Is Trump Preparing for War with China?

Rixon Stewart – Introduction May 13, 2020

The following article is posted because it’s necessary to highlight its dangerously flawed conclusion. For it seems that the author, Mike Adams, has swallowed without question disinformation from the Trump administration about the origins of Coronavirus.
The Trump administration has recently been trying to get the media to blame China for America’s failure to deal with Covid-19, and despite being a supposedly “independent” website, Natural News seems to have fallen for this.
As a result, Mike Adams has churned out a jingoistic rant that seems to justify war with China. The reason, according to Adams, is that China has just launched a biological strike on the U.S. in the form of Covid-19. Indeed, Adams argues that this was a biological version of Pearl Harbour and we know where that led.
This entirely ignores Bill Gates’ role in the pandemic and how it furthers his plans for widespread vaccination. In fact, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation together with the World Economic Forum simulated a global viral pandemic weeks before Covid-19 first emerged in Wuhan, China.
Mike Adams pointedly ignores this and he should know better. His website, Natural News, focuses on health matters so he should know Coronavirus isn’t as deadly as the mainstream media would have us believe and mainly the very old or those with other underlying health problems are likely to succumb to it.
Adams also ignores indications that some U.S. politicians seem to have had foreknowledge of the pandemic when they sold stock just before the market plunged in its wake.
Instead of examining these anomalies, Adams rants against China:
“China is the greatest enemy of humanity, and if Trump, Pompeo and others were to find a way to obliterate the communist Chinese regime while freeing the Chinese people, it would be the greatest gift to humankind that we could possibly imagine.”
Now I’m not suggesting that Chinese Communists are blameless or that Chinese style communism is an ideal we should aspire for. Far from it but with this article Mike Adams seems to be deliberately paving the way for conflict with China.
I somehow doubt that Adams is even aware of this as he seems blinded by a misplaced sense of patriotism, which I suspect others may be manipulating.
Again, I am not defending Communist China and I’m under no illusion about their human rights record. Nonetheless, I do not advocate war with them (or Iran or Russia, both of which might enter the fray alongside China), but that seems to be what Adams is proposing.
Adams seems oblivious to the possibility that elements in the Pentagon and the current administration MAY ACTUALLY WANT WAR WITH CHINA. So that the U.S. can take on an aspiring challenger to its global dominance while it still has the military and technological advantage. To this end they may be using gullible “patriots” like Adams to help pave the way for just such a conflict.
This may well be a last resort for the elite. In other words if they can’t entirely subjugate humanity with pandemics, lockdowns and implants, they will have a final option: war with Russia, China and/or Iran.
I think Dr Johnson said: “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel” and in a sense he was right. To be sure there’s nothing wrong with being proud of what you are. However, a blind adherence to any racial, ideological, national or religious belief/identity can be dangerous unless it is accompanied by self-awareness.
Without such awareness it can easily turn into jingoism, racism and intolerance.
Like they say: “know thyself”. Ed.

Trump setting the stage for wartime retaliation against communist China regime for launching biological weapon attack against the United States

Mike Adams – Natural News May 12, 2020

President Trump and top Trump administration officials are setting the stage for wartime retaliation against communist China for China’s launching of biological warfare against the United States. The goal of this effort is to cause the collapse of the communist regime, which is widely known as the most evil, dishonest and malicious government on the planet.

Consider what we know so far:

  • The Wuhan coronavirus was engineered in the Wuhan virology lab in communist China.
  • The virus was deliberately engineered with “gain-of-function” properties to infect and kill humans.
  • After releasing the virus, the Chinese government desperately sought to hide its origins by destroying evidence and executing whistleblowers.
  • At the same time, communist China was conspiring with the WHO to make sure the rest of the world would have a delayed response to the virus by refusing to declare the pandemic a “pandemic.”
  • During all this, China was aggressively buying up PPE supplies all around the world, making sure other nations would experience extreme shortages in masks and other protective equipment as they tried to handle accelerating outbreaks.
  • China also leaned on the WHO to criticize any national efforts to block flights from China, characterizing such moves as “racist.” This allowed infected Chinese to rapidly spread the virus around the world.
  • Even as its own people were widely infected, China continued to run hundreds of flights per day to major cities around the world, including Madrid, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Rio Grande and even Moscow. This was China’s way of exporting the pandemic to other nations.
  • China’s goals of disrupting the US economy, hurting Trump’s chances of re-election and creating economic chaos were all achieved in just a few months.

China launched a biological “Pearl Harbor” against the United States

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23 responses to “Is Trump Preparing for War with China?”

  1. Trump has just nationised the fed
    this means america now controls its own finance something not done since 1913
    The ramifications of this will go far and wide
    when be Lincoln and JFK did it the jewbankers murdered them
    when Hitler took the economy away from them, well we know what thy did
    Neville Chamberlian voted our best prime minister ever, after a secret 4 yr study of the aims and goals of the Third Reich, considered it here, so Churchil had him poisoned.
    In 1950 Rothschld reps visited China and backed a lttle known rebel leader called Mao Zedong, he told them to take over Tibet its mineral wealth land and gold in the temples
    could be used by china, he said in 1948 jews took palestine nd the world did nothing, they will do nothing if china takes Tibet.
    The PTB have already initiated weapons building in China, the jewbankers propose to use them to take down the USA as they did germany
    Remember Nutenyahus words ” Palestine today tomorrow America”
    Immediate arrest of all jews must begin now

  2. The term “Chinese junk” once referred to a particular type of sailing boat. Now it’s everything in the shops.

    They moved manufacturing to China. Now they want war with China.

    Something doesn’t add up.

  3. Good call, Rixon. I’ve always had reservations concerning Adams.

  4. Rixon Stewart: You are being far too kind to Mike Adams. When the anti is raised, these propaganda outlets push their envelope to its maximum and they often expose themselves.

    The Guardian did this prior to the Desert Storm & Iraq invasion. Michael Moore did it. The Telegraph did it when the flounced data protection act with MPs expenses data. Tyler Durden and Zero Hedge are always blowing their cover… how does he write so many articles??? Mike Adams is no different & these are not the only ones.

    Sure, the corridors of power in Washington have been yearning for war with China & most of these people really don’t consider the consequences. I don’t believe the US wants all out war. The US wants to damage the Chinese economy. This started in 2008 with currency wars, then trade wars, and now a viral war. Go on Amazon and see just how many products are not available. Will these products come back, will their prices double?

    It is difficult to see how things move forward from here, but one thing is certain, it is not good. MI6 and the CIA behind the student riots in Hong Kong. It is easy to see that the West wants to destabilise China. If China looks unstable, the US might start a war, but I don’t think the US can win, they might not lose, but they might not win and even a draw would please the US, as it would put China back 20yrs or even lead to the breakup of China, which is really 5 plus states.

    The key to Russia was the EU, then Russia hooked up with China, so China became important to the UK and US success on many fronts. Dropping global DGP by 30%, how much impact does this have on China? Will China be forced into a war like the US did to Japan?

  5. Same with me Mr S.

  6. Thanks so much for this excellent analysis. I have for some time now noted with trepidation Mike’s patriotism getting out of proportion. A healthy aversion to earthly kingdoms to is paramount in keeping our journey in this dimension in proper perspective. I personally know a few folks who, in the 1970s, were switched on, but then morphed into Obama and Killary admirers! Deception is in overdrive now and knows no mercy.

  7. Am I right in thinking that, so far, Trump has not started any war? Must be a first for a US President during my 51 years.

  8. Barney’s on the right track, how come the western money masters moved all their investments to the east,how come western governments subsidised the transfer of industries. It’s the money you’ve got to follow, not the rhetoric . Keep your eyes on both of the conjurer’s hands.

  9. Ex-Intelligence Services “Moon of Alabama” now buys completely into the Coronavirus-threatens-humanity-pandemic bull****. maybe he’s still Intelligence Services and not the “independent analyst” he pretends to be.
    …. likewise, Int. Services Russian guy, “The Saker”.
    …. Mike Adams cheerleads for the “War with China” propaganda.
    … Alex Jones …? Well …

    Those banging anti-establishment drums for some years have learned to expect this kind of thing all the time. There’s a protest against the Lockdown in central London next weekend, doubtless organised by MI5.

    Hey ho ..

    . “The best way to defeat the opposition is to lead it.” V. Lenin.

    Quite soon these people will go to far and find they have created a problem for themselves that they are not able to solve.

  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
    Mike Adams is a GateKeeper! He is controlled opposition.

  11. yeah Adams is a complete twat

  12. I agree to a very large extent, it has become very popular to parrot BS without even thinking, repeating without even considering. If it somehow involves Trump saying or doing something, it’s slanted badly or even worse. (Not that he needs the help)
    Formerly accurate reporting has devolved into yellow journalism, and that’s about as nice as I can put it.
    As for China being the greatest enemy of humanity, Mike might have a very good point,
    but “setting the stage for wartime retaliation against communist China for China’s launching of biological warfare against the United States. ” is definitely stretching the rhetoric. Go ahead Rixon!

  13. There are at least two powerbroker monsters in the West. Together they are now dwarfed by the growing Chinese monster they have created.

    One of the Western monsters is represented more by the Rothschild house whose views are mainly expressed through the MSM in European nations, and through Reuters and the Economist Magazine in Britain. Tony Blair and more recently speakers like Patrick Coggan represent the globalist view that economic power has clearly shifted to China mainly through the centralizing of manufacturing industries and supply chains because of their bottomless pool of ultra low-cost labor. With the continued draining of Western capital, resources and assets, the crippling trade imbalances increase, our economic growth continues to shrink, and the fact is that we are now all debtor nations, compared to China’s yearly increase of 5% to 10% in economic growth, as well as becoming the leading creditor nation of the world. According to these globalists we may as well just get used to the music and accept the fact that as goes economic power so goes military power.

    With respect to the spawning of the communist regime in China and the transposition of capital, manufacturing, technology, and countless jobs to that totalitarian lock-step nation, that it was not just NWO globalist David Rockefeller or the World Bank which was responsible. It was also the Western international banking cartel which backs the IMF and which is dominated by the Rothschild’s, which house dwarfs that of the Rockefreller’s, and which is mostly responsible for the major changes in China and the world since WWII. The Rothschild long-range plans together with other European oligarchs and cartel owners envision a future with a more developed Asia, and Israel in the Middle East being more central and becoming the main trading and financial hub of the world.

    The other Western monster is American nationalism with the main concern being the survival of the American business empire. It is made up of even more strange bedfellows than the Western globalist monster, not all whom are concerned about the survival American empire. It is largely now supported by elements in Britain, the US military, and Zionist money, and also by conservative Christians, and various populist forces who could care less about US dominance and are mainly interested in lower taxes and jobs. The US Zionists may be fair weather friends as the Zionists and Israel have been on the tittertotter of between loyalty to US interests and more long-range interests in having more of central place on the globalist stage with a vision of controlling finances in China through the central banks, and Israel being the center of a trade hub between Africa, China, India and Europe.

    It took about 25 years from the time of open trade with China beginning in about 1978 for American nationalism to wake up and for enough people to realize they had suddenly gone from the leading creditor nation in the world to the leading debtor nation. The Western financial and corporate communities and many investors had made hundreds of billions with the Chinese joint ventures but that process essentially bankrupted Western nations by leaving their own populations at a competitive disadvantage for jobs and their economies on a steady decline. Meanwhile the cash keeps flowing out to China.

    Who is responsible for the US-Wuhan virus? Likely the US military most directly in kicking it off. However, the US military is not necessarily unified and on the side of the nationalists. In fact, all major governments of the world including China have participated with the psyop from the beginning, and to me right now it looks more like a globalist effort, with Trump doing his best with it as a pretext to sever more ties with China. It has likely been planned for over 10 years out of reach of any US nationalist movement. As well, the present economic crash and complete buyout and takeover of the Western economy by the international banking cartel was most obliviously planned since the repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act in 1999, where if that act had been retained we would not be in the present on-going Repo-Market banking crisis requiring on-going unlimited QE and the halting of consumption rates and bank pressures to prevent liquidity freezes in our banks.

    The people who control the banking cartel became dominant by abusing the power of their wealth, deliberately engineering one crisis after another, and debt rigging every person and nation in sight for more and more wealth, power and control over us, and that is the clear historical pattern of their behavior, why why this present psyop necessary for economic ends or not must be laid at their door, and not the US or China which governments are only following their orders. Nothing will change unless the people unite and take back control of EVERYTHING, and even the wealth of the cartel in the way of reparations.

  14. Mike Adams does indeed seem like one of those people with a well-meaning, brave heart, and a sharp, impatient mind; who rush to premature conclusions and therefore are easy to manipulate.

    Wisdom is a necessity in our struggles.

  15. Stopped reading this crap at the ”Trump Media” bit!! You DO KNOW that it is the Zionist cronteolled Far LEFT that control the media in the entire Western Hemisphere don’t you?? Typical rant by a Democrat BIGOT!! Come back when you have grauated Kindergarden Rixon

  16. Kevin Boyle: Why aren’t your articles like this?

    Nixon Scraypes: Conjurers’s hands? I would rather know what they were thinking.

    James Donoghue: Trump is a problem for the deep state, but he’s not in complete control. Does Trump look like he was prepared for Covid in his election year? The idea that China did Covid to bring the US down is fruit cake thinking. Why would China destroy its global markets? Why would Russia damage its oil and gas business? Why would the EU ravage two of its big, but weakest economies? Who tried to block Trump becoming president? Who had a Brexit disaster? Who wasn’t going to get good trade deals from the US, EU & China? Who has hyped their Covid numbers beyond stupid? Which world leader went down with (so say) Covid? All fingers point to Vauxhall Cross.

  17. Mike Adams the sidekick of Alex Jones is a disinformation agent. When the Malaysian Alirlines Jet “Vanished”, Adams suggested a freak fireball/meteor could have been responsible ! When the plane was spotted by multiple witnesses in the region of the American Diego Garcia naval base, Adams and Alex totally ignored this information. Yet they rant on and on about the Muslim problem. An ex infowars reporter Josh Owens exposed how Alex Jones totally made up a story about Muslim extremism. Yet you will never hear them talk about Jewish extremism. These guys are there to help bring about Albert Pikes predicted WW3 between Islam & Christianity. They are misleading americans to hate Islam, but pointing to the USA backed straw man version of Wahabi “Islam”. They tell us the Wahabis hate us then they fund, arm and provide support to the Al Saud family who run the production lines churning out these wahabi morons.
    America wake up, stop blindly following these snake oil salesmen, who want you to send your youth for satanic banker wars.
    Alex Jones always begging for money and then wearing Rolex watches !

  18. Good one about the Rolex. Ash! My husband is very into that one: “Always look at what sort of watch someone is wearing. Watch the watch!” You really wrote a doozie here, Rixon! Just have to say again have good it is! And it’s a great class, in a sense, on how to be in the lookout for genuinity. Thanks again!

  19. Adam’s is a jew….so beware.Leading their own opposition is a tried and true strategy and it has worked very well.
    No sensible person would take any notice of what this twat says.
    The Jews main objective is to target Iran….and always keep in mind that France gave the first Ayatollah free passage to Iran post revolution…which is deeply suspicious… the Hitler “stop order” allowing British troops to escape back across the channel.
    Also the role of the Jews within China itself….including their industrial level drug dealing (opium) by Sassoon an Iraqi origin sephardic jew.(the descendants of Sassoon are now highly respected members of Europes elite class.)
    Even a NZ Jew had a role in China in the thirties…Rewi Alley….who could speak fluent Chinese.His chief claim to fame was that he was a pedophile preying on poverty stricken Chinese children….
    A war is the usual answer to cover up economic problems when the system burns out….the chief “problem” today is….how do you contain it with the abundance of nuclear weapons available?.
    With the complete domination of Washingstein and London by these fiends….it can only mean trouble and this Corona virus thing is perhaps the opening gambit.
    Always keep in mind that this is all about Israel….like ww1 and 2.
    WW1….the Turks are removed from Palestine and the groundwork laid for the establishment of Israel.At the end of WW2 a devastated world and the Jews declare Israel 1948.
    “Strangely” the ardent much publicised antisemite Joseph Stalin orders that the USSR be the first country in the world to recognise Israel….well it would NOT be strange if people were aware that the barbaric butcher was actually a jew from Georgia.
    So Iran,rather than China must be the chief target for destruction….

  20. I believe the plan is to ditch the US and set up shop in China..

  21. 20 years ago the U.S. tried to rope China into a war it wasn’t ready for, by bombing its Belgrade embassy. Now it’s a non-starter… unless you’re happy to be vaporised, die of radioactive poisoning or freeze/starve in a nuclear winter. The current economic war, however, will be won by China.

  22. There is NOOOO virus!!!! Bio-weapons are not viruses, they are things like mustard gas etc. The controlled media has reinvented the term. Covid is the biggest PSYOP in the history of humanity and 99.9% of people fell for it. The ONLY disease out there is a media generated MASS PSYCHOSIS. Mike Adams is a NWO lackey for sure. Either that or an idiot.

  23. Mrs thatcher on Rothschilds orders
    remember he put her in power
    closed all british heavy industry and puta high VAT on small industry killing that too
    all this money industry and tooling was exported to the far east
    to build up their economy the plan to take down america and the UK started then