Mike Stone — Instead of Mask, Wear a Dunce’s Cap

henrymakow.com – May 19, 2020

Mike Stone oozes Contempt for Covid Believers 
“Enjoy the pat on the head from your masters for being such a good little slave.”

by Mike Stone — (henrymakow.com) 

Got your mask on and your gloves? Ready to face the world? You may as well put a dunce cap on too. There’s no real difference, you see, because that’s how you look to everyone who sees you wearing a mask: like an overgrown dunce.
Waiting for November? Ready to vote Democrat again? Today every state in the country with a Republican governor is opening up (some never closed), while every state with a Democrat governor remains on heavy lockdown – with no sign of letting up.
States with Democrat governors have turned violent rapists and child molesters loose on the streets, while jailing and fining law-abiding citizens.

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And you still want to vote Democrat? Still? Don’t forget to wear your dunce cap.
Called the police on your neighbors yet? Feeling proud of yourself for snitching on that “non-essential” business that opened in your neighbourhood, that guy on street walking around without a mask, your next door neighbour who just sneezed?
Enjoy the pat on the head from your masters for being such a good little slave. Masters couldn’t be masters without good little slaves like you. Just wait until it’s your turn though, because your dunce cap won’t help you in prison where snitches are held in lower contempt than child molesters.



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8 responses to “Mike Stone — Instead of Mask, Wear a Dunce’s Cap”

  1. Thus far, the only ‘resistance’ a citizenry armed to its teeth with guns and rifles has put up is exchanging cute hashtags.

    I always thought an advanced society like 1930s Czechoslovakia surrendering to Hitler without firing a shot was the height of idiocy. But looking around now, I guess this kind of collective death wish is pretty common.

  2. Thank you for bringing a laugh and smile to my face during these hard times of the Psychological warefare we are going through……..I have a snowflake sister that fits the dunce hat perfectly

  3. @ Dayne
    You will understand what is happening in the world when you connect the dots properly; rather than repeating ad nausea the terms Naxi, Gestapo and so forth that some simpletons keep repeating.
    Benjamin Freedman was a former high ranking Zionist Jew, who in 1961 exposed the hidden truth of the Balfour Declaration. Mr. Freedman also revealed why the United States entered World War I and 2. Mr. Freedman explains that the Balfour Declaration was written in confusing language so that no one would understand what the agreement was actually about.
    Benjamin H Freedman Speech 1961-Warning to America

  4. Dayne, you are incorrect about “1930s Czechoslovakia surrendering to Hitler without firing a shot …”.
    The “noble peace loving West” gave Czechoslovakia to Mr Hitler as a kind of an offer “to keep the peace, please?”.
    The Czechoslovakian had nothing to say and had to shut up, it all was decided by the Brits and the Frence, to give that country away.

    History is a bitch, isn’t it?

  5. The victor writes history not the vanquished.

  6. What have you done so brave and Valiant Dayne to resist tyranny? Keyboard warrior.

  7. British and PROUD, I hear ya… My brother is a PhD, intellectually probably the smartest person I know, speaks two dozen languages easily. But the emails I get from him; oh my. “Hopefully the PANDEMIC will be over by then…” “I’ll be curious to know how many new CORONAVIRUS CASES such-and-such country will have next month…”

    How did these people get imprisoned in their own minds?… Are they hypnotized by the system? Slothful to think beyond the one approved party line? Till the day the church newsletter says “Fraud!” on the front page (= when pigs fly), they will remain as conformist as can be.

    The way MSM have been screaming “updates” on this whole BS in our faces, every second of every day, for nearly three months now, I’d have thought a smart 6yo would have figured out by now, viscerally at least, that there’s clearly something else going on.

  8. I, too, ooze contempt at the hopelessly ignorant mask-wearers. The masks aren’t any form of reasonable caution, they’re a sign of stupidity, objectionable gullibility, of infuriating submission to tyranny.