Trump Wants to Cut Off China in Guilt-Projection Meltdown

Finian Cunningham – Strategic Culture May 16, 2020

President Trump and Chinese President Jinping.

So President Trump, the self-declared business genius, wants to cut off the whole relationship with China and “save America $500 billion a year”. That’s what he told Fox News this week in an interview referring to the US trade deficit with China. The fault of the chronic US trade deficit with China (and much of the world), like that of the Covid-19 crisis in America, is classic 3-D Trump: dissembling, distracting and dealing in guilt-projection.

Trump is a simpleton, a narcissistic buffoon and a demagogue whose unhinged megalomaniac rantings are an incendiary incitement to war. Like all demagogues he has the knack for making complex problems sound as if they can be easily fixed – by scapegoating others.

He rails against trade “supply chains” coming from China supposedly costing Americans $500 billion a year in trade deficit. As if corporate America gave away its manufacturing base to China like a gift. American capitalists like Trump’s daughter and retail-fashion owner Ivanka took their businesses to China to avail of cheap labor and to export back to the US at huge profit.

Cutting off China’s exports to the US will hit American consumers with crippling price inflation which will impoverish them even more in their low-wage, job-insecure dependency on cheap goods. Just like when Trump’s earlier tariff war with Beijing resulted in US farmers getting clobbered from reprisal curbs on their exports of soybean and corn to China. The president has a unique way of hurting Americans whom he claims to champion.

Unfortunately, Trump’s confrontational demagoguery towards China appears to be working to his benefit, at least on the short-term. Pew Research Center surveys that anti-China sentiment among Americans is at an all-time high. Ever since Trump entered the White House, he has taken public hostility towards China to ever-higher levels, with his toxic talk about how America is being “cheated” and “ripped-off”.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, however, Trump’s rhetoric is going off the charts with irrationality and intemperance. He is blaming China for record deaths and economic destruction of America with unfounded accusations of Beijing “covering up” the outbreak of the disease and thus, allegedly, deceiving the US into crisis. “They could have stopped it at source,” he claims with irresponsible innuendo.

Trump has caricatured the crisis as the “worse attack since Pearl Harbor”. This is reckless, incendiary claptrap. But, deplorably, it seems to be galvanizing Americans into viewing China as an enemy.

In his interview with Fox, Trump ramped up the animus and got personal. With regard to China’s President Xi Jinping, Trump said: “I don’t want to speak to him.”

The smear campaign to demonize China is being laid on with a grease gun. Trump and his knuckle-dragging Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accuse China of cover-up and releasing the virus from a laboratory. Trump has even implied this was done to wreck his re-election as president in November. The irony of it: Trump-the-Russiagate-victim, now playing the Chinagate card.

Washington politicians want to cancel American debt obligations to China which holds about $1 trillion in US treasury bonds. This is simply America self-licensing itself for grand larceny.

US senators are pushing to impose economic sanctions on China if it does not satisfy their demands for it to prove innocence over the fabricated allegations about cover-up. Given the high-handed American arrogance not to mention meat-headed stupidity of its politicians, China’s “guilt” is a foregone conclusion. Then what? War?

The Trump administration is threatening to with-hold over half a trillion dollars in federal pension-fund investments in China’s stock market. More chicanery under the guise of scapegoating; and further war moves. Just who is cheating and ripping off whom here?

And it’s not just the Trump administration knuckle-draggers who are wielding the clubs. The supposedly more liberal Democrats are also ramping up the anti-China rhetoric in a bid to out-do Trump in jingoistic China-bashing. The New York Times, often opposed to Trump, has leaned into his demagogic demonization of China by hyping up baseless claims from the FBI that Chinese hackers are stealing US research into vaccines for Covid-19. That inevitably insinuates China is harming America’s recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. Yet more cause for war.

American belligerence towards China has a sinister bipartisan front – as it always has.

So-called liberals and Democrats blame the Republican president for mismanaging the Covid-19 pandemic. They are correct in this. America’s shocking death toll from the disease is unprecedented. It exposes the immense failure of US society, its economy and government. But this isn’t entirely Trump’s fault. He is but the uncouth face of a failed system that has been cratering over many decades from its hyper consumer-capitalism dystopia. Rather than dealing with that reality, the Democrats and corporate media will join in Trump’s cynical campaign to scapegoat China for all of America’s deep-seated ills.

The only redemption for the US is a deep and honest dive into the corruption of its political ruling class and their system of oligarchic enrichment, their obscene militarism, and tyranny of “national security” suppression of democracy.

To avoid that kind of democratic reckoning, Trump and all the other Washington wastrels and sociopaths will do everything they can to distract with slanderous incitement against China, no matter how ridiculous and no matter how reckless.

Cutting off the whole relationship with China? Trump is delusional and dangerous. He and the whole American political class are willing to jeopardize world security, even to the point of starting a war, as long as that conceals their corrupt rule.

China involved in pandemic cover-up? That’s the most audacious American guilt-projection since the “War on Terror”.

Sadly, though, Americans seem so brainwashed and misinformed, the ruling charlatans may get away with murder, just like they’re accustomed to do.


9 responses to “Trump Wants to Cut Off China in Guilt-Projection Meltdown”

  1. Trump is good at misdirection. The US & UK want to collapse the global trading system in order to stop China, India, and Russian economic dominance over the City and Wall Street.

    Russia now controls the price of oil and gas, just ponder that factoid for a moment. Putin doesn’t mind that prices are low, and he isn’t the reason why they are low. Since 2008, the US has conducted an economic war against the world, apart from its top tier of satellite states. Currency wars, illegal sanctions, and full-blown trade wars. This has resulted in a massive glut of oil which meant the price actually went negative, Covid just helped it along. The US shale oil business has never made a profit and all these shale companies are bust & its only Wall Street keeping them going. Even in the UK, petrol and diesel is a rigged market. The real price for a liter of diesel should be around 70p.

    Obama started it and Trump carried on with this ‘zero-sum game’. And the US is in this game to the very end… the last man standing. This is one of many reasons for Brexit. We had the countries second-best liar on tthe Marr ‘Show’ this morning. Gove said: “We’ve left the club (EU), but they want us to play by THEIR rules.” The big fat lie is that these rules were made by the UK. These rules were made because they benefited the UK. Boris, Gove and the rest say we are going to diverge from the EU. There is no benefit to the UK people. Divergence is a trade war with the EU…US global trade wars, including the EU, we Brexit and start a trade war with the EU. And as I keep saying, this is a zero sum game, last man standing.

    Covid is a viral war, just another addition to all the other wars listed above. As things stand, the UK is doing all it can to prevent UK sheeple from holidaying abroad and the Coup Plotters Party of Great Britain doesn’t give a —t what happens to the UK economy. The more damage that is done, the more they can change the UK into a police state version of Malaysia.

    Many years ago there was a survey on how Israeli’s felt about living in Israel. Of course, this survey hardly saw the light of day and I can’t remember the exact data. Many Israelis wanted to move to the EU. Many Israelis wanted Israel to join the EU, so that London and Washington had less say in how their country was run. Many pro Europeans feel the same way about the UK, because now we have left, our corrupt elite, the most corrupt in the world, can now do what they like and as we can all see, its not very nice and just remember, all you sheeple who voted to leave the EU, this is just the start of our tyranny.

  2. China took Tibet in 1950 on Rothschilds orders
    w w 2 had been won by the USA, fortunes were made by the banks
    and the build up of the far east began
    maggie Thatcher on Rothschilds orders broke stole and gave away all UK heavy industry and smashed all small firms with the newly imposed VAT
    tooling ability and money was then sent East.
    The time has come or the take down of the USA
    A new word entered the English language 2 years back , it was to be “madoffed ”
    or robbed by jews, Detroit, that rich city that made the worlds cars is now a ghost town
    soon the whole of the USA will follow suit, unless you get some real proper politicians in
    and the same goes for you in the UK, as you are already being Madoffed and multiculturalised raped and robbed

  3. No expert in this realm, a simpleton, I point out that Trump was, is, and ever shall be a puppet in ONE HAND of Powers That Be (PsTB). “That’s the hand that moves, well, never mind” (an obtuse line from Firesign Theater “We’re All Bozos on this Bus”). More directly, then, in a feat of sleight of hand, the seemingly slight OTHER HAND picks your pocket and later blindsides you with a left hook.

    To attribute thoughtlessness and incompetence OR thoughtfulness and strategic genius to ANY puppet in the Grand Game’s Show seems disingenuous. Moreover, as an equally astute observer and analyst has asserted and proved up, PsTB keep two sets of book — even a smart pig understands that in this day and age. They would like nothing more than have people in their two principal creditor nations — China and America [not US, Inc., or other foreign service corporations, bankrupt or not) — fight to the death and kill most everyone off.

    Wars and rumors of wars, therefore, seem in the best interests of those who prefer usury and thrive therefrom.

  4. Finian Cunningham:

    “So-called liberals and Democrats blame the Republican president for mismanaging the Covid-19 pandemic. They are correct in this. America’s shocking death toll from the disease is unprecedented.”

    “America’s shocking death toll from the disease is unprecedented”…?

    No it is NOT unprecedented.
    They are NOT mismanaging a pandemic either!
    They are generating a bullshit pandemic!
    As if there wasn’t enough bullshit already!

  5. Finian Cunningham most likely got paid from the China-commies for this “piece” of garbage “journalism”.

  6. Eurangloland will never admit to the damage they’ve inflicted on the world that’s a given so to ask them to face the mirror is a useless task. The world can only expect western denial of its corruption and subversion on behalf of what they consider their better half. That’s pathetically sad.
    This isn’t about trade it is about control of trade the oldest game in the book. The controllers have had their measure taken and now have been found wanting.
    The realists have hit town and no amount of accusing China of paid articles(everything the intelligence west does) is going to change that.
    Yes sir, they will finish the game Lars that’s their agenda, want to play?
    While your busy buying 6 whores and getting drunk or praying at the local mission because a man said the world is going to end they will finish the game.

  7. Finian Cunningham: 2 good paragraphs:

    “The only redemption for the US is a deep and honest dive into the corruption of its political ruling class and their system of oligarchic enrichment, their obscene militarism, and tyranny of “national security” suppression of democracy.

    To avoid that kind of democratic reckoning, Trump and all the other Washington wastrels and sociopaths will do everything they can to distract with slanderous incitement against China, no matter how ridiculous and no matter how reckless.”

    Yes Finian. So why don’t you talk about the absolute necessity of escorting all these wastrels and sociopaths to Concentration Camp. You know there’s plenty of room at the Hotel Concentration…

    What? They haven’t yet been condemned in a court of “law”?! You should know these courts are corrupt. You should know we don’t need no stinking “courts of law” either. There might not be enough lamp posts but with all these 5G antennae sprouting up, we might be able to get by. See The Honorable Minister of Justice and Punishment for preparations on that front.

    Finian, you’re stuck in your habits with little imagination. The People’s Republic of The Internet has a very long list of guilty criminals that belong in prison; no if’s, no but’s. Can’t you figure out that the main problem boils down to:


    All the hardware is in place but the software is ass backwards. The idiots inserted the floppy disk upside down and they don’t want anybody removing it and putting it in right side up.

    Big Tech criminals are working overtime turning the internet into shit like they always do. What is Trump doing about that? What are the other retarded shitheads of politics doing about that?! Why do the worst liars get to decide what you talk about? The elections are a bad joke. Who cares about Trump?! Really? The BLOTUS, Clitory, like a million other traitors, incompetent misleaders, fakers, manipulators, guilty and paranoid control freaks, belong in jail! For multiple crimes! Why are you considering these political hacks as anything but criminals who belong in jail awaiting sentencing?! Why?

    All statists who still believe in the alleged authority of the state are apologists for evil if they think we should put up with these ridiculously absurd dictators!

    How to be a successful tyrant
    Larken Rose

    Larken Rose: Government is an Illusion

  8. “Sherry and the eloquent Larken Rose talk about the religion of Statism, the illusion of authority, community building, and enjoying life.”

    Larken Rose with Sherry
    Of the Voluntary Show
    PLEASE SHARE – Italy Calls For Bill Gates to be Charged with Crimes Against Humanity
    The Dollar Vigilante
    275K subscribers

  9. Donald Trump is a true Messiah. Americans should vote for Trump during coming elecction. Few months after reelection America will experience tremendous change, incredible transformation. Everything is described in the Bible:

    6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.
    7 And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.
    8 And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice’ den.
    9 They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.