Former Justice of Britain’s Supreme Court Condemns Covid Lockdown

Lord Sumption explains national overreaction to coronavirus

Jack Bainbridge – YouTube March 30, 2020

Lord Sumption on the UK Lockdown BBC News 17 May 2020

YouTube – May 18, 2020

9 responses to “Former Justice of Britain’s Supreme Court Condemns Covid Lockdown”

  1. “I don’t want to place a weapon in the hands of people like you”!
    I love this guy….

  2. Not sure where he gets this idea from that we are in lock down as a result of pressure from the public. I don’t think the public requested all this nonsense. It was the Government who introduced it, using fear porn and threats.
    The truth is, this lock down is more about taking our freedoms away than it is about saving us from a virus.

  3. The sheeple interface… fake news, puppet politicians and academics, all have hidden (we know who they are) masters. We know presstitutes won’t cross any red lines within their place of work. Those who are freelance, know very well that any excursions outside the box and they will never work again. Puppet politicians are franchises in a given political party and they are subjected to forces in the party and external of the party. The typical MP will be most concerned about their standing after events like Brexit or Covid. Remember, Lord Sumption is a FORMER justice. Academics can be sacked and they rely on corporate funding. I contacted several political figures before and during Covid, none have replied. I’ve also told a few academics what I think, but all they care for is funding and gongs.

    What are Lord Sumption and the fake news up to? It’s really simple. They know that many hold the same views as Sumption and in some cases, these views will be much more extreme than those forwarded by Sumption. All Sumption does is cover the bases, as Michael Moore does. Sumption doesn’t ever say the state has gone too far, he just warns about it. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if higher powers told Sumption to speak out.

  4. Very reasoned submissions about the serious harms from the unwarranted government restrictions and lockdowns over the flu virus, which a reasonable people would think should persuade any independent court in the English-speaking realm to end them. However, this will not happen because any inquiring person knows by now that the pandemic is a plandemic and the draconian restrictions are there for other purposes.

    Most lawyers no doubt are able to sense now that any court challenge against the government measures based on fundamental rights will be summarily dismissed on the basis of a pretext such as “erring on the side of caution for the common good”, while at the same time ignoring all the irrefutable scientific evidence to the contrary. It was only ever an ideal that our courts are really independent, and the higher you go in the system one finds they are only servants of government policy and ultimately in all matters which the unseen controlling rulers deem as really important.

    Even if they wanted to, the courts will not restore reason or balance because they do not have that kind of power. They likely will twist our remaining rights and freedoms into ineffective contortions in order to totally conform to the establishment and government final plans of total centralization being revealed, such that even free speech and private ownership rights are no longer even protected. Any redress we will see will never be fundamental and only remedial to help quell the interim unrest as the brave New Normal World Order is ushered out. All those in positions of trust whom we have counted on to safeguard our fundamental rights and freedoms will show their true colors and we will increasingly see them as disciples of the secular humanist, socialist agendas, following in lockstep mentors such as George Brock Chisholm, and George Bernard Shaw to remove from the minds of men and women their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas. Notice the mindless, muddled mass of compliant zombies which has emerged as a result of all of their social engineering measures to date.

  5. the virus the mircle virus tyrant was seeking planning then excute it in magical/comical manner , we laugh they laugh while civilization is being destroyed

  6. Carl Jones

    What do you mean the powers told him to speak? Why? What do they gain?

  7. Thousands of sick and disabled people died after being found fit to work by ATOS – The Government didn`t bat an eyelid.

  8. Pete: because it goes some way to satisfying the sheeple who think along the lines that Sumption is talking about. If you like, it is a pressure release valve. But Sumption only goes so far. We had the same thing with tensions between UK and US military forces in Iraq. They weren’t getting on, so it was ‘former’ UK military brass that was speaking out. This at the time the US shot down an RAF C-130, 20 miles Northwest of Baghdad killing 11 crew and 60 SAS… just to keep them silent.

    You don’t maintain control of sheeple minds by outright repression. They cater for all tastes, they pluck all the guitar strings.

  9. SocietIES, not society’s. Similarly, every placard and protest note I see on the internet contains atrocious spelling. This is the real epidemic. ;-