(((Media))) Inflates Common Cold to Trash US Constitution

henrymakow.com – May 8, 2020

“Under the US Constitution, in order to restrict the movement of Americans, the government must prosecute and convict you of a crime – only after a fair trial (due process of law) as under the due process clause in 5th Amendment vs. Federal Government and under 14th Amendment vs. State Governments. 
“We should be outraged, yet most Americans are too scared and confused to even think. The media is already conditioning Americans to accept another major LOCKDOWN with the sacrifice of all US Constitutional Rights with a flood of daily news stories. 
Andrew is a retired attorney living in Texas.

by Andrew — (henrymakow.com) 

I contracted the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) on a 2015 Nile River cruise from Luxor to Aswan.
Though 71, I thought I just had a cough; I didn’t seek medical attention until returning home four days later.
My resulting diagnosis was the first time I ever heard of coronaviruses. After some light preliminary research, I found that there are seven types: The human coronavirus (HCoV) contains HCoV-229E, HCoV-NL63, HCoV-OC43, HCoVHKU1, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, HCoV-229E, HCoV-NL63, HCoV-OC43, and HCoVHKU1 are pathogens of the common cold.
In other words, this family of viruses are all MEDICALLY COMMON COLDS.
When news outlets began the COVID-19 panic party, I was fairly certain this virus would not be overly dangerous to those with healthy immune systems.
With the suspicion that the media might be amplifying the impact of COVID-19, I started a review of past information about fear as a revolutionary tool.
Six years earlier, Dan Butler (1955-2018) wrote a piece predicting a media driven pandemic campaign that would be used to strip us of our Constitutional rights.
Into this mix, I add here a quick summary of coup d’etats from noted historians Nesta Webster, Antony Sutton, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and many others. Communist coup d’etats all begin with a Reign of Terror:
  • The French Revolution opened its Reign of Terror by publicly guillotining aristocrats, government officials, and priests. After decapitation, their heads were placed on spikes and paraded through the streets of Paris. Unable to think, Parisians were traumatized, paralyzed, and helpless.
  • The Bolshevik Revolution began in 1917 with the First Red Terror lasting about a year. According to many scholars, the Russian Red Terror and mass executions didn’t really end until the onset of World War II in 1939.
  • Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro used the same bloody terror campaigns to cement the mental capture of their people. Anyone who disagreed was killed. Again, everyone was paralyzed with fear. The results of these revolutions were terrible! While the French Revolution exterminated approximately 3,000,000 people, Solzhenitsyn, the brilliant Russian novelist and historian, estimated the ongoing Russian Revolution was responsible for the deaths of more than 60,000,000 Russians.
These communist revolutions happened well before the rise of our present modern media establishment.
Using television, the Internet, social media, and censorship, the establishment media (a/k/a Mainstream Media or MSM) has totally gained control of Americans’ perceptions. As it relates to the overblown coronavirus, the MSM was darkly ingenious in its use of a pandemic narrative to create paralyzing fear in place of a cruder, more difficult to start Reign of Terror, replete with guillotines, heads on spikes and firing squads.


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  1. Only a few of my friends are not frozen in fear. My mother who lived through WWII era rationing and shortages said she can’t believe what is happening today. She uses the masks. One friend, who has been getting flu shots, in anger, chided me stating that the virus is deadly and to think otherwise is dangerous when I said that all the hype was about the common cold. ( another MSM lemming )
    I was at the end of my driveway on a low travel neighborhood road talking to a different friend when we noticed that people were driving by with face masks on in their cars by themselves ! These people will be the first to line up for the Gates concoction. The fear porn has decimated the rational mind in my vicinity. The future doesn’t look to bright from my point of view.

  2. The police showed up last night at my friend’s house where 4 of us were jamming in his studio/living room around 7PM on a Friday evening. We hadn’t had our weekly jam session since the beginning of the totalitarian tyranny imposed on the whole world by the lying control freaks with all the cashisch to bribe those “Oh so essential services”.

    The percussionist/drummer had an acoustic/electronic drum kit that you play like a regular drum kit but with a handy volume control. There were 2 guys on electric guitars and I was on electric bass. For a rock band formation, we weren’t loud at all and it sounded good.

    After about an hour of jamming and playing a few cover songs that we seem to favor, and as I was singing the last verse of “Riders on The Storm” by The Doors, I noticed a bright spotlight peering into our space… Two seconds later, I realized it was a cop so I told the others and we stopped playing.

    While we were waiting for the knock on the door, the 3 musical friends made it clear that they did not want me to talk to the police. We had talked at supper time about the possibility of the police showing up and I told them that we should let the police know that they don’t have any lawful right to invoke the “COVID-19 pandemic” in order to restrict our rights (something to that effect).

    So I stayed quiet in my corner and overheard the police tell the house owner that he could be fined $1,500.00 because of “the virus”, essentially. The police said we weren’t even allowed to visit each other, let alone play music together. That was a surprise to me as I don’t keep track of Shitstream garbage.

    To avoid being fined, the three of us had to pack up our instruments and leave while the “essential services” police waited in their car until we left.

    From beyond the outer limits of the twilight zone,


  3. Voltman, where I come from the present nonsense is that people can enter into stores if they social distance and the numbers inside are regulated by the size of the floor space. To me this means there are no restrictions on having guests into your home and no one can say we are not 2 meters apart. Also, in your case I doubt there is any particular law against jam sessions or people playing instruments. I even bet that professional musicians are still practicing together. All they have to do is lock the doors to their halls. Unless people start challenging these restrictions in various ways they will just keep walking over our faces, and the state will just keep up the oppression.

    The illustration of the MSM guy spreading fear is excellent as is the article. What is happening is that the longer the power elites keep subjecting us to this shit the more people are finally becoming polarized into the common people against those in power or influence directly or indirectly supporting the psyop. In my view we have never had such a contrast between good and evil and opportunity eradicate much of the evil. For more and more people, gone are the false dichotomies of left and right, or those based on political party allegiances. The lockdowns and social separations have nothing to do with protecting people from the virus. That fact is becoming increasingly clear to more and more people, and now many of them for the first time are beginning to mistrust the MSM which is the principle weapon of the power elites in their psychological warfare against the ordinary, decent people who still make up the overwhelming majority of the populations in our lands.

    In the realm of politics where I live, the politicians, unlike in Italy, are mealy-mouthed establishment sucks, who are either socialists, neo-cons, or big-government control-freaks supporting the psyop. Otherwise they are just plain chickenshit of being politically incorrect. In any case there is no political opposition. Few are speaking out and yet more and more people who are out of work or losing their businesses are seeing more clearly that political and moral vacuum, within the MSM, the legislatures, all political and civic leaders contributing to the deception. What this should tell us is the great opportunity for unity in the common people for a strong and effective grass roots movement to totally replace the entire establishment, beginning by listing all of those who have supported the Covid psyop as our opposition and those who first have to be replaced.

    New World Order? By all means, but not of the kind being trotted out by the heads of the Old World Order. As they have presented it, it is just one more massive deception for more and more control. The establishment advocates of such have never had the slightest intention of relinquishing any power or altering the way they run things. We look back over the 20th century until now, and we see all of the wars, mayhem, plundering, they are directly responsible for. Then their endless psychological brainwashing, fragmentation, and planned weakening of the people through the mass media, the entertainment industry, advertising, and all of their corruption in controlling our finances.
    They and their grasping types all through history have always, always used the common people as cannon fodder and various forms of serfdom for concentrating more and more wealth and power to themselves. Their plans for their New World Order have had nothing to do with any principle of universal justice. Any such was just a carrot on a UN to suck us into more and more socialist and state-controlled measures locking us down more and more, while these same people and all of their minions, hangers-on, and accomplices in the financial, corporate and state establishments and bureaucracies concentrated more and more power and wealth out of the control of the middle and wage earning common people into their own hands. We can now clearly see from this present massive psyop exactly what kind of future is in store for us in their “New World Order”.

    Of course we do not want their New Old World Order because it is just a progression of all the evils, crimes, and atrocities perpetrated against hundreds of millions of innocent people by the same people, families, cartels, cabals, cults, secret societies of the still-present Old World Order. If we are to have any “World Order” then it can only be one based on the wills, sovereignty and protection of all “Local Orders” freely created and controlled by the overwhelming majority of the people living in the various localities, and not by some totalitarian network of local, national, and world government saps and sellouts in the control of the evil pyramid of power running things. The “newness” we ought to advocate is simply getting rid of all of old potentates as well as all of the phony politicians who advocate getting rid of things like the “deep state” but have no qualms in making deals with it and are clearly parties to the never-ending ongoing deceptions, and exploitation.

  4. Joe Imbriano says beware of MIKOVITS AND BUTTAR. I agree.

    The people need to realise the problem is not a fucking virus!!!

    The problem is:

    Who is going to put all these lying criminals in jail?!

    MIKOVITS AND BUTTAR- The Players In The Game And How They Play The Game
    12.6K subscribers

    Joe Imbriano is just fine with me.

  5. People need to be informed..

    This reverend Danny Jones clearly explains the agenda behind the covid scam:

    I sent the link to everyone on my mailing list..