All UK Deaths Now Due To COVID 19

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Tony Heller – May 20, 2020

Like in the US, almost everybody in the UK now dies from COVID-19.

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Dr. Birx: ‘There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust’ – Raw Story



9 responses to “All UK Deaths Now Due To COVID 19”

  1. There is nothing coming from Government or the Corporate media that anyone can trust.

  2. Great ! The USA is the leader again ! Nobody does Propaganda like the Operation Paperclip insurrectionists and their cronies.

  3. Is anyone surprised that the politicians, professional liars that they are, employed by the Rothschild family specifically to lie to us, continue to lie? It’s their job. What else would they be capable of doing?

    It’s time to scrap all aspects of national registration. We’re not the property of the state, though the insane wrath-child, really the devil incarnate, THINKS it owns us. Perhaps one day soon we’ll depose the tyrant and reclaim our birthright.

    Most deaths are the inevitable result of the aging process. Nobody lives forever. These bodies age, wear out and die. Dead is dead. What does it matter what the precise “cause” of death was in each case? In the absence of crime or accident, most truly honest death certificates would show OLD AGE as the cause of death.

    When I die, I don’t want the vultures cutting my body open to find out which part finally stopped working and why. What does it matter? Who cares? My loved ones would be much happier knowing my body was not desecrated after death, and who can possibly benefit from knowing the gory details?

    I’ve had the Biblical “three score and ten”, and a bit more on top, so when I move on to the next world, just put it down to “natural causes”, or better still, as OLD AGE.

    Better even than that, the devil’s servants in parliament and elsewhere care NOTHING for me, so why record my demise at all? Leave that decision to the people I leave behind, the ones who DO care about me, and who will mourn my passing. Better that than for an insane gang of devil-worshippers masquerading as “doctors” to play with my discarded body as if it were their personal property, and then to LIE that I died of their imaginary “killer plague”.

  4. barney – there is no such thing as death. it is similar to a car and driver, the car being the physical body and the driver the spirit. when it is time for the driver to leave the car, the spirit moves to a different dimension and leaves physical behind to rot. the church has been negligent in this respect. death should not be feared or mourned but given a bon voyage as it means the spirit returns home i.e. to a different dimension (in my Father’s house there are many dimensions) to refresh and review before reincarnating.

  5. True, tresmegistus. That’s what I believe too. What would be the point – to anything – if we ceased to exist when the body dies?

    We HAVE lived forever, and we WILL live forever. I’d be willing to go Home today if it weren’t for the grief my departure would cause those who don’t understand.

  6. The ” trend ” to classify the death of people as ” victim of Covid -19 ” was started in Italy ,
    and now it continues in other countries . It appears that Bill, the would be vaccine king, talked to ” Giuseppi ” the Italian non elected leader and probably convinced him to inflate the number of deaths . So , It came out later , thanks to an Italian Deputy that the truth percentage of death by corona virus was only 4% while 96 % were the inflated numbers of deaths unrelated to Covid -19 .
    The government lied to the population for the purpose of terrorizing them so that one day when the ” Vaccine ” will be ready they will line up to receive a deadly shot . Bill will thank again the Italian traitors .
    I think the story repeats itself in other countries influenced by medical agents friends of the BIG Farma and BILL .
    According to Event 201 another version of Covid – was simulated the 18th of October 2019 and it would have been a disaster for the human race , thanks to some alert Journalist that discovered the plot :
    a scaled down version was released and this is the reason why the order was given to governments to inflate the death rate .
    We are dealing with arch criminals way beyond Stalin, Hitler , Pol Pot and Mao , Today’s criminals wants to exterminate the 95 % of the world populations .
    So the people of the world need to wake up and understand that Governments are not their friends and criminals that push contaminated vaccines must be dealt harshly .

  7. This Covid 1984 is code for Certificate of Vaccination ID, with Bill Gates pushing fervently for vaccination, with no evidence for social distancing being scientifically proven. Stating that lock down won’t end until everyone is vaccinated, but the programmed masses won’t grasp the significance of this.
    Get vaccinated then you will be issued with a digital ID, but if you don’t you won’t be able to function as they are crashing the economy with a replacement digital currency which is now unfolding before our very eyes.
    It is the Hegelian dialectic: Problem: Coronavirus: Reaction: Something needs to be done about it: Solution vaccination.
    They are also introducing the digital chip to be implanted in your hand or arm which will connect you to artificial intelligence, and modify your DNA (The mark of the beast in Revelations); again this is well documented if one does diligent research.
    They have started doing this in Sweden, and they will do the same here and elsewhere with the masses lining up for the vaccine having bought into the hoax
    It has now been suggested that there will be something in the vaccine, that when 5G is rolled out will trigger millions of deaths, that will be put down to Covid 1984; so this is the correlation between the Corona virus and 5G as researchers have already established that there is a correlation between the two. This is the second wave already muted.
    They laugh at the masses that are clueless by putting it in front of them as they are totally incapable of connecting the dots and seeing even what is in front of them.
    Hegelian dialectic again: Thesis: The economy has crashed: Antithesis: Something needs to be done about this: Synthesis: world government to solve the problems including the destroyed economies and ensuing chaos.

  8. This panemic is truly deadly. This old lady was healthy and next day died of coronavirus. Very sad.
    I’ve heard President of Tanzania saying that in his country even sheep and fruits were infected. Pretty scary.

  9. @ BAA BAA Blacksheep

    Why include Hitler with those tyrants? You are at the wrong site if you still believe Hitler was a tyrant.

    War was forced upon Germany by the jewish banksters because Hitler and the German National Socialists kicked them out of the country and printed their own non-usury money. This resulted in Germany becoming strong economocally and culturally, the jews could not abide this and thus called a war on Germany in 1933.

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