The World’s Greatest Cover Up | Dr Andrew Kaufman

Ascend Podcast – May 19, 2020

7 responses to “The World’s Greatest Cover Up | Dr Andrew Kaufman”

  1. I believe Kaufman educated in Jamestown is a gatekeeper. This is promotion of new Judas goat. The interviewer is making this hand sign:–illuminati-signs-illuminati-conspiracy.jpg
    Video has hexagram sign in right corner. Boring.
    Kaufman does not question germ theory. At the end promotes Jewish esoterics David Shlomo Icke style. Judas goat.

  2. Kudos to you a million times Dr Kaufman! You have stepped outside where most others are too afraid to. Thank you for sharing your in depth knowledge. I too denounce the international banking cartel, fauci, gates, big pharma, corrupted media and the other billionaires involved in this big inhumane scam. I too will fight bravely to ward off the sinister/poison of a gates vaccine and all other nefarious scams.
    The hospital’s emergency that I work in is almost empty. There was more people dying in my workplace before this scam pandemic came about…the criminal cartel must think we the masses are all dummy. We the people may not be rich because the criminal banking cartel has plundered the wealth from all of us masses in literally every country on earth. Just look at what they did Russia and all the Soviet countries. This time the same perpetrators are at it again. Long live PUTIN,IRAN’S LEADERS, CUBA, VENEZUELA, SYRIA, IRAQ…PLEASE LET ALL OF US FIGHT BACK THESE PONZI SCAMMERS CRIMINALS AT THE VERY TOP.

  3. Well balanced, fair, concise and thorough as well as revealing discussion on truth with regard to this Scamdemic – Plandemic. If one who is engulfed with the mainstream media just steps back a little the realization on what Dr. Kaufman is talking about becomes an enlightenment.

    Thank you Dr. Kaufman.

  4. Thank you Dr Kaufman. You’ve nailed it! Pity not more people like you!!
    Of course it’s a cover up! While everybody is trying to survive this “virus”, they are busy planning their evil plans behind the scenes…

  5. @ Patrick
    Good eye !
    You forgot to mention that the opening sequence prominently displays the “all seeing eye”.
    The lower right corner depicts a Pagan ritual meditation to the Hexagram within a globe or magic circle,Kabbalah magic.

  6. Mystic and Yogi. All lies told to us by the Government. 911 all over again. Psychological damages of all types. Spiritual Warfare. Good will eventually triumph over Evil. Ying/Yang, Duality etc… Time to concentrate from within. Learn how to manipulate energies. Vaccines do not work, They are designed to create dis-ease and kill. Drink natural waters with minerals. Others spiritual forces are at work. “The Protocol of the Elders of Zion”

  7. Take back your birthright