Meet Bill Gates

James Corbett – The Corbett Report May 24, 2020

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8 responses to “Meet Bill Gates”

  1. Will The REAL Dollar Bill please stand up?

    Bill Gates says peek-a-boo…Here I am!
    Bill Gates – Epically Exposed
    Includes an appreciation of the BLOTUS from an adoring fan…{{{smiles}}}
    Big Time Vaccinator

  2. Bill Gates is a wonderful human being. I agree with him we need to lower the population by 95%. Eradicate All Muslims, Negros, Asians, Arabs.
    Leaving the planet to its Movers and shakers.

    I dont like sharing this world with anyone other then my own kind.

  3. Nathan
    You forgot to mention the European people. Europeans were tricked into commiting suicide in WW1 and WW2 and subsequently destroyed. I am not hostile to any race. I think all races should thrive and survive and completely disagree with you saying that all Muslims, Negros, Asians, Arabs should be erradicated. I don’t know of any European who wishes harm to these races and groups. Are you sure you are not one of the ‘Chosen Ones’ who we used to know as the Mongols?

  4. “Eradicate All Muslims, Negros, Asians, Arabs.
    Leaving the planet to its Movers and shakers. ”

    Don’t forget those darn Eskimos who are plotting to take over the world!

  5. It really does not need any Comment, because it is Self Explaining, So whatever crime they commit they are always still in place and never brought to Account for their mass murder Around the World, another Example would be Netanyahu, he was walking in plain site in 911, he was there in the London Transport bombings, he was in Plain view at the Charlie Hebdo and Paris Chaos because he directed it, and much more besides the sabotage and murder of the Polish Presidents plane in 2010 with the Help of his Mossad team, and the Whole Rothschild and Rockerfeller Families they have never been brought to book for their Genocide, all we have got is the Tiddlers or the Guinea Pigs, what it really Means is that they are in charge of your Lives,

  6. Excellent video from the Corbett report!
    Bill Gates being a eugenicist and a vaccine pusher to ‘save the world’, these are mutually exclusive goals. You can’t say you want to destroy the world and save it at the same time, unless you are insane, which he clearly is, and those ZIonist freemasons who are behind him are too.
    Anyone who goes along with him and his agenda is either a fool, a Satanist or suffering from brainwashing and/or cognitive dissonance because they can’t handle the truth.

  7. As Robert Kennedy aptly put it, he’s got a Messiah Complex………….

  8. Kudos to James Corbett and the Corbett Report for putting together this excellent series on Bill Gates.
    Bill Gates is like the head of a Satanist billionaire’s hydra.
    He and his cohorts like Warren Buffet, Rockefeller family etc. are fulfilling the long term goal of depopulation and getting the zombified masses to willfully agree to it.
    Truly amazing to behold their control over so many people’s minds.