Trump Says Military Will Be Mobilized to Deliver Coronavirus Vaccine by End of Year

Jenni Fink – Newsweek May 14, 2020

President Donald Trump is mobilizing the United States military so a vaccine for a new coronavirus can be widely distributed once it’s ready for widespread use.

Trump told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo in an interview that aired Thursday morning that his administration is operating under the assumption the vaccine will be ready by the end of the year. Inoculation is key to resuming a fully normal life, according to multiple officials, and Trump said failing to make distribution plans could cause a delay in people receiving the vaccine.

“It’s a massive job to give this vaccine,” Trump told Bartiromo. “Our military is now being mobilized so that at the end of the year we’ll be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly.”

Phase I clinical trials are being conducted with “many” vaccine candidates, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Phase II trials should begin in late spring or early summer and by late fall or early winter, Fauci expects officials to know if the three trials were successful. To avoid a supply and demand problem, Fauci told senators during a hearing on Tuesday that America will start proactively producing a vaccine if the Phase I trial shows it’s a viable option.

The White House is also working on ensuring there are enough syringes to administer the vaccine, according to the president. The president told Bartiromo most of the population will receive the vaccine, but priority focus will be on the elderly, including those in nursing homes and senior citizen centers, because of how vulnerable the demographic has proven to be during the outbreak.

A Newsweek review of state demographic data showed in at least 37 states, the majority of cases involved people under 65 years old, but the majority of deaths were among people who were 65 or older. Eighteen states reported the highest number of deaths were in the 80 years of age and older demographic.

In New York, the epicenter of the outbreak, 22,013 people have died, according to the state Department of Health. About 65 percent of those deaths—14,391 lives—were people who were over the age of 70.

“There’s been very little damage done to people that are healthy and young and frankly medium aged people,” Trump said in the Fox Business interview. “But the elderly have been decimated, absolutely.”

Closing businesses and other mitigation measures have been successful in limiting the number of deaths and flattening the curve, but it’s caused massive unemployment and taken a toll on the U.S. economy. Trump left the responsibility of reopening in the hands of governors, although he’s a staunch advocate for states to lift measures and allow people back to go back to work.

People have been critical of Trump’s stance on reopening and accused him of putting the health of the economy before the health of American lives. On Tuesday, Fauci testified in a Senate hearing that if states move too quickly to ease restrictions the “consequences could be really serious.”

When it comes to reopening schools in the fall, Fauci encouraged officials to make the decision on a “step-by-step basis” that looks at the dynamics of the outbreak in a specific area. Young people with COVID-19 have died from a pediatric inflammatory syndrome and because it is not known definitively how the virus impacts children, Fauci said: “We really better be very careful.”

Trump said he was “surprised” by Fauci’s answer about states reopening too quickly on Wednesday and called it not acceptable, “especially when it comes to schools.” He added that “schools are going to reopen.”

In addressing the topic of schools during his interview with Bartiromo, Trump reiterated his stance that schools should open. But, teachers who are 65 or older or have an underlying health condition that could make them vulnerable to developing serious disease or put them at a higher risk of dying should “relax for a longer period of time.”


18 responses to “Trump Says Military Will Be Mobilized to Deliver Coronavirus Vaccine by End of Year”

  1. What a played fool.
    What a sad country of (mostly) fools.
    I remember it so much better.

  2. Question:

    wasn’t Donald Trump a fierce opponent of the “Vaccine Gang” led by Antony Fauci, Bill Gates & Company ?


    that was just a storytelling fueled by media mainstream and naive behaviours of Donald Trump’s fans, in short, just another show of the actual “Society of the Spectacle” in which we live!


    There are a lot of effective solutions to stop the misleading “Society of the Spectacle” in which we live once for ever but I should write a very long article and this is not the case!

    Best regards.

    Fabrice, greetings from Italy.

  3. I wish the UK population was armed. Mandatory vaccinations, socially imposed health certificates, social distancing to infinity, total surveillance, the use of the military, the list goes on. These people will not be stopped except by force. If the public does not wake up soon, they will find themselves in a dystopian world beyond their wildest nightmares.

  4. European Heaven
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    All the soldiers are British
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    All the cars are German
    All the weather is Greek
    Everything is organised by the Swiss
    and the jews are back in the work camps

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    everything is organised by the Italians
    and the jews have taken all the economies
    through the Rothschild E U There is real wisdom here

  5. Trump is a zionist deep state trojan horse leading America to destruction and forced vaccinations are just a start for the satanist zionist one world government that has long been planned but now is unfolding before our eyes.

  6. !!!!!!!! President Bullshit is a disgusting monster !!!!!!!!

    A special kind of STUPID!

    President Bullshit Checks With His Boss

    Are you dumb enough to fall for this shit again?

    Not outraged yet? Keep watching your cartoons!

    Hey Trump! Take your Syringe and shove it
    up your stinking arse-nal!!! Got that?!!_AGENDA_(18).jpg?width=294&height=178&fit=bounds&crop=fill

    Scumbag Tramp with his owners

    These are Killers enabled by the Whitehouse Monsters

  7. Trump said he has never got a flu shot. Wonder if he will get the mark of the beast. What a sorry state this country is in even to consider forced vaccinations for this farce. We have hundreds of thousands of people living on the street, more each day, if the government was concerned about public health shouldn’t rehabilitation of these people be a priority? How about the 3000+++ Americans that were murdered on national TV on 911 and the millions killed, maimed or displaced in the Middle East as a result of this false flag? If you think the government is concerned for public health you are a fool and your foolishness could very well be your undoing.

  8. (edited for typos if you will permit)

    Trump is a total sell out. In my view he is as corrupt as any of them wielding power in the world.

    It is interesting that some of those in our intelligence agencies, military, and police forces still justify their actions on the basis of serving what they have been told or conceive to be the lesser of evils. You can go a long way with that view and that is exactly what many of our forebears did when the communist threat was at their doors and appeared to be emanating from the USSR prior to WWII. The lesser of evils to many Europeans was fascism. Democracy was simply too weak a system and fascism was the only totalitarian structure capable of being an effective bulwark against that greater evil.
    Imagine if the Western mainstream media back then was not controlled by a manipulating bankster power elite and actually free to expose the facts, so people knew where the communist threat was actually coming from. The cartel would have been identified, quickly put out of business for their abuses, and the entire communist movement in the Soviet Union and the West would have died on the vine for the lack of sustenance from the very same Western power elites which had spawned and nourished the monster from its inception.

    It is mainly because the truth does not have a chance anymore in the public square that most people when it comes to elections are left to a choice between the lesser of evils. In the last US Presidential Election that was surely the case for most Americans until they crowded into either side of the highly polarized election stadium to cheer their hero on regardless of their track records and compromised backgrounds, all to continued delight of the same old power elites who control the media, the money for the election machines, and many of the corrupt government agencies. Imagine the chances of a truly representative or responsible governments emerging if truth and balance could have a real chance in our political systems, and the present fake media was a media loyal to the truth, and not a shill for propaganda, brainwashing, and deception.

    Again, this year Americans will go the polls. Putin and the rest of the world will get out their popcorn to watch the performance. People will take sides overlooking the squalid past of their favored candidate while condemning his or her opponent for much the same thing. It will be another power struggle where we weigh who is best depending on which candidate will likely satisfy most of our interests based on their promises or some future direction they are feinting.

    Because of the dissembling media we never quite know exactly what agenda we are really voting for. There is never any real accountability in the debates and who the real owners of the candidates actually are and their interests. We all know that anyone with any actual integrity wanting to finger the actual power elites to clean things up never ever has any real chance of being anointed by the actual power elites as a candidate in the final rounds of an election campaign, and the contest ultimately becomes one of a choice between the lesser of evils. It all seems so reasonable because in the circumstances we believe that is all we can do.

    However, what if we were to change the wording a little and this time around and make the choice between candidates not to be that of the lesser of evils but the lesser of “fraudsters”. Say it was Trump against Biden. To make our choice we would have to consider that Biden from the beginning to the end was a psyop generator and a 100% advocate of lockdowns and forced vaccinations. Trump, on the other was initially of the view that the virus was not that serious. He appeared to oppose the lockdowns but then appointed Anthony Fauci as head of the Coivd task force. Then he ended up totally backing the unnecessary and fraudulent forced vaccination program. Now we know, or ought to know by now, that the entire pandemic is a plandemic and a complete fraud, to dupe the people and to control them for other ends than any concern over their health. We know, or ought to know, that never before has such a huge fraud been perpetrated against so many people by the ruling power elites, the politicians they trot out for each major election race, and by their lock-step, mantra spewing lying media. So there is your choice. Fraudster Biden? Or fraudster Trump? The fact is that there is no real choice. Both are fraudsters and ought to be locked up.

    As a conservative, I do not agree with the Libertarian ideology because of its many flaws, but I do not consider it an evil, just as I do not believe liberalism is intrinsically evil. But I do consider fraud to be evil and fraud on a mass scale to be massively evil. What, therefore, if in the US a person like Ron Paul who called the Covid psyop of hoax from the beginning actually made it to the US election stadium as a final contestant? You say he would not have a chance? Why? He would not have the advertising money in the mainstream media to brainwash the people with meaningless images and slogans? No that may be a factor but not really the heart of the problem, because even if he did have the money to compete with whatever image he wanted to project, the fact is that he would not have a chance because the same power elites who own the leading candidates also own the media and Paul would be a dead duck before the race even began.

    The truth if it was known and freely disseminated would transform the world. Without the truth there is no justice to right things and without justice there is no freedom – and all democracy is just a sham. This is exactly what the power elites who behave as if they own everything and everyone are deathly afraid of. They are right now deathly afraid of the truth leaking out to naturally immunize everyone to their contagion of lies. Most of all, they are deathly afraid of the people waking up and taking control of their own lives and their own destinies.

  9. remind me of forced gold confiscation in us. those brain dead ‘n’ chiken head will line up for jab, then mandatory might get lifted,as for informed antivax is matter of life and death and armed , killing millions cause back fire. then still population 2025 target won’t be met.
    war with china is the ultimate goal , make us distract from the real issue through fear. i don’t think there would be any technology left(micro-chips) after an AMP explosion ang thermonuclear exchanges .

  10. …and those that refuse get to wear yellow stars.

  11. Proving that this mf’r is just another child of Satan to all of those that think he is different you better wake up, The odds are great that we have allowed Satan and his children and minions to pass the point of no return and we cannot stop wha is coming, And what is coming is beyond anyones imagination, Enjoy the ride we all asked for it.

  12. Heading “Trump says that once a Coronavirus vaccine is ready the military will be enrolled to ensure that everyone is vaccinated.”
    In the article Trump says:- “Our military is now being mobilized so that at the end of the year we’ll be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly.”
    Big difference.
    What gives Henry???? Bit of Bullshit there.

  13. freemanontheland… Not quite .. All those wearing yellow star will be exempt from vaccination …

  14. My advice, for its two cents’ worth — a tuppenny for your thoughts, sir and madam!

    Tend to your own garden. If you have no garden, make one now, then tend to it! Once you have your act together, at peace with Self and mate and family, get together with close neighbors, make peace in solidarity. Each neighbor will have others you do not know. Network, allow community to grow organically. Garden humanity, now, sooner than later. We may have a much shorter growing season in 2020.

    If you get that far along, then you should have a time|space capsule worthy of a trip through Hell. Design accordingly!! Undertaking this Work, know that LOVE is the channel through which POWER moves. A Master Teacher taught me that well. Poor student, I learned little else!

    LOVE your neighbor as your SELF — all will be well.

    More anon.

  15. Trump will not vaccine Americans , is strategy has always been to bait opposition.
    Don’t confuse declaration with acts .
    If i’m wrong ,i’ll come back to apologise.

    I am preparing a book on the English resistance to the march of the
    New World Order.
    In 2 World wars many men refused to take up a gun go to a foreign land
    and kill people.
    It took a lot of courage to be labelled a ” Conchie” or a Conscientious objector to these wars.
    A movement began before W W 1 called the Lamplight Campaign
    these lamplighters were a mixture of religious men quakers humanists
    and just moral men who did not want the brain washing to go kill the fellow Anglo Saxons of Germany, these men were treated very harshly by the authorities
    and were regularly beaten up and tortured in British Prisons, for those who did go to war but refused to kill other human beings, they got the task of being Stretcher Bearers, these men wearing a large red cross would go out during the battle and collect the wounded to bring back for treatment, being between both sides shooting at each other, their lifes were often very short.
    These men were the real heros of the wars, not the men too afraid to say no who just went on killing, these were the real cowards.
    Lamplighters would not shoot at people but fire over their heads, or if their lives were threatened would shoot to wound only.
    To refuse to kill meant you could be taken from your cell without any kind of trial and shot and your family refused your army pay.
    Particularly in W W 2 these refuseniks peacemongers and religionists
    were labelled as being anti-semitic there was the feeling why should we fight these wars for jews, when most jews with jewish doctors exemption certificates
    got out of National Service.
    After the war approx 100 ex servicemen mostly lamplighters marched on Whitehall and threw their medals in the Thames, Churchill was the most hated man in British History, the men knew the war was fought on lies as all wars are.
    I have the many diaries of a man who as a teenager became a stretcher bearer
    and was badly wounded himself, finally dying last year.
    I never knew his nationality but his name was Wallifer Brumas.
    The English Resistance is beginning to bloom again,as the desire of the jew to extinguish the white Anglo Saxon race, is angering many
    as background please read these online books
    Wiliam Joyce Twilight over England
    Lies in wartime A Ponsonby

  17. This is a sure way of creating a war of the World Against the Ugly American, And now at last we can see their True History like the 400 treaties made with the Native Indians and all of them broken, and all the Chinese Coolie’s that worked on the early railroads that were killed like they were just Waste Material, there is plenty more of their behaviour Against the rest of the World about How really Exceptional they Really are, Besides their Endless Bullshit from the end of the last World War, The list is Endless of their Mass trashing of this planet and their poisoning of the Air Land and Sea. and their Endless sabotaging of every Country on This Planet trying to get up of it’s Knees, If that is not Enough they Now want to take their Ugly Behaviour out into Space With their Space Navy that they have being trying to keep secret since 1960.

  18. @ Brian Mitchell;

    One other book of great note is: The Nameless War by Archibald Ramsay. This man spent the four years of WW2 in prison under regulation 14B