20% of human test subjects sustained SEVERE INJURIES from Gates-Fauci coronavirus vaccine

Robert F. Kennedy Jr – Sign of the Times May 20, 2020

Despite Moderna’s cheery press release this morning, the clinical trial results for its groundbreaking COVID vaccine could not be much worse.

The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates,used an experimental MRNA technology that the two men hoped would allow rapid deployment to meet President Trump’s ambitions “warp speed” time line.

Dr. Fauci was so confident of his shot’s safety that he waved ferret and primate studies ( Moderna suspiciously reported no health data from its mouse studies). That appears to have been a mistake.

Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a “serious adverse event” within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab.

Moderna did not release its clinical trial study or raw data, but its press release, which was freighted with inconsistencies acknowledged that three volunteers developed Grade 3 systemic events defined by the FDA as “Preventing daily activity and requiring medical intervention. “

Moderna allowed only exceptionally healthy volunteers to participate in the study. A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to “every person on earth”.

That is the threshold that Gates has established for ending the global lockdown.

Moderna did not explain why it reported positive antibody tests for only eight participants. These outcomes are particularly disappointing because the most hazardous hurdle for the inoculation is still ahead; challenging participants with wild COVID infection.

Past attempts at developing COVID vaccines have always faltered at this stage as both humans and animals achieved robust antibody response then sickened and died when exposed to the wild virus.

Moderna’s press announcement heralded “Positive Interim Phase 1 findings”. I have forwarded that claim to my colleagues in securities law; FTC rules restrict the amount of lipstick public companies may slather on bad donkeys.



5 responses to “205 of human test subjects sustained SEVERE INJURIES from Gates-Fauci coronavirus vaccine”

  1. Yes but give it time, it’s surely a long range “take your time to destroy me” like ALL vaccines, eh?

  2. This is just a game. They will never produce a vaccine and say: “This works safely in 99% of people.” The idea is to keep trying and trying. The most effective time to promote a vaccine is just as the second wave is peaking. Maximum fear during a 2nd lockdown when the sheeple are on their knees begging for a needle. As I’ve suggested in the past. we are now in the age of ‘viral terror’ and I believe we are going to see many viral outbreaks over the next decade or even two decades as they slowly kill off the old people and the poor sheeple. The Tories core vote was the old, 70yrs and up, the last election if we can believe the result, is that after more than a decade of being kicked in the teeth by Tory austerity, core Labour voters decided to elect the most right-wing UK regime Britain has ever seen. So right-wing, most Conservative MPs were forced from the party. You could not write this as fiction and get it on TV.

  3. There is no cure for the common cold !
    There is no vaccine for any corona virus that has been proven to be effective !
    No vaccine has ever been tested by a double blind experiment as is the protocol for medicine.
    All vaccines contain either toxic heavy metals or animal/human fetus DNA and/or organ cells.
    Brain injury occurs after each injection, starting at birth and continuing throughout the injection regime.
    Most disease outbreaks occur when a vaccine for that disease has been introduced and the vaccinated shed the virus.
    The lunacy is incredible, the ignorance is sometimes deadly and always a health risk.
    Say no to the Jab !

  4. Carl f’ing Jones I hope YOU are the FIRST to take this vaccination and die from it you complete and utter far left communist lobotomised at birth LOSER

  5. @ Carl Jones and clear off troll: the only thing I agree with in what he said was – they will wait for the 2nd wave of fear (i.e., everybody back in school/work with the newly erected 5G towers) to roll it out when people start dropping like flies. ITS RADIATION SICKNESS! Watch Dr Andrew Kaufman (and others) on exosomes being counted as viral particles. There was never any proof that viruses exist.