In the Country of the Blind

Extract from The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg

From the introduction

‘We live today with a number of devastating diseases that do not belong here, whose origin we do not know, whose presence we take for granted and no longer question. What it feels like to be without them is a state of vitality that we have completely forgotten. . . . These are the diseases of civilization, that we have also inflicted on our animal and plant neighbors, diseases that we live with because of a refusal to recognize the force that we have harnessed for what it is. The 6o-cycle current in our house wiring, the ultrasonic frequencies in our computers, the radio waves in our televisions, the microwaves in our cell phones, these are only distortions of the invisible rainbow that runs through our veins and makes us alive. But we have forgotten. It is time that we remember.’

In the Country of the Blind

How much longer do we have to wait before being able to say “Your cell phone is killing me!” rather than “I’m electro-hypersensitive”? And yet the number of people suffering from headaches due to using cell phones is huge. In 2010, two-thirds of Ukrainian university students interviewed admitted the fact that it is not socially acceptable to openly discuss this issue. Gro Harlem Brundtland was EHS when she was head of the World Health Organization. She was quite open about the fact, but was forced to resign from her post one year later. This deterred other high-ranking public figures from following her example.
Only a minority of people suffering from electromagnetic pollution know what they are suffering from, while the great majority have no idea. The entire population is being electrocuted by remote control and one almost has to apologize for being electro-sensitive or, to be precise, electro-hypersensitive, just as if one had to apologize for being “cyanide-hypersensitive”. For the truth is that electricity, as it is currently being used, is toxic. Moreover, statistical graphs clearly show an increase in the mortality rate of the inhabitants of nine American cities shortly after the first base stations were put into operation. This increased mortality ranges from 25 to over 80%.
A survey conducted by a daily newspaper, which asked New Yorkers to report whether they had begun suffering from a number of EHS symptoms after November15th, 1996, gathered hundreds of testimonies from a wide range of racial and social classes. The date in question was the day when the first cell phone network went into operation.
The Cellular Phone Task Force, an organization started by Arthur Firstenberg in 1996, is inundated with requests for help from people harmed by microwave radio frequencies. So many emitters of all kinds proliferate–from WiFi, WiMAX, radar stations and irradiation emitted from the sky by telecommunications satellites, that it seems as if soon there will be nowhere to escape to.
Prof. Olle Johansson of the prestigious Karolinska Institute, who is famous for awarding the Nobel Prize for Medicine, has focused on demonstrating the effects of electronic smog on living organisms since1977. The success of his studies led to his being marginalized at his institute, the funding for his research disappearing and to his receiving death threats; on one occasion, he narrowly escaped an attempt on his life through the sabotage of his motorcycle. Despite everything, he continues to inform the world of the truth in order to defend, among others, those suffering from EHS, whose lives have become hell on earth. He is disgusted by the way in which the governments of so-called “democratic” countries have simply abandoned the victims of radio frequencies to their fate.
Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe, who has dual British and American nationality, completed her studies in 1998. In 2007, after following her F-16 pilot husband to the USA, she became severely affected by EHS without realizing it. Her internet researches finally enabled her to understand what was happening to her. As a doctor, she was puzzled as to how such a profound and disabling condition could exist without her ever having heard of it in her profession. To set her mind atrest, she decided to undergo an MRI to rule out the risk of brain cancer. She believed that her death was imminent when the high frequency pulsations were engaged, but recovered full health and vitality in Death Valley, far from radio frequencies. Since then, she has dedicated herself to informing and helping the 5% (at least) of the population who are EHS and have been totally abandoned by the authorities.
Yury Grigoriev, who is generally regarded as the grandfather of electromagnetic research in Russia, is extremely concerned about young people above all, and has stated that this is the first timein the history of humanity that people’s brains are being openly exposed to microwaves–which is extremely serious in the eyes of a radiobiologist. In particular, he cites a Korean study which shows that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children is connected to the use of cell phones.
In the late 1990s, the Swedish neurosurgeon Leif Salford and his team proved that cell phones make the blood-brain barrier permeable, causing Alzheimer’s disease. In 2003 they showed that a single exposure of only two hours causes permanent damageto the brain.
In 2015, Turkish scientists irradiated rats for an hour a day for a month, using typical cell phone waves. The irradiated rats had 10% fewer brain cells than those that had been spared that treatment. The same team experimented on pregnant rats for 9 days at the same radiation level. The rats’ progeny showed degeneration of the brain, spinal cord, heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, thymus and testicles. The same experiment repeated on young rats caused atrophy of the spinal cord together with decreased myelin, like that seen in multiple sclerosis.
In September 1998, the first 66 satellites for space telephony went into operation, causing an increase in the USA’s national mortality rate of nearly 5%inthe two subsequent weeks. During the same period, it was observed that birds were no longer flying and that EHS people became particularly ill. Today, about 1,100 artificial satellites fly over us, but several companies –Google, Facebook, SpaceX, OneWeb and Samsung –are planning to launch up to 4,600 new communications satellites each by 2020, in order to blanket the entire planet with high-speedInternet access.
In 1968, even the first small fleetof28 military satellites precipitated a worldwide flu pandemic. Unlike a ground-based antenna, whose radiation is highly attenuated when it reaches the magnetosphere, satellites act directly on itthrough mechanisms that are still poorly understood, thus compromising life on earth. We forget the warnings of Ross Adey, the grandfather of bioelectromagnetics, and of the atmospheric physicist Neil Cherry, that we are electrically regulated by the world surrounding us and that the safe level of exposure to radio frequencies is therefore zero. This potentially catastrophic initiative must be opposed and the organization leading the way is the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS;
In 2014, the physician Tetsuharu Shinjyo published a “before-and-after” study. He evaluated the health of 122 inhabitants of a building on which base station antennas had been installed. Twenty-one suffered from chronic fatigue, 14 from dizziness or Ménière’s disease, 14 from headaches, 17 from eye pain or infections, 14 from insomnia and 10 from chronic nosebleeds. Five months after the antennas were removed, only 2 cases of insomnia, 1 case of vertigo and1 case of headaches remained!
This human rights emergency, which affects hundreds of millions of people on a planetary scale, and the environmental emergency that threatens the extinction of countless species of plants and animals must be faced with clear-sighted and unflinching resolution
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11 responses to “In the Country of the Blind”

    I am preparing a book on the English resistance to the march of the
    New World Order.
    In 2 World wars many men refused to take up a gun go to a foreign land
    and kill people.
    It took a lot of courage to be labelled a ” Conchie” or a Conscientious objector to these wars.
    A movement began before W W 1 called the Lamplight Campaign
    these lamplighters were a mixture of religious men quakers humanists
    and just moral men who did not want the brain washing to go kill the fellow Anglo Saxons of Germany, these men were treated very harshly by the authorities
    and were regularly beaten up and tortured in British Prisons, for those who did go to war but refused to kill other human beings, they got the task of being Stretcher Bearers, these men wearing a large red cross would go out during the battle and collect the wounded to bring back for treatment, being between both sides shooting at each other, their lifes were often very short.
    These men were the real heros of the wars, not the men too afraid to say no who just went on killing, these were the real cowards.
    Lamplighters would not shoot at people but fire over their heads, or if their lives were threatened would shoot to wound only.
    To refuse to kill meant you could be taken from your cell without any kind of trial and shot and your family refused your army pay.
    Particularly in W W 2 these refuseniks peacemongers and religionists
    were labelled as being anti-semitic there was the feeling why should we fight these wars for jews, when most jews with jewish doctors exemption certificates
    got out of National Service.
    After the war approx 100 ex servcemen mostly lamplighters marched on Whitehall and threw their medals in the Thames, Churchill was the most hated man in British History, the men knew the war was fought on lies as all wars are.
    King George 5 witnessed the horrors of w w 1 and tried to speak to the nation, but was murdered by Churchill and the kings doctor, Lamplighters see the King as a hero.
    I have the many copious detailed diaries of a man who as a teenager became a stretcher bearer
    and was badly wounded himself, finally dying last year.
    I never knew his nationality but his name was Wallifer Brumas.
    as background please read these online books
    Wiliam Joyce Twilight over England
    Lies in wartime A Ponsonby

  2. Anyone electrosensitive can probably think,not just memorise and repeat word patterns. Not much use as work horses, surplus to requirements.

  3. The reason I left as a teenager my native west Germany was to escape the draft. Having lived as a child during WWII and in its aftermath. I grow up without a father who was still a POW almost five years after WWII before his return home, When the US induced West Germany’s puppet government, to resurrect a new German Army in 1953, I decided never to join any military. I ultimately left, shortly after completing my apprenticeship. It is one thing, to defend your very home and country against an invading force, but quite another to be the Invader, no matter how feigned the argument might be. Having learned over the years, who is behind those major military conflicts, the lives lost during conflict, where lost in vain, since former enemies are now friends or partners. All wars are banker wars. I totally agree with Kevin Ballsaker.

  4. @Kevin.

    Yes, I was only thinking of the conscientious objectors yesterday. I was thinking about all the man who went over the top – including my own grandfather – who were brainwashed; just like the mask wearers and social distance observers of today. The sheer gullibility of the current population in believing official narrative is a constant head scratcher to me.

    Today we have the NHS heroes. Yesterday we had men machine gunned down. Not heroes but victims. However its necessary to keep the “hero” meme going in order to recruit future mugs for the kosher empire. The whole question of what bravery actually is has been distorted by the MSM.

  5. the above comment makes so much sense as i know members of my family opposed to churchils war were taken in dawn raids and never seen again
    a Befeater said before his death that these men were taken to the tower of london without trial and are buried under the grass.
    I knew about the march where men threw their medals in the Thames

  6. “The sheer gullibility of the current population in believing official narrative is a constant head scratcher to me.” It boggles the mind !

    We got duped ! I am ashamed and angry.

    A case in point : The Freemason Police officer who gave the Constitutional speech to supposed fellow officers quit the force three years prior according to his own video post.
    Seattle ” Hero Cop” Greg Anderson Exposed! He Quit The Police Force
    Now he has swindled many well meaning people out of nearly half a million dollars.
    Crime pays when the public is gullible !
    We are up against a practiced deception agenda and they are pulling all the stops. Discernment is going to be our most precious tool and it is in short supply these days.

    It is going to become overwhelming for the general public to do what is right in face of the hurdles to maintain an existence in an increasingly locked down freedom and tyrannical control atmosphere.

  7. I often wondered about those men who marched on parliament and threw their medals in the River Thames, we were never told why they did it, the Daily herald i think it was who called them men anarchists, but they were ordinary soldiers like my grandfather
    Wilfred Wilson who lost both legs, was denied injoury compensation because he could still work with his hands, but they gave him a medal, a bit of metal on coloued ribbon
    how was he supposed to live nd feed his family with that.
    Thankyou for the explanation of why these men marched, they must like the hunger marchers who came from up north to parliament begging for work and food
    be seen a sthe real heros. Of course the government kept them out of work to offer it to west indians to come to the UK for etc
    My grandfather who had no legs said, ” the German people never were our enemy,
    our enemy is our own goverment”

  8. When Adolf Hitler first came to power he told the jews lave Germany now
    many laughed at him and said we own this country you goyim work for us.
    Hitler put Rothschild in prisin and took over the economy giving German people such wealth when the rast of the world saw people starving to death in the depression
    If the jewish holocaust was true why didnt the Rothschlds and Rockefellers who directed and planned the war save these jews ?
    Because it never happened
    We are told Pres Putin told the jews get out of syria or i release the papers us Russains have on the holocaust
    Roll on that day and i would love to know the truth that Hitler an Chamberlian planned to take the UK way from the jews, and to think we fought this guy Hitler and killed Chamberlian
    madness madness madness

  9. I doubt 60 hz home electrical current has any effect on us (outside of electric shock). Such claims are preposterous, as it has been in use for nearly a hundred years. The current is in the wire unlike cellphone radiation is in the air. Then saying home wiring is the cause all for our ill health is a reach.

    How about chlorinated water and pesticide laced food as causal agents? Those are taken internally. People used to die in droves before electricity and modernanity. Food spoiled, people froze to death, without electric heat so many caught the flue and died.

    What this website fails to cover is how unfit humans are to living on this planet and why they are forced to come up with every contrivance in order to survive. I don’t see Gorillas with cell phones or electric heaters. This lack of perception on why we are unadapted to being here is covered up by myth which the editors of this website ignore because it challenges their beliefs.

    Extract from a groundbreaking book by Arthur Firstenberg, which has been described as the “most important book this century”. Yes, it may be an important book but pales to these earth shattering ones:

    I would say the most important book of this century is ‘Caesar’s Messiah” by Joe Atwill as it completely laid bare the Roman state origins of Christianity. Following in at a close second the next most important book is ‘Alien Interview’ by Lawrence Spencer which exposes what the hell is going down on this alien owned prison planet.

    Most people are not ready for either of these books because their minds are stuck in myth. I am not worried about Jesus or Satan (myths) or electricity (very helpful) or stupid cellphones killing me. Shutting down food production because of a virus hoax could kill tens of millions. Fighting Global Warming while a new solar minima new little ice age will also cause famine and death by freezing for millions.

  10. @ Yukon Jack
    “their minds are stuck in myth.”
    So is yours, Jack, you keep pushing the Sitchin myths and ancient mystery school gods and you have bought into the project Blue Beam alien deception lock, stock and barrel.

    At least there are documented eyewitness and Historical accounts for Jesus and plenty of self professed Satanic practitioners to lend credence to their existence. Not so for your fantasy,myth and deception, Jack. Polytheism will be your downfall when combined with your propensity to mock your Creator. You will sing a different tune one day, although unfortunately for you it may be one day too late.

    It is written and His will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven. with or without your approval, Jack.

  11. @ Truthy1

    My mind is not stuck in myth at all buster. I would dump Sitchin in a heatbeat as soon as I learn of a better explanation for our situation. But you and your faithful brethren will never change your minds which is the big difference between us. I have an open mind and yours is closed and locked down.

    There is no evidence of afterlife, or that sin is real, or that some God is judging us. But there are good rational explanations for why humans believe in that stuff. For instance humans universally blame some external thing or other when something bad happens. It is a universal human trait.

    So when Fred Flintstone is struck by lightning and the human believes in God the mind searches for an explanation. God killed Fred because he sinned. Thus we must appease God with a sacrifice. This is the start of religion, and when it matures the story of a myth man who forgives all sin is told and everyone eats it up.

    The reason you are upset is my pointed comments are a challenge to your beliefs. You ought to think about how man evolved into a hairless ape during an ice age. That is preposterous, but for you, you never ask that question because you believe in a myth of man being created by magic in one day by God, which is even more preposterous.

    How we actually got here is one of the biggest questions of all time and it wasn’t by magic or the tales of our myths, nor did we evolve here. The third possibility is that aliens created us and put us here and our 23 pair of chromosomes is the smoking gun proof as all other primates have 24 pairs.

    So the third most important book of our age is Dr. Jack Pruett’s ‘The Grandest Deception’, as we are worshipping the false gods of our creation as the original Creator of the Universe. But you don’t care about this as you believe in the Jew Jesus, which if you read my many essays is a fatal mistake for western man.