Covid19 = Freemason Script #33 Planned Corona Virus in Plain Sight

Noah’s Bandwagon – YouTube March 5, 2020

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  1. Coordinates for Dealey Plaza? 32.7788°N (whose individual digits sum to 35) and 96.8083°W (sums to 34) 35 + 34 = 69, the symbolic ouroboros. 33 obviously precedes 34 and 35 as if to say, “we” were here first.
    Who knows and at this point, who cares? The good times are over for good.

  2. 1933: Judea Declares War on Germany (and white Christian civilization)

    Daily Express, March 24, 1933, pp. 1-2
    Finally, the Corona Virus gets a chance to speak for itself!

    CDC Admits COVID Death Rate for Healthy People Is 0.02%!
    Bankruptcy Tsunami Has Begun! Retailers Prepare For Economic Collapse !!
    COVID Response = Total Control And Murder by Proxy
    Max Igan

  3. This video is idiotic. The video plays music like that from a 3rd rate horror movie and blames Covid on Masons. It also implies that Covid isn’t a fake pandemic.

    The Jew World Order bankers use governments, labor unions, Masons, and many other institutions to run the world but this video would have us believe Masons run the world.

  4. I did some math.
    Cowvid 666 divided by horseshit17 = 35.0625 bitchcoin

    Yo welcome.

  5. Sorry, I DID type “horseshit19”.
    But it was ‘mediately censorcanoed by the … Peruvians.

  6. ..the peruvians? -good one!

  7. For anyone who knows who is really behind this Plandemic, they will know that a 33 degree mason is one of the ones initiated into the true ‘secret’ of freemasonry, not the lower levels 32 and below.
    Not just anyone is allowed to become a 33 degree mason. Only the most corrupt who have sold their souls to Jabulon, their ‘great architect’ find out what it means to be a mason. Famous 33 degree were Eisenhower, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, Roosevelt, all scammers of society and those who sold out their fellow citizens to attain fame and fortune- in exchange for their souls.
    Like Esau, they sold their immortal souls for temporary gain to the enemy of God, Lucifer!