The Story of Influenza. An Important Tale to Tell Your Friends.

No One To Vote For – May 14, 2020

It is highly recommended that readers use the following uncontroversial, historical detail as a (rather bland and unobtrusive) instrument that just might wake up those who are still sleeping.
The word “influenza” originated in Italy. The first record of this strange and inexplicable illness  occurred around the year 1580. As the phenomenon recurred, acute observers recognised that it tended to ‘pop up’ simultaneously in multiple locations, sometimes on multiple continents. In an effort to explain this cognitively dissonant fact, Italian ‘scientists’ examined sun-spot records and noticed that outbreaks always seemed to coincide with peaks of sun-spot activity.

Coronal Mass Ejection as seen by Solar Dynamics Observatory June 7, 2011. Click to enlarge

They understood that when the sun’s surface (or CORONA) was most active, there were mass-ejections from the sun that manifested as spectacular displays of the Aurora Borealis in northern climes and that there were also magnetic effects (or magnetic ‘waves’) from the sun that struck the earth with uncommon intensity at these times.

Thus the word “INFLUENZA became the name of this illness. “Influenza” being short for “Influenza delle stelle” …  INFLUENCE OF THE STARS.
So, by the early 1600s European scientists had worked out that the cause of the illness now known as ‘influenza’ was the effect of unusual magnetic waves impacting the human body.
This “flu” narrative was accepted throughout the 1700s and 1800s. There were multiple references to the illnesses brought on by the proliferation of telegraph communications and the installation of AC power grids in US cities. Some of the reported effects were very serious for the persons involved, listlessness, loss of energy, depression, headaches and much more*.
The ‘electric/magnetic’ causation narrative continued as a model for explaining ‘flu’ symptoms right up until about 1920 and the global catastrophe of 1918/19 that was ‘The Spanish Flu’.


Again, this illness spread so fast that scientists could not explain the rate of contagion by human-to-human transfer of particles but it was the SECOND WAVE of Spanish Flu that killed tens of millions of people right across the world.

The US Surgeon General ordered a series of investigations into the nature of this disastrous contagion. One such series of experiments were conducted using 100 healthy volunteers from the US Navy by bringing them into close, controlled contact with patients suffering from the illness. A number of tests were repeatedly performed. Blood was extracted from the sick and injected into the volunteers. Patients spat into trays and the uninfected drank their sputum. Patients sneezed and coughed while volunteers, nose-to-nose, inhaled the droplets ejected as deeply as they could.

Doctors found, to the amazement of many, that NONE OF THE VOLUNTEERS GOT SICK. 



Many scientists and thinkers of the day, such as Rudolf Steiner, declared that the apparent “contagion” was the result of simultaneous exposure to the new RADIO WAVES (electro-magnetic frequencies) that were being broadcast for the first time across almost the entire world.

Given that 50 million died, ELECTRICITY AS POTENTIAL CAUSE OF DEATH was not an idea that our finance rulers could allow the public at large to believe. This awareness was excluded from the public domain and the false ‘virus’ narrative was invented to explain ‘the flu’.

If the public had been allowed to think that electrical installations and the radiation thereof might KILL them, then the entire 20th Century couldn’t have happened. All plans for development, industrialisation and corporate profits involved electricity. The establishment needed another story.

They got it. The ‘virus’ narrative exactly mirrors the ‘new EMF’ narrative of causation of influenza. 

A virus keeps mutating. Our bodies adjust to the old virus/emf frequency and we are then OK until a new mutation/new frequency comes along.

People should be aware that:

1) As German New Medicine has been asserting since the 1980s, no virus has ever been isolated or purified from human tissue …. though it is easy to do this with viruses found on algae, for instance. GNM says that the ‘virus model’ for disease is fictional nonsense. Having read two of GNM’s publications on this subject, it is impossible to disagree.

2) ‘Electrical’ diseases (like influenza) appear to affect some individuals very badly and others hardly at all.
During the Spanish Flu it was noticed that the worst symptoms occurred in young, healthy people between the ages of about 20 and 35. They often did not die, but they suffered the most. I noticed this same phenomenon during the recent period of the COVID flus. Young adults got it worst. It was they who lost their senses of taste and smell, for instance, and were laid up in bed with fevers.
In the early 1920s there is a record of a doctor writing a newspaper column wondering publicly if his advice to patients to “keep themselves healthy” might be bad advice given that being healthy made you most vulnerable to extreme suffering during this illness.

3) The fact that some were not vulnerable to the flu (did anyone notice during this year’s so-called-pandemic that one person in a family could fall hard to the illness whilst a sibling or parent in the same house did not catch it at all?) … this allowed the powerful, using Sigmund Freud as a mouthpiece, to declare that because only some were affected, then all claims of “electrical ailments” have purely psychological causes. They are illnesses of the imagination, hypnotically self-induced … they have no basis in physical reality.
…. and here we are today, collectively acting as though proximity to our neighbour might place us in mortal peril.

There is no debate re the good sense of this approach (even if such contagion was reality, this strategy for dealing with the illness is stupid). There is zero debate allowed regarding possible EMF causation to the recent pandemic.

… even though many experts, including Barry Trower, have clearly described the terrible dangers of the new system being constructed around us as we speak.
… even though we know that frequencies and intensities broadcast from the new masts are computer-controlled and we can be zapped by whatever chosen frequencies or intensities our rulers choose to use. The phone companies have completed their research on the effects of the broadcast signals but they refuse to share the data they have gleaned from experiments. 

Every new frequency is equivalent to a new virus. It will be alien to our body and our body will adjust to a new frequency in the normal way … by getting ill with “influenza”. 

The COVID-19 bull**** is an operation. 

Our rulers are pursuing an agenda and they will not stop now.

Something terrible is coming. The recent illness gave many victims ‘Hypoxia lite’ (their body’s haemoglobin could not fully absorb the oxygen they inhaled). The second wave will be way worse than the first. The first was a practice (a ” live exercise” as Pompeo called it). Illness, war, financial collapse, famine … anything is possible … but, whatever happens, expect it to be bad.

… we will soon endure the darkest hours before a new and wonderful dawn. We have collectively swallowed many barrels of poisonous, Satanic lies. 

However, we must be of good heart for soon we will know the truth and that truth will set the whole world free.
* P.S. The most important book written this century, so far, is surely Arthur Firstenberg’s “The Invisible Rainbow” from which most of the information in the above article was taken.
Every chapter contains breathtaking information (regarding all kinds of issues not mentioned above), information of which everybody should be aware.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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  1. You can read 17 pages of “The Invisible Rainbow” (free of charge)
    on the internet.

    It is AMAZING reading.

    The so called “Flu” flashed across earth faster than men could travel.

  2. “Thus the word “INFLUENZA became the name of this illness. “Influenza” being short for “Influenza delle stelle” … INFLUENCE OF THE STARS.”

    Good article…

    Like others, I’ve done a great deal of background reading during the current plandemic. With respect to the actual notion of any “virus” it seems they may be “effects” rather than “causes”. And yes, electricity, BOTH man made and what the universe provides as background EMF, seems likely to be a “virus” generating causal agent. (Toxic chemicals being another possible agent generating what are currently referred to as “pathogens”.)

    Since many have noted the lack of isolation of the COVID-19 virus according to the Koch postulates, it seems to me that the colds/flu can be divided into the 5G centred “outbreaks” – Wuhan, New York, San Marino etc – along with the background EMFs that are generated by the Sun; however in this latter case, reduced sun spot activity may perhaps be correlated with the statistics showing lower flu stats compared to previous years.

    So, I would predict that the “outbreaks” of the “virus” in the short and mid term will be highly localised to where 5G is being rolled out. And reduced sun spot activity correlated with cool periods of the earth will be responsible for less global flu.

  3. Why does it occur in patches? Northern Italy, Madrid and NYC (22,000 deaths) got it bad, but other places not affected. San Francisco has a very low infection and death rate (35)

  4. Thanks for the brilliant link Robert. it contains a summary of every chapter in the book.

  5. John Kirby,
    Maybe compare San Francisco to New York here:

    …not that this map shows the frequencies and intensities being blasted out by each transmitter.

  6. Since San Francisco is brimming over with Fudgepackers….this could be something to do with it…
    Vulnerable bum bandits would have already died from AIDs….
    Unfortunately so far the virus has left Britains celebrities untouched….David Beckheim is still tattooing the last remaining square inch of his body and Gordstein Ramsay is still being a monumental prick (Ramsay isnt a jew…BUT his wife IS….and he would not have achieved his success without the right connections.)

  7. Just one point we’re are in a solar minimum and the Sun is about to become more active. So this viral outbreak didn’t follow the classic solar trigger. From memory, none of the viral happenings this century have been triggered by solar activity and all demonstrated weaponised characteristics.

    We’ve got China and the US blaming each other, but I am gobsmacked that the UK and its toxic fake news media haven’t blamed Putin and Russia for Covid? As I keep saying, that would draw too much attention to the real culprit, Porton Down & MI6.

  8. The star in occult circles represents Lucifer. Hollywood blvd. sidewalks are paved with them and they represent the Fallen Angels in Los ( t ) Angeles.

    Influenza literally means influenced by the fallen angels and Lucifer . This makes sense because Lucifer is the Lord of the skies and the Prince of the power of the air.
    Ephesians 2:2
    Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

    That is some bad medicine, kemosabe

  9. The book is available on
    Of course you would have to sign up for a free day trail. I did so just to read it.

  10. Great Article Kevin – as usual :)) Thank You!
    I will read the book after such an endorsement!

  11. I am surprised to see Kevin engaged in promotion of such pseudoscience like ideas of this Firstenberg guy. Surprised because Kevin many times demonstrated his critical thinking skills.

    First thing to admit is that official „Spanish flu” story was invented by Rockefeller spin-doctors in 1930-ies, over ten years after the event. We do not know whether that was a flu, there was little Spanish input in the event. All story is based on lies. We do not know what happened.

    We know that WW1 was a global event provoked by „reptilians” (love terminology for hippie retards). Depopulation is always their goal, at least one of the goals. Thomas Malthus postulated depopulation two hundred years ago, he believed that the world was overpopulated during his pseudoscientific activity. A century later the problem was more acute.

    Wars often result in malnourishment and starvation. Long wars usually lead to starvation. I’ve seen estimates that British rule in India resulted in starvation death of 80-100m people, the last few million died in Bengal because famous war criminal Churchill had stolen Bengali rice during WW2. „Reptilians” always use starvation as a political instrument, Irish Potato Famine is a perfect example of their policy.
    WW1 was extremely long war, originally people expected the war to last few months. „Reptilians” offered more money to governments and fresh American cannon fodder and the war lasted four years. The war led to malnourishment (surprise?). We know that hundreds of thousands of people died in Germany because of the naval blockade implemented by demonic „reptile” Winston Churchill. German deadly starvation is just an example. At the end of this war people were simply weak.

    Kevin says that this „Spanish flu” was not an infectious disease. Quite possible, this disease could have been result of malnourishment or even starvation for several years.

    Has this Firstenberg guy shown anything on charts? Many charts available.
    US Pneumonia & Influenza Age-Standardized Death Rate
    US Pneumonia & Influenza Mortality

    Firstenberg guy says that flu was caused by electricity.
    What about electrification of Soviet Union in the 1930-ies – any influenza there? What about electrification of Africa in the 1950-60-ies – any influenza there? What about electrification of India & Malaysia & Indonesia – any influenza there?
    What about expansion of mobile telecommunication in the world since 1990-ies. I mean 2G and 3G. Any influenza? Where?

    Look at biography of this Firstenberg guy:
    He is professional activist without any professsional background. Agent provocateur. Tikkun Olam activist.
    His book was promoted by David Icke, Deep State agent. Firstenberg is promoted by the same global network which popularizes Harry Potter, David Icke, Bitcoin, Trump the Messiah, etc. Firstenberg’s book is a perfect example of Judeoanglosaxon irrational junk pseudoscience – like evolution theory, global warming/climate change and global COVID „pandemic”.

    Global Deep State in action.

  12. Could this explain all those ancient tunnel systems? A retreat in times of sunspot activity.

  13. Patrick,
    I am aware that Firstenberg is a “Climate Crisis” “ERebellion” enthusiast. Therefore, basically a supporter of the operation being conducted against us all right now (knowingly or not). He is Jewish and for the Tikkun Olam agenda.

    However, he DOES have a science background and I believe him when he describes the basis of his obsession about EMF waves as being his own electrical hypersensitivity.
    In his book he lists endless examples of real research and real health consequences of human exposure to radiation, including flu-like symptoms. This is the value of the book.

    Influenza was first identified as being caused by solar (coronal) emanations at times of high sunspot acivities. As early as the 1600s, for God’s sake!

    Firstenberg does not name nor condemn the agents of finance who have been pressing and profiting from this agenda. However, quoting his work does NOT make one a supporter of the politics of this individual.

    I had no idea about the tests carried out regarding Spanish Flu contagion and i’ve looked at the source material to which Firstenberg refers (US Surgeon General’s Report 1919). The book is accurate on this issue.
    Rudolf Steiner and many others said that radio masts had caused the pandemic at the time. Observing all the evidence, the harm done by new EMF frequencies cannot be denied.

    This book is VERY informative and very useful. When you put it together with German New Medicine you have a very strong case for the idea that the virus narrative of illness is entirely fictional, put together by establishment oligarchs to conceal the mortal threat of electromagnetic fields to human health.

    You say “we do not know what happened”, but while debate is closed on the issue and one side of the argument is treated as unspeakable heresy, I say it is good sense to suppose that the alternative (no virus, emf peril) is true until openly demonstrated to be otherwise.

    Your criticism accusing me of a failure of critical thinking is baffling. It feels like someone is saying 9/11 was not an “inside job” because Alex Jones, who promotes the idea, is a shill for Zionists. i really can think for myself and I am grateful for this man’s life’s work.

    It amounts to a massive contribution that should help us all in our battle against the political class who drive forward the agenda that is likely to destroy the lives of millions.
    Frankly Patrick, i’m baffled.

  14. @ Nixon

    An interesting speculation.In fact the Thunderbolts Project channel – who propose the the Electrical Universe Paradigm – has put forward Immanuel Velikovsky’s idea that activity tied to planetary activity – gigantic electrical discharges – were in the memory of ancient peoples and so informing their mythologies.

    (An interesting corollary of this is that craters on the moon etc are roughly circular rather than various types of ellipses that might be expected if meteors etc were the agents and came in from different angles. Cratering with circular impressions has been shown in electrical experiments.)

  15. Cold and Flu season comes in the winter and fades away after the weather warms up, as nearly everyone over 7 years old knows.

    People suffered from cold and flu long before electricity came into use. When American Indians were decimated by the cold and flu there was no electricity in use.

    People only discredit themselves if they repeat the nonsense proposed in this article.

  16. Compare book “Invisible Rainbow” of this alleged scientist Firstenberg with truly scientific book in this field. I mean Vladimir Binhi’s „Magnetobiology, Underlying Physical Problems”:

    Soviets had very developed science. They used EMR GHz frequency to heal people. For this reason Binhi quotes so many Soviet scientists.

    Binhi did not find any connection between electricity as such and public health deterioration.

    But Binhi is rational.

  17. Arthur Firstenberg is the Appeal Administrator of the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space. I don’t know anything about him and he might well be doing a service to humanity with his book and so on. But I have a couple of nagging questions.

    1. I saw an interview with Claire Edwards who was a co-organiser of the Space Appeal with Arthur Firstenberg. She said she left the appeal, apparently because of the following reason.

    “… I am heartbroken that the beautiful Appeal, in which I invested so much time, emotion and hope, ended up being tainted by the actions of Nicolya Christi, Tanja Rebel, Arthur Firstenberg and their fellow conspirators driving them behind the scenes.  Many tens of thousands of other people around the world who also invested hope in the power of the Appeal to bring change may also feel betrayed. The whole miserable, self-seeking and self-aggrandizing scenario puts me in mind of King Midas, who realised too late that wishing that all he touched would turn to gold actually deprived him of everything of true value.

    “…Thanks to Nicolya Christi’s attempt to take control of the global stop 5G movement by co-opting the 5G Space Appeal and creating stop5ginternational, it has now been revealed what 5G really is and who is really behind it. Nicolya Christi’s Worldshift organisation is in charge of the international projects of the Club of Budapest, a sister organisation of the depopulationist Club of Rome.”

    I don’t know what the truth is but I think it’s worth mentioning since there are limited hangouts and the public needs to be wary. To be fair, I sent Arthur Firstenburg an email asking him to take my name off the Appeal. When he asked why and I quoted the above url he replied with … “These are nothing but lies. A criminal complaint has been filed against Piotr Bein.”

    2. Millimetre waves are said to travel only short distances and distort easily, hence the reason for their installation on every 3rd or 4th utility pole (or whatever it is). Furthermore water, foliage and the like disrupt the 5G signal. Can anyone explain how 5G is going to be beamed down from satellites hundreds of miles above the Earth’s surface through clouds, rain, humidity etc when at the same time 5G transmitters need to be placed so close together at street level in order to get a strong, coherent signal?

    Doesn’t add up and I still don’t know if 5G from space is the real deal or a pys-op to overwhelm people into believing there is no hope.

  18. Jim Crowstein,
    you are absolutely spot on. I congratulate you for your critical thinking.

    Please allow me to send you a short article I wrote a few years ago. I promise i will not bore you. The article will expand a little on your view. guillaume at

  19. Patrick,
    Firstenberg quotes ENDLESS real scientists from numerous countries, including Russia. You are passing judgement on this book without having read it. QUITE OBVIOUSLY.

  20. Jim Crowstein,
    “When American Indians were decimated by the cold and flu there was no electricity in use.”
    They were subject to radiation from the same sunspot activity as everyone else and, after construction of telegraph and other electrical systems, the same e/m radiation as everyone else.

    There is a massive body of genuine and impartial scientific research that has established a real connection between electricity and numerous serious illnesses.

    @Guilliame … critical thinking? My ass. Just saying I haven’t read this book, nor checked out the references within, but I reject all its conclusions anyway … is ANYTHING BUT critical thinking. That is evidence-free and argument-free bullsh*t of the kind that gets posted here whenever any reference to 5G appears in an article.

  21. @ Peter Pan

    “2. Millimetre waves are said to travel only short distances and distort easily, hence the reason for their installation on every 3rd or 4th utility pole (or whatever it is). Furthermore water, foliage and the like disrupt the 5G signal. Can anyone explain how 5G is going to be beamed down from satellites hundreds of miles above the Earth’s surface through clouds, rain, humidity etc when at the same time 5G transmitters need to be placed so close together at street level in order to get a strong, coherent signal?

    Doesn’t add up and I still don’t know if 5G from space is the real deal or a pys-op to overwhelm people into believing there is no hope.”

    My understanding is that the satellites – viz high altitude balloons – transmit the information/data at lower frequencies which are then RELAYED at higher frequencies from the 5G transmitters on earth.

  22. @Simon Smith
    Thanks for your reply. I’d been wondering about that for a while.
    Still, it brings up another question. The main reason for 5G is to transfer large volumes of data at near instantaneous speeds so that IOT can be deployed. But if the speed and volume of data at 5G are compromised because it needs to be relayed (or throttled back) to a lower frequency/bandwidth for the sake of distance, then wouldn’t that create a bottleneck and defeat the purpose of putting up all these 5G satellites? Or maybe I’m missing something.

  23. @Peter.

    I was thinking of that while I was out jogging earlier. It’s a good question.

    As I’m not an electronic experts I could only speculate that it may be analogous to 22mm copper pipe feeding water into a 10mm copper pipe…

    Where I live in the West Midland part of the water supply travels downhill all the way from the Elan Valley in Wales, but I don’t think the speed which it comes out of the tap is the same as it travels underground…

    Hopefully an electronics maestro may be reading and put us right anyway 🙂

  24. This short video documents the 1919 US Army experiments that attempted to get healthy soldiers infected by sick ones:

    The experiments showed that it was impossible to catch the “virus” from contact. That result seemed unbelievable so I tracked down the archived US government report. You can read it here:

    The video reads verbatim from that document. Amazing!

  25. @ Simon Smith May 17, 2020 at 10:12 am


    David Icke was talking about this idiocy. No satelite emission possible.

    Sounds like “reptilian” provocation.

  26. 1. We agreed on questionable credibility of Mr Firstenberg.

    2. Electromagnetic radiation is very detrimental for humans. 2G or 3G destroys biological life. We know so from REAL scientists. Example from India:
    This is science.
    This teacher from LA suffered from WiFi at school:
    There is a massive body of genuine and impartial scientific research that has established a real connection between ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION and numerous serious illnesses.

    3. I wrote that we do not know what happened during 1918-19. Alternative narrative on „Spanish flu”:
    I have no qualifications in medicine/biology to discuss credibility of this story but vaccines connection sounds more rational. If one accepts a fluid from a gutter in a body and gets sick after injection – is blaming subsequent sickness on EMR rational?

    4. There is and will be a lot of disinfo in this field. Santo subito George Soros declares that COVID-19 is about Tikkun Olam:

    5. @ Kevin Boyle May 17, 2020 at 9:36 am
    Are you sure you are right? EMR weakens rapidly with distance, I’m sure you know the mathematical formula.
    I wouldn’t like to live under high voltage electric wires. But living 5km away from 240kV electrical grid should be quite safe. Common knowledge/experience.
    Can standard low voltage electric circuit working thousands of kilometers away be detrimental to you in any way?