Belief in Conspiracy Theories Going Mainstream

Introduction – May 25, 2020

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A new study by the Department of Psychology at the University of Oxford is encouraging reading. A couple of points need to be borne in mind while reading it however.
First, it is written from the point of view of the powers that be. As a result it does not give any credence to the theories themselves. It works on the assumption that they are “false” without examining them. Concluding that conspiracy theories are simply the result of paranoia and mistrust.
Nonetheless, the study is encouraging insofar as it reveals that these ideas are spreading.
Only half the population will now readily dismiss “conspiracy theories”, the study finds while 15% will consistently support them.
The study also reveals that as many as a quarter of the population in England are now open to such ideas and that number is growing.
In other words there is a significant and growing minority in England who will no longer swallow official lies without question. While the study was conducted in England there is good reason to believe that its findings are not isolated to England alone. This is almost certainly part of a wider global trend
This obviously worries the authors of the study. As they conclude by writing that there is an “urgent” need to find ways to counter the growing influence of these ideas. Ed
A few selected quotes are below:

Coronavirus Conspiracy Beliefs, Mistrust, and Compliance with Government Guidelines in England

Submitted to Psychological Medicine – May 19, 2020

Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.


Background: An invisible threat has visibly altered the world. Governments and key institutions have had to implement decisive responses to the danger posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Imposed change will increase the likelihood that alternative explanations take hold. In a proportion of the general population there may be strong scepticism, fear of being misled, and false conspiracy theories. Our objectives were to estimate the prevalence of conspiracy thinking about the pandemic and test associations with reduced adherence to government guidelines…

Results: Approximately 50% of this population showed little evidence of conspiracy thinking, 25% showed a degree of endorsement, 15% showed a consistent pattern of endorsement, and 10% had very high levels of endorsement….

Conclusions: In England there is appreciable endorsement of conspiracy beliefs about coronavirus. Such ideas do not appear confined to the fringes….

The coronavirus pandemic and associated countermeasures have created conditions in which conspiracy beliefs are likely to develop…

We hypothesise that: a significant minority of the population hold excessively sceptical views, including clear false conspiracy beliefs…


The results are illuminating but dispiriting: a substantial minority of the population endorses unequivocally false ideas about the pandemic. Only half the population showed little evidence of conspiracy thinking.…

A public health information crisis may be observable. Misinformation and misguided – often malign – views look to be highly prevalent. Fringe beliefs may now be mainstream. A previously defining element that the beliefs are typically only held by a minority may require revision….

There were indications that the coronavirus conspiracy beliefs are more likely to be held by those who perceive themselves as marginalised, but these relationships do not appear as strong as in previous studies (e.g. Freeman & Bentall., 2017). This weakening may reflect a cross-over of distrust of mainstream accounts into the mainstream itself.

In our view the urgent question now is how can the prevalence and impact of conspiracy beliefs and general mistrust be reduced both in the short and long term?


Full report (PDF)

18 responses to “Belief in Conspiracy Theories Going Mainstream”

  1. “In other words there is a significant and growing minority in England who will no longer swallow official lies without question.”

    Sure, there are many official lies and while there may well be a growing trend to question, there is also a growing trend to believe some of these lies. A number of businesses are hacked, then the fake news reports (with no evidence) that Russian, Chinese, Iranian and North Korea are hacking YOUR banks, THEY have your personal info!

    Lots of sheeple believe this crap.

    The next point, most so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ are not theories. Even when I say “Porton Down made/modified Covid and MI6 spread it.” This is not a theory. We can only fantasise about the activities of Porton Down and MI6, and in some cases, we can read between the lines and reach pretty accurate conclusions. There is massive coincidental and circumstantial evidence that says I am pretty close with my statement.

    I have heard many doctors, nurses, professors, and academics tell us about age, weight, diabetes, hypertension, race, and sex, which makes you more at risk of Covid. If not heard any of the above on the fake news say: ‘vitamin D, zinc, vitamin K2 will prevent cytokine storms, or that sunscreens are a Covid risk, or that vegan/vegetarian diets damage your immune system. Now, they would say this is a conspiracy theory… well, it is not, it is a criminal conspiracy that the above-listed professionals tell a very heavily biased story when they are dealing with people’s lives.

    Let’s go back to 1969. The fake news loves the Moon landing conspiracy theories. They always say in terms of all the Apollo missions, it is never in terms of Apollo 11 being faked. 11 was faked, the rest, I am not sure, apart from 13, that was faked. Having said that, there is substantial evidence that the entire Apollo program was faked.

    As an open-minded kind of chap, I don’t wait for the 30yr or 100yr (lol) rule to lapse before I make my own conclusions. I am not going to wait for some dubious death bed confession. It is perfectly rational to establish beliefs on what you believe to be true, or to establish sound motives, as I have done in respect of Covid and who did it. We live in a highly secretive society where even members of the fake news divulge only a fraction of what they know.

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  3. Let them fear, let them feel insecure, they will be defeated in the end…

  4. Another good one from Carl jones here
    People stuck at home have time to think
    so now people are in fact waking up
    no mater how much football crap homosexual perversion or soap nonsense they pump at us
    once awake people do not go back to sleep

  5. So this research comes from Oxford. In the last two weeks, an Oxford professor said there was no evidence that Hydroxychloroquine could fight Covid-19. So this was a clever play on words by the professor and the BBC. Most medical practitioners who claim that Hydroxychloroquine works, use it with an antibiotic and another antiviral. So the professor isn’t outright lying but given his skill set, he has entered into a ‘criminal conspiracy’ that will cost lives.

    We all know that Trump has taken and finished a course of Hydroxychloroquine and he is just fine. I’ve seen enough videos to believe this drug is effective against Covid when used with other medications. This drug was licensed in the US in 1955, so 65yrs ago.

    The WHO (funded by you, me, and Gates) started a study of the above-mentioned drug. They have now stopped the research because it ‘MIGHT’ cause heart problems (BBC News). Heart problems with this drug are a well-known problem, but this drug is still widely used as the benefits outweigh the risks.

    The claim that Hydroxychloroquine does work in respect of Covid-19 has been put in the quackery conspiracy theory zone. The fact is, this drug is dirt cheap, they know the risks, and it is widely available, but this drug destroys big pharma profits and it reduces the market for vaccinations.

    Once again, we see the clever use of language & specifically the interview techniques employed by BBC presstitutes. The BBC likes short closed questions with short answers, this is why their top presstitutes like to interrupt the interviewee as much as possible. The same techniques are used in adversarial legal systems so that witnesses are prevented from elaborating on the facts. Most people in court and most sheeple watching the TV or listening to the radio have no idea how their reality is created around them.

  6. The problem goes deeper, some people are well past asleep ! They are comatose ! Brain entrained ! Some choose to be Blue pilled. At least 15% … it’s pitiful.

  7. yes Carl what you say about the Apollo Mission’s are absolutely True, Even John Lear the Ex Record breaking Test Pilot has said it Often and had many Threats for doing so, and his best friend who is a Retired Engineer who’s was reverse Engineering from Downed or Crashed UFO’s, John Lear said that the USA has been to the moon and mars and Back many times before the Sixties, and I Believe him, and regarding Porton Down who has a Track record of Evil from the fifties that will make your hair curl, I will not mention any names but from the Fifties they used to have Little White and Grey Van’s that went about the Local villages near Salisbury and Wiltshire in general pumping out Toxic fumes just to see what the Tolerance levels of the Villagers were and also test’s were done on stooges in their Lab’s in Porton Down, there was a lot of suspicion about this place but Nothing confirmed apart from One a woman in Salisbury who is still trying to get Compensation after countless Years for the Death of her Husband.

  8. Great news indeed! May the awakening continue with great gusto! Have heard about some dyed in the wool USA red neck folks are waking up too! Come in, Satan! Shoot thyself shitty self in the foot so all may behold the truth of thy putrid diabolical heinous crimes!!

  9. why the sitanic elites need the vaccine desperately ? with out it they no longer able to enslave humanity as a whole. its not the masses in west(have been systematically destroyed and weakened ) they most feared . the challenge is from the east militarily and economically . but they pull bioweapon and excused it superbly which confused the east and the west.
    the commies in china bent on total control of its citizens take the bite and coordinate the plot.when lockdown appears even russia master of international poltics caves in grasping fear and uncertainties . i know for sure they will never inject citizens with Gate’s vaccine . nor they will never bent for sitanic zio hegemony .
    as a result when fear subside there will be a war where the elites funding east and west for their complete destruction pave way for Jearusalem to be world capital ,world power with no rival as stated in Telmud. this is the “God chosen” plan , a mafia plan.

  10. Ocean of Lies. Earth, Moon, Mars, Antarctic, Kennedy, King, Simpson, and it goes on.
    It’s time to wake up!!!

  11. All theses studies are to find our weaknesses and destroy us with them

  12. This lock down should be changed to BREAKDOWN. As that whats happening people, these elites couldn’t give to Shits ab oiut the masses. The media are pushing all sorts of stuff.
    Wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance, stay inside.
    These 4 things are contributing bigly to the demise of Life.

    P.S I have done everything in my power to get Covid 19. I have not worn a mask, social distance, Ihave gone outside everyday for hours into the sun. And im also doing chemotherapy fpr follicular lymphoma 5 cycles done and 1 to go, Yes i am actually Ok health wise. This Covid 19 i beleive has something to do with the Flu shot that was given last year in 2019.

    The elites want us all dead, 500,000 in perpetual balance with Nature.

  13. The most absurd conspiracy theory of all is the theory that there is no conspiracy. When the Jews Media and puppet politicians start calling a story a conspiracy theory it’s a safe bet that the story is true.

    Good they call evil and evil they call good, as prophesied. The truth is called a lie and a lie is called the truth. That’s how the Jew World Order labels things with their Jews Media and puppet governments. George Orwell pointed this out in his book titled 1984.

    For those familiar with this mis-labeling and these misnomers, it makes perfect sense that the World Health Organization, WHO, would be labeled just opposite of what it really is, the World Death Organization.

    In order to see the truth more clearly, imagine the opposite of what political puppets and mass media report, especially with matter of politics, government, money, power and control.

    Like its mother the UN, the WHO is part of the war by deception which the Jewish Banking Cartel oversees. Another grossly misnamed JWO creation is the “Internal Revenue Service” IRS which is really a horrible disservice and a tyrannical scam.

    JWO subverted governments are full of misleading oxymorons like Congressional Ethics, Serve in Congress, Politically Correct, Good Government, Honest Lawyer, Government Service, Political Science, Government Worker, Efficient Government, Military Intelligence.

  14. So ? Quote: Approximately 50% of this population showed little evidence of conspiracy thinking, 25% showed a degree of endorsement, 15% showed a consistent pattern of endorsement, and 10% had very high levels of endorsement….
    We only now are left with only 50% of population which are humming & singing daily ..
    #1 Land of hope and glory, mother of the free
    How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?
    Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set
    God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet

    & #2 , Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
    Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

    The remaining 25% maybe are still humming ?
    15% have mouth shut ?
    10% are ROFLOL listening to the above ….

  15. Some Brits seem to think that Oxford is cleaner than other universities like those in North America. This so-called “study” proves that they have to squander their reputation even more by ignoring the better independent medical, biological scientists showing the insanity of the government measures and the simple proven fact that the same virus was sufficiently tampered with some years ago at the Fort Detrick lab in Maryland, USA. The paranoia has been deliberately caused by the governments and the media propagating distress and fears as if the Black Plague was ravaging the world. It is not so called “conspiracy theories” causing fear. It has been the official authorities and the media deliberately doing so on the basis of false information. It is not theory but proven false information for all of the official authorities that has caused the mistrust.

    Also, it is not helpful to have a study say that although the experts challenging the government authorities are wrong (no reasons given) that it is nevertheless encouraging from a truther point of view to see that our numbers are increasing in the general population. We are accused of spreading fear and mistrust. That is false and it is also a reason the same authorities will use to justify more censorship. It is only the government, politicians, and those who control the brainwashing media who think that the truth is based on percentages of a consensus. The truth is based on facts and reason.

    If we also had independent courts in addition to the independent scientists and other experts, there would be no problem proving all of the governments involved to be grossly negligent. Then moving into other more damning circumstantial evidence the onus would be on the governments and their paid university experts to prove it was not a plandemic. Too many people now know that it most likely is, and why they want to suppress the truth is that it goes a damn site farther in making up a political consensus than their entire pack of lies.

    When frightened people with very little in the way of powers of discernment are glued to their cable TV sets, radios and newspapers, they are simply being brainwashed by the identical false information parroted from the same script from network to network. We hear no rational debate or proper analysis of the facts in the MSM or in our legislatures. The opposition has been silenced and continues to be silenced with censorship of the independent media, while the authorities are looking more are more guilty every day, simply because of the absurdity of their evidence and lack of any substance for the draconian measures they are imposing on us. The people do not even get reliable death rates which have been deliberately distorted by our government agencies to inflate them as high as possible. Without faking the evidence they could not carry out their lockstep shutdowns of the economy to bring us into their complete control. Without the fudged death rates they would have no basis for their “planned” forced and totally unwarranted vaccination programs and ID chipping.

    You can start with a skeleton case like showing where and when the virus RNA tapering occurred (Fort Detrick at least 5 years ago). Assume that if isolated it would have been subjected to various experiments under laboratory conditions to know how virulent and lethal it was. Then reason that if they knew the effects on humans in laboratory conditions, they could only assume it would act the same way once released into the general population. Obviously it did not act as expected. It turned out to be very much of a nothing burger. Am I suggesting the plandemic people wanted a higher death count and more people with serious symptoms? Yes, and they also “expected” higher death rates and more people to have serious symptoms beforehand. It can no longer be denied that agencies like the US CDC its Italian counterpart were caught red handed inducing hospitals to count virtually any death with the virus present in the person whether he or she had flu symptoms or not, No matter how sever the Covid symptoms, the death was counted as caused by Covid; i.e., our agencies and governments “wanted” the numbers higher. Why? To fit the lock-step plan in the works right now.

    Also, before any reliable information was in to asses the relative seriousness of the virus, our governments were clearing out hospitals and setting up special clinics. Why? Obviously, they had some basis to expect higher death rates. Italy, you say? Why do we find out now that Italy was doing the exact same thing as did the US CDC in fudging the numbers? They did a splendid job making sure it got a good hold on the most vulnerable like in nursing homes as in many other places with callous governments, media, and medical communities. Surely, before clearing out hospitals for the thousands of people “expected” to come in for treatment with serious symptoms, they ought to have checked a little more closely about what actually was going on in Italy. But they didn’t, and they likely knew the virus was not hitting the general population as hard as they expected. , They were in fact expecting many more to come in for treatment. Instead they only had a few very frail people and not the one out of eight or so out of those infected likely in lab lab conditions. Lab conditions are controlled conditions and before letting it go viral in the public, they had no real way of testing it in the open public with many more unforeseen variables.

    The point here is that those running things are sticking lock step to a plan as if more people had actually died and many more people had suffered more serious symptoms. That is precisely why Bill Gates looks like such a retard trying to peddle a vaccination (no doubt already created and ready to go as part of the plan) when only a small fraction of the population, those who are very elderly or with severely compromised immune systems are at risk of anything serious or even death. Too few Bill!. Your plandemic planners screwed things up. The Emperor has no clothes.

    How is it that our governments must have been expecting many, many more people in healthier conditions to have more serious symptoms if they caught the virus, and would be in need of acute medical care such that they had to clear out entire ER’s and set up special hospital facilities everywhere? The answer can only be the lab data before the virus was let go, and not on Italy where they would have known what we knew about Italy back in March.
    What then does suggest a huge predictive error based on a reliance on lab data? We have the facts that all the authorities were expecting not only higher death counts but also more healthier people to have serious symptoms. The plandemic people must have relied on something. It is a plandemic and something clearly went wrong. It could only be to do with experiments since 2015 on humans or groups of humans with the subjects likely all getting the same dose. It has been recently proven that the way the virus works is by disrupting one’s immune system. The degree of disruption and seriousness of the symptoms varies directly to the dose of the virus and the weakness of the immune system. For instance, if a young healthy man picked up a small dose in a room with someone sick then his immune system would probably fight it off without much in the way of symptoms. However, if the dose was very strong like in exchanging body fluids with someone sick, and his immune system became overwhelmed then his symptoms would likely be more serious. It has only been recently discovered that what this particular virus does in huge doses is that it makes the subject more susceptible to other infections like pneumonia, and may even cause an autoimmune reaction such that one’s immune system is fighting ones own body.

    The virus likely under lab conditions was a real terror. Anyone too sick would get Hydroxychloroquine. What likely was not tested and could not be tested in lab conditions is the fact that this virus in small does is quickly identified by our systems and most people become immune quite fast. Without social distancing as Sweden has shown herd immunity is what occurs. Belarus has done better. That obviously was not in the plans.

    Another instance of absurdity is that based on the Swedish experience, we know that the immunity spreads rapidly with social mingling and is in fact a very effective natural form of mass vaccination. The planning did not foresee that, but we have leaders like Johnson, Trudeau and Trump along with Fauci and Gates saying we have to wait for a vaccination to be developed, before we can return to social mingling. Yet, we have to come back to the fact that it is only a very segment of the population who are really vulnerable to an increased risk of death, and there is no reason for the lockdowns. Not only do we not need the vaccinations because of the low death rates, but we do not need the lockdowns which are being used as an insane reason for the vaccinations.
    Also, they keep saying the vaccination has not been developed but is being developed. And yet nations have to wait? So it is not developed and that means it is not tested, and we have to wait for it before we can socially mingle for commerce, assemble and fun? And all of this nonsense built on the fabricated risk to the general population, where even their own fudged and inflated stats show that it is only a very small and very frail segment of the population who are at risk?

    What else does this tell you? It tells you that they must be confident of “discovering” the vaccination. But in the circumstances with such weak evidence about the seriousness of the virus, why are they so confident? There could only be such confidence if they already had discovered the vaccination. We have to remember Gates shooting his mouth off on how much money he and other insiders are going to make with the vaccinations. How long have they probably had it? If it is a plandemic, and it most certainly is, then they would have had it before letting the virus go.

  16. This is the first line in the Discussion part of the referred to Oxford University publication
    ‘The results are illuminating but dispiriting’
    YESSSS… this is the best news I’ve heard for a long time. The establishment is on the run!

  17. Heres’s something to ponder upon, if there were no newspapers, television or radio there would be no virus.

  18. @eddie,
    For sure, There could be no fake Covid virus without the jews media and puppet politicians to faking it.