The Face Mask: A Powerful Symbol of COVID Oppression

Vigilant Citizen – May 18, 2020

A few weeks ago face masks were said to be useless and even dangerous against COVID-19. Now, people are urged to wear them and some cities are making them mandatory. Was this complete 180 made for health reasons? Or to create a specific social climate?

After two months of COVID-19 panic and terror, the world is now being ushered into a “new normal”. However, there is nothing “new” nor “normal” about an oppressive police state that haphazardly revokes rights and freedoms while citizens snitch on each other. Nope, such regimes have existed in the past. And, in societies that dare call themselves “free” and “democratic”, the “new normal” is an aberration – a slippery slope towards a global totalitarian regime.
Despite the fact that all viruses inevitably peak and phase-out from human circulation, profound and permanent changes are being made to society. And, to the elite, COVID-19 is the perfect opportunity to create a society that is rooted in fear, dehumanization, and widespread distrust of the “other”.
Since symbols rule the world, one symbol perfectly embodies this “new normal”: The face mask.

A headline from Canada about masks and the “new normal”. Equivalent headlines can be found across the world. Click to enlarge

Although face masks were deemed useless and even dangerous only weeks ago, they are now being enforced in several cities around the world. What happened?
Did science make a last-minute, game-changing discovery about masks? No. However, those who are profiting from this crisis saw an opportunity: It can be instrumentalized to create a specific social climate. It is about keeping fear, anxiety, and paranoia going. It is about being constantly reminded that things are NOT going back to normal. In short, it is about social engineering.
Here’s how the usage of the face mask made an inorganic, unnatural about-face in cities worldwide.

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4 responses to “The Face Mask: A Powerful Symbol of COVID Oppression”

  1. Again, reliable virologists have provided clear evidence that the wearing of masks is extremely unhealthy, particularly for those with any form of respiratory disease.
    We have now reached the point when nothing Governments or their corporate media partners say, can be believed. As has always been the case, use critical thinking, do your own research and act accordingly.

  2. It really is amazing how easily the BS has been sold, at one point people were told
    that it’s useless, may even be dangerous, now it’s mandatory in most places. A few dim-witted persisted despite knowing that, now it’s as if the logic has disappeared.
    That the contagion is statistically (at the very least) insignificant seems to go right over everyone’s head despite that knowledge, scared by less than their own shadows.
    Now, if you DON’T wear a mask, you’re dangerous!
    Fear really IS a mind killer!

  3. Critical thinking is so past generation, get with it!!! In the US the “Common Core” method of brainwashing [er…a , educating] wiped it off the face of the earth. 911 wiped out the Constitution and Bill of Rights while we slept cuddling our idiot social-engineering devices.
    I’ve heard the quote about igniting small brush-fires that change the world. Well I think that was before water fluoridation, extreme MANDATORY vaccinations, the world domination by the Rockefeller Foundation Medical Cartel, GMO’s, chemical spraying of our atmosphere ….. etc, etc. Todays populations can not, and will not, keep attention focused beyond 30 seconds. If it can’t be said in a sentence its useless. Here we are, and sadly I dont think we can go back, we’ve damaged 2 generations beyond the point of return.
    Once upon a time humanity had the chance, no more. Its over. Enjoy your final years loving and cherishing the beauty of what might have been.
    All this going on and people STILL think voting will do anything? Wow, talk about insanity!!!!

  4. @ Activisor You’re absolutely correct, yet again.

    I spoke with a guy just today about the absurdity of the masks. He put a great spin on it by saying it was like putting up a chain-link fence to try to keep mosquitoes out.

    The masks are probably the most absurd symbol of this whole plandemic travesty. The masks are certainly not a sign of thoughtful care, but rather a clear sign of rampant ignorance and objectionable idiocy. The masks are a sign of FEAR, of cowardice, of submission to tyranny, rather than rational caution. I find myself hating and mocking those wearing the masks, unless they are just old and feeble, which they then get a pass.

    But I despise the rest of the mask-wearing brain-dead idiots, and I make no bones about it. I mock them and sneer at them. I see some retards even driving around BY THEMSELVES and wearing a mask….my urge is to run them off the road and beat some sense into them in a roadside ditch. I don’t suffer cowards well. The mayor of Los Angeles, shown in the photo above in all his shameful douchebaggery, should be dangling from a streetlight for selling out the citizens of his city.

    Again, Activisor is spot on in his comment above. I have a degree in cellular biology from a prestigious science and engineering university. I have studied virology and immunology at a fairly high level and am trained in combating bio-terrorism. The masks are a joke, and a bad one at that. EVERY step taken by corrupt, illegitimate governments and agencies in the Covid-1984 response has been the exact opposite of what would be rational in promoting a healthy immune response and NOT tanking the economy. The whole thing is a f***ing scam, a crime against humanity really, and heads should be rolling. Literally. The only masks people should be wearing these days are the Guy Fawkes ones from V for Vendetta.