Stringent Lockdown Proves Russia is a Globalist Toady — May 22, 2020

Moscow kind of stands out as the most developed, well administered and digitalized city in Russia. For these qualities apparently, it was selected by the globalists as a major COVID-19 psy-op test ground.

Moscow Mayor Sobyanin makes Trump-Merkel Illuminati hand sign. Click to enlarge

by Alexander — (

Russia has never been an independent state. It is completely subservient to globalist elite by providing it with natural resources, hot women and test grounds for various experiments.
The only reason why Russia has not been completely enslaved is, ironically, mostly poor infrastructure, harsh living conditions and chaotic governance.
Yet Moscow kind of stands out as the most developed, well administered and digitalized city in Russia. For these qualities apparently, it was selected by the globalists as a major COVID-19 psy-op test ground.
First of all, it is important to point out that the number of COVID-19 related deaths is ridiculously low in Moscow even by official count.
The number of cases is exaggerated by statistics manipulation with doctors being forced to classify any kind of pneumonia-like diseases as coronavirus, which has already caused several suicides by doctors, who refused to compromise their integrity.


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12 responses to “Stringent Lockdown Proves Russia is a Globalist Toady”

  1. This is not true in respect of the lockdown. Moscow is in stringent measures, but the rest of the country is open and normal, as can be, given the fear-mongering. Is Russia a globalist toady, maybe. Putin has not substantially moved against the Central Bank and financial interests which are aligned with the City and Wall Street. As far as MI6 is concerned, they will not rest until Russia is controlled by a City lackey & that is not the case with Putin.

    Putin is a very shrewd operator. So maybe it is not in Russia’s long-term interests to take out these pro Western power centers in Moscow. It is the US and UK who are suffering a Soviet-style collapse.

  2. Lets get REAL…..the billionaire class in Russia is almost exclusively JEWISH…..some have decamped to Britain….a Jewish stronghold and corrupt to boot.
    Ask yourself….would global jewry ALLOW a non jew as president of Russia?…..
    Highly unlikely……
    Therefore Putin is VERY likely to be another crypto jew leading this country.
    Johnson,Macron and Merkel all easily identifiable as crypto Jews…..and Trump of course…..who is revealing himself as a bungling fool …..Americans have no hope of electing another good president like Kennedy……he would never be allowed to stand for office.
    Global jewry must NOT be allowed to lead their own opposition….should a revolution build up steam.

  3. If Shoygu is actually a high level Satanic Freemason, then the words of American mystic and seer Edgar Cayce may prove to be false. Cayce said (not exact quote) before his death in the mid-1940s at the height of evil Stalin’s power that Russia was the hope of the world. I have believed that to be true. I still hope that Russia, whose Orthodox Christian citizens were slaughtered by the Satanic Jews who actually ran the Russian Revolution,
    will save mankind. It is as hard fact that America and the Khazar Satanists of Israel are the
    enemy of mankind and the enemy of Christianity.

  4. This reads like a straightforward anti Russian piece of propaganda. Russia certainly has its fair share of global elites, but I do not believe Putin is one of them. The anti Russia propaganda is deep rooted in the Anglo/US Empire much of it driven by class racism.
    When the financial crisis which is nearly upon us hits, it will be the US and Europe which will be hit hardest. Britain is already heading for third world status with negative interest rates approaching. Russia will fare much better because Putin puts the welfare of his country and its people above all else.

  5. @Carl Jones

    My friend in Ufa, Bashkortostan, says Ufa has been in total lockdown, too ..still is, except now you can go out in a park 100 m from your house….

  6. Agree completely with H.Makow, for a long time I hoped that Putin somehow had established a patriot/nationalistic base and sought to fight for Russian autonomy but his latest moves cooperating with china ended that hope, he is a globalist stooge.

  7. Lars: probably true, but 100m is further than anyone in Europe has been allowed to go. From what I’ve head, it’s pretty lax outside Moscow. Outside Moscow, there are very few cases.

  8. I had some hopes for Putin thinking he was going against the grain, but with his total compliance to the NWO plans and the psyop, he is clearly no better than the rest of them. Clearly, no big deal for the Russian people who must be very used to being lied to and deceived by their governments all of the time.

  9. The globalists of empire thank you dearly Henry and Lars the golden boys of shaped psychiatry by war. Let’s add a little deception and we can make a new motto get boys.
    How is seeking independent trade, independent finance terms, independent resources, independent sustainable development part of the globalist vision. Neither Russia, China or sino-russo has any plans to control world trade.
    Knowing this your rhetoric is outstandingly stupid but that’s the point that drives us to war hey henry boy. I bet you played boy soldier in the backyard and the dog was a Palestinian hey henry. Tch tch tch. You lads have got no shame which makes you lame.

  10. Of course, the masonic whores have infiltrated every power position there is.. People are just way too stupid for freakin every thing.

  11. Right now “they” control China, Russia, the EU, Canada, the democratic party in the US, primarily through the PRIVATE “national” banks and the press. My country Denmark has been a colony for about 200 years. How less than 1% of the population can wield this power is unbelievable to 99%, therefore it cannot be stopped. Most here know who tried the last time (1939) to break free and what happened. “By deception thou shall wage war” Sun Tzu. Putin is a stooge, of cause “they” never lost the grip on Russia.

  12. Adam Green’s analysis alone on Jewish control in Ruusia should convince anyone that Putin/Russia is integrated into the NWO.

    Then there is the commonality of lies between West and East seen on Russia Today. Both lie about the “Holocaust”, aspects of space exploration, and both USA and Russia under report the ((( Wall Street))) support for the Bolshevik hijacking of the Russian Revolution.

    Putin was crowned Czar because he was able to protect Yeltsin’s transference of nominally people controlled assets to the Jewish oligarchs.

    Then there were the apartment bombings – Russia’s own inside 9/11 job – that I bet most readers of The Truthseeker have no idea about.


    Along this superficial fracture line of supposed East West difference we also have the false dichotomy of unlimited private created fiat money of the West against (RT) Max Keiser’s continuing advertisement for a return to the gold standard. And why does the West even allow the broadcasting of RT ?

    Those believing that Russia/Putin is some sort of redemption for the West need to realise that their belief that this new cold war is genuine – from the perspective of the transnational crowd – is as silly as believing the puppets on the UK’s Question Time of Conservative and Labour are fundamentally opposed to each other. Yes indeed, there is a further level of abstraction here, but it must be crossed for those desirous of truth.