Non-EU Migration to UK Hits Highest Level Since Records Began Under “Conservative” Government

Paul Joseph Watson — Summit News May 21, 2020

UK immigration rise.

Non-EU immigration to the United Kingdom has hit its highest level since records began under a supposedly “conservative” government that is also overseeing a de-facto tax service to rescue illegal boat migrants and bring them into the country.

“Figures show an estimated 282,000 more non-EU citizens came to the UK than left in 2019, the highest since the information was first gathered in 1975,” reports BBC News.

More than 677,000 people moved to the UK last year, despite the current Conservative government vowing to being immigration levels down to the tens of thousands.

There are more non-EU migrants moving to Britain under the Tories than under the left-wing Labour government, a party which openly embraced “multiculturalism” and mass immigration.

As if to rub salt in the wounds, the current government is also overseeing a policy of rescuing illegal migrants arriving via small boats in the English Channel.

As Nigel Farage has documented, the boat migrants are being handed over by the French Navy to the British Navy who then offer them a de-facto taxi service into the country

In the period that citizens have been in lockdown, the UK government has picked up at least 1,085 people according to official figures.

“Having witnessed such a French Navy-assisted crossing myself this week, I feel qualified to predict that if this influx is not tackled, thousands more will come over the summer,” writes Farage.

“It is important to be clear from the outset: the vast majority of the people choosing this route into our country are young men and economic migrants. They are not refugees. It is as if a sign has been hung on the White Cliffs of Dover that reads: “Everyone welcome.”

One of the reasons the people of Britain voted for Brexit is to take back control of immigration. While this of course only technically applies to EU immigration, the Conservative government has proven that it is conservative in name only and has in fact allowed unprecedented numbers of migrants, both legal and illegal, to enter the UK.

What is the point in voting for a supposedly “conservative” government that has opened up Britain’s borders even wider than Labour ever could?

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8 responses to “Non-EU Migration to UK Hits Highest Level Since Records Began Under “Conservative” Government”

  1. Tommy Robinson and Jayda Frantzen campaign against muslim migration
    Jayda Frantzen is a jewess, Toomy or any of his 5 aliases is paid by jews and run by them
    A mail opening programme run by postmen at his sorting office showed mail in a youtube vid which has now been taken down
    The real mc coy is Jez Turner he is the real deal he exposed what is said in this piece above and wasent to prison
    see his vids on youtube before they are taken down#
    the name remember is Jez Turner

  2. Let’s not beat around the Bush…..this is an elite Jewish operation….Consider johnsons spell on a Kibbutz in the 1980’s.
    Then we have Raab as the foreign minister….yes hes one of the gang.
    The British Secret Police MI5 is also headed up by a Scottish crypto jew.
    His main job in the coming years will be to target anyone who opposes this Jewish orchestrated invasion which will ultimately lead to the destruction of Britains 1000 year old culture… is inevitable.
    The collapse of Ancient Rome Mk2 will be well advanced within 100 years…..and Israel which forbids non Jews from immigration will be that much more powerful.
    At least Americans have a chance to do something with their right to bear arms……however,at this stage,to all intents and purposes Britain is on an unstoppable slide to chaos and anarchy.
    However….something could come up which could put a spanner in the works and Britain could be saved……
    In NZ it is suspected that the Jewish controlled media IS NOT EVEN REPORTING THE ARRIVAL OF MORE THIRD WORLD INVADERS….

  3. Strip out immigration and the UK is a shrinking bankrupt basket case of an economy. Even with 300,000 to 500,000 immigrants per year, the UK struggled to produce any real growth. Brexiters who thought the most right-wing regime would end the watering down of homegrown stock, have been sold a pup. We are going from well educated East Europeans, who really do work their bollox off, to a much more relaxed Commonwealth worker who is much more likely to work in the NHS, teaching or local government. I personally don’t care where immigrants come from, they are better than a lot of white middle-class trash that blights the UK. Just switch on the TV to see the trash that is made for the sheeple.

  4. For newcomers decaying England is a promised land because of artificial scarcity in their home countries created by Jevvish cabal.

    Paul Joseph Shlomo Watson wants a war between newcomers and English Aboriginals.

    3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.

  5. As an EU national, just to get a resident card in low-income Bulgaria (also EU) I’m having to deposit 12 months’ minimum salary, take out a long-term rental (+notarize the lease), purchase a private health insurance…

    It all makes sense. But it also makes me wonder: Did the Gypsies from eastern Europe submit the same documents when they settled in the UK? The town of Peterborough alone is today home to 5,000 Gypsies from Czech and Slovakia.

  6. I exposed Yaxley-Lennon before anyone knew about him.
    check out, do some research instead of being a sheep.

  7. ellis c taylor……………Where is the EVIDENCE of your far LEFT conspiracy in your inane rant??…..NONE because there IS NONE!! You are just another lobotomised at birth spineless snowflake that believes everything the Communist Far LEFT tells you

  8. IMO, they only come for the beer ??