Fear Of The Coronavirus Has Absolutely Destroyed America’s Future

Michael Snyder – The End of the American Dream May 18, 2020

Very few people are talking about it, and even fewer are bothering to object, but by borrowing and spending so much money our politicians are essentially feeding America’s financial future into a wood chipper.  It took from the founding of our country all the way to 1981 before the U.S. national debt reached one trillion dollars.  Incredibly, we just added more than a trillion dollars to our national debt in less than a month.  On April 5th, we were 23.9 trillion dollars in debt, and by May 4th we were 25 trillion dollars in debt.  Fear of the coronavirus has caused nearly all of our politicians to suddenly become socialists, and we are being told that trillions more in spending may be coming.  This is complete and utter lunacy, and we are leaving future generations of Americans with a mountain of debt that would absolutely crush them.  But of course our society may not even last too much longer at the rate we are going.  For years I have been loudly warning that our absurd national debt is an existential threat to America’s future, but at this point both major political parties have completely abandoned any sense of fiscal responsibility.  Now our national debt is rapidly speeding toward the 26 trillion dollar mark, and the House of Representatives just passed a bill that would borrow and spend an additional 3 trillion dollars that we do not currently have…

Last week, House Democrats unveiled their latest pandemic-relief package. The bill combines aid for families, a bailout for struggling cities and states, and additional funds for testing, tracing, and hospitals. The price tag is about $3 trillion—and it comes just weeks after the president signed an economic-relief package worth about $2 trillion.

Since we are destroying the nation anyway, why don’t we make the grand total a nice round 10 trillion dollars like the progressives at the Atlantic are suggesting?

After all, we added close to 10 trillion dollars to the national debt during the Obama years and hardly anyone seemed to mind.

Of course Trump is trying to outdo Obama.  We have already added more than 5 trillion dollars to the national debt while he has been in office, and it looks like more “coronavirus relief bills” could be on the way.

Yes, borrowing and spending money that we do not have gives us an economic boost in the present.

But it is also money that we are stealing from future generations, and we are systematically destroying the bright future that they were supposed to have.

Since Barack Obama’s first day in the White House, we have been stealing an average of more than 100 million dollars from our children and our grandchildren every single hour of every single day.

And under Trump, that pace has actually increased.

I know that figure is difficult to believe, but run the numbers yourself and you will see that I am correct.

What we are doing to future generations is beyond criminal, and it should make every American deeply angry.

But instead, many Americans are convinced that we aren’t spending enough.

In fact, Mark Cuban believes that the government should be issuing $1,000 checks to each household every two weeks

The federal government has already sent a one-time check of up to $1,200 to millions of American families, but according to Mark Cuban, the stimulus is not enough to offset the economic pain of the coronavirus pandemic.

The billionaire entrepreneur proposed the government issue $1,000 checks to every American household every two weeks for the next two months, with the caveat that the money must be spent within 10 days of receipt or it expires. It would cost about $500 billion, Cuban estimated.

Everybody knows that you should never go full Weimar Republic, but since we are essentially doing that already, why not make it $10,000 for every household every two weeks?

After all, $1,000 doesn’t go as far as it once did.  These days, you can blow $1,000 in a single trip to the grocery store.

Of course I am being facetious.  We are literally watching our leaders destroy everything that all previous generations of Americans fought so hard to build, and it is absolutely infuriating.

At this point even the ultra-liberal Washington Post is admitting that the national debt is out of control, but of course the Post also keeps on promoting ultra-liberal spending policies.

We are like a morbidly obese guy that can’t even fit in his own bathtub anymore because he is so addicted to food.  Our addiction is debt, and no matter how loud the warnings get we are just going to keep going back for more.

Ultimately, the only way that the U.S. is going to be able to service this exploding debt is to wildly devalue the currency.  This is the road that the Weimar Republic, Venezuela and so many others have gone down, and it always ends in utter disaster.

Only this time the biggest economy on the entire planet is doing it, and the currency that we are devaluing is the reserve currency of the world.

Sadly, there is no turning back now.  Both political parties are completely committed to this course, and the mainstream media is fully behind them.  In fact, CNN insists that now is not the time to cut back on the borrowing.

So when will be the time to cut back on borrowing?

If we need to add trillions to the national debt to deal with a relatively minor crisis like this coronavirus pandemic, what in the world are we going to do when really bad stuff starts happening?

Last November, I was absolutely horrified when our national debt hit the 23 trillion dollar mark.  But by the time this November rolls around, we might be at the 27 or 28 trillion dollar mark.

Unfortunately, we throw the word “trillion” around so much these days that most Americans don’t even realize how much money a trillion dollars actually is.

If you would have been spending a million dollars every single day since Jesus was born, you still would not have spent a trillion dollars by now.

We are talking about an amount of money that is absolutely unimaginable, and we just added that much money to the national debt in less than a month.

Thanks to our free spending politicians and everyone that is supporting them, there is now no future for this country.

We are literally committing national suicide in front of the whole world, but we are so utterly consumed by our addiction that we don’t even realize that we should be deeply ashamed of ourselves.

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12 responses to “Fear Of The Coronavirus Has Absolutely Destroyed America’s Future”

  1. The “national debt” is entirely fraudulent and was created as an act of continuing TREASON.

    If I had a unique product and agreed to lend you ten of them on the understanding that you’d give me eleven back, where would you get the extra one? Answer, you couldn’t. That’s how central banks enslave the people.

    Arrest the bankers and the politicians that have carefully guarded the secret of “money as debt”, deny any debt and make money the absolute property of THE PEOPLE forever.

    Problem solved.

  2. One trillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00.00, think about that!

  3. The reason is simple. I have been trying for 40 years to make people listen.

    Reduce the USA to a trash heap 4th world nation and mass eliminate humans with wars and vaccines and Chemsprays (AKA chemtrails).

    The masses will not rise up and destroy the evil. People are so conditioned and stupid that they will beg the evil to rule the world (NWO: One World Government) so they can have peace at any price including their liberty and any thought of individualism.

    Here’s the final take on this:
    The New World Order is here. They will establish World Government. You will be killed outright if you can’t escape these creatures. There are no “good” police. NONE! If they are still police then they will hunt you down on the orders of their masters and do whatever they are ordered to do to you. That is why police forces around the world screen their cadets for pscho/sociopathic tendencies.

    Guerilla warfare will be long and harsh (I fought in Viet Nam for almost four years. I promise, it’s no picnic). Many who start as resistors will quit and give in because it’s too long and too hard.

    Eventually, a new system will be won, but will it be any different than the system fought against? Nothing ever stays the same, but it never goes back to the way it was, either.

    Is that a good thing? It’s a cinch that the way America turned out was rotten to the core because we did not heed Washington and Franklin’s admonitions against the Jew. We failed to follow Hamilton’s fight against the Jewish bankers.

    I won’t live long enough to see what it becomes. It will take so long and be so hard fought that even my grandchildren won’t see it, but I will resist and fight. I’m old and have kidney and liver problems as a result of Agent Orange poisoning. Many people like to say that Viet Nam is still trying to kill me. Wrong! Viet Nam didn’t soak me with poisonous chemicals day after day, my government did.

    I thought I was going to die of Live disease, but I know now I am going to die by the hand of my own alien government. My government will succeed finally.

    All I can hope in my final moments is that I can take a few of the bastards with me.

    From here on it is the resistance that matters. If you don’t resist you are part of the problem.

  4. Snyder ought to know that it is all about control, planning, and more control. Under a semblance of economic freedom with vast military spending to maintain value in the US petrodollar, for more and hegemony over geography, resources and markets, with the lowly taxpayer bled to the point that the expense of supporting a family was not possible without huge debt, and with more and more multi-governmental deficits and spending being offered up to the invisible debt cloud of future generations, Snyder always seems to gloss over the obvious.

    In is an uncontested fact that the central banking cartel running things does not do anything without years and years of planning, and everything is planned for more and more concentration of power and control into their blood-soaked and strangling hands. In any economic analysis as to what is going on these days, that fact should be axiomatic and never ignored. However, their is also the human element of the inability of people who do not spend their lives connecting the dots who still do not get it. After almost two months of draconian lockdowns with more people waking up and coming out of their traces with cable-ectomies and no longer sucking the teat of the mainstream media, they can see now more clearly the actual “plandemic”, meaning that it is totally planned by the same jokers who think they own the world and everyone in it. At the same time they just can’t quite connect the dots to look clearly at all the facts regarding the economic crash which has concentrated and consolidated most of the remaining major assets into cartel control.

    Too many people still think it is some kind of conspiracy theory rather than probability reality, that the great crash of 1929 and the following depression was a result of human error and unregulated banks, when the banks and markets were totally controlled by the same cartel which promised before 1913 to stabilize a financial system and prevent such things, which history now tells us that the same cartel in fact for some 30 years before 1913 had been deliberately destabilizing and taking over the US financial sector with their use and control of vast international capital. The US Fed and their masters in the international banking cartel, who now believe they own everything, continue to type up about a trillion a week to keep things going. It is only a matter of time before their plans come to fruition with the totally predicted hyperinflation, with even bank buy-ins, to “necessitate” their long desired world currency under their control, because the US dollar just happened to became so “unstable”.

    Of course it has become unstable because of the cartel-directed repeal of the Glass Steagall Act in 1999 resulting in the foreseeable debt-security failures in 2008 and 2019. Now as a result of this (planned) “terrible pandemic” with the “killer virus” ravaging the world our puppet governments have been “forced for the common good” to kill the economy entirely with the “necessary lockdowns”.

    Meanwhile, our government, church and civic nincompoop leaders, continue to be swayed with fake science, fake economics, fake hockey-stick graphs and fantasies from the NWO experts trotted out from places like Harvard, promising a new highly-technical, revolutionary AI order with more centralized control and regulation over us. We have no more rights or integrity. We are now simply a despicable, unruly, over-populating, over-spending, over-consuming, overly-individualistic, ignorant, polluting, but totally pliable and subservient rabble.

  5. Going n2 the paint with Obama. Conveniently you 4get who was in office b4 him. And what all “they’ve” contributed. Hint: trickledown theory, Still waiting on that one.

  6. NASA Gets about 1 billion a day to make cartoons and to play the space explorer deception. Mr. Musk is about to launch a “Dragon” capsule and Americans can’t see the connection to the father of lies and the underworld. The whole world has divorced from true reality and natural life and now exists in a mentally manufactured existence that creates artificial lifestyles that contradict everything human, moral and ethical. Steal, kill and destroy is the working of the dark side on the children of light who are few in number but present a barrier to the new Pagan golden age that is being created before our eyes.They must destroy the entire world in order to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix they worship so fervently. We are in a slow motion train wreck at the moment and there is plenty of track left to travel.

  7. “How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?
    Some say it’s just a part of it, we’ve got to fulfill the Book” – Bob Marley

    In other words, this is ALL by design.

    The people perpetrating these events are truly agents of satan. Don’t take my word for it, evidence is out in plain sight. Patent 060606 by Bill Gates describes cryptocurrency based on microchips using human biological data (yes, it’s the mark of the beast). Not to mention US House Bill HB 6666 the Covid tracing act. Depopulation. Total surveillance. Control by AI. You can’t even make this crap up. Predictive programming up the wazoo (along with plandemic event 201, the 2010 paper, etc etc etc). The Mandela effect is real, and the biggest effect seen is in the bible. These demons are literally changing time and history using CERN (a form of black magic, truth be told).
    Time is short. We are in the end times. If you want to know the truth, you have to dig way deeper than the economy, politics, and world affairs. Truth IS stranger than fiction

  8. The average American is simply an IDIOT. If you show the average American a Federal
    Reserve note, the average American will say it is money. It is NOT money. It IS currency; it is fiat script; it is legal tender in America, BUT, it is NOT money. The now near worthless Khazar dollar of the Illuminati Satanist International Cartel of Criminal Banksters will soon actually be WORTHLESS! The purchasing power of the Khazar dollar has dropped from 100 cents of purchasing power in 1914 to less than 4 cents of purchasing power today. The Federal Reserve system is NOT part of the US federal government. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned Jew Bank. it is a violation of the US Constitution for the Federal Reserve to EXIST. But, again, most in America are actually IDIOTS. The Satanic Khazar banksters have destroyed the middle class with 20 years of extremely low interest rates, or Zero interest rates, when the real inflation rate over these years is over 5-6 percent. or more. CONGRATULATIONS, IDIOTS, you have done it to yourselves.

  9. @Woken: You’re still asleep!

    One trillion is not =
    think about that!

    I thought about that, and you’re not even close.

    One trillion =
    Think about that!
    “Arrest the bankers and the politicians that have carefully guarded the secret of “money as debt”, deny any debt and make money the absolute property of THE PEOPLE forever.”

    Yes. The People’s Republic of The Internet has a very long list of these hyper criminals and if we’re lucky, they will all nicely fit in those Concentration Camps they have built with taxpayer money. They lie empty, waiting for the anti-vaxxers and other sane dissidents, pensioners, undesirables, deplorables, etc…

    The Hotel Concentration welcomes bankers, politicians, media whores, “philanthropists”, health “authorities”, etc… These Cas Cow Operators will have all the time in the world to Concentrate REAL HARD on the Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing BUT The Truth as they practice social distancing and get their free vaccines, courtesy of Bill & Maligna.

    They will be forced to watch TV. They will be provided with all the learning tools to show them how to properly, efficiently, easily, logically, intelligently, fairly, honestly and sustainably manage material affairs on a finite planet and a finite budget. After that, if they don’t pass the exam, they’ll be swinging on the gallows pole in the government yard in Frenchtown.

    It will be Vive La Révolution with Umbra Bellator pulling the strings and Deek Jackson singing his smash hit I Got A Bomb.

    Ooops… It is my sad duty to inform you that the hit song, “I Got a Bomb” by Deek Jackson, got obliterated from ZouTube, I mean YouTube.

    That was such a lovely gift of a song… {{{tears}}}

    Those truthers who have been banned from their platforms will be free from the tentacles of dragons and demons run amok.The People’s Republic of The Internet will allow for self organization thanks a leveled playing field and a brand new war:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WAR ON BULLSHIT. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (It could last millions of years)
    Or… it could last the time it takes for people to stop believing in the illusion of authority.

    WHO has the authority to force vaccines on you?
    WHO?i don’t think so! Donald Grump? Trudope?
    Canadian Mason? Get away from me!
    I Do Not CONSENT.
    Grabble someone else’s thighs!

    The Rothschild’s have around $500 Trillion dollars so they can easily pay back what they owe not just with money but all sorts of things. It just means.we have to convince the police and the army that “we” can pay them even more than what the system is paying them now! They just need to understand that we need their help first, in order to get at the stash of cash. {{{smiles}}}

    It Will Blow Over

  10. Be afraid !! Be very afraid !! Hoaxorona Virus’ll get you ???

  11. @ Voltman LOL I love the way you phrase things, brother. The Hotel Concentrate can’t start taking guests soon enough. They shouldn’t be surprised if the sand at the beach is replaced by pig shit, to which they’ll be sent to roll around in after vigorous horse-whippings to ensure proper focus and Concentration.

    I, too, do NOT consent to any toxic “vaccine” and mark of the beast courtesy of Kill Bill and Malignant Gates. If he comes at me with a needle of that death stew, it won’t be a pie he gets in the face this time.

  12. The chickens are coming home to roost for the heartless US population. This is no surprise since the US is a criminal failed state whose leaders lie and commit mass murder around the globe through wars of aggression. Since World War Two the U.S. has killed an estimated 30 million people, none of whom were ever a threat to the US American people. Ethically, morally and probably legally every US American is guilty of war crimes. The German people were not let off the hook after WW2. The US American people stand guilty, as charged. U.S. government is a pathological liar. It uses countless Big Lies and distortions used by both right wings of the US one-party state to advance its imperial agenda.
    The past two decades have been especially rich with its lies. George W. Bush winning the election in 2000 was a lie. The attacks of 9/11 were lies, the invasion of Afghanistan was based on a lie, Iraq weapons of mass destruction were a lie, Iran’s nuclear weapons program is a lie, the Katrina Hurricane response was a lie, the Russian invasion of Georgia was a lie, the 2009 bailout of the Wall Street was based on lies, the Ukraine coup was lied about, Gaddafi’s Viagra was a lie, the moderate rebels was a lie, the lie that Venezuela is a threat to the US is a lie, the White Helmets are a propaganda lie, Russiagate is a lie, the Douma chemical attack was a lie, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons report was a lie, the torture of Chelsea Manning is lied about, the Julian Assange lie is a lie.