Dangerous 5G Streetlights with VIRUS Death Beams – THE TRUTH! (Feat. Mark Steele)

Techmagnet – April 13, 2020

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  1. I agree with Techmagnet. His analysis is correct. Mark Steele calls himself a weapons expert… but he says so many ridiculous things!

    For example:
    A relay designed for handling a maximum of 3,300 Watts is not something that will FRY YOU like Steele said! It’s a switch that will handle a maximum, for example, of 13.75 Amps at 240 Volts; 240V x 13.75 A = 3,300 Watts. There is usually a large safety factor involved with the use of relays. You must always use a much higher rated device to ensure durability. In this case, the relay probably switches the lights On and OFF. His “dangerous” 450 Volt capacitors are standard in switching power supplies. 450 Volts is just the maximum voltage that can be applied to the capacitor terminals before it breaks down. It says nothing of the power level involved in the circuit. There are serious reasons to be concerned with the 5G weapons system but not because of what Mark Steele says about these street light designs he has come across…

  2. For the better part of the last decade, Joe Imbriano has studied radio frequency emissions and their effects on biology. For the last 2 1/2 years, he has been studying magnetobiology. For the last 6 months, he has been studying the psychological warfare operation of the the cabal.

    He checked Noory for 10 minutes last night; he’s talking to the dead, the spirit realm, paranormal, UFO’s, bigfoot, nonsense, etc… Distractions. “Noory can no longer control the discussion on open lines to the callers.” – Wiki Joe

    “Dilute and confuse and go for the low hanging fruit.”
    He doesn’t trust Mikovitz and Buttar.
    Beware of cult of personality. We’re being set up for forced vaccinations. The 5G systems are either being upgraded or installed. Lightpole frequencies will be between 450 MHz and 6 GHz.

    “We were not taught magnetobiology: the study of the impact of radio frequency emissions on living systems.
    The Crime Of The Century
    Joe Imbriano
    A Few Not So Random Thoughts on the Myth of Santa Claus
    Truthstream Media
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  3. That video appears to have mitigated the side effects of 5G but then again 5G is part of a global Smartgtid and kill grid that can “beam form” someone at will and wil enable 24/7 surveillance of everybody. Also, through a process called “electroporation” the real covid virus can transmitted from a circuit board. I saw a short video from.the UK where a fitter asked “what’s covid19 on the circuit board for?”. Taken solely on its own 5G may not be as harmful as they say (although it emits 100x the radiation of 4G), however what can be can be done with it is very scary.

  4. @nr
    It’s the frequency that is the difference. 4G – oscillates at the frequency of the (structured, biological) water in our bodies. However 5G oscillates at 60ghz, which is the frequency of hemoglobin binding oxygen (in our lungs). There are an awful lot of people on ventilators lately

  5. While any amount of current over 10 milliamps (0.01 amp) is capable of producing painful to severe shock, currents between 100 and 200 mA (0.1 to 0.2 amp) are lethal.

    Less than 2 tenths of an amp can “fry you”

    “shock is relatively more severe as the current rises. For currents above 10 milliamps, muscular contractions are so strong that the victim cannot let go of the wire that is shocking him. At values as low as 20 milliamps, breathing becomes labored, finally ceasing completely even at values below 75 milliamps.”

  6. Once 5G is introduced and switched on at the lower levels (FR1), telecoms companies will lobby governments to have this ibm increased to FR2 levels and beyond. Over the next few years these levels will rise to 60GHZ whereby the blood will not be able to convert it into oxygen and people will become ill from symptoms very similar to Hypoxia (altitude sickness). 5G must be opposed!