Boris Johnson’s Plan to Transplant Almost Half of Hong Kong’s Population to Britain

Eric Striker – The Unz Review June 4, 2020

China’s coming National Security Law, which will give the mainland the right to engage in counter-espionage against foreign intelligence operatives organizing riots in Hong Kong, has been met with indignation by the governments of America and the United Kingdom.

The irony is especially rich in Britain’s case. During the country’s 2019 general election, UK intelligence services helped elect the Conservative Party candidate Boris Johnson by leading cyber crackdowns against pro-Corbyn internet activists. The excuse was that they were foreign interlopers from Russia, though no hard evidence was ever provided.

Now, the hypocrisy has gone into overdrive as America and the UK are engulfed in Hong Kong style frenzies of looting, murder and terrorism as regular citizens plead to deaf ears to their leaders for swift and decisive action. The similarity is not lost on Washington asset Joshua Wong, a chief organizer in the Hong Kong Independence Movement, who recently endorsed the nihilistic rioting of “Black Lives Matter.”

Nevertheless, the Tory Jew Johnson and his Secretary of State, an Indian named Priti Patel, plan to flood almost half of Hong Kong’s population into the overcrowded schools and hospitals of the voters who elected them primarily to curtail immigration. The indigenous racial majority’s decline into minority status, which is slated for 40 years from now, will be hastened. This is being promoted as a geopolitical attack on Chinese sovereignty in defense of liberal ideology, and if the policy is successful, British workers will have up to 3 million new competitors for jobs in an era of exploding COVID unemployment.

Lord Norman Tebbit, who in 1990 shot down the idea of granting mass citizenship to Hong Kongers due to the impact it would have on Britain’s racial demography, signed a letter last November endorsing the mass exodus. Both the institutional left and the right of the United Kingdom have dropped all pretenses of protecting the nation’s European character.

In the letter, various Lords condemn the British National (Overseas) passport system as it only provides holders with temporary visas to visit the UK, rather than a full path towards citizenship with the ability to work. The coming change to the visa system would be the most drastic in the country’s history.

The Chinese state has responded with fury at Johnson and co’s decision. According to the Chinese foreign ministry, the offer to airlift Hong Kong’s population to Europe is an act of foreign meddling and will be met with withdrawal from planned trade agreements.

The irony of Boris Johnson’s offer is that most experts believe eligible Hong Kongers probably won’t take it. The median salary in Hong Kong is 50% higher than what the average Englishmen makes. The rise of Chinese racial nationalism — which Xi Jinping’s Schmittian legal theorist and Hong Kong expert Jiang Shigong has offered as an alternative to the liberal system — may also keep BN(O) passport holders home.

Many on Chinese social media have been seeing what life is really like in America, UK and other Western liberal plutocracies, and want nothing to do with it. The truth about interracial strife and how the state responds to it has been traveling back to Asia through what its diaspora is seeing in New York City, Los Angeles and London, where Asian people are just as likely to be lynched or have their stores looted as white people. The image of English police officers kneeling before a crowd of African and anarchist criminals while allowing the out of control mob to senselessly beat them does not hurt the Chinese government’s credibility but bolsters it.

Britain is a country where the secret police will aggressively pursue charges against you for protesting Jewish power, stating the obvious about race, or even affirming that a man in a dress is not a woman on social media.

It is a country where the nation’s native population is a hated and attacked minority in its own capital city. It is a country where the police arrest young white women drugged and raped by 100 Pakistani criminals while her attackers go free. The United Kingdom, with its downwardly mobile and forgotten middle class, nihilistic cultural values, and corrupt, flagrantly unresponsive elites and institutions is not a place where any advanced race wants to live.

Anglo-liberalism — touted around the world as the final stage of history– is collapsing amidst its own contradictions. An advanced and ascendant civilization like the Chinese is unlikely to board a sinking ship in the large numbers the Zionist Boris Johnson hopes they will.

After the handful of foreign assets like Joshua Wong leading Hong Kong’s own “antifa riots” flee to take a think-tank sinecure in Washington, the world will finally see that elite supported barbarism is just as unpopular on the Chinese island as it is among the citizens of the burning cities of America.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)

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  1. ​Sir Anthony Blunt the pervert spy for Rothschild in W W 2 was over heard at the wartime Officers club
    and i quote from it here.
    He said the RAF appealed to the upper classes the ” Hooray Henrys” who were told join up quick before the shows all over and give Hitler a bloody nose.
    Churchill said The war will be over by Christmas join up now and come home to a land of milk and honey with jobs and homes for all”
    After the war the jobs and homes were advertised in the West Indies, the milk and Honey was never for our people.
    The RAF was full of Poles and Czechs who could not speak English, the RAF were sent out to bomb Germany
    but finding Military towns defended, the RAF were dropping their bombs in the sea and returning home.
    So Rothschild and Lord Cherwell told Churchill, leave the defended places and go for the undefended wives and children
    so schools hospitals and refugee columns became the target.
    Even Sir Anthony Blunt was disgusted at the cowardice of the RAF.
    At the wars end Russian soldiers and the US too were told quote ” gang rape every German woman between the ages of 8 and 80″
    The Jewish over lords wanted to destroy the purity of the German nation,and leave them with mongol babies.
    In the UK the Jews decided to be more gently, they said fill the country up with blacks browns and yellows
    dumb down the young and let time take its course.
    The Jews beleive as do the higher freemasons that gods chosen race was really the Anglo Saxon people
    so the jews want them destroyed.
    Successive British politicians have constantly betrayed their people, voices of sanity such as George Orwell Oswald Mosley Enoch Powell and Jeremy Bedford Turner have all exposed this evil racism, where the plan is shown to be the destruction of the English people, this is a monumental hate crime upon its own electorate.

  2. simple just send them to israel

  3. Take all those day workers who lost their jobs in the global south Boris. I dare you.
    The hypocrisy of eurangloland can’t hide behind exceptionalism any longer those days are over Thank God. Unless it is prepared to get over itself and fight for the things that’s been lost which race has nothing to do with, so as to bring stability and security back, it will remain the spiralling flush it has been designed to be for this time. More to just fighting the egregious we have to know what it is we are truly fighting for.

  4. we need to stand together now as never before
    see this website

  5. There’s lots of talk about Anglo Saxon culture but it’s not. Many of the people may be Anglo Saxon but the culture they’re referring to is Norman. The ruling elite with their assistants conquered the British Isles long ago and have run it’s policy ever since,with an iron fist, I might add.

  6. One man knew the answer see him here on youtube

  7. The UK Government has been acting outside its authority for some time. It is making decisions which are unconstitutional and which have not been subjected to Parliamentary scrutiny. In fact they are planning to sideline Parliament altogether, with no-one in Government circles raising a hand to stop them. Meanwhile the British public have been distracted with a less than deadly to all virus. Are there no patriots left? Where are the voices calling for close scrutiny of the Government’s agenda? They will not come from the Opposition benches which is fully on board with the course the country is being steered toward. Again people had better wake up before they find that Orwell was right when he said ” If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face -forever”.

  8. Tebbit…..Thatchers buddy (her electorate in North London is primarily jewish) was almost certainly a crypto jew.
    Thatchers cabinet was famously referred to as “More Old Estonian than Old Etonian” (meaning East European origin Jews)
    This move by Johnson MIGHT finally prompt people to do something about the Jewish domination of British politics.
    BUT…..this may be a common strategy…..announce some drastic policy….then make minor changes which was the original objective….and the voters breath a sigh of relief…..when IF this policy had been announced straight off the bat voters would have objected etc etc.
    As long as crypto Jews are prevented from running their own opposition…..etc etc.
    Oswald Moselys nickname was “The Sheik” because of his semitic appearance….which probably indicates he was a Tommy Robinson….??.

  9. The intell records of the period can stil by signed out by certian pesonel
    and Oswald Mosely was 100% a patriot His men protected shops and homes when the jews dodged the conscription draft nd cused so many problems in london
    wtch his youetube vids speeches made over 70 years ago against the NWO and jewish control are as crisp and true today as they were then

  10. I do hope that nobody is taking this seriously, because nothing is getting achieved, And because we already have refugee’s who bring Nothing to the Table in the way of Skills.

  11. The Jew is the mortal enemey of Our time. I think if we started ro kill off these Top 100 parasites they will get the message.

    If they dont we should do shock Kills.

  12. To English Aboriginals. You will miss Lithuanians.

  13. In the past BoJo openly declared that he loves Israel. So I believed he wanted to import more jews into Britain? Not at all!

    Suddenly he loves the people of Hong Kong so much he invites the halve of them to come to Britiain, have a nice cup of tea with a scone, thereafter take your pick on a house, stay in Britian and “UK-taxpayer is your uncle!”.

    One might think some of the coronoavirus must have touched his brains one way or another? Not at all!

    IMO there is nothing wrong with BoJo.
    It is the old dirty emperial politics as usual, now against China.
    Last time it was against Russia.
    Psychopathically, everything is all right.
    Sleep well!