Spanish Flu Did Not Kill 50,000,000 – Vaccines Did and They Are Repeating the Same Pattern Again Now

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8 responses to “Spanish Flu Did Not Kill 50,000,000 – Vaccines Did and They Are Repeating the Same Pattern Again Now”

  1. I shudder to think what may happen if people take Gate`s vaccine and 5G is switched on here in the UK.

    We may witness sickness and death as we have never seen before, 5G was turned on in Wuhan, and some people died soon after.

    They talk of putting 20,000 satellites in orbit, we will be “bathed” in this electronic “Fog.”

  2. The one thing care home residents with CV have in common apart from being elderly and frail, they`ve all had the flu vaccine. Is this the smoking gun?

  3. Indisputably, the 1918 flu originated in Kansas when the poor soldiers got vaccinated with
    bacteria vaccines…those criminals doctors.
    Yes, indeed all the elderly folks in nursing homes and all are pushed and by doctors and the likes to get the flu vaccine of all types…eg pneumococci etc.
    Yes, the northern Italy elderly folks got actually FOUR vaccines each including meningoccocci vaccines – indeed most of them reacted to these vaccines and died sooner than later…all death labelled – covid -19. This planned scamdenmic check out the CARES Act in the USA…and you will see how far in advanced it was planned.
    Please wake up people…protest the lockdown and social distancing…please wake up.
    The international criminal banking cartel…wants to control it all at the very top and the rest of us to be slaves…this new generation of criminal bolsheviks are at it again, this time everything is to be privatized instead of government owned like it was in Russia the
    Soviet countries.

  4. protest the lockdown and social distancing and tracing and vaccine.

  5. One purpose to kill off people. This is a spiritual war. It will not work again. To the FOOLS in Power. Military term covid-19

  6. Communism at work. GOD Complex. AFRICAN ORIGINS OF JUDAISM AND THE AFRICANS WHO WROTE THE BIBLE. Look for them and read them and you will have a better comprehension of who controls you. Also read the TALMUD.

  7. Yes the Spanish Flu only killed about 860 People throughout the whole of Europe, but the Vaccine killed 70 Million People Throughout the Whole of Europe, Not 50 Million. Same with the Polio Vaccine from the 1950’s, The Only Difference is it cured the Polio but it gave Everyone a Choice of three strands of Cancer, which was the One that America Offered Europe, But the nasty twist is that three Scandinavian Countries Refused it, so apart from Norway I cant remember the Two others, but as it turned out those three countries now have the Lowest Cancer rate in there is plenty more out there like Bill Gates Wanting to show just how Generous America can be.

  8. Blaming EMR on sickness of a person accepting injection from a gutter is very irrational.