprisoned one, ransoming him off for $20 million, Britain knew that Germany would take over from them in every field. And they couldn’t have it. That’s why they launched a war against Germany. And they would have lost, as they almost did in WW1, had it not been for the Jews bringing in the US, through the manipulation of the people through their control of the media. Pearl Harbour, was WW2’s version of the Lusitania. All planned to gain the reaction they wanted of bringing the US into a major war.

    Gilad Atzmon is a left wing Jew.
    He may disagree with Israel and Zionism, but you’d better believe it, when I say he has no problems about multiculturalism, multiracialism and the destruction of nations and nationalism. He hates nationalism with a passion.
    It irritates the hell out of me, when people who think they’re right wing, praise Gilad Atzmon, calling him out as one of the ‘good’ Jews.
    He’s not.
    He’s merely playing the game, as all other Jews do.
    His beef just happens to be with Israel, like every lefty. That is, they’ll happily support the Palestinian cause of the taking over of their land, but to hell with any other land, that’s going the same way.

  14. Dr Cray states:

    “And if you go with what Brendon O’Connell is saying, via deep state insider Dr Steve Pieczenik, that a coup has already taken place in the US with Trump being the front man for The Generals, as in the military, who are pissed off with the way US hi- tech, dollars, and power are being siphoned off to Israel (look to the Talpiot program), and has been for decades, then this could all make sense. Time will tell and we shall see.”

    Trump is simply playing the game.
    Do you know that Trump has already converted to Judaism?
    Do you know that the top military brass work for the Jews?
    Do you know that Trump is a puppet of Chabad Lubavitch and B’nai B’rith?
    Tell me of the promises of Trump? How many has he kept? Has he drained the swamp? Has he investigated 9/11 and the Clintons? Has he built his wall? Has he made America great again?

    You people, truly are the epitome of just why the west is in the mess it’s in. You really, truly do believe that some multi millionaire politician is going to actually GIVE A SH*T about you and the rest of the American, non Jewish population.
    Trump is the ‘president’ of the ‘corporation’ of the United States of America. His job is to make those involved with this corporation, continue to pilfer money from the people. That’s it.

    The bottom line here is stupidity.
    Stupidity is the result of a birth defect or simply not educating yourself and being willfully ignorant. Every time I see someone praising Trump, or any politician I just think “yup, there’s another one”.

    You will never get a saviour in politics. And the reason why the west is about to fall head first into full blown communism is because people think they will. They’ve been playing this game of political ping pong all their lives, crossing their fingers and hoping that the next president will be the ‘one’ to save them. They all look for a leader, when they should all be leading themselves.

    To quote George Carlin’s classic “American Dream”:

    “They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. Thats against their interests.

    Thats right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table and think about how badly they’re getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago. They don’t want that!

    You know what they want? They want obedient workers. Obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork. And just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shitty jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it, and now they’re coming for your Social Security money. They want your retirement money. They want it back so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street, and you know something? They’ll get it. They’ll get it all from you sooner or later cause they own this fucking place! It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it! You, and I, are not in the big club.”

    Source: http://shoqvalue.com/george-carlin-on-the-american-dream-with-transcript/

  15. Re Cramer, yes this may be old news to some of those in our world of alternative narratives, but he is of the mainstream, and in that regard it is news. What is increasingly happening is that the uncovering of truth in our world is pushing the mainstream into admission. And this maybe what is happening here.

    @Oldranger & Fred B… there are Jews, Jews, and Jews. Some Jews do not practice the religion, consider it more of an accident of birth, and just get on with their own lives – not a problem. There are Jews who do practice their religion, are proud to be Jewish yet just get on with their own lives – not a problem. And then there are Jews who are fanatical about their religion, believing they are superior to everyone else as Gods chosen people, and are Zionist to the core – big fucking problem! So let’s not tar all with the same brush and throw the baby out with the bath water.

    On Trump, Oldranger you may be right, yet I’m still keeping an open book on him, because there are a number of anomalies. First and foremost he got elected when obviously the establishments choice was Killary, and thank heavens we did not get her. Also he’s a manmade climate change denier, and I support him in that regard. He let the cat out of the bag with Hydroxychloroquine. And notably he’s off script. So…

    And have you had a look at the Talpiot program? China’s Belt and Road Initiative. And btw Iran is on board in this deal in that it will hey the Stans when Israel gets Greater.

    Incidentally, I’m no great fan of Hitler or Churchill yet knowing what I know now I might have preferred the former.

    And btw my sister-in-law shook hands with Adolph, as she referred to him!

  16. From Dr Cray above : “On Trump, Oldranger you may be right, yet I’m still keeping an open book on him, because there are a number of anomalies”

    I do agree with this statement…as there have been a number of Trump anomalies which I feel may not have anything to do with the vote getting from the right for his 2020 campaign. While some days I feel that Trump is really a controlled opposition other days I see hope. Some of the Time I see him as a patriot of sorts with several guns to his head from the deep state and the Zionists….not being able to do what he really wants. If my memory serves me correctly Trump spent the last 20 + years when he wasn’t running for office expressing his concern for his country as it was being led down the wrong path. Unless Trump is going for the academy award his (1) immediate approach to the podium just after being pronounced the President of the USA further reiterating his plans for the country as well as (2) his rather energetic victory tour suggests to me honesty in his intentions…as all of this was not necessary as he was now the president. This view is supported in my opinion with the sudden negativity and despair seen on his face when he was briefed so to speak in the “basement” of the White House as part of his initial training. At that time he knew ( perhaps in a bit of shock ) what he was really up against.Actually he might have already been threatened (3) Shortly after the election Trump and Netanyahu are on the podium and Netanyahu says no problem that he’ll convince trump in so and so words to back off his ( Trumps ) concern for the spreading of the settlements as a hindrance to ME peace. Interesting…and why bring this up ? Well Netanyahu is notorious for revealing his true emotions. Do you remember his “this is great for Israel” rant combined with an immediate uncontrollable smile on his face after the twin towers fell on 2001 ? Revealing to me.

    There is a small possibility ( I can only hope ) that Trump is desperately waiting to get into his second and final as well as lame duck term in office to finally put in some reforms perhaps ( if he can wait) nearer to the end. Pulling off a JFK with a few months to go in his possible 2nd term would probably keep him alive… as the powers that be ( the deep state ) would realize he would be out of office soon enough. Don’t forget JFK was murdered in his first term where a 2nd JFK term was probably a slam dunk.

    In any event for Trump supporters keep fingers crossed as the current waters are more than shark infested,

  17. I am 79 years old and i remember the outrage when the big winston churchill statue was put up in woodford essex, it had to be guarded as so much graffiti was painted on it
    The London ststue is a place where people visit from all over the world to have their photo taken urinating on it. Facebook hada huge page of people doing this before recently taking it down. Several petitions have been to 10 Downing st to have churchill removed from our currency, why should his face appear on British currency when he was working for isarel?

  18. Unless you understand that we live in a spiritual world and that there are evil spiritual demons at work 24/7, you will always just be giving opinions that are worthless. All men are controlled by either God or else by Satan’s demons who are always operating in the dark and who never sleep. The way to win is to go to God and do things His way, the Bible way. The Bible is an offense to lost people who only offer opinions and who do not want God in control of their lives. Sadly, all men die and go to true judgment for their lives that they lived outside of God’s laws. If you do not believe God, then you are deceived by Satan and are part of the problem.

  19. The markets are only doing well because of the Cares Act which transferred many billions to billionaires. Big Pharma, telecoms and data mining companies are the real winners in this plandemic.