Government and Media Proven to Be Lying To Public About COVID Pandemic

Jason Christoff —

Experts from around the world come forward to declare COVID-19 death and infection statistics fabricated. (video) 

US medical doctor and state senator explains that the US government has sent official documentation telling doctors and hospitals to lie about CV-19 death and infection numbers. and

At this added link, the US government actually admits that every death counted as a COVID-19 death is either a) presumed to be caused by COVID-19 or was caused by another disease…and also counted as a COVID-19 death.

NY State admits adding thousands to CV-19 death counts with no testing. (article)

Medical doctor in Montana explains that CV-19 death and infection numbers are being faked by US government.

German virus expert declares social distance isn’t based on science and that CV-19 can’t be found anywhere on any surface he tested. (article)

At this added link Dr. Andrew Kaufman clearly explains the faults in the testing system and explain why there is no virus what so ever. (Spiro Skouras interview)

Medical doctor explains there’s no way to test for CV-19 in the first place, so how is anyone confirming cases, even though most aren’t confirming….they’re just making them up.

State Health Department in Illinois declares they are faking CV-19 death and infection numbers.

Canadian nurse comes forward to testify CV-19 death and infection numbers are being faked.

Investigate reporter explains CV-19 statistics are being faked.

Head of UK National Health Services admits they’re padding the UK COVID death numbers as well, with people who never died of COVID. 

After basic investigating of government statistics, CV-19 death and infection numbers are proven faked beyond belief.

Two US doctors come forward to hold a press conference, to discss that the current statistics and the science, in no way, warrant a shelter in place order.

Canadian member of provincial parliament is polite but obviously hints to some major obfuscations regarding COVID. (article)

Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government (he hired Anders Tegnell who is currently directing Swedish strategy), the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control explains that lock downs, social distancing and shutdown businesses to stop the spread of an infectious disease has no basis in science what so ever.

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5 responses to “Government and Media Proven to Be Lying To Public About COVID Pandemic”

  1. Governments no longer care whether the public knows the numbers are fake. This is a global attack by an elite group of globalist megalomaniacs. They have been extensively supported by a compliant media who no longer care that the majority of the public no longer trust them. As the global collective consciousness rises, so the demise of the cabal will be hastened. Victory of the light is assured.

  2. I was listening to BBC Radio 4 Today this morning. I must admit that I find it harder & harder to listen to the propaganda, but they slipped up this morning. I didn’t catch who made this claim, but they said: “Why is Public Health England so secretive over its Covid testing?” This claim goes some way to explaining why there has been so little testing. Much easier to control a small fraudulent operation.

  3. This is a great summation to convince more and more people of conclusions which not only honest and respected independent experts in the field reached in early March but others whose professions are spent mainly analyzing evidence. We now have to go on from here to the next step in knowing your enemy and trying to turn things around.

    If you put all of the things going on together, like the deliberately and totally crashed economy from the banking cartel’s over 2 decades of planning, then with the entire UN sustainability Agendas (i.e. “Plans”) you can clearly see the relationship between deliberately limiting consumption, the running out of 5G, universal vaccination programs, ID chipping everyone, AI, enhanced surveillance, a world digital currency, control of our every move and purchases perhaps even for a “sustainability use tax”, etc., then it becomes very clear as to what is going on and who is doing it.

    This is clearly the rolling our of the NWO by the warmongering, debt-rigging, ruthless, exploiting, selfish, 1% who have made up the Old World Order. Figuring out that the Covid is a psyop is only the first step and the NWO establishment followers will just keep ignoring the evidence and either knocking off critics or disparaging them as quacks or conspiracy theorists.

    Why are more people not receptive to the facts? It is called “cognitive dissonance” which entails that everyone has resistance to their metal, sensual and emotional comfort being disrupted. Also, most people are bonded to what they like. They like various MSM news broadcaters and hosts and they feel comfortable going along with them. Try talking to a person whose only source of news and views is the MSM and your evidence to the contrary will be quickly rebuffed. The facts we have at our finger tips have very little authority unless people have a way of breaking into them and they feel they are strong enough to give them some comfort level for security. Most people have to be spoon fed this kind of stuff, but when they see more and more people doubting and questioning, that is when things can turn upside down on the organizations behind the psyop and all of the control measures to recast our entire economies and lives into their plans and modelling.

    You also will come up against people who are very much a part of the system and will never go against those in the chain of command above them. Not only are there cognitive dissonance factors to overcome, but there is their fear of losing positions or opportunities, or being rejected by that organization which sustains them. You see this all the time with corporate executives and those who work for the government. They will not help in either discerning the truth or exposing it, and will likely work against you and your goals. So beware.

    If you conclude it is the entire NWO apparatus, then you will see clearly the hands of both the Rothschild and the Rockefeller cartels, and the Rothschild one dwarfs the Rockefeller in many respects. But more significantly you have the Masons. With the rolling out of the cartel-backed UN Agendas right under our noses, the unseen hand of the Masons becomes more apparent. For example, without knowing that both Putin and Xi are Masons the only link to explain why they would cooperate and hype the psyop was the central banking cartel which is very influential in both of their nations’ economies and crucial for foreign trade. Both nations want another reserve currency in place of the US dollar, and will settle for even a US digital one pegged and backed to some extent by gold, which both Russia and China have been hording for years on the basis of such a promise. This is cartel NWO stuff. However, to make the linkage of their deliberate participation in the Covid psyop extravaganza, the fact that both are Masons cannot be overlooked. Also, it would be impossible for the 1% to rule without such an international organization as the Masons, disciplining their members to secrecy and obedience.

    The key to the NWO Masonic connection is not found just in symbolism with such things as the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, but more directly in the Masonic commandeering of the present Pope and many of the Catholic hierarchy. (I am still a Catholic through all of this, but my Church leaders have betrayed Christ in my view.) If not actual Masons, they have most certainly bought into all of the half-baked UN sustainability Agenda measures from Masons and cartel minions like George Soros, or agents of Bill Gates (likely also a Mason), like Jeffrey Sachs. Unless people are prepared to blow the whistle on their own organizations at this time we are heading for the centralized control of totalitarian governments everywhere, over everything we do.

  4. The big question is what can we do about it? This mini pandemic may have done the world a favour. The actions of many Governments have confirmed what some knew for certain, and others suspected – Governments are a big part of the problem. The move to fascism is in the offing, as corporations call the shots, and the controllers pull the strings.
    Cockroaches run for cover as the spotlight hits them. We will soon witness an attempt at a mass escape as people power takes hold across the world.

  5. Greg Mannarino

    The US Fed has bought out the world markets. They own it all now. The New World Order.

    In earlier broadcasts he also said the Covid promo was fake and lockdowns insane.

    There you go. More evidence of banking cartel control and planning behind the world psyop which owns the Fed concentrating more and more wealth and power into their bloody hands. If you do not have enough social credits to be in the New Normal Nomenklatura ( the NNN) of our new State communist regimes, you will have two choices. Either you will be able to buy a traditional blue Chinese workers uniform direct from China for around $12, or you can say good by to everyone you know.