Kevin MacDonald Interview: “I’m not optimistic about the future of the West”

By Kevin MacDonaldThe Occidental Observer May 21, 2020

Via Darkmoon – May 27, 2020

Reposted from Demokracija, an influential Slovenian political weekly, this interview with Kevin MaDonald provides an excellent insight into MacDonald’s seminal work and career. The interview concludes with the ominous suggestion that “there may be a civil war brewing in the United States”. 

“I’m not optimistic about the future of the West. Unless something drastic changes, the West as we know it will be destroyed.”

INTERVIEWER Andrej Sekulovič : We spoke with Kevin MacDonald, a professor emeritus of psychology at Long Beach State University of California. His research focuses primarily on the development of evolutionary perspectives on culture, developmental psychology and personality theory.
You have a long career in psychology, as a Professor at California State University, and have authored many different books and academic articles on that subject, focusing mostly on evolutionary psychology, psychology on ethnocentrism and group evolutionary strategies. Could you give us a brief definition of these concepts? 
KEVIN MACDONALD:  Evolutionary psychology views the human brain as being shaped by evolution, that is, that over evolutionary time the human mind and underlying neural structures were shaped by natural selection. For example, humans fall in love because there are brain structures that enable this, and it’s adaptive because it motivates men and women to procreate and invest in their children. Genes for this gradually accumulated, and people with more of those genes survived and prospered. 
Please tell us when did you first become active within the “right” ideological specter and which of your conclusions and observations led you to become a renowned author within the circles of the Right? Did your studies of Psychology played a major part in this development? 
I started being active while writing my book The Culture of Critique in the mid-1990s. The Culture of Critique is about how Jewish intellectuals and political activists have shaped Western culture in the twentieth century. I realized that they were shaping culture in ways that promoted their interests but were detrimental to the interests of Europeans. Throughout my writing, I have used my psychological background. For example, one reason that Jewish intellectuals were so influential was because they were able to obtain positions in elite universities. A part of human psychology is to look up to such people and they have more influence as a result. I also write a lot about ethnic networking among Jews—how they promote each other’s work and promote common goals that satisfy Jewish interests.
You have written extensively about the influence of the Jewish-interests groups within the Western societies and about the role of the Jewish intellectuals within the different subversive movements that came to be known as “Cultural Marxism”, your most famous book on the subject being “Culture of Critique”. Could you please explain to us how do these groups operate, in which areas has their influence been the most effective and for what reasons do you choose to describe them as “Culture of Critique”? 
Culture of Critique describes several of the most influential intellectual and political movements of the twentieth century—Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt School, the general involvement of Jews with the left, and Jewish activism on behalf of immigration. All of these movements had a central core of people who were strongly identified as Jews and thought of their work as advancing Jewish interests in some way. For example, Freud thought of himself as a warrior in opposition to European culture which he hated because of historical anti-Semitism. His work undermined traditional Western sexual mores and family relationships. His movement attracted many other Jews and together they influenced public opinion because they were able to obtain influential positions in academic and professional organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, and they were able to spread their messages in the mainstream media—Hollywood, television, and newspapers.
It seems that the breakdown of the Western values and the destruction of the once homogenous European societies that we witness today is a consequence of the ideas and movements that can be traced to the Frankfurt School, whose intellectuals were mostly Jewish, and which was the birthplace of the so called “Cultural Marxism”. Could you give us a brief overview of the ideas and concepts which were the product of the Frankfurt School, and have proven as the most detrimental to our culture and to our European nations? Also would you say that the Frankfurt School represents the beginning of these subversive movements and ideals, or do its roots go further back in time?
The Frankfurt School began in the 1920s as an orthodox Marxist group and continued in that direction until after Hitler came to power after 1933. Marxism did not predict that the working class would vote for a fascist, but many did, and after Hitler came to power, he had high public approval. They reconceptualized the problem as White ethnocentrism because racial identity was central to National Socialism. They reasoned that an anti-Jewish movement could not develop in a country that was not racially homogeneous. As a result, their work claimed that White people who identified as White and attempted to advance the interests of their race had a psychiatric disorder and this was then picked up and promoted very effectively by Jewish activist organizations like the Anti-Defamation League. They did not make an analogous analysis in which identifying as a Jew and advancing Jewish interests were pathological.
Jewish subversion began earlier. Boasian anthropology and psychoanalysis began early in the twentieth century and Jewish activism on the left aimed at toppling gentile power structures dates from the nineteenth century.


. . . which led in the 1920s to the Frankfurt School  philosophy of political correctness, is primarily a Jewish movement and permeates Western society today. Based on a combination of Marx and Freud, Cultural Marxism is a concerted attempt to undermine traditional moral values and destroy the foundations of Western civilization.  It does this through hedonistic consumerism, despair creation, and an insidious demoralization of the masses through pornography and mindless entertainment.  [LD]   
—  “The first battlefield is the rewriting of history.” — Karl Marx
—  “Sexual morality is contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life…. If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!” — Sigmund Freud
—   §   —
INTERVIEWER:  The question many people are curious about is, why would certain Jewish-interested groups want the destruction and the breakdown of the Western societies, what is their main motivation and what do they want to achieve through their subversive actions, and influence in culture and in politics?
KEVIN MACDONALD:  As noted above, Jews do not feel safe in a homogeneous White society after what happened in Germany in the 1930s. As a result, they have promoted immigration and demographic change so that Whites will be a minority in Western societies and Whites will be less able to organize against Jews. Another major motivation is hatred because of what they see as irrational ant-Semitism throughout history, so that, for example, they oppose Christianity because of the historical role of Christianity in opposition to Jews. They never see their own behavior as contributing to hatred of Jews.
Some people would argue, that the Jews have always been involved in different political movements both on the Left and on the Right, and that while there are quite a few Jews on the Left, it is mostly a coincidence and has nothing to do with them being Jewish, since we can also find Jews among the Conservative Right. What would be your answer to these observations, and what would be your main argument in claiming, that the leftist movements are not just movements which happen to also have a lot of Jewish activists, but that these movements and ideals themselves were created by the Jewish groups to further their own goals and agenda?
I know of no example of a Jew who has advocated for White interests. In general, Jews on the right have been neoconservatives who are mainly motivated by garnering support for Israel within the Republican Party and among conservatives. Neoconservatism, with its roots on the Trotskyist left, has fundamentally acted to combat older forms of conservatism (labeled paleoconservatism) in America and to move the American conservative movement to the left on key issues like immigration (see “Neoconservatism as Jewish Movement). For example, I cite an American intellectual, Samuel Francis: “There are countless stories of how neoconservatives have succeeded in entering conservative institutions, forcing out or demoting traditional conservatives, and changing the positions and philosophy of such institutions in neoconservative directions.”
My argument that Jews on the left retained strong Jewish identities and a sense of Jewish interests is contained in Chapter 3 of The Culture of Critique and is too long to quote here. However, it begins with the following:
There is little doubt that the vast majority of the Jews who advocated leftist causes beginning in the late nineteenth century were strongly self-identified as Jews and saw no conflict between Judaism and radicalism (Marcus 1983, 280ff; Levin 1977, 65, 1988, I, 4–5; Mishkinsky 1968, 290, 291; Rothman & Lichter 1982, 92–93; Sorin 1985, passim). Indeed, the largest Jewish radical movements in both Russia and Poland were the Jewish Bunds which had an exclusively Jewish membership and a very clear program of pursuing specifically Jewish interests. The proletarianism of the Polish Bund was really part of an attempt to preserve their national identity as Jews (Marcus 1983, 282). Fraternity with the non-Jewish working class was intended to facilitate their specifically Jewish aims, and a similar statement can be made for the Russian Jewish Bund (Liebman 1979, 111ff). Since the Bunds comprised by far the majority of the Jewish radical movement in these areas, the vast majority of Jews participating in radical movements in this period were strongly identified as Jews.
In Chapter 3 I also provide evidence that Jews on the left were motivated to oppose nationalist movements, as in Poland after World War II where many Jews collaborated with the communist government. Jews in pre-revolutionary Russia saw the Czarist government as oppressive and eagerly joined the Soviet government after the Revolution. Jews in America in the 1920s–1940s realized that Jews were an elite in the USSR and strongly advocated for pro-USSR causes in the U.S. There are many more examples of this.
While “Culture of Critique” is probably your most famous book on this subject, it is just a third book of a trilogy, the other two books being “A People That Shall Dwell Alone” and “Separation and its Discontents”. In these books you also write about Judaism and about the phenomenon of Antisemitism. Could you tell us how would you say Judaism differs from Islam and Christianity? And regarding the topic of Antisemitism, do you believe Jewish groups are using it today to further their own agenda? 
As discussed in A People That Shall Dwell Alone, Judaism developed as a very explicit diaspora strategy—they saw themselves as living as a minority group within larger societies. They never sought to be a universal religion. Their writings underscore that they saw themselves as in conflict with the wider society and as having different interests from other groups in the society. For example, a common theme of historical anti-Semitism was that Jews made alliances with kings and other aristocrats and would engage in oppressive business practices that would enrich their aristocratic patrons and themselves at the expense of other sectors of the population.
Jewish groups are constantly exaggerating anti-Semitism as a way to raise money but also to provide reasons for enacting controls on free speech. In the United States it is now basically off-limits to criticize Israel: any criticism of Israel is regarded as anti-Semitism. Another example, according to a recent article in the mainstream media, Jews in the television industry have been producing very Jewish-themed shows emphasizing the Holocaust and other threats to Jewish interests because of a supposed huge increase in anti-Semitism. “There’s been a huge uptick in anti-Semitic hate crimes in the U.S. over the past five years, according to the FBI, in an era when only 45% of U.S adults know that six million Jews died in the Holocaust, according to a Pew Research Center survey published in January.«
How would you assess the work of President Trump since he entered the office?
I was very supportive of Trump during the 2016 election. His record since is mixed. He is certainly doing the bidding of is pro-Israel donors like Sheldon Adelson and the Republican Jewish Coalition despite his campaign pledges for an America-First foreign policy. He has not been as good as he promised on immigration. He is building the wall with Mexico but has also approved huge numbers of worker visas that displace American workers, and he has not decreased the huge numbers of legal immigrants that will soon make Whites a minority in the U.S., nor has he ended birthright citizenship according to which anyone born in the U.S. is automatically a citizen, leading to illegal aliens establishing families and obtaining welfare benefits, etc.
What are your predictions for the U.S. presidential elections this year? And what are your predictions regarding the future of U.S.A. and the rest of the Western world?
It’s too soon to tell what will happen this year much less the long-term future of the West. Trump will have a good chance against Joe Biden, who is senile and not a candidate that inspires enthusiasm. However, the non-White vote keeps increasing and this will soon make it impossible for any Republican to win. Right now Trump is being blamed for a poor response to the coronavirus and that may be an effective talking point for Biden, especially given what the virus panic has done to the economy. The strength of the economy had been Trump’s major asset.
I am not optimistic on the future of the West. We are importing non-White majorities that will have no interest in maintaining our culture, our institutions, or our traditional freedoms. Unless something drastic changes, the West as we know it will be destroyed.
You are also the Chief Editor of the website “Occidental Observer”, can you tell us a bit about this project?
The Occidental Observer has articles that touch on White identity and interests. Given my writing, we have a lot of discussion of Jewish issues.
We are all aware of the censorship which has been increasing in the last years, regarding ideas that are deemed “politically incorrect”. Did you ever face any kind of censorship, and did your activities and writings ever affect your professional career as a University Professor? Did you face any criticism from your colleagues etc.?
Yes, there was a movement to get my university to fire me—the relevant documents are on my website. A left-wing organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), conducted a campaign against me.  A representative of the SPLC came to my university from November 12–15 2006 to interview faculty and administrators about me. During the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 academic years there was also a great deal of discussion and debate about my work and associations on faculty email lists. Eventually several departments issued statements dissociating themselves from my work and, in some cases, condemning my work. I was an active participant in these debates, In April, 2008, there was a large meeting conducted by the SPLC representative to denounce me. A speaker from the Anti-Defamation League also participated in this meeting.
Can you tell us for the end a bit about you latest book, titled “Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition”, and let us know what are your plans for the future? 
Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition argues that ethnic influences are important for understanding the West. The prehistoric invasion of the Indo-Europeans had a transformative influence on Western Europe, inaugurating a prolonged period of what is labeled “aristocratic individualism” resulting form variants of Indo-European genetic and cultural influence. However, beginning in the seventeenth century and gradually becoming dominant was a new culture labeled “egalitarian individualism” which was influenced by preexisting egalitarian tendencies of northwest Europeans. Egalitarian individualism ushered in the modern world but may well carry the seeds of its own destruction.
I have a chapter on psychological mechanisms that have resulted in so many Westerners accepting the current regime of displacing White populations in favor of massive non-White immigration. This brings in much discussion of evolutionary psychology. For example, I present data that White people are more empathic towards others because we are less ethnocentric than other peoples. This tendency toward empathy has been manipulated by the media to make Westerners empathic to suffering Africans and Asians and make them willing to make these people into citizens. There are also some hopeful signs—e.g., because of all the anti-White hatred we are seeing in the media, more White people are identifying as White and seeing that they have interests as Whites in not becoming a minority. But I conclude the book by suggesting that there may be a civil war brewing in the United States.


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  1. Well, Kevin, your having ditched, discarded, and otherwise denigrated GOD — more precisely your concept of GOD, best o’ luck really separating your Self from GOD, triangular integrity of Soul, Mind, and Body, that of God in hue-mankind [people of color] — your perspective takes on both the reasonableness and the likelihood of atheistic|agnostic social Darwinism. If I may presume your self-professed “lack of optimism” means “pessimistic”, then your subsequent theses and prognostications take on a logic unassailable by others who might appeal to spiritual realities.

    You do yeoman’s work in maintaining the key dialectic — like TOO for the alt-right, call it a COG [i.e., Council of Government of the Mind] — that buffers your “critique of culture” from unabashed censorship and shunning that otherwise might dictate a fitting fate for you. Consider the vicissitudes of Alfred and Monika Schaefer in Germany and [back] in Canada, respectively, that of Arthur Topham, too, and Michael Hoffman (Judaism Discovered).

    Count your biogenetic blessings, sir! And don’t forget your next “flu shot”! I hear it will enhance your RNA|DNA beyond the expectations of Darwin, as socially evolved as that man seemed….

  2. Have they been in a coma? A civil war in the US has been a widely discussed topic since 9/11 and a few academics have said it is inevitable, but they did get their dates wrong.

    If you cast aside the trinkets of 21st-century life, things are pretty shit. We are in real terms, substantially poorer than we were in the 1970s and if anyone cites the EU for this, the US is worse and most EU states are better than the UK & US.

    On the racial point, this has already happened and it can’t be fixed. To use an analogy: If women stopped working and stayed at home. The economy would never return to that period when most women stayed at home. If the UK paid all immigrants to leave, the UK would never return to what it once was. This idea that immigrant forces will bring change, such as the claim that Republicans won’t get a Republican president isn’t true. Plenty of black and Hispanics will develop Republican aspirations. Just look at the UK. If we trust our democracy (lol), lots of Labour voters voted in the most right-wing regime in UK history. I have no faith in democracy or the illusions of it.

  3. Why hasnt brainy Kev touched on the Jewish strategy of concealing their identity as Jews…..this strategy is fundamental to their power and influence.
    Are ALL JEWS….or more exactly crypto Jews.
    Theresa May the failed PM is a jew,as was Cameron and his wife (descended from wealthy Jewish bankers)
    This stuff was well documented by the Catholic church in the 15th century….intact they had many different names for crypto Jews…Marrano’s, Converso’s, Nueva Christian’s (for historical reasons connected to the expulsion of Jews from Spain,there are proportionally considerable numbers of crypto Jews in the American South West….including such luminaries as Lyndon Johnson (covered up the attack on the USS Liberty) the Bush family and the model Jerry Hall formerly married to the Jewish Jewish satanist Mick Jagger.
    It is astounding that someone of MacDonalds intellect COULD EVER HAVE REGARDED TRUMP AS ANYTHING BUT A JEWISH STOOGE….his daughters marriage should allay any doubts that he isnt a jew!.
    Hillary Clinton is a jewess without a shadow of a doubt,so you dont even have to know that her daughter Chelsea-bun married a full blown jew.
    MacDonald should keep in mind another very “odd” marriage….that is a close relative of Himmler marrying an Israeli!.
    Actually it is not odd at all since,like Boris Johnson,Himmler was a crypto jew.

    Time for Kev to put his writing talents to a new book…entirely devoted to CRYPTO JEWS…..

    Washingstein now has wall to wall Jews within it…most of them not advertising their ethnicity….so Jews are more powerful and influential than most people recognise…..Not only in Washington but throughout individual state governments….
    JEWS ALSO RUN THE “SECRET POLICE” of Western Countries….the new director of the British secret police MI5 isca jew,just like his predecessor Parker.
    Naturally these Jews have the potential to transform into oppressive tyrants….as happened in Eastern Europe.
    It goes without saying that if the Jewish elites programme of mass alien immigration into the West is not stopped…..this will be the end of Western Civilisation MK2……

  4. While I do not advocate violence or insurrection, as a 72 year old retired officer of the US military, I conclude that there can be no other answer to the evil of the Jew dominated America than a civil war. It has been very slow in coming because the vast majority of Americans have no factual knowledge of history. The bottom line is that Satanic Ashkenazi Bolshevik Khazars have as a primary goal the destruction of white Christian culture. From the genocide of the Armenian Christians from 1915 to the early 1920s (research the Turk donmeh) to the Russian Revolution (actually a Jew Revolution against the Romanov dynasty and the nation of Russia) to both world wars (destruction of white Catholics in Germany and the establishment of Israel) to the Israeli attacks on America on 911, the goal of the Khazar Satanist is to destroy white Christian culture. Yet, FOOLS in America just can not find the truth, a disability they will soon regret. If you do not know
    of the donmeh, or the names of Yagoda, or Sverdlov, or Radek or Frankel you know little.
    If you have not learned that the Holocaust is a HOAX, you are hopeless. If you do not understand how the private Jew Federal Reserve system has crushed the white middle class in the USA, you are a fool. If you wear a face mask and believe the virus scam.
    you are a bad joke.

  5. @ Vespasian

    You are obviously a highly intelligent person whose comments never fail to impress me, but I think you are misguided to find fault with Kevin MacDonald for not naming and shaming the following people as JEWS.

    Your comment starts with these words:

    “Why hasn’t brainy Kev touched on the Jewish strategy of concealing their identity as Jews…..this strategy is fundamental to their power and influence.


    Are ALL JEWS….or more exactly crypto Jews.”

    This is not a fair criticism, my dear Vespasian! For this reason:

    While you and I might well regard the above-mentioned individuals as sycophantic lackeys of the Jews, I don’t think either of us would dare to appear on national television under our own names and denounce the six individuals mentioned above as “JEWS” or “CRYPTO-JEWS” (= Jews passing themselves off as gentiles). We would be laughed at if we tried and our reputations would be in tatters.

    This is because 99% of the general public, who believe no such thing, would be our judges.

    Your audacity, my dear Vespasian, is derived from your anonymity. As a faceless commenter on politically dissident AltNews websites like this one, you can afford to say exactly as you want as you have no reputation to lose. You are safe and secure as long as you hide behind a pen name.

    This is not the case with Kevin MacDonald. Kevin has a solid reputation to maintain. He is a distinguished emeritus professor at a major university, a renowned author with his own Wikipedia biography page. He simply cannot afford to make himself a laughing stock by accusing Donald Trump and Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel of being “JEWS”! — NOT if he honestly believes that there is INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE for such bizarre claims.

    You know as well as I do, dear Vespasian, the vast difference between PROVEN FACTS and CONSPIRACY THEORIES. You are also wise enough to know that the allegations you have made about the above individuals do not belong in the realm of proven facts but very much so in the realm of unproven “conspiracy theories”.

    Kevin MacDonald is to be commended for his caution and moderation. He simply cannot afford to come across as an extremist fanatic. He has a reputation to maintain. This can only be done by sticking to the facts, dear Vespasian, and shunning all irresponsible and disreputable speculation.


    Your friendly well-wisher,
    Lucy Skipping
    (Lasha Darkmoon’s sister)

  6. Let me correct all of you. The issue is (pale face) aka white supremacy. You do not know your own history. Go and read what you call the GREEK CLASSICS. These books are still around in the antiquity departments of all major universities. You are on to something, however you need some help in getting the WHOLE picture right. The people who called them self by a religion, Judaism (Jews), are white (pale face) EUROPEANS. The word JEWS is an invented word. It is an oxymoron. Your own people have turned on you. European people have a difficult time accepting that the ANCIENT AFRICAN PEOPLE created the WHOLE MESS. We(African aka MOORS people) are at the bottom of the social ladder and we should because we have become idiots. The JEWS GAVE THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY THEIR IDENTITY. Mind Games at work. There are many such books as shown below. Tell the TRUTHS AND THE LIES WILL FALL APART. (Scythian) European family. The TRUTH will stress you out. Love ya.

    The Africans who wrote the bible by Nana Banchie Darkwah Phd.
    The African Origin of Modern Judaism: From Hebrews to Jews BY José V. Malcioln Phd.

  7. Kev , by leaving sprit0muslim out of your discussion you only crate more disterbances and division .you’re useful idiot for jewish gangs. that’s way you are able to keep your job and move freely .
    immgration is a problem for all people (its luck of spirituality a higher order you can see that, you’re doomed). it’s a jewish gangs enable it .God is great vast resources colour full creations naturally prefer to be homogeneous until social engineering put in place by the gangs. first victims are those abandoned God then that leads to selfish and greed ,sold their souls and ruled by gangs. so many races and tribes go to extniction behaving the same way. its hopless situation those white DT, in power cant do much except what’s best for the gang.

  8. THANK YOU, LUCY SKIPPING!! A “Lasha Darkmoon” editor|writer! Your style of writing and riposte reveals you as genuine! I appreciate very much your “slumming” here on The Truthseeker. As LD’s “sister”, you will know me. I still live and thrive in Nowheresville.

    YOU WROTE: “Kevin MacDonald is to be commended for his caution and moderation. He simply cannot afford to come across as an extremist fanatic. He has a reputation to maintain. This can only be done by sticking to the facts, dear Vespasian, and shunning all irresponsible and disreputable speculation.”

    As for Kev, so with LD. Limited hangout, disinfo, and BS. Atheist, materialist — what’s not to celebrate about K MacD?

    Just my opinion, my two cents’ worth. I hope Miles Mathis gets around to exposing the whole lot of you! Until he does, I cast you into the fake-news bin with ZeroHedge and Veterans Today! I have many more hours to spend than I have left, 74 years and counting!

  9. I don’t believe cultural Marxism is an attempt to undermine traditional moral values and destroy the foundation’s of western societal civilization as they are just a means to achieving their utopia, the core concentrated effort. Demoralising of the masses was easy with disneyfication producing the infantilist ethos as a result, progressing civilization further into a battlefield of utopia for some while dystopia for the rest.
    No one single named group has subverted and corrupted more countries and societies or attempted too in the history of man than Mr Jew. And they say that’s no mean feat.
    IF, if there is a civil war,rebellion,revolt or bloody whatever which is highly doubtful or as this Ban turns out to be, it won’t be fought against on racial grounds.

  10. @ Alan Donelson


    “I appreciate very much your “slumming” here on The Truthseeker. As LD’s “sister”, you will know me. I still live and thrive in Nowheresville.”

    I note with genuine sadness, dear Alan, that you should make use of the Truthseeker site not only to insult Kevin MacDonald but to continue your long and spiteful vendetta against my dear sister Lasha Darkmoon who has never once offered you an insult — unless the refusal to respond to your constant barrage of UNSOLICITED EMAILS to Lasha’s inbox can be regarded as an “insult”. 🙂

    In addition to this, you now accuse me of “SLUMMING” on the Truthseeker site. Are you not aware, dear Alan, that the phrase “SLUMMING here on Truthseeker” is a barbed insult to Rixon Stewart, the editor-owner of this website? If you really think Truthseeker is a “SLUM WEBSITE”, why are you posting comments on it?

    Let me guess!

    It’s because you have been BANNED from the Occidental Observer and the Darkmoon website for your persistently hateful and out-of-control misbehavior. You have nowhere else to go except Truthseeker and similar websites to settle old scores. Any site that bans you or refuses to publish your unpublishable “poetry” becomes your implacable enemy! How sad.

    I feel genuinely sorry for you that you should have reached the venerable age of 74, dear Alan, and acquired so little in the way of wisdom and self-control.

  11. @ Alan Donelson


    “YOU WROTE: “Kevin MacDonald is to be commended for his caution and moderation. He simply cannot afford to come across as an extremist fanatic. He has a reputation to maintain. This can only be done by sticking to the facts, dear Vespasian, and shunning all irresponsible and disreputable speculation.”

    Alan Donelson’s response to this:

    “As for Kev, so with LD. Limited hangout, disinfo, and BS. Atheist, materialist — what’s not to celebrate about K MacD?

    Just my opinion, my two cents’ worth. I hope Miles Mathis gets around to exposing the whole lot of you! Until he does, I cast you into the fake-news bin with ZeroHedge and Veterans Today! I have many more hours to spend than I have left, 74 years and counting!”

    As I said in my previous comment, Alan, I regret to see the extent of your vindictiveness toward Kevin MacDonald — all no doubt for the crime of banning you from posting your hateful and intellectually vapid comments on his website. Your hatred naturally extends to my sister Lasha Darkmoon whom you have stalked relentlessly for the past 18 months in a series of unsolicited emails that amount to definite harassment. Has she not made it clear to you to STOP bombarding her with these disgusting emails?

    Why did you write her yet another hateful email only the day before yesterday (Wednesday, May 27, 2020 12:28:19 PM), subject Heading: “Names will never hurt me”. This unpleasant email was forwarded to me by LD, asking: “What am I to do about this pathetic little man who keeps sending me these nasty emaiis?”

    I replied: “There’s nothing much you can do except block him or move all his rotten emails into your Spam folder.”

  12. @ Alan Donelson

    Last week you sent our website yet another hateful comment mocking a beautiful poem my sister had just written:

    Fortunately, I saw your comment in “awaiting moderation” and deleted it at once. Shame on you for offering Lasha this needlessly vile insult! You remind me of a spitting cobra, Alan, oozing with toxic malignancy.

    Frankly, I feel very sorry for your wife having to put up with you. Is she aware that you have been stalking my sister for the last 18 months? Fortunately, we know your home address, because you published it in your emails along with a passport photo of your elegantly bearded self. So we are now in a position to take legal action against you if you continue your campaign of emotional harassment.

    This is my advice to you, Alan. Seek psychiatric help for your own sake and your wife’s sake. And STOP PESTERING MY SISTER! We are sick to death of your psychotic behavior.