Police chief: Much of riot damage caused by those from outside Minneapolis

Joe Nelson – Bring Me the News May 28, 2020

After a night of destruction caused by rioting in south Minneapolis, city leaders say they are going to do everything they can going forward to ensure a similar outcome doesn’t happen in the coming days. 

Mayor Jacob Frey said that “we will have an all-out effort to restore peace and security” in Minneapolis, with Chief of Police Medaria Arradondo said criminal behavior seen in the last 24 hours will not be allowed. 

“If individuals, as it occurred last night, are committing behavior and acts which are criminal … if they’re looting those stores, if they’re robbing people … if they are setting buildings and structures on fire, which are harming the safety of our elderly and our youth, I cannot allow that,” Arradondo said. 

“I know that there is currently deficit of hope in our city,” he added, noting that Minneapolis Police Department has a played a role in that deficit, most recently being involved in the in-custody death of 46-year-old George Floyd. “But I will not allow to continue to increase that deficit by re-traumatizing our folks in our community.”

Arradondo noted that the majority of protesters were peaceful, but there was a “core group of people causing some destruction,” including much of the damage believed to have been caused by non-Minneapolis residents. 

“I will just say it was clear to me and hearing from local community leaders that many of the people involved were not known Minneapolitans,” Arradondo said.

“There were certainly those not recognized as being from the city.”

“This work is about protecting community. This work is about protecting infrastructure needed to get through this pandemic together,” Frey said. “Our communities need grocery stores for food, we need banks for cash, we need pharmacies for medication.”

Grocery stores and pharmacies were among the dozens of businesses looted and damaged, some even completely destroyed, during riots late Wednesday into Thursday morning. 

According to Minneapolis Fire Department, crews responded to at least 30 fire calls in the city, including 16 structure fires. 

Arradondo explained that a unified command system has been established, giving MPD resources and support from surrounding law enforcement agencies and the Minnesota State Patrol.

In addition. Mayor Frey confirmed that he is asking for support from the National Guard.

“Yes. I have made that phone call to the governor and it has been requested,” said Frey, though he didn’t know if Gov. Walz would grant the City of Minneapolis support from the Guard. 

There were some reports of injuries to police officers and community members, though none were serious a result directly related to the protesting. 

Rioting in south Minneapolis

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7 responses to “Police chief: Much of riot damage caused by those from outside Minneapolis”

  1. In the main London riots Lord Scarrman said they were not race riots
    The man is a damn liar, i lived in the centre of it and watched it all from my window
    The Essex rd Leyton High School had some real hard lefties among the teachers there, they printed out leaflets on the school printer which they handed out to the almost exclusively black rioters
    telling them to take back from the fachist shop keepers what rightfully belonged to the people.
    One of Peter Rachmans bodyguards said Rachman a known mossad agent, played a part in agitating black youngsters as did the Socialist workers party.
    I spoke to several rioters who came from the North of England especially to plunder shops

  2. The mayor of Minneapolis is of course Jewish…infact it would be surprising to find otherwise…..the ruling class in America is made up of crypto Jews.
    No wonder universities once founded by Christian organisations are now run by your friendly suffering Jews.

  3. Rachman a slum landlord used to use black thugs as rent collectors…..in this way he is somewhat similar to Van Hoogstraten….who bribed his way out of prison….perhaps doing a deal with the British Secret Police.
    Rachman was also connected to the Profumo affair…with the call girl Christine Keeler.Her acquaintance Mandy Rice Davies managed to avoid being arrested etc.She was a crypto jew without a doubt….and spent time in Israel,like Britains current Jewish PM Boris Johnstein.
    Keeler suffered an injustice from the British establishment….that’s for sure….
    What was this all about you could ask….perhaps removing “impediments” to the Jews control of British foreign policy in the Middle East…..very much like the assassination of the Kennedy brothers…..

  4. The Police Gazette lsists 250 black and asian gangs working the greater london area
    people are too scared of political correctness to tackle them
    this costs us millions each year in lost tourism
    Muticultuarlsm is a failure admit it

  5. The policeman was trained by Isralei police. Often Police Units in America have a office in Isralel. NYPD do.

    Palestije today America Tommorow.

  6. Since when do police have “police” on their license plate? It’s always “state” issued, at least around my “state” that looks like an consumer plate or its been photoshopped …possible crisis actor?

  7. They have already done similar things all around the world, in Iraq and Iran, Yellow Jackets in France… to hijack peaceful protesters they send in agents, in this case undercover police to cause damage or use specific slogans to create further damage or diversion, in this case an excuse for police to use extreme force.

    When they do this in Iran they report: “Brutal Iranian Regime killing peaceful protestors!”, when they do this in US they report: “The crazy anarchist, terrorists and hooligans are endangering peace and security of the civil society!”

    Just see this recent White-House tweet: https://twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/1266367168603721728?s=20
    This is a new low… they have to compare Iran’s Supreme Leader’s tweet on Zionist occupiers with that of Trump’s and claiming it to be a real case of “promoting violence”! This friction with the media in US shows the widening rifts inside US.

    In the coming days, Trump might come and say: “Enemy agents and terrorists hired by Russia, China and Iran have infiltrated our country, security forces will shoot them on sight! Stay at home! So far so good!”

    We’re witnessing accelerated demise of American Empire before our eyes. This could lead to civil war and cession too. With current field-realities, fall of the Zionist Occupiers in Palestine could happen even sooner than the anticipated two years.