‘Like a TV set!’ Neil Armstrong’s Moon landing admission exposed in unearthed BBC footage

Callum Hoare – Daily Express May 12, 2020

NEIL ARMSTRONG told the BBC that the Moon’s surface was “as if you were looking at a television set” in an interview 50 years ago, unearthed footage shows.

Armstrong became an international celebrity after becoming the first man to walk on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969, during NASA‘s Apollo 11 mission. The former test pilot jumped off the lunar lander and delivered his “one small step” speech to the millions watching back on Earth, after completing John F. Kennedy’s goal of putting a man on the Moon by the end of the Sixties. Shortly after, he was joined by his colleague Buzz Aldrin and the pair buried the US flag into the surface, before completing their experiments and eventually jetting off to rendezvous with Michael Collins, who spent 21 hours orbiting in the Command Module.

On returning to Earth, the trio went on an around-the-world media tour to detail their achievements and in 1970, Armstrong spoke to Patrick Moore at the BBC, where he was asked what the surface of the Moon looked like.

He said: “The colour of the surface certainly varies depending on the angle that you see it, it’s a characteristic that we observed first while travelling around the Moon in orbit.

“You could see that, at the boundary between the black part of the Moon and the lighted part of the Moon, it was as if you were looking at a television set with the contrast turned to full.

“It was very black and very white, as you moved further into the light, there were more and more shades of grey.

“But as you moved further, such that the Sun was higher above the horizon, you actually started to see the tans and browns appear, although at a very low level.

“Similarly, on the surface of the Moon, the same characteristic is evident, you can see browns if the Sun is high enough.

“Apollo 12, for example, landed while the Sun was only five degrees above the horizon, so when they arrived, they saw no browns or tans anywhere only fairly high contrast.”

Armstrong went on to reveal how the colour of the surface appeared to change when he grabbed a sample.

He added: “But I did, the Sun was 11 degrees and Apollo 12 did also the next day, when they arose from their sleeping period, the Sun was higher, of course.

“The colour is a puzzling phenomenon on the Moon, asides from the characteristics that I’ve already mentioned.

“You generally have the impression of being on a desert-like surface, with rather light coloured hues, yet when you look at the material at close range – like in your hands – you find that it’s charcoal grey in fact and we were never able to find any things that were very different from that colour.

“I suspect that as we get more and more samples with future flights we will see that there is in fact some colour but the optical properties on the Moon are most peculiar.”

The late astronaut also added that he and Aldrin had trouble in their perception of distance, due to the curvature of the Moon.


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  1. The whole moon landing was shot in a studio. I have a video clip of the studio lighting falling off, when Neil Armstrong jumped off the ‘Ladder’ Space Craft!

  2. Remember Kisengers quote to George Bush at the boozy senate lunch
    ” the moon landings are the greatest scam since the holocaust “

  3. It would have been be a real bitch to haul those non-existent water-making machines to the bases that were never erected in his or his grandchildren’s lifetime on the dead lump of rock that they never even visited in the first place. God bless America!

  4. Whatever your opinion on the landing is ,the express article is a strawman job. There’s nothing in it to prove anything either way, just food to fuel the debate and distract attention from all the holes in the “con’or’a virus hype.

  5. To repeat, perhaps ’til it sinks in or ad nauseum, whichever makes it first to the bottom line, ATTENTION is the gold of the 21st Century. YOUR attention! As George noted before passing, “Baby, you’re a rich man, too!”

    The Powers That Be [aka (((they)))] want to scarf up each and every nugget of yours and your family’s jewels to boot! At some point, as Miles Mathis recently opined, others who want some of the loot may have to take harsh action and institute stern measures to reign in the bankster lot.

    In the meantime, and in mean times we live — meaner and meaner shall (((they))) become — you do have GOLD in them thar rolling hills of what’s left of your brain and mind you can call your own! Pay attention ONLY to that which you would have to see, really and truly. Withhold your attention from that which you find repugnut, demoncrappy, and otherwise anti-human.

    Thus I agree with Nixon Scraypes. My bad. I had already congratulated SK on a job done masterfully! Best to have left well enough alone.

  6. Again the Emperor has no clothes. Try being exposed to the sun without any cloud formations continuously for a number of weeks without any cooling phase like in being in orbit around the earth. We have also the Van Allen radiation belt which NASA tried explain their way around years later when confronted with the facts. However, what of the fact of all of the unfiltered radiation from the sun in addition to the cooking temperatures of the sun? Where was the air conditioning or cooling systems on the craft? None. What of the problems with camera films with no atmospheric pressures to prevent decomposition? What about the fact that before the alleged trips to the moon not even one experiment we know about involved sending a mouse or a monkey out of the close proximity of earths’s orbit into deep space to see the effects? Why is it that no nation has been able to send any living thing to or even around the moon since? Why have spokespeople for NASA said over recent years that they are working on technology to protect them from the sun’s radiation to enable humans to travel into deeper space. Why is it they say they have lost the old technology and know-how which allegedly brought them to the moon? The hoax clearly asserted the dominance and prestige of the US at the time it tromped around the world allegedly protecting resource-rich smaller nations from the Soviet bogyman.

  7. There’s a Richard Hall interview with statement analysis expert Peter Hyatt who takes apart Armstrong’s interview with Moore. In fact previously Hyatt had believed the NASA narrative.

  8. @ Marcion Valentinus

    Do you have a link to that video ?

    Bill Kaysing was an analyst and engineer at the company that design the Apollo rockets. He said:

    “The whole thing then, seemed phoney to me. I think it was an intuitive feeling that what was being shown was not real”

    Russian’s spy satellite photos of the Area 51, revealed not only a series of hangers, that resemble movie sound stages but also moon-like craters surface. These evidences supports Kaysing’s claims before.

  9. The film in the standard un-pressurized Hasselblad cameras all the Apollo missions used would have boiled in the vacuum at the Moon’s surface.
    It’s all FAKE!

  10. Fred B: Very well said. You actually covered the major and important points in your paragraph entry. I am a scientist and the best that I can say logically is: We might of gone to the moon but the photographic / film “evidence” does not prove it. The analysis across the board of the photographic “evidence” shows it is full of holes. For sure if we did go the moon we didn’t go in that tin can.Then that would mean ( if we did go ) a secret space program, a topic of which is beyond the discussion platform here at hand.

  11. Hassle blad never EVER said, or wrote:

    “Our cameras went to the fucken moon, yo.”

  12. It was logical for the Apollo program managers to prepare some back-up, faked photos in case the cameras failed.
    So the existence of some fake photos is no evidence that the landings were fake.

  13. Just for laughs, in case you haven’t already seen it, check out Rammstein’s song Amerika: