BioWeapons Part of Chinese Plan to Conquer US — May 4, 2020

General Chi Haotian, the Chinese Minister of National Defense from 1993-2003, outlined this secret agenda in a speech to Chinese Communist leaders in the late 1990s, which provided the entire future blueprint of China’s plans to destroy America and take over the entire world.

General Chi Haotian; Chinese Minister of National Defense, 1993-2003 meets with Putin

China is a proxy for the Rothschilds. Chinese have for decades regarded bioweapons as the most effective way to conquer the US.
…Deception is Supreme:  Comrade Xiaoping emphasized: “Refrain from revealing ambitions and put others off the track.” 
The message is: we must put up with America; we must conceal our ultimate goals, hide our capabilities, and await the opportunity.

Our Greatest Existential Threat Comes from China

by Chris Pirnak — (

Communist China is the world’s greatest existential threat. 
The Soviet Union didn’t really fall, but its economic might is too small to take control of the whole world.
Although most of the current Russian government is populated with former Communist party members, and their desire to conquer the West is largely intact, Russia’s economic might is no longer sizeable enough to achieve its lofty goals. In fact, it never was powerful enough to conduct a long-term occupation far from its borders.
Indeed, Russia could nuke the United States into the stone age, but it could never handle a protracted war in another continent; hence, its secret agreement with Communist China. Both governments despise the West, view the United States as its antithetical foe, and would wish to topple the dollar hegemony. The Western elite conspirators know this, and that is why they built up China’s economy to rival the United States.

Zhou-en-Lai and Kissinger discuss how China will supplant the US over dim sum. Click to enlarge

The agenda to empower China goes back at least fifty years when Henry Kissinger flew on a series of secret diplomatic missions to Beijing in 1971, where he met with CCP Premier Zhou Enlai.
President Nixon’s week-long visit in February 1972, allowed the American public to view images of China for the first time in over two decades. Throughout the week, the President and his senior advisers engaged in substantive discussions with the PRC leadership, including a meeting with Chairman Mao Zedong. The trip spawned China’s opening to the world and economic parity with capitalist countries.



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12 responses to “BioWeapons Part of Chinese Plan to Conquer US”

  1. Boxer Rebellion !!! One problem on the earth, the colonial rulers. You, figure it out.
    Face yourself.!! Writing, algebra, calculus, geometry and the arts, all created by the Ancient Africans. Who is who. We have been told lies for a very very long time. It is time to put all these lies aside. Then again time will tell. Pull your hair out, lie to self. One cannot changed the past though you can lie about it.

  2. Trump is arrogant and for this reason was chosen to lead America into a destructive war with Iran and North Korea simultaneously.When the dust settles the Russians and Chinese will carve up what’s left of America amongst themselves.Second wave of Corona will destroy the west thanks to 5G from space and forced vacinations.The Jews are on the side of the red dragon aka China and they will have their New World Order nothing nobody can do to stop it the sheeple are to dumb to see this or resist it. It’s a feit accompli. China has already moved their nukes hidden inside containers to various spots in the west as well as tanks and hardware prepositioned in countries like mine within millitary bases and airfields.

  3. Sorry Henry, I just see more cartel deception. Pirnak if off base. If China is a proxy for the Rothschild cartel, then China is another counterfeit threat and is being used just as the USSR was used.

    This Western banking cartel together with the help of their many minions, and secret societies, which spawned the communist movement in China, supported the establishment of the Mao regime in China. They purged away competing ideological and religious belief systems from the people with brutal oppression and persecution in the 1950’s & 60’s, making the people of China totally subservient and a virtual slave workforce, all the while with the cartel ensuring financial support and logistics to the successive regimes. People look to the USSR as the main source for communism in China but that is a misconception. The USSR from its own inception was under the control of the same cartel puppet masters, and was used to support China while itself was more openly being supported by the cartel and various Western nations all through the cold war.

    Meanwhile the cartel through the help numerous minion organisations was busy stripping away in the West religious beliefs and traditional moral and family values, and essentially weakening and fragmenting societies into false polarities, through the media, the financial systems, the entertainment industry, the educational systems, government agencies, and those corporate leaders and politicians which they allowed to succeed.

    In the West we lived under the constant threat of nuclear annihilation as if maniacs in control of red buttons were ready to kill all life on the planet. The methods of the cartel for the concentration of power and wealth have been the same since its inception, which always involves the abuse of money and power in the strategic use of deception, debt rigging, bribery, personal intimidation, and the creation of never-ending series of sophisticated operations to engender mass fear. Their modus operandi has always been: (Money & Power) + (Deception, Debt & Fear) = More Money & Power

    The threat of the USSR was never a real threat of aggression. It could have been wiped off of the map after WWII any time. The cartel directly ensured it got not only all Western military and high tech secrets before and during WWII but for decades thereafter, including the bomb. The threat of Russia was in fact a huge false flag to enable the US to engage in massive military expenditures with bases all over the world in seeming encirclement on enemy nations but actually more to secure business and resource interests in the regions of their many bases and in defining a huge sphere of economic interest and dominance.

    The USSR played a worthy but limited role as competition in places like Africa and South America with its threat of communism. If you read “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins you will get a clear understanding of the methods used by the IMF and the World Bank to debt rig and control third-world nations mainly for economic interests and exploitation, none of which I maintain would have been possible without the communist threat. But make no mistake, the communist ideology was and remains a real threat to those wanting individual freedom and opportunity, but at the same time it is the ideal ideology to create a feudal society for a dominate “Few” owning everything while being served by a mass of useful workers. In the interim (which we are still in) the free enterprise boys and girls, through the threat of communism have been very useful idiots in consolidating as much wealth and power as possible into the hands of the ruling cartel.

    Presently, we are entering into the final phase of the cartel hegemon over the debt-ridden-and-rigged West where our freedoms are to be taken away under the pretexts of over-consumption, pollution, and waste of non-renewable resources by the middle and wage-earning classes (UN “sustainability agendas”), together with the economic failure of the Western debt-ridden financial system (all engineered by the cartel). If they can do enough economic damage with their Plandemic, debt rigging us further and further, with the cartel’s main banks coming to the rescue, they can blame the virus for all of the economic ills they created by their financial blundering and plundering over the decades, and control our government and us even more. The cutbacks they have planned to favor the now state-and-cartel owned-and-controlled major corporations will leave millions unemployed and totally dependent on their governments. However, at first their banks will likely seize as much of our remaining assets as possible in reparation for the unsightly debts and sins against the cartel deity, with the governments ensuring our serfdom and taxing us in a hell in the hereafter.

  4. What a load of rubbish. China doesn’t need biological weapons to take down the US, and I say that for argument’s sake. The US and its corrupt elite are taking themselves down. Their economy is in tatters because of Wall Street banks demand for profit, their military is outdated with redundant carriers and they are totally overstretched. The US is totally hated by the world. Why should China worry about America in rapid decline?

    On the other hand, it is the UK and US and more to the point, the CIty and Wall Street who have dominated global affairs for over 400yrs, they are losing their crown and it is the UK who are masters at world wars and dragging the US into these big wars. The UK benefits most from Covid, it is the UK who benefits the most from a US/China war. The global economy has suffered a massive shock. China, Amerika and the EU don’t benefit from Covid, the UK doesn’t do that much trade, so they stand the most to gain.

  5. If we can move outside the Rothchild controlled money matrix we can overcome the New World Order. We cannot fight it when we are etangleg in the web they spun around our governments and people.You cannot fight an enemy when you are already imprisoned.You will dance to whatever tune they play.

  6. It beggars belief, some of the rubbish Henry Makow allows others to post on his website.

    All people have to do is research SIR BERTRAND RUSSELL.
    He did a collection of speeches and essays, that were compiled into a book, released in 1952 titled, ‘The Impact of Science on Society’. In it he speaks of conditioning children to accept snow as dark grey instead of white and to police themselves – we are seeing certainly the latter today with Covid-19 BS. However, more so, Russell, an English ‘toff’ was also one of the original members of the Frankfurt School. His ideal people, as he stated, were the Chinese because they were obedient and never asked questions. They were incredibly good at being servile. The Chinese, by default, are the polar opposite to Europeans in every way, shape and form.
    It was Bertrand Russell who was teaching students, communism, in universities, before the revolution. He, you could say, brought communism to China.

    And to continue, there is a video on You Tube, called Norman Dodd, Tax Exempt Foundations, in which he is interviewed by G.Edward. Griffin (author of ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ about the Federal Reserve). He, who worked for banks was asked to do a study on Tax Exempt Foundations by his bank and what he found out horrified him, so much so, that one member of his investigatory team, a female lawyer had a nervous breakdown and couldn’t work again. They discovered that the western banks, were not only behind the creation of communism, but were working to bring communism to the west and merge it with capitalism.

    The western bankers created communism and we all know who controls the western banks don’t we, nay the world’s banks (bar Iran, Syria and North Korea)?
    The Chinese are puppets. Everything that China is, their massive manufacturing base was all created by the west. There was no innovation from the Chinese, whatsoever. They were simply cogs in a machine, who all worked in tune with one another. They are, the perfect drone society. China simply steals ideas and is renowned for making ‘knock offs’.

    The bottom line is, western traitors have sold out their nation. China is to be the new world model. You think it’s bad here? You should have a look at what’s going on in China. It’s horrific, seriously. Watch these two videos:

    What’s your social credit score?
    Things Are About to Get Crazy And This Is Just The Beginning

    This is what will become of the west. As Russia was the guinea-pig for communism, to eventually be unleashed upon the west (as we’re now in), China is the guinea-pig for the total control, network, chipped society, also to be unleashed on the west.

    China is not the brains behind this. What a pile of crap! We all know that the Rothschilds are behind this using their puppets (Soros, Gates, all western premiers etc) to implement their Jewish World Order.

  7. It’s not Russia, China, Iran, and Syria who are trying to destroy us. No, it’s the Jewish Banking Cartel and their puppet politicians who run the governments that are the real enemies.

    In their divide and conquer schemes bankster Jews continually incite the “east” against the “west” – Western Europe and America against China, Russia, Iran, & Co. Whenever the Jews Media accuses Russia, China, or Iran of some evil deed, it’s a safe bet that banker Jews were behind the dirty deed instead.

    Jews Media outlets have falsely accused Russia, China, Iran, “the east” so many times of evils which the banker Jews themselves actually instigated, that everyone whose eyes are open should see it.

  8. This is pure nonsense, IMO, reminiscent of the post 9/11 jingoism we had to endure, e.g. Iraq is going to wipe the U.S. out with anthrax.

  9. Donald ! Don’t accept any “blankets” from China ….

  10. So, H. Makow et. al. are now quoting the Falun Gong owned Epoch Times? The same people that falsely claimed a worker in Wuhan’s P4 bio-lab released Covid 19? Try again, Henry. Perhaps you can ask the CDC why Fort Detrick was shut last year.

  11. Nice hit piece on China. The same China the west built up to produce cheap consumer goods and send our manufacturing sector overseas, particularly to China and Asia. Corporatist America at its best. I guess China is also responsible for the more than 300 labs worldwide that America funds and operates.

  12. Not buying it Henry not at half the price. You couldn’t pay me enough to buy it just try it. Ra ra twisting the pom poms. Your Athenian sense doesn’t wash now Henry.