The Bill Gates Barcode

Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News May 13, 2020

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

5 responses to “The Bill Gates Barcode”

  1. Bro Kapner maintains that Gates is a “goy”…..LIKE HELL HE IS….HE IS 100% kosher.

    Next question.WHY?….is Bro Kapner misleading the public??…..

    A recent case in Seattle has received much publicity….a cop by the name of Anderson posted stuff about freedoms in America etc.
    His position was that cops are being asked to infringe the rights of Americans etc etc.
    The MISSING DETAIL being that Anderson is a jew,without a shred of doubt.
    He is being picked on by his superiors according to Anderson.
    Rather too quickly a donation Page was set up to help Anderson and his struggling family.He has already amassed 300 thousand in donations…..perhaps more.
    This may have been his motive all along….plus the FBI could monitor all people in agreement with his “stand for liberty”
    Never underestimate the duplicity of these people…..after all the Jew Bob Geldof “saved the world” with his charity work…
    Today Geldof is said to be worth over 75 million dollars….rather a lot of money for a second rate pop star with one hit record……(his sidekick Midge Ure another jew has no doubt benefited in a similar manner)….spare a thought for all those “goys” who donated money and who were duped.

    It has been revealed that Paul McCartney is the richest in the music industry at £800,000,000 along with Lloyd webber….BOTH JEWS OF COURSE.
    “Remarkably”his daughter Stella McCartney has applied for upmarket dole funding for her workers…it is nothing more than pure unadulterated naked GREED.

    Eventually it catches up with them but not if the new head of the British secret police MI5 has anything to do with it.Wstch how an increasing proportion of govt funding goes on suppressing national uprisings.The new head of MI5 is a crypto jew….replicating the situation found in Eastern Europe…..

  2. “The MISSING DETAIL being that Anderson is a jew,without a shred of doubt.”

    I harbor that “thread” of doubt, but I have been duped before. I did question a cop owning two houses, then planning a sailboat excursion around the world (a lot of money involved there). What proof is there that he is a jew without doubt?

    I only want to know. I did wonder about the donation page being up so fast and now seeing how much he has amassed.

    Hell! I was willing to vote for this guy for president.

    I suppose we really need to have our jewdar calibrated more, but I still want to know before unheroing him.

  3. The media is full of stuff about Rhianna just recently….especially her supposed net worth which is usually exaggerated….for publicity purposes.
    Obviously Rhianna is being “run” by global jews incorporated… a vehicle for One World Govt….which is down the track….First the Jews have to expel and or kill the people living within the borders of “Greater Israel”…..Sort of a replay of the expulsion of the Palestinians but many times greater.
    Nine times out of ten these black stars (or presidents as in the case of the Nobel Prize winner Bollocks Obama) have to have Jewish ancestry to “qualify” for backing by the Zionist “machine”…
    Therefore it is possible the “Zionist connection” are her grandparents….Rhiannastein has set up a racist foundation to help only black people.Of course this is racism directed against other races….but dont mention that one.
    Therefore Rhianna obviously has some Jewish ancestry….obviously her eye colour indicates she has quite a bit of non black ancestry.
    Rhianna has set up (or her Jewish handlers have) an underwear business (Fenty Grundies Inc) which caters to women who are “oversized”….and this marketing move has proven very successful….no wonder since many black women have inherited a unique adaptation to the environment in certain areas of Africa (usually West Africa)….”Steatopygia”….West Africans evolved the ability to store fat in their gluteus MAXimus to tide them over times when food was in short supply.
    Thus many African women have very big bottoms,on par with pygmy hippopotamus (a mini species of hippo found in Western Africa)
    Unfortunately Rhianna is beginning to develop a big butt….the social media is full of tweets about it…the MSM wouldn’t dare since Rhianna is “protected” by “the system”.
    So you think Rihanna couldnt possibly be a “black jew” like the appalling Obamas
    Check out the mega rich hiphop star “DRAKE” (or Drakestein)….for some reason Jewish run Wikipedia actually mentions Drake is a black jew who had a bar mitzvah….
    Drake and Rhianna used to be close buddies.(Rhiannas former boyfriend…an Arab may also be a crypto jew….)
    Other pop stars are mentioned in the same articles about pop stars riches…..Including the Satanist Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart….they’re both crypto Jews.Infact The Rolling Stones could have been called The Rolling Steins since they were all Jews with the exception of one guitarist who is purported to be a gypsy.
    As Vigilant Citizen points out….modern pop music is used as a message carrier…..hence the abundance of hidden symbols like butterflies…..and a whole lot of sicker stuff too.

  4. Help! The world needs as never before in these very dark days, way way more brilliant and honest Jews like Nate Kapner to convert and work for what is true and right. I certainly do not believe it is only Jews in high places which are the root of the major evils besetting the world today, and Bill Gates proves that point, but more Jews have to realize that by influencing those who control a lot of purse strings vast changes for the good can be made. More have to come to realize what God’s will actually is and that despite prospects of gaining the entire world under some international cabal or control, none of that is worth losing their souls for eternity, or experiencing wholeness and peace of eternal life in this life.

  5. Bro Nathan is obsessed with claiming Gates, Trump, etc, are goys, not Jews. Nathan backs up his claims with such weak arguments as claiming Gates doesn’t look Jewish or similar subjective criteria.

    Nathan censors comments on his site which discuss a person being Jewish after Nathan declares the person as not Jewish. Instead of showing ancestral records or evidence Nathan censors discussion of the person being Jewish.

    Don’t know whether Bill Gates has any Jewish ancestry or not, but until someone shows conclusive evidence one way or the other, the question remains open, regardless of Nathan’s ideas on it.

    Nathan often complains about being censored by Jewtube while at the same time he censors reader comments more than Jewtube does. Being a hypocrite like that seems to be one of Nathan’s Jewish traits.

    Nathan’s persistent begging is a red flag, not only because it’s so Jewish and so unChristian, but also because financial records of donations show who supports resistance to Zionism enough to donate money for it.

    Nathan may or may not be controlled opposition, but setting up an operation like Nathan runs is just what Jews would do. And if not with Nathan, then with some other spy site.