The Jewish Reuben Brothers Who Pillaged Russia In The 1990s Top List Of U.K.’s Richest

Christians for Truth – May 19, 2020

While the Sunday Times “Rich List” has taken a hit thanks to the Covid pandemic, reducing the overall wealth of the top 1,000 richest people in Britain by 3.7 per cent, the Jewish brothers David and Simon Reuben – Russia’s biggest foreign investors in the metal industry in the 1990s – remain in joint second place, with a fortune worth £16bn:

Born in Mumbai, they grew up in north London and attended state schools. They made savvy business choices, eventually joining forces to control 5 per cent of the world’s aluminium output through their company Trans-World Metals.

They have also invested in prime London property such as Millbank Tower, Connaught House in Berkeley Square and the former Naval and Military Club in Piccadilly.

Sir Leonard Blavatnik, the Ukrainian-born Jewish mogul who made his multi-billion-dollar fortune in the aluminium industry in the former Soviet Union, has held on to fourth place with a net worth of £15.78bn.

His other investments include a property empire including hotels in Hollywood, Miami Beach and Cap-Ferra and has a stake in Russian oil company TNK-BP. Blavatnik is based in London, and lives in a £41m home in Kensington Palace Gardens with his American wife Emily.

Born in Uzbekistan Alisher Usmanov built his fortune from steel and mining. His largest investment is in Russian metals giant Metalloinvest and he has also funded MegaFon, the country’s second-biggest mobile phone operator. His wife, Irina Viner-Usmanova is Jewish, and he crept up to seventh place with a net worth of £11.68bn.

After the so-called fall of communism, “Russian” organized crime figures, who just happened to be largely Jewish, ransacked the country with the help of Jewish economic “experts” from Harvard, buying up its industrial infrastructure for pennies on the pound.

Over 25 years later, these organized crime figures have now worked their way into “legitimate” business, social, and “philanthropic” circles in the West.

And some of them, like “Sir” Leonard Blavatnik, have even been knighted — now that’s a funny-sounding name for English aristocracy.

Of course, the Reuben brothers are literal paupers compared to the Rothschild dynasty, the defacto rulers of the U.K., but somehow they never make this celebrated “Rich List”, which should be renamed “Jewish Nouveau Riche List”.

The English aristocracy is no longer English — it has been replaced by this literal mob in three piece suits.


4 responses to “The Jewish Reuben Brothers Who Pillaged Russia In The 1990s Top List Of U.K.’s Richest”

  1. It seems to be rare to find ENGLISH members of the Aristocracy that have not been inter married with a Jewess….
    So like the Vatican…..the Aristocracy has been taken over from WITHIN.
    These two Jews could hardly look more dodgy….rather they look evil.
    Do they have the same sort of ancestry as the Sassoons….who originally came from Iraq,but then shifted “operations” to India….no doubt facilitated by the head of the East India company….a crypto jew.
    The worlds first international drug dealers bringing misery and death to tens of thousands of Chinese…Today the Sassoons are “highly refined members of Europes elite class”….
    The suffering inflicted on Russians by these two fiends from hell is never mentioned by the media of course JEWS INC OWN IT….duh!.
    The actions of Global Jews Inc…..asset strippers will ultimately cause the collapse of Britain….it is just
    a matter of time….mass alien Immigration will see to it that there is no way back….
    A question that is virtually impossible to answer is….did Jews weave their way into Ancient Rome and cause its collapse….these extremely rich Romans may very well have been crypto jews….??.
    Anyway….keep firmly in mind that the new head of the British Secret Police MI5….is a fully paid up tribe member.
    Is it any wonder the fiends have their own private police force in London….PAID FOR BY BRITISH TAXPAYERS!!…….

  2. I obviously cant put my name to this but in Russia jewish lawers built the law so that when communism fell the jews could make a killing and they did like the USA the mafia at the top of the tree is jewish.
    Putin went after these men who stoel bilions from the people, so they left and that useless bastard Tony Blair allowed them all into the uk
    lebedev owns a newspaper to promote subtle changes in out thinking this man is an evil poof who abuses boys, that transvetsite singer Boy George knows a lot about this man
    I have also met another one who runs dogfights and bare knuckle bouts where thousands change hands on bets, he ran many of the 119 brothels closed by the cambridge cheief constable julie spence, The men chased out by putin run crime syndicates here
    the young girl who refused to go on the game and found murdered on the queens estate
    was imported in by these men
    Many girld are bought here to work in nail salons hotels and cafes are forced on the game and thes emen take the money
    george Michael was on record as saying poofster cliff ricahrd had used tenage boys brought in by these men

  3. These men became rich through peter mindyoursons friend deripaska
    all jews Mandleson wanted thousands of aluminium bought for chemtrailing
    so insider dealing is what they do, they bought it all and charged it at great interest to the tax payer
    They keep the waelth in house, the first rule of the shul is that no Christian can have money lest we allow it

  4. Who needs a virus when these parasites are doing such marvellous work.