The Coming War on China

True Story Documentary Channel – Jan 12, 2020

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  1. America has been at war since its conception
    it has never known peace.
    When the weapons companies become so strong they take on a power of their own, most are owned by the banks, and they pay senators to constantly lobby for for better uniforms more guns tanks planes etc, when they run out of enemies civil wars start
    if the goverments war ok
    but leave the people out of it, no criminal government is worth fighting for

  2. This is an absolutely GREAT documentary by John Pilger!!!

    It dispels a lot of the propaganda foisted on the public and leaves no doubt as to what constitutes the biggest terrorist organization in the world.

    To the nitwits out there who believe nuclear bombs are a hoax: Investigate the Marshall Islands horror or shut up!

    Wake Up Outta Your Sleep
    Truthstream Media – A short video
    “A war is raging and we find ourselves in a fight for our lives as an eco-genocide aims to depopulate the planet by depleting us of nourishment and bathing us in harmful radio-microwave frequency rays known to do damage down to microscopic levels.

    Susan Clark, has dedicated years to studying radio-frequency radiation bio-effects during her time spent as a research assistant for Harvard Medical School, and today, she joins The Higherside to help us understand these ongoing projects against the people.

    Harvard School of Public Health Researcher
    Susan Clark on Microwave Dangers
    Susan Clark | The 5G Conspiracy, Radiofrequency Radiation, & Eco-Genocide
    74.9K subscribers
    Your New Fasco-Communist Order – Censorship, Police State, Food Shortages, Famines and Tyranny

    The Dollar Vigilante
    “Mandatory vaccines around the corner”

    The next pandemic is just around the corner (September 19th 2019)
    《Trooper Buddy》 Cabin Talk
    Men At Work

    Jump down the shelters to get away
    The boys are cocking up their guns
    Tell us general, is it party time?
    If it is, can we all come?

    Don’t think that we don’t know
    Don’t think that we’re not trying
    Don’t think we move too slow
    It’s no use after crying

    Saying it’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake

    After the laughter has died away
    And all the boys have had their fun
    No surface noise now, not much to say
    They got the bad guys on the run

    Don’t try to say you’re sorry
    Don’t say he drew his gun
    They’ve gone and grabbed old Ronnie
    He’s not the only one

    Saying it’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake

    Tell us commander, what do you think?
    ‘Cause we know that you love all that

    Is it on then, are we on the brink?
    We wish you’d all throw in the towel

    We’ll not fade out too soon
    Not in this finest hour
    Whistle your favourite tune
    We’ll send a card and a flower

    Saying it’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake, ooh

    Men At Work – It’s a Mistake

  3. Sorry. This is bullshit. China is just playing a role in the psyop conforming to the globalist plan and the direction of their true masters.

    The Chinese are now throwing their weight around with their military. So what. Monkey see monkey do. What do you expect after the Kissinger/Nixon plan to open up China for free trade with the West in 1972 and then “the Few” in the West in the name of free enterprise, outsource trillions in capital, machinery, technology, and jobs to that nation making it the dynamo of the world in manufacturing while filling their own coffers to overflowing and debt rigging our own nations in the process. Why is anyone surprised that China is becoming the dominant military power in the world? Globalists like Tony Blair and it appears his Rothschild backers have supported the concept for decades.

    You have to be a complete idiot to continue any trade with that nation if you are against communism and huge trade imbalances based essentially on 1 to 2 dollar a day virtual slave labour. Unfortunately, most people in the West do not have any rational principles or honest leaders. Most Americans and Brits, for instance, still think their beloved Masons and the Rothschild cartel which spawned communism in Russia and supported the USSR from its inception, had nothing to do with establishing the communist government under Mao beginning in 1948.

    Now to emerge from the lockdowns of the Covid cover we see that the “new normal” is that only approved and “essential” jobs and industries are allowed to survive. Most of the people of the West are now dependent on government handouts, while being confined in their homes glued to their TV sets for endless brainwashing, while being told to think that somehow China where the people are so obedient and controlled, is actually the model for the world. Notice how suddenly our courts are so completely ineffective and dismissive when it comes to the suppression of all fundamental rights and freedoms over general lockdowns which cannot be justified for anyone’s real safety. None of this is accidental or from any flu virus.  

    The same cartel and Masonic organizations which spawned communism and supported it in every nation is also behind the UN globalist movement, plus the economic crash from years of deliberate financial manipulation and debt rigging. The same organizations are behind the present psyop, which lockdowns we now know are totally unnecessary for any threat to well over 99.9% of our nations’ populations.  They have turned the people into fragmented, soft, compliant, junk consuming, ignorant sponges with no backbones, and when you listen to them you tend to lose any hope for democracy, freedom, or for your nation, and even for your religion. They just keep drinking the Kool-Aid and unfortunately will have to suffer a great deal for there to be any awakening to take back control of their nations and their lives.

  4. The same historical pattern in all powerful nations. The ruthless always gravitate to the top of the power chain. The do gooders and people with a sense of right and wrong are left behind with their ideals and objections. Still the same scenario in the US and Britain all that can be done is to try to squeak in a little exposé like this. The more power over others is at stake the more ruthlessness and walking over people’s faces like this, there is.

    Unfortunately, until the creeps who run things are arrested and brought to justice and made a lasting example to everyone, nothing will change. The best our owners can do is to continue lying to us and pretend these things never happened while they go on to their next atrocity.

  5. China unlike for example Iran is part of the international financial system….
    Question…WHY? did the US participate in massive trade with China…..and in the process ruin it’s own economy.Industry shifted to China AND JOBS.
    Examine the role of Jews in China leading up to WW2….and why did the Chinese implement a western derived political system.
    Keep in mind Pilger is a CRYPTO JEW….and therefore not to be trusted.If it was up to Pilger Australia would open its borders to all comers.(Pilger doesnt live in Australia….he lives in Britain)
    Pilger,when you boil it all down….is anti “white”…he never misses a chance to mention racism….by it’s always “white racism”.
    Another way you can recognise that Pilger is a crypto jew… the fact that he is “Israel Lite”…..and ignores the role of CRYPTO JEWS living within Western countries…..
    He will talk about the American slave trade….BUT HE WILL NOT MENTION THE SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN THIS BARBARIC TRADE OF THE JEWS……its always racist “whites”.

  6. The evilness of a tiny but powerful elite in the “good ol’ USA” is responsible for unspeakable crimes against humanity. Let us not forget, that what happened to the Marshal and other islands in the Pacific, can be traced right back to WW2. How that fiend Roosevelt conspired to have Japan attack the U.S. so FDR could get into the war he so desperately wanted in. How he turned a European war, involving only Poland and Germany which had many legitimate beefs with Poland, into a world war(along with Churchill and his war party of course). How Roosevelt sacrificed 2400 American sailors for his war. Then the next president Truman ordered two atomic bombs dropped on Japan, a country that had been trying to surrender through diplomatic means for weeks. The United States had a chance to end atomic weapons right after Nagasaki and Hiroshima, but chose to carry on to the evil nuclear explosions in the Marshals, destroying for ever the people who had lived there for thousands of years. Today the U.S. has China and Russia ringed with military bases. It’s only a matter of time before one slip descends the Earth into extinction.

  7. Last time i checked the rothschilds own china’s bank and russia’s bank . The internationalists always planned russia/china to war with america . It is the great thesis-antithesis-synthesis movement of our day . All men not of the serpant’s seed ; wherever that exists have a piece of the Light of the Creator which the world (the flesh) squashes .
    The SPIRIT which is incorruptible always was and will be . Cleanse first that which is within the human heart which is in your head . Not the fleshly brain

  8. Chinee never pran anyfing again round eye,.

    China better than west. China put Nobel Peace Prize winner in plison. Obama win prize. Obama stirr no in plison.

    Of course being a JEw he doesn’t mention the GI rapists in Okinawa are BLACK. The Okinawans lynched a few of them, KKK style. Pilger can’t mention that because its only bad when white people do it.

  9. Fred B’s entries are comforting only in one way……………….at least China and the U.S. Hegemony will not blow themselves up automatically with the exception of gross error / accident…………..part of a game so to speak…………..and I also agree 1000% with Fred B’s view of this world wide and coordinated lock down as a psyop with the Covid19 existing only as an excuse. If one just steps back from the MSM hypnotists TV box one can see the elephant in the room or as some say the 800 pound gorilla ……and it ain’t pretty……….it’s so obvious even a caveman can see it.

  10. Fred B you’re the communist now and it reads all over you like a book. You people still fail to see the British aristocracy`s role in trying to capture one more time China while that just won’t happen this time around no matter how haughty or how much Emmanuel Kant resides within you. Revenge of the heartland, cop it sweet euranglolander. Nice to see the zio subversive narrative in the JWO keeps the informed still unaware. How can anyone say a JWO or NWO exists before the fact. No one has taken over China but the Chinese people that’s just a fact you lot can’t handle. Your aristocracy`s being the psychopaths they are reflect your own conditioning and you will never get past it. Unreal Fred to much henry. Where are China’s links to the CFR and Cecil. There is none you idiots get it through your little feeble still conditioned minds.
    Doug Barry, spokesman for the US China business council. “But we don’t see a wholesale rush for the exists by companies doing business with China” China is winning already in its battle of a resurgent civilization.
    No missionary euranglolander B.S. with China Fred none.
    Where is the evidence the exceptional ethos is being challenged. Where is China’s Neoliberalism. To conveniently right off China into a masonry narrative is absurd, useless and dimwitted ignorance with a whole lot of arrogance and Fred lets be honest about how far has it has got you and your country in real terms. We don’t expect you to change Fred you’re not for growth but we do expect the world to change leaving you behind. You’re the missionary Fred not China. The China party slogan is “Chinese” Fred not communism get it.

  11. Dear Fred B,

    Why would both China and the US be wasting so much on bombs, gunboats, aircraft, drones, weapons systems, military hardware, software, propaganda?

    They only need a small fraction of all that useless crap to exterminate their respective populations, even as they blame each other for doing it. They certainly don’t need aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and ICBM’s to scare off the tele-tubbies! Just tell them a tall tale about the invisible corona virus and watch them self-destruct.

    So…even though China and the US have signed deals, under the UN for example, they do not trust each other.

    I think the Chinese should deal with their government crooks and the Americans should deal with their own government crooks. There is no shortage of them and you don’t have to go far these days to come across a certified sack of talking garbage.

    Tune in to Shitstream Media for an endless parade of “Oh so pleasant” volcanoes of relentless verbal diarrhea for which Bill Gates has not yet come up with a vaccine. I wonder why… Not really. His business relies on bullshit, just like most of this shitstem they have entrapped us in.

  12. War on China or a threat of war is very rational. Such war (or threat) may speed up implementation of the Agenda.

    Remember 1984?

    Martial law or war may cause local starvation. Martial law makes forced vaccination extremely easy. Martial law or war means mass censorship and evaporation of dissidents. Mark of the Beast for everyone during wartime is simply a consequence of war and may be accepted by the public as a lesser Evil.

    Maxim Shevchenko ( says that may be proxy war. Proxy = Iran. Iran is in desperate position, cannot sell oil to the West, cannot sell oil to China.

  13. Looks like all the crypto-sinophobes have come out of the cupboard, with Trump and Pompeo paving the way. Strange that the Rothschild owned and controlled western media and its political puppet show have all sung their anti-China song in unison, shrieks and hysteria included. All because China refused to allow Rothschild bagman Murdoch to worm his way into mainland China’s media from HK? Or is it because China continues to invest in Iran? Or both. If the Rothschild gang controls China, as Fred B suggests, then Frankfurt is inside China’s 9-dash line.