Signs of the SECOND HOLOCAUST are upon us

As Trump prepares US military to force vaccinate every American at gunpoint with untested, unsafe COVID vaccine before 2021

By S.D. Wells – Natural News May 14, 2020

As Trump names former GSK pharma executive, Moncef Slaoui, as his lead henchman for “Operation Warp Speed,” he also prepares the military to go door-to-door and force-vaccinate Americans at gunpoint with a highly experimental vaccine that contains a tracking chip. That’s just one step away from the US government tattooing the serial number of the vaccine insert onto the inner forearm of the person injected, just like Hitler branded the Jews and other political prisoners of the Holocaust captured and tortured at the horrific death camp called Auschwitz.

Vaccines aren’t tested for safety or efficacy now, and neither are all of the insanely toxic ingredients used to make the batches, including mercury, African Green Monkey kidney cells, monosodium glutamate (MSG), formaldehyde, and deadly pig virus strains called Circovirus, used in childhood vaccines to give them severe diarrhea and tangled intestines.

Death count from COVID-19 virus will PALE in comparison to deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine itself

Yes, the US Army General Gustave Perna will command forces, as directed by the pharma Hitler of 2019, Moncef Slauoi, to start off with injecting the elderly in all nursing homes across America with COVID-19 genetically modified strains of a virus that’s already morphing and spreading out of control, so the elderly can shed that virus for two weeks (after being vaccinated) to ALL the other elderly residents, killing off all of them in one fell swoop. Of course, only the virus will be blamed, and never the vaccine.

Rushing a vaccine to market is like rushing the building of an atomic bomb on your own soil. This is biological warfare being waged on domestic soil by our own government. Anyone who lets the police, doctors, nurses or a Big Pharma executives’ US army brigade shoot lethal toxins into their body, their child’s body or their elderly parents’ bodies is saying yes to the second Holocaust, except this one could take out a couple hundred million people.

We went from “flattening the curve” and having enough hospital beds in order to reopen society and business … to “mandatory lockdown until force vaccinated” overnight – what happened?

Yes, Operation Warp Speed is underway folks. We have a “choice”: be force vaccinated and possibly tattooed and micro-chipped like at the Nazi concentration camps, or have all of our land, businesses and children confiscated by the insane Leftists and globalists when they install communism in 2021, should they win in November of this year.

Officials from the Defense Department and the Department of Health and Human Services are about to engage in domestic terrorism and biological warfare on all Americans, and they’re going to do it using submission by fear.

Fear is big business in America, all starting with the inside job of 9/11, the Patriot Act that killed a large portion of the Constitution, and now we have another invisible “terror” enemy at large, a lab-created virus. The Czars of Toxic Medicine, Anthony “Fraudulent” Fauci and Bill “Hell’s Gates” Gates, are leading the way into the next Holocaust, and for some freak reason, Donald J. Trump is all in with Big Pharma on this.

No students will be allowed to go to any schools, public or private, without the mark of the beast injected into their muscle tissue. The new stimulus package is nicknamed “HR-6666” just to rub it all in the face of the frustrated, scared, ignorant masses. That’s 100 billion in grants to clinics and medical centers for poisoning Americans. You can’t make this stuff up.

Millions of Americans who have held onto their automatic and semi-automatic weapons over these past few years of staged mass shootings will be waiting, cocked and loaded, in the woods, the hills and their basements for the S.S. vaccine police to hunt down Americans “for their own safety” and “for the greater good.”

Tune your internet dial to for updates on deadly vaccines coming to your doorstep with the US Army soon.

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24 responses to “Signs of the SECOND HOLOCAUST are upon us”

  1. The article speaks ofa second holocaust
    when was the first ?
    does the author mean the Nabka ? or the armenian genocide, what ?

  2. Isn’t “Holocaust” patented? Call it anything BUT “a burnt sacrificial offering dedicated exclusively to God.”

  3. yes, loose language sinks sense!

  4. Trivial, but the “powers” enjoy their 9’s and 11’s. No need to call 911. Covid19, we need another 1. 9+1, discard the zero.
    11 being the alleged “high number of magick”, the twin pillars of Jachin and Boaz, the “horns” of whatever imaginary deity the Masons prostrate themselves before. “I” being the ninth letter of the alphabet and all of its attendant vanity and ego, 1 9 1.

  5. Gerald:
    He must mean the Russian Holocaust by the (((Bolsheviks)))

  6. A second? which one was the first???

  7. There was no “first” Holocaust unless referring to the US/UK criminal firebombing of Dresden, Germany.

    Although this guy seems to be fully aware of what is coming, he misrepresents Hitler, horribly.

    What is coming will certainly be the biobombing of the world and will obliterate the record numbers of innocent people murdered at Dresden.

  8. @ gerald

    Natural News is a Jewish media website and the author seems to be “holocaust” believer.

  9. The first “holocaust” was the Jew Lazar Kaganovich causing the deaths of 6-8 million
    by starvation as he implemented Stalin’s collectivized farming in the Ukraine. The Six Million HoloHOAX of the European Ashkenazi Khazars is a myth. The International Red Cross numbers for Jews who died in Europe during WWII is about 271,000. By the way,
    the deaths in the Ukraine were called the Holodomor. As for the corona virus SCAM, it comes from the very same Illuminati Satanists behind 911. If Americans do not start finding the TRUTH they will get the same genocide suffered by the Armenian Christians at the hands of the Donmeh.

  10. Likely Wells is right. The only real virus that the ruling establishment sees are the common people crowding the cities and the byways and using up the precious resources of the world, a world which they have been bred and conditioned to thing that they own along with everyone else in it. Most in the way are the useless eaters and that now includes the elderly.

    It is so very strange that most people are able to accept based on the evidence that the Covid-19 virus is a designer virus going back to Fort Detrick at least some 5 years ago, but they seem unable to connect the dots that with all the experiments at that high-security, bio-warfare lab, and then with all the other experiments at a number of other “safety labs” in the US and other nations, that the scientists most likely knew long before the “outbreak” in December 2019, exactly what group or class of people would most likely be at risk or vulnerable for a relatively high mortality rate if infected. The very frail and elderly and those with severe pre-morbidity conditions – they must have known that as well in advance of its alleged “escape”.

    Also, the outbreak came from the same establishment which has advocated and advanced all of the assisted suicide and euthanasia legislation over recent years in most Western nations. This is legislation aimed at knocking off the same “clearly defined” vulnerable sector as was hit with this flu virus. By the term ‘establishment’ I include all those in our governments who are in key positions imposing the polices dictated by those higher up in the food chain of control. There has been increasing concern over past decades with our aging populations and increasing health care costs which many have said are “unsustainable”.

    In a pagan age like today where younger generations deprived in the educational systems and the media to forming their consciences in relation to any real reverence for human life, they for the most part will likely turn a blind eye to any establishment measures to make their taxes and opportunities more sustainable by thinning the population a little and getting rid of those whose lives are deem useless. Wells is no doubt absolutely right about a sinister motive with any flu vaccination program coming out of all of this.

    I have known for a number of years now where I live, that unless a elderly person in care has an effective advocate their lives and well-beings are more vulnerable to those who think they are in the way, and that is even more reason for the elderly and their advocates to resist flu vaccination.

  11. Trump will not be forcing any vaccines on Americans. He agreed to “distribute” the thing. That’s playing for time. YOUR duty is to spread the facts about the scamdemic and to REFUSE the poison if anyone does attempt to mandate it, including the President. That’s YOUR part and you must do it.

  12. Ten years before the “Holocaust” of 6 million innocent Jews at the hands of bad Christians (German Nazis), there was the “Holodomor” of 7 million innocent Christians at the hands of bad Jews (Russian Pharisees, Sadducees and media-Scribes).
    The Hidden Holocaust : 12.7 Million Christians Murdered By The USSR
    We will never know how many millions Stalin killed. “And yet somehow Stalin gets a pass,” Ian Frazier wrote in a recent New Yorker article about the gulags. “People know he was horrible, but he has not yet been declared horrible officially.”

    Time magazine put Stalin on its cover 11 times.

  13. Best friend Israel, Donald J. Trump, is betraying us, but his base still fervently believes in him.

    How much you wanna bet that the Bible believers will cheer Israel on while they are wiped out?

    That, my friends, is the power of God’s holy word.

  14. Ditto what Gerald said. Whoever wrote this silly article is so misinformed he doesn’t even know “the holocaust” is Jewish propaganda, lies, BS.

  15. Yeah, I was wondering that too. Maybe he’s referring to the Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin Holocaust. Or maybe the Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hiroshima Holocaust, or all of them combined!?
    I know of no other ones. Unless of course you include Eisenhower’s death camps that deliberately starved one million German POW’s. I know of no other legitimate holocaust’s.

  16. Someone needs to do the math, how much the government, insurance companies, etc… would benefit from eliminating all the old people in US and EU? After all the economy is already damaged much more greatly and this could not compensate. So big Pharma will profit but the rest of the economy is finished. So one wonders… could population reduction be the only goal? The second area of uncertainty is the level of complicity, governments are corrupt and evil, however this may actually be forced on them by the deep state. Surely the fewer people know the actual motive the better they can conceal it.

    If you remember, at first… they started a heavy propaganda war on Iran. I don’t need to remind you, it was a psychological war on all Iranians as well as people of the region, because they said Iran has become the center of covid19 and regional countries are all in danger. They went on and on about mass-graves, constant focus on stats, saying Iran is hiding the real numbers, that there is all sorts of shortages in Iran etc…, and what sanctions didn’t do, covid19 did to Iran. US and allies all said all they could, Saudis said there dead people are piling up in the streets!

    Now you see numbers and the situation in Iran, it is perfectly normal, while many countries have taken over Iran in covid19 stats… in comparison (, Iran is now 9th in the total number of deaths, 10th in total number of cases, 13th in the everyday death rate, 6th in total number of recovered, and generally looks much better.

    After all the videos of chaos coming out of US and EU… one is bamboozled that western propaganda against Iran actually has backfired and has ruined their own image. Did they not know?! It is baffling. Is it convincing to say they wanted to make a big deal about Iran to scare other countries? Maybe they thought they could bring Iran to the negotiating table?

  17. Why should anyone be vaccinated by force? There is no medical or other support for this idea because the answer is obvious: if you have been vaccinated then you are ‘OK’ and cannot now be infected. If others choose to NOT be vaccinated themselves, then you have nothing to worry about because you are ‘safe’ and the other people are actually none of your business. They have their own mind and no matter how much you may dislike the idea, they make decisions about their own health without having to get your permission.

  18. He meant to say a real holocaust that the jewish Elite are planning on the rest of humanity.

  19. @Stephen

    Thanks for the condensed list of genocidal atrocities. Though you left out a very important one: the millions of Russian prisoners of war who either collaborated with the German forces or accepted to surrender and become prisoners; all of them were forced at gun point to return to the Soviet Union and face the worst fate that could befall anyone incurring the wrath of Stalin.

  20. Now for the SOLUTION to all FEAR porn: Everybody needs to a (Common Law) Notice of Liability to whoever is given the license to administer 5G, vaccines, smart maters etc. Go to ALL governments/corporations/states/councils/police are registered with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission, and use Admiralty Law, the people MUST use Common Law to counteract it.

  21. I love these comments and agreed with them all
    i keep being told the public is waking up
    can it be true ?
    thanks all for great comments

  22. Aha, there is a relevant comment mentioning PRIVATE LIABILITY, this is by far the most critical consept to learn. Notice of private liability, senttwice then a Notice of fault, and tacit agreement is achieved. In other word’s, the case is wone before it goes to court, since there is no controversy.

  23. Revelation chapter 13(the chapter that speaks of receiving the mark of the beast) reveals that people then will have a choice to take or not take the pledge of allegiance (Mark of the Beast) to the despotic global government of that time.
    For refusing to give one’s allegiance over to this tyrannical global government, they will either be killed or become unable to buy or sell the necessities of life.(Do we not see this taking shape even now?)
    This global tyrant is permitted by God to ascend to power after the collapse of the current Anglo-American world power and after the Greatest Tribulation to ever visit mankind is miraculously cut short by God for the express purpose of His bringing mankind into judgement as to where each one’s loyalties lie, namely His Kingdom in Christ Jesus hands or Satan’s last ditch effort for total control of the earth through his beast government monstrosity.
    Receiving this symbolic mark causes the recipient to have their name removed from the Lambs (Jesus) book of life because of repudiating Gods rightful sovereignty over the earth.
    It is imperative to commit your complete loyalty to the incoming Kingdom of God which will after this “Hour of Test” bring to pass the accomplishing of the will of God on earth as it is in heaven for the unending blessings of the faithful on an earth freed from wickedness and corruption upon those who choose God rule over Satan’s.