Rochdale child sex gang members back in town 2 years after losing right to stay in UK

Phil Cardy – The Daily Mirror May 9, 2020

Abdul Aziz, bottom row far left, Adil Khan, top left and Qari Abdul Rauf, top third from left, are all back on the streets. All were convicted of sexual crimes against underage girls and they all lost the right to stay in the UK but two years later they are still here. Click to enlarge

Three members of the Rochdale child sex gang are back in the town two years AFTER losing the right to stay in Britain.

One is a father of five, a cabbie and a former teacher at a mosque. Another was known to victims by the sinister title The Master.

A girl who blew the whistle on taxi driver Qari Abdul Rauf and his accomplices said: “I thought Theresa May had organised his deportation, so how come he’s still here?

“I feel violated to know he’s living near me – in the same area where he hunted for girls like me.

“It’s a total betrayal of grooming victims that he’s allowed to stay.”

She spoke after pictures on social media showing Rauf, 51, in the Lancashire town.

Dad-of-three Abdul Aziz, 49 – The Master – and Adil Khan, 50, live nearby after also being freed from jail. They were locked up in 2012.

The men are originally from Pakistan and the Home Office said in 2015 it intended to remove their British citizenship.

They claimed breach of human rights but lost an appeal in August 2018.

A judge stated: “The men treated girls as though they were worthless and beyond all respect.”

The Rochdale gang was portrayed in Bafta-winning BBC drama Three Girls.

Rauf got six years for trafficking and sex with a girl, 15.

Aziz got nine years for trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex with a child.

Khan got eight for conspiracy and trafficking a 13-year-old girl who fell pregnant.


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  1. 20 years ago i used to jog round a cemetery early each morning before work
    I was surprised to recognise a head of Brtish Intelligence strolling round
    having connections myself i initiated conversaton
    I was told the stunning news that pedophilia woud be legalised
    i said NO WAY
    it was explained to me that when the government stole the big mental homes and sold off the land, they also made homosexuality legal, it wa slso explained to me that you canot have homosexuality legal and not pedophilia as they are both sides to the same coin
    as shown in the Nene report and the Logford papers
    Lord Longford was commissioned to go into prisons and learn from child killers
    3 jewesss Patricia Hewitt Harriet Harman ( lord longfords niece ) and Margaret Hodge ( childrens minister ) were directing money to PIE and several extreme homosexual magazines depicting images of under age boys. They also paid out of public money gay parades homosexual marches etc
    Peter Mandelon he of small boy fame was made director of the NSPCC
    These are our government ministers rememeber
    Greville janner the homosexual leader of the Board of British Deputies said on record that
    ” As jews own and run this country our laws would gradually fall into line with israels where child sex is legal”
    this is why hundreds of british children were raped sodomised beaten tattooed and even murdered bu muslim men who got away with it.
    Petitions of over 3 milion signatures were sent to number 10 Downing st to have all of these abusers and families sent back to country of origin.
    The petition and others were totally ignored

  2. What do you really expect? It’s called political correctness. Even at the time of the convictions very little fuss was made. Local politicians, social workers and police had been trying their hardest to pretend it wasn’t happening. Of course if the situation had been the other way around the police would have made sure they were seen to be doing their job. You can just hear some buffoonish Chief Constable saying “Eey by gum, there were no way I were going to stand by and watch these innocent immigrant children being abused by these nasty unscrupulous white thugs. There’ll be none of that on my watch”

  3. Where on earth did the Janner quote come from? Without context something so shocking is useless and damaging to any effort to unearth the truth in this fact free environment.

  4. Thanks “noname”…makes sense
    so, (as if we couldnt guess) k*kes behind this as well..
    the govt is the real enemy..personal action and people power the only way to fight this total betrayal

    Having been brought up in East Anglia, one accepts superstitious practises; in fact as a boy it was not uncommon to find belief in fairies, and the promise of a pot of gold at the rainbows end etc. A similar belief exists today in many people believing in modern fairies e.g. “politicians” and their promises of pots of gold etc if you vote for us.
    My father joined the army for world war two when reading that the Germans were cutting off babies arms to eat in French rolls, like many others he believed a lot of this stuff, even the bit where Churchill said that those who joined up would be home by Christmas, to a land fit for heroes. With milk and honey for all.
    This land turned out for those who made it home, full of crime, unemployment and ruined families and communities, with immigrants being imported after being told the men hd to “keep the foreigners out”
    Politicians also told the soldiers from the two Gulf wars that Gulf war sickness was all in the mind, and their children were not being born deformed, from the uranium coated shells, politicians also lied about Saddam Hussein being a threat to us,
    They said having whole cities destroyed by what is perceived as armies of occupation, invited in from all over the world by politicians, was “multiculturalism” and”blue sky thinking” and good for us.
    These same two governments allowed Irish terrorists to bomb and maim unhindered for 40 years, yet just on the Israeli claim that Iraq might do the same we killed 1 milion people and ruined the countries infrastructure, then claimed it would take over oil revenues to put right what we had done to them.
    They told us it was good that jobs were exported under the “global market place” strategy, we would then flock to the polls to be rid of these traitors to find those new politicians who got in, did precisely the same, because the same paymasters are behind the scenes for both parties.
    These fairies of government did not spend the roads money on roads, did not spend the defence money on defence, did not spend schools money on schools, did not spend the hospitals money on the hospitals, and railway moneys on railways, it runs the whole way through every penny they steal from us.
    In fact we are now told in this “land fit for heroes” that having paid in for a pension all our lives we will not get one, because the people we welcomed into the country who have never paid in a penny, but will want to draw out the same as us, and this pot of gold will not stretch to us as well.
    It quickly became apparent that these politicians put loyalty to party, before loyalty to country, and to vote between the two party systems was like a choice between heart disease, and cancer. Personally I want neither.
    Neither do I want a government that does not listen, the people spoke plainly enough on attacking the people of Iraq, but the politicians knew best, the people said NO FOREIGN PEDOPHILES
    They also spoke plainly enough about banning blood sports, and the fuel protesters spoke for the whole country over fuel taxation, and on G.M. foods ,and the millennium dome all to no avail. As I get older I no longer believe in fairies, nor politicians either.
    To go out to vote, is to buy a ticket on the “ship of fools”
    Remember there are no fairies nor pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,
    just filthy racist politicians who continually betray their elctorate in monomental hate crimes

  6. I live not far from Rochdale…………Which three of the photo’s above were released?? And are they back in Rochdale?? Identify them and I will find them

  7. Equaliser thankyou my god what i would give for 20 men like you
    A while back Greville janners driver/bodygaurd was secretly taped while in conversation
    this was played on the conspiracy hour, it ws sickening to hear of how this man janner had little boys sent from Barnardos to Liecester rail station to be picked up by the driver
    an taken to a flat where janner and his jew mates would have ” fun” with them
    and to brag that one day it wll be legalised in the UK, made me feel sick
    Thank god for people who still care like the eqaliser

  8. They’re vile creatures that need to be sorted out.