“Illuminati” by Lil Pump: Yeah, This Is What the Music Industry Has Sunken To

Vigilant Citizen – vigilantcitizen.com May 11, 2020

In “Illuminati” Lil Pump and Anuel AA brag about cars and girls as they’re being initiated into the Illuminati. We’ll look at the occult and satanic symbolism in this incredibly blatant video

When this site was launched more than 10 years ago, music videos contained some occult symbolism, but it was mostly subtle and covert. I basically had to write long paragraphs and quote obscure books to explain how the symbolism that is seen on screen related to the occult elite and the Illuminati. Fast forward to 2020 and this is what they’re singing:
Illuminati (¡ah!)
Illumi, Illumi, Illuminati (¡jaja!)
In an era where the occult elite is rearing its ugly head and putting its agenda in overdrive, the music industry has become nothing less than a propaganda arm of the elite. And since rap is extremely popular with young people, lots of efforts were made to turn this art form into a braindead, satanic cesspit.
In the past years, I’ve written articles about artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, and Young Thug – all young rappers who’ve starred in videos that are blatant, in-your-face celebrations of the occult elite and its satanic mindset. However, Lil Pump’s Illuminati manages to take things to yet another level of overtness … while sinking to yet another level of patheticness.
With a blatant name like Illuminati, one would expect the song to maybe contain some kind of second-degree message, a comment about the industry, or some kind of clever twist on what the song is supposed to mean. But, no. Illuminati is strictly about Lil Pump and Anuel AA bouncing around while rhyming the words “Illuminati” and “Ferrari”. As our ears are aggressed with this nonsense, our eyes are bombarded with every Illuminati symbol imaginable. In short, it is a mind-numbing experience. And, unsurprisingly enough, all of the top comments on YouTube diss the hell out of the video.

"Illuminati" by Lil Pump: Yeah, This Is What the Music Industry Has Sunken To


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4 responses to ““Illuminati” by Lil Pump: Yeah, This Is What the Music Industry Has Sunken To”

  1. Ariana Grande the sephardic pop starlet seems to have pulled the “butterfly trick”.

    She has a fairly sizeable outline of a butterfly on her upper right arm…..which looks to be relatively recent.

    Her pop videos always feature her looking wistfully into the camera…..with huge tack on eyelashes and hair extensions galore…..she is obviously targeting the under 18s…..who will no doubt seek to copy her bizarre tattoos…..
    This tattoo thing is now so obvious that it cannot be dismissed with “conspiracy theory “.
    Maybe these pop stars are persuaded to get tattooed by the (((management))) ??.

  2. For me, contrived names like ‘Lil Pump’, ‘Young Thug’, ‘Triple Redd’, or ‘Snoop Dogg’ and ‘Gaga’, serve as adequate warning that they’re a waste of time. Bonus alienation points for miscegenation and blonde dreadlocks. Anuel AA? Atlantean Adepts of Crowley? I doubt it. Children of Alcoholics Anonymous? Probably.
    Strutting their meaningless lyrics via a meaningless medium, aspiring to the meaningless Ferrari that they’ll never drive. Whose next? Auntie Soshal & Distan Singh? Aspiring to have their meaningless slice of digital feces “spun” at da clubs that no longer exist for people who no longer dance.

  3. Lil Pump or Lil Turd? Is this the best Satan/Lucifer can come up with (the music industry)?
    How about I Wanna Hold your Hand? All those Celebs trying to find their eyes/sign or is that a symbol of Satan’s arsehole? Illuminati? The sun doesn’t shine there Bro. The propaganda arm of the Elite cobble together this dross, yeah so much for their creativity. Hey, Satan how about some improvised Jazz, a Black Mass, and sacrifice Lil Pump for entertainment as there isn’t much action/distraction around at the moment. Wriggle that tail and blow some smoke. If you’re not careful (Satan/Lucifer) we may get to like to you. I guess things aren’t too hot where you hang out. So chill out bro while we piss on LilPump.

  4. The lower the depravity, the greater the artist ….
    Just have a good look at their faces & their eyes ?? Depraved zombies !