Murdered Chinese Ambassador Tried to Defect? – May 18, 2020

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An Israeli poster on  4 chan said Shin Bet, Israel’s internal ‘Mossad’, killed the ambassador at China’s request after Du Wei tried to defect and share info on China bio-warfare labs, and then was double-crossed.

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Adding to a string of suspicious coronavirus events and deaths, is the ‘sudden mysterious death’ of healthy-seeming, age in late 50s Chinese ambassador to Israel Du Wei, at his home in Herzliya near Tel Aviv on 17 May.
This was just 4 days after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo broke international quarantine to visit Israel on 13 May.
And shortly after Du Wei had publicly criticized Pompeo’s aggressive charges accusing China of guilt in causing the global ‘covid-19 pandemic.’

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5 responses to “Murdered Chinese Ambassador Tried to Defect?”

  1. Absolute rubbish, big yawn.

  2. Rubbish it is. second to yawn!!!

  3. Clickbait. If he was smart enough to play with pathogens, he should of been smart enough to know that Israel is a wet dream coming true for millions of Jew thieves, liars, rapists, murderers etc and would of NOT asked Israel for protection. So much for Scruples.

  4. Du while he was trying to defect when his family is still in China? Give me a break.

    China’s fault again???It seems that nothing China does is right. This constant demonization is truly wearing thin.

  5. Poisoned with chloroquine? Try again Dr. Makow.