Why the Germ Theory of Disease is Wrong

James McCumiskey — May 27, 2020

We have all been taught and have accepted as a scientific fact that germs cause disease. For example, tubercular bacilli cause tuberculosis, the measles virus causes measles and more recently that COVID-19 is causing a worldwide pandemic, which has necessitated the Lockdown to contain it.
Robert Koch (1843-1910) came up with four postulates, which would determine if a pathogen caused a disease.
1) One can observe the pathogen in a person who has the disease;
2) One can isolate or purify the pathogen by taking sputum or blood sample from the host;
3) One can cause the same disease by injecting the pathogen into another host;
4) One can also re-isolate or purify the pathogen from that experimentally infected host.
The theory behind these postulates is that you can observe these microbes in a sample of blood from an infected host; you can isolate them and grow them in the laboratory; you can inject them into another host and cause the same disease; and you can then isolate the same microbe from the newly infected host. These postulates would all make perfectly good common sense if pathogenic microbes existed.
In relation to bacteria, you can observe and purify them, the first two of Koch’s postulates. However, you cannot inject tubercular bacilli or cholera bacilli into somebody and cause tuberculosis or cholera. On the 7th October 1892, Max von Pettenkofer drank a millilitre of cholera bacilli. He did not get sick, nor did he get cholera. His assistant repeated the same experiment on the 17th October 1892. He got slightly sick but recovered rapidly. He did not get cholera. The cholera bacilli did not cause cholera; they are present when the host is suffering from cholera after drinking bad water over a period of time.
Tubercular bacilli do not cause tuberculosis. Just as the presence of firemen at a fire does not mean that they caused the fire. Just as flies on a dung-heap does not mean that they caused the dung-heap. Microbes are present during these diseases but are not the cause.
Believe it or not, you cannot even purify viruses because they do not exist! There is no scientific paper available where any scientist has purified any virus. For example, I wrote an FOI Request to the NVRL (National Virus Reference Laboratory) at University College Dublin in Ireland and asked them the following two questions. The NVRL by its very name is the reference laboratory in Ireland for identifying all alleged pathogenic viruses
My FOI Request on 19 February 2020 was:
1) I am looking for a scientific paper, which demonstrates how the Novel Coronavirus was purified? Surely, if the NVRL is able to detect the Novel Coronavirus, it should also be able to demonstrate how it is purified?
2) I am also requesting how the NVRL would currently detect the Novel Coronavirus? Do you detect RNA (RiboNucleic Acid) in patients with pneumonia and then assume that the presence of RNA is equivalent to the presence of the Novel Coronavirus? Or, do you use other indirect means for detecting the Novel Coronavirus?
The NVRL eventually wrote back on 22 May 2020
Having considered the provisions of the FOI Act, I have decided to grant partial access to the requested information, as follows
1. I must advise you that the University do not hold records to answer your request. As such, section 15 (1) (a) of the FOI Act applies, that states:
15. (1) A head to whom an FOI request is made may refuse to grant the request where—
(a) the record concerned does not exist or cannot be found after all reasonable steps to ascertain its whereabouts have been taken
2. The UCD National Virus Reference Laboratory (NVRL) have confirmed that the current assay being used to detect corona virus is the one recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), as published in the attached article.
I appealed the FOI response on 25 May 2020:
I was already aware that the attached paper “Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR” was used by authorities across Europe to detect the alleged novel coronavirus. The RT-PCR technique is an indirect method of detection, which in this case of this paper assumes that the novel coronavirus shares some RNA sequences with the SARS coronavirus. The fundamental problem though is that neither the SARS coronavirus nor the 2019-nCoV was ever isolated. The Background to this paper clearly implies that the 2019-nCoV was never purified or isolated: “We aimed to develop and deploy robust diagnostic methodology for use in public health laboratory settings without having virus material available”.
My position is very clear: Pathogenic viruses such as the measles virus for example and the novel coronavirus do not exist. They do not exist because it is impossible to purify them. It is possible to purify phages using the density gradient centrifugation technique. Phages have a diameter of approximately 100nm. If pathogenic viruses such as the measles virus or the novel corona virus did exist, it would be possible to purify them. Their alleged diameter is equivalent to that of phages.
It is not good enough to shut the country down simply on the basis of a collective and erroneous belief in the existence of pathogenic viruses. Any scientific opinion can only be as good as the evidence on which it is based. Scientific opinion can only be substantiated by examining the evidence, which supports it. The only acceptable evidence which would support the evidence for the existence of the novel coronavirus would be a paper demonstrating how it was purified, photographed, its diameter measured and biochemically characterised.
The NVRL are correct in saying that “No Record Exists”, in relation to the purification of any so-called pathogenic virus. The reason why no record exists is because pathogenic viruses such as the measles and novel coronavirus do not exist.
I am appealing this inadequate and recklessly negligent response to my FOI request. The economy is in Lockdown and the lives of millions of Irish people are recklessly endangered because of a belief in the existence of pathogenic viruses — a belief, which has no supporting scientific evidence.
The Germ Theory of Disease is the central dogma of Modern Medicine. The Germ Theory of Disease is wrong and pathogenic viruses do not exist.
James McCumiskey
The Ultimate Conspiracy – The Biomedical Paradigm

13 responses to “Why the Germ Theory of Disease is Wrong”

  1. A phage is a virus, a particular type of virus that infects bacteria. Thus virus so exist.
    And has anyone else caught a cold, I have…, having being in close proximity to someone sniffling and sputtering away and then a few days later getting their cold. A common cold… most of which are caused by Corona virus, so called because in an electron-micrograph they look a bit like like a crown

  2. James McCumiskey — Bravo and well done.

    I had a stomach ulcer some years ago and ran into this subject by accident. The medical community here accepts the “fact” that stomach ulcers are for the most part caused by a virus/pathogen known as H. Pylori. Since I had a scope placed down my throat to the area of the ulcer, I asked for a biopsy.

    I had no H. Pylori. Ulcers like mine are caused by stress, overwork, sleep deprivation and so on. Where H. Pylori does show up, it’s an opportunistic thing that feeds on the ulcerated area once the damage is done.

    And the Established Medical people know this: One of the discoverers of H. Pylori injected a syringe of it into his gut. He said it gave him a bad tummy ache, but he never came close to having an ulcer. This is an historical fact and can be checked.

  3. I had isolated coronavirus, three of them: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71%2BcADTVkyL._AC_SX679_.jpg

    Kevin Boyle was promoting a theory invented by a Jewish charlatan that electricity caused “Spanish flu” in 1918-19. Alternative narrative: https://www.fort-russ.com/2020/05/did-psychopath-rockefeller-create-the-spanish-flu-pandemic-of-1918/

  4. Great article. Reading the papers is a real eye opener.Ponder on this extract from the approved FDA test kit : “Results are for the identification of 2019-nCoV RNA. The 2019-nCoV RNA is generally detectable in upper and lower respiratory specimens during infection. Positive results are indicative of active infection with 2019-nCoV but DO NOT RULE OUT BACTERIAL INFECTION or co-infection WITH OTHER VIRUSES.THE AGENT DETECTED MAY NOT BE THE DEFINITIVE CAUSE OF DISEASE.” There you go folks — that’s how you contradict yourself in a “scientific way” ! It’s a house of cards. One wonders how these “academics” sleep at night.John MacArthur says they are “proud morons giving each other phds” LOL

  5. Hmmm… Trust me, I’m a doctor…

    The theory challenging the pathogen paradigm suggests that “cause” is actually “effect”. I think it is a good one and well worth further investigation. Something that Dr Andrew Kaufman alluded to.

  6. According to the germ theory, a disease needs two things to develop: a pathogen AND an insufficient immune response. It is therefore not a valid argument to mention a few examples of people who were exposed to pathogens without getting sick.

    I agree with the author, though, that the Corona-response is utter madness. But there are plenty of more substantial arguments that can be used to substantiate that.

  7. So, let’s start with H. Pylori, full name Helicobacter pylori, is a bacteria and not a virus! And yes bacteria can be opportunistic, the classic case in point being the progression in a common cold. First the coronavirus gets in and the immune system responds by producing lots of mucus, sneezing coughing etc in an attempt to get the virus out of the body. At this point the snot etc is clear. If infection persists then opportunistic bacteria get in and the snot and phlegm turns green. If the immune system still cannot eliminate the infection
    the next step is to create a fever in order to kill the Corona virus, viruses do not like it hot.

    Flu on the other hand may not be a virus at all, or any pathogen for that matter. Flu comes from Influenza delle astari and literally means Influence of the Star for it was noted that such outbreaks happened when the sun had a lot of sunspots ie was pumping out high energy electro magnetism. This was the paradigm for hundreds of years up to when the Spanish flu hit humanity and the evil virus idea was promoted. As many folk are becoming aware of the effects of electro magnetic fields (5G etc) on our immune systems this would seem to fit with the idea that flu is not a virus, although may weaken our immune systems and make us more vulnerable to viral infections such as CV19.

  8. R2b
    Yes Simon Smith, cause seems actually be, the effect. Proof is speed. Inversely. Our communications, is a cover, for the corona. In olden tymes, it, ”influenza”, popped up long before, the horse-carriage arriwed.
    Regarding Newton, my impression is, that by promptly seeking materialistic cause, he bacame a charlatan.

  9. We seem far past the POINT OF RECOVERY. Let’s discuss putative “science” once we can move freely and associate with others of our choice without fear of opposing force(s) by The Power$ That Be [TP$TB]. Else, and until then, I would discard the above post.

  10. The HEPC virus does exist but can only be spread by blood to blood transfer.

  11. We have to be able to change our mind paradigms when evidence is presented. However, the article’s thesis is quite unconvincing.

    Excerpt 1:
    “He got slightly sick but recovered rapidly. He did not get cholera. The cholera bacilli did not cause cholera”

    The last phrase is a huge assumption from the previous statements. Maybe both of them didn’t get cholera because they are tough guys with a strong immunological system. One milliliter is quite small volume, did they tried half a liter?

    Excerpt 2:
    “Pathogenic viruses such as the measles virus for example and novel coronavirus do not exist. They do not exist because it is impossible to purify them.”

    Again, these are huge assumptions without sound logic. Maybe they can’t be isolated because of some technical issue. A good doctor – and there are few good doctors out there – will laugh of all this because he knows diseases by its symptoms. The author is radically questioning the foundations of modern medicine but takes the four Koch’s postulates as truths, which are just arbitrary and artificial definitions.

    Microorganisms exist in our mouth, intestines, blood, etc. Some of them are symbiotic and harmless but some are parasitic to the host and replicate aggressively. When our immunological system is under distress we can feel inflated lymph nodes in the groins, neck and armpits. Is this because of 5G? Give me a break…

    The “electromagnetic flu” and the “there is no virus” narratives are getting suspiciously unanimous in the alt-media. Could they be decoys that we truth seekers are taking at face value without questioning? Have these authors been fed with lies?

    A bio-weapon (genetically modified organism) with a specific designed lethality unleashed by unscrupulous “governments” (ZOGs) to consolidate a nefarious social/economic agenda seems more factual, in my humble opinion.

  12. Antoine Bechamp was right, even Pasteur admitted so on his deathbed, but since Pasteur was the local favorite, his theory won out. And, people are teaching theories like they are FACT. Which they aren’t!

  13. Dr. Cray and NBTT are the only one’s here who are rational. The assumption of McCumeskey is essentially that because you cannot directly see something with your eyeball, it does not exist. No one has ever seen or isolated a virus he says. Therefore, there is no evidence and the virus does not really exist. (The same argument is usedby some to disprove the belief in God.)

    He goes on with further evidence showing he got a nothing burger from the government through his FOI request, which is to him further evidence of the non-existence of viruses in general, because he assumed the government was honest in at least saying they had no evidence. However, the absence of evidence proves nothing. I like NBTT’s GP-based example based on similar symptoms exhibited in different patients to say ergo a virus, not because it fits any particular theory or interest of mine but because it fits the overall fact and is probably true, and also because such basic methodology is also the basis of all of our scientific and rational endeavors – coming down to the cataloging and measuring of similarities and differences.

    As for the Coronavirus thingy it has been seen and photographed under electron microscopes. There is a very good theory raised by virologists that a virus is simply an exozome or very similar to such. In the voice of the Throwback From the Future:
    “The young and the healthy make us immune
    Breathing out exosomes when we commune”
    There are “healthy” exosomes which come from our own bodies and from other people in our midst which give out messages to program our cells and immune systems favorably, and then there are ones which are just too foreign, like from a strange animal, and their programming can cause a lot of discord, likely completely confusing our immune systems. (You can call this the Baggins theory, if you like.)

    More importantly, McCumeskey’s article is very suspect in the context of the Covid 19 virus, because not only has a leading microbiologist in India been silenced a few months back because he showed that the RNA of this virus had been engineered in a lab to enhance its spiking, or attachment effectiveness, in order to attach to or invade healthy cells, but just last week a group of scientists from Australia isolated and confirmed the same tampering. It would serve the interests of those who engineered or designed the virus to deny its very existence, further covering those who deliberately let it go. Saying it does not even exist, is like saying, “First prove it exists stupid, before you say we did it.”

    We can see it. It exists whether you want to call it a “virus”, an incompatible foreign “exosome”, or a “dork”, and the symptoms which develop, likely overpowering immune systems and causing similar or same “cytokine storms” in the patients, i.e. “similar symptoms”.

    If we want to better understand what is going on the world stage, at this point in our analysis, lateral thinking, or parallel thinking, is helpful. What is happening on the micro level parallels in many respect the maco. If we were reacting to a much more deadly virus, the actual way that the creators, planners, and authorities expected it to behave, then the cytokine-storm-like draconian government measures would be a proportionate immune response. As I pointed out earlier, my view is that the clearly deliberate and unnecessary overreaction by our governments together with all of their lies and distortions by deliberately inflating death numbers, together with all of the fakery and hype in the media, is very strong evidence of a much greater expectation of harm from the virus by the controlling planners of the pandemic. It shows lock-step planing and even a script which is so comprehensive in revolutionary ends, so big, that once in motion its course cannot be altered despite the relatively “poor” operation of their little bug outside of laboratory conditions.

    If not for the relatively and unexpected “poor” performance of this virus, actually causing an insufficient number of deaths and people with serious symptoms needing some kind of hospital are, then the said “cytokine-storm-like draconian government measures” and everything they intend to make permanent to control us, would seem a perfect fit, and we would think that the wonderful protective government of ours was acting like a well-working protective-like immune system.

    If fact, if we looked at the parallels between the micro and the macro worlds everything would seem quite natural and we would simply go along with all of the government and NWO crap. But now, when we look deeper into both worlds the only parallels we see are disproportionate reaction to a virus. On the micro level we see a natural disproportionate reaction, but on the macro human behavior level we see a very false, unnatural reaction. Secondly, on the micro level we see a deliberate, interest-driven, planned interference, or engineering, with the a Coronavirus, for a human purpose. Then on the macro human level of our behavior as a result of the so-called pandemic, we see being rolled out everywhere not only relatively inane and unnecessary measures to curtail the virus but plans for radical change of our behavior and habits which in fact have nothing really to do with this virus or any other contagion. In fact, the only common parallel and actual link between the micro world of the virus and the macro world is the human “planning” by the control freaks on both levels, where the increased control and dominance of human beings is the goal.

    When we go beyond all the barriers to the truth which people like McCumeskey trot out, we eventually will most certainly find that the very people who oversaw the tinkering to the develop this virus, also directed experimentation under lab conditions using human subjects. We will prove they expected more lethal results to justify the planned draconian government control measures. We will prove their error, which unexpectedly saved so many more lives they intended to take, was based on their overlooking the relationship to dose and symptoms, and not having the opportunity of testing it in the public or in an isolated place like the Marshall islands. We will prove that they used the virus to deceive us and to take away our basic rights, freedoms, and opportunities, and that everything they have tried to impose through this psyop directly corresponds to years of their pre-announced planning, even with respect to the setting up and the crashing of the economy with exponential debt and fiat money creation, for their own exponential wealth and power grabs, and their concentration and consolidation of totalitarian political, financial, technocratic, and existential power over us. We will prove to the public at large that their further plans are to radically cull the population of the world, as they also have often stated in their characteristic indifferent pre-announcements. We will prove to the public at large that they are the same cabal which has been running world affairs for the past 200 years and that the highly touted “New World Order” is just their old one with more centralized powers and controls. People then will more clearly see that all their planning is a total a sham for the further disorder of Satan who runs the world through fear, the weight of sin & guilt (debt), and deception, which they in fact perfectly reflect in all of their distortions to Creation from the atomic level, to the micro, to the human, to the macro, and to the very supernatural level of all of their diabolical “planning”.