Belarus Never Locked-Down, and COVID Infections and Deaths Have Been Tiny

Marko Marjanovic – Russia Insider May 23, 2020

A recent military parade in Belarus. Note the total absence of “social distancing” and face masks. Click to enlarge

Belarus population: 9.5 million. Belarus deaths of people so far who had tested positive for Covid-19 (so that’s deaths with Covid, not even of): 185

185 as a percentage of 9.5 million: 0.002%.

Other 2020 causes of deaths:

In January-March 2020, a total of 18,500 people died of circulatory diseases, almost 5,000 people – of cancer. In January-March 2020 a total of 254 people died of pneumonia.

“We have a drop [in flu deaths] by almost 9%. This is currently our number one issue amid the virus outbreak,” the president said.

The head of state added that from 1 January to 5 April 2020 a total of 860 people died in Belarus due to external reasons, 15 people down from 2019. “I will reiterate that flu deaths stood at 254,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state said that about 400 people of the above-mentioned number died as a result of suicides, 85 as a result of murders, 206 people died in fires and 107 in road accidents. 

Clearly Belarus should not only immediately go into a Covid lockdown but also forever ban fire and roads.

Belarus has performed 400,000 PCR tests so far. It is number 35 in tests per capita, slightly ahead of Switzerland, Norway, USA, and Canada. It is not far behind Russia at 24 which has performed about 25% more tests per capita.

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3 responses to “Belarus Never Locked-Down, and COVID Infections and Deaths Have Been Tiny”

  1. Scamdemic !!!!

    This was never about health, it is about control and the forcing of taking Gate`s vaccination.

  2. The UK media gave the scam away on the FIRST day of lockdown by say ”we are at war”

    When I studied for a pshycology degree in the early 1980’s. After the first 8 weeks of nothin but Jung and Freud (Both bickering about who wanted to screw their mum the most) I went to the principle and said I wanted out because I wanted to MOTIVATE and BUILD UP lives not destroy them by this bllx……..He put me onto a lesser course a diploma that was interperonal psychology & human motivation. The first day my tutor welcomed me and warned me that I was probably the ONLY person he had EVER had on his course to motivate and warned that what we are taught to use for the positive can also and equally be used for the negative………..Many of what has been happening around the Western World over the past few years shows that we are as the media put ”AT WAR” By Psychological engineering!! There IS NO VIRUS but Billions will be queing up for the death vaccine……..NOT ME!!

  3. My hat off to (the last European Dictator LOL) Mr Lukashenko,!
    Only leader with gonads of steel !