Icke antisemitic conspiracies viewed over 30 million times

Lee Harpin – The JC.com May 1, 2020

Antisemitic conspiracy theories circulated by former sports presenter David Icke – including a claim that Jewish cultists or “Sabbatian Frankists” are responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic – have been viewed over 30 million times on social media, a new report has revealed.

Millions have also watched Mr Icke explain how Bill Gates and “the Rothschilds” form part of that cult, and how 5G networks and vaccines have made people more vulnerable to the disease.

Research for the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) suggests the conspiracy theorist’s audience of over two million followers could be worth up to £20 million in annual revenue, primarily generated by advertisers.

His YouTube videos generate ad revenue both from Google Ads and from his sponsor, an investment firm seeking to exploit the paranoia of Mr Icke’s followers.

The CCDH has called on social media company’s to remove content by Mr Icke.

On Friday, a letter supporting CCDH’s call signed by the co-chairs of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Antisemitism –  Andrew Percy and Cat McKinnell – and also by by Damian Collins, former chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, was sent to the heads of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon.

The Community Security Trust also signed the letter calling for Mr Icke’s “hateful and dangerous conspiracy theories to be removed from mainstream social media platforms.”

Popular medics including Dr Dawn Harper and Embarrassing Bodies star Dr Christian Jessen backed the call by CCDH  for social media companies to remove Mr Icke’s accounts from their platforms.

The CCDH report highlights Mr Icke’s long history of using his social media platforms to promote his racism.

In addition to accusing Jews of helping to plan the coronavirus outbreak, he has previously accused them of secretly being behind antisemitic attacks on their own communities and suggested that Adolf Hitler was Jewish and an agent of Zionism – both in books sold on Amazon and most recently in a video uploaded to YouTube in March of this year.

He has also used Twitter to blame migrants for a “rape epidemic” and to spread fake claims that Germany was moving to legalise rape by Muslim men.

Polling released last week showed that, despite being largely shunned by the traditional media for the past 30 years, Mr Icke is known to 51% of Brits, with one in every eight members of the population having viewed one of his videos or read his books.

His website is in the 1,000 most popular in the UK and much of its traffic is directed from Twitter and Facebook.

Following the controversial broadcasting by LondonLive of an interview with David Icke last month, YouTube and Facebook removed the video from their platform.

However, the CCDH report shows how acting in this piecemeal fashion can make the situation worse – leaving his accounts active allowed Icke to launch a recruitment drive off the back of the move, leading to a further expansion of his following.

Meanwhile, YouTube continued to recommend Mr Icke’s videos to its users.

Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, which co-ordinated the letter and published the report into Mr Icke, said: “While people around the world make enormous sacrifices to stall this pandemic, social media firms are instead profiting from the proliferation of misinformation on their platforms.

“Misinformation puts all of our lives at risk by encouraging the public not to comply with clinical guidance.

“It’s time to stop giving valuable airtime on their platform to the most dangerous voices and instead join with the rest of us in trying to contain this lethal pandemic. The reckless endangerment of public safety by greedy social media firms must stop.

“Facebook must now look at the vast network of pages and groups in which Icke’s content is shared.”

Although Facebook has removed his account, a second page – “David Icke – Headlines” – remains.


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  1. Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate – “Misinformation puts all of our lives at risk by encouraging the public not to comply with clinical guidance.”

    It does, especially when that misinformation comes from people like you, with a pedestal to air their views from.

    He continues: ““It’s time to stop giving valuable airtime on their platform to the most dangerous voices and instead join with the rest of us in trying to contain this lethal pandemic. The reckless endangerment of public safety by greedy social media firms must stop.

    “Facebook must now look at the vast network of pages and groups in which Icke’s content is shared.””

    Quite. The voice of tyranny and authoritarianism and yet people are blatantly unable to understand just what’s going on. Firstly, they have allowed their nation, to be controlled by immigrants, who have no relation to our people, laws, customs and traditions, whatsoever. Secondly it is in the immigrants’s favour, to work against the indigenous, in order that they gain a foothold to eventually destroy them and Khan is playing his part well. Ahmed, is not British, nor is anyone else, not indigenous, or outside of Europe and the European peoples.
    And what was it again, that Enoch Powell stated in his memorable speech about the pikinniny having the whip hand? Does this not epitomise this, the fact that this man is trying to stop who people can watch, read and listen to online?

    Again, the decent into tyranny and its furthered by allowing immigrants positions of power and authority. The Jews are, yet again very concerned because as have they done in the past, which was to undermine the host nation, take control, bring in a living hell, resulting in Jewish hatred and expulsion. It clearly shows that Jews are, infact, insane. One of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting different results every time.
    People are waking up, but not fast enough to stop the Jews from finishing their New World Order. They’re already there. The turning point really is going to be with this lockdown and mandatory vaccination, which will certainly be coming. If people comply it’s end game.

  2. Jews and Zionists are not races. Clearly, Lee Harpin needs to do some research on the differences between race and religion. The West has become a cult where only one script allowed. The next step is thought crime or just suspicion of thought crime.

  3. The reason David Icke has remained relevant for decades, following his embarrassing interview with Terry Wogan all those years ago, is because the public find much of what he says resonates with them. This may be a source of deep annoyance for those media outlets which are trying to push a particular narrative, but in a “Democracy” free speech is meant to be tolerated as part of the social contract between the public and Government.
    The number of alternative media sites being shadow banned, censored, de-monetised or permanently removed, is an indication that the propaganda is failing to hit home with the public who are rapidly waking up to reality.

  4. My answer to this article, and to It’s Writer is to grow up and get yourself a Brain, and do some Research, you sound like another one of those Politicians who went to the Usual colleges where they serve up Doctored History mainly War History, And that is why most of the Graduates From the UK and the USA have some of the Lowest IQ’S In the World, if you Don’t Believe me just look at the Team of Trump, and the Cabinet of any UK government, and then look at the Team of Putin, they are Absolutely Worlds Apart, The UK and the USA are just not good Enough Clean the Boots of Putin’s Shining Lights. that is all I have got to say, I do not have the Time for People who have the same Matter that comes out of their mouth as also comes out of their Rear End.

  5. Imran Ahmed, CEO is a house slave feeding on scraps . when his masters are attached he got to make some noise .

  6. I am wondering where my comment has got to. if this really is thetruthseeker site for the Truth.

  7. complaints that the labour party under Corbyn had become antisemitic brought them hundreds of extra votes even though voters groups said Labour low polling was being punished for its racist war on Iraq etc.
    calling people names like anti semitic is a bit of joke really when you consider whats happening under the zonists

  8. So the Jews got Dave banned from Australia…..a democracy…..yeah right.
    The current Prime Minister,like the last one,is a crypto jew….the premier of NSW is a jew….Most of the billionaires in Australia are Jews,or more accurately…crypto Jews…like Sir Richard Branstein.
    So THATS WHY Icke has been banned from Australia…..
    Strange….this debacle is in marked contrast to the portrayal of Jews in the media….
    Ah but….then again,The Dirty Digger,Rupert Murdoch,……you know the Australian Press Baron….
    You could go on.
    Meantime Murdoch got married in a church to the former wife of of a leading satanist….Jerry Hall….
    Now here’s another surprise….turns out both of ’em are actually crypto Jews…..and that’s what crypto Jews do…..ask Theresa Pious-May.

  9. If “Jews are not a race”….why do people use terms like “anti-semitism”…..which of course refers to people who dont like the Semitic Race.
    Although appearance is not always a reliable indicator of race…..why do so many Jews have similar physical characteristics in common.
    “Gargoyle Jews”***..like Sheldon,Weinstein and Streisand….are immediately identifiable as jews

    (It has been speculated that Gargoyle Jews are a sub tribe of these fiends)

  10. “Centre for Countering Digital Hate” – Was there ever a parody term that conveyed the establishment’s own Orwellian modus operandi more than their own humourless attempts at suppression of free speech ?

  11. @ So Enoch Powell talked about Pickaninny having the upper hand in his infamous ‘rivers of blood speech’ 1968, but the same Enoch a decade earlier, had gone to Barbados to beg black people to come to England to help rebuild the ‘mother country’ as it was called then, because close to half a million white british men had died in WW2.
    but the same Enoch that begged black people to come here turns around to cry about rivers of blood later. what a racist hypocrite he was and what a racist is anyone that follows him and quotes his racist hypocritical speech.

  12. JEWS account for less than 1% of the British population you anti British Jewish RACIST scum!! WHY are you even ALLOWED a voice on How OUR country is run with such a tiny minority?? What makes YOU more ‘special’ than REAL Brits?? If you hate us that much then why don’t you P off back to the sewer in the middle East you crawled from!! Oh That’s right you HAVE NO COUNTRY only land STOLEN from the Paletinians!!

  13. Many people expose different elements of the grand conspiracy reality, and there may be a lot of truth in them, but what good does it do if they all point in different directions and cause divisions? The satanic grand conspiracy begins at the Vatican in Rome. The Jesuits are the conspirators. There are three Jesuits in charge of the world now. One of them, Jorge Bergoglio, addresses the United Nations. And JORGE BERGOGLIO is inviting WORLD LEADERS and young people to come together at the Vatican on May 14, 2020, for an event called “Reinventing the Global Educational Alliance.” So even though the Rockefeller Foundation puts out the info, you can be sure that it stems from the Jesuit think tanks, some of which are located in Georgetown University, or Fordham University, or Boston College, or one of the other 24 Jesuit colleges located in the US. Here is a quote from U.S. Jesuit Higher Education: “For nearly 500 years, millions of people across the world have experienced the transformative power of a Jesuit education. From serving in Congress…Many distinguished graduates of Jesuit institutions have reached the highest levels in their fields, including former President Bill Clinton, scientist Anthony Fauci, journalist Maria Shriver, actor Denzel Washington and NBA Coach Glenn “Doc” Rivers. Descartes, Moliere and James Joyce were likewise shaped by their Jesuit education.” So ANTHONY FAUCI and BILL CLINTON are Jesuit- educated! And now ANTHONY FAUCI is dictating, “Development of a moderately effective vaccine together with optimal implementation of existing treatment and prevention modalities could end the current HIV pandemic.” Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., NIAID Director. Spoken for the pope in Rome.
    And then you have Rupert Murdoch, the news mogul, who is also a Knight of Malta, who has sworn allegiance to the pope. The Jesuits control their media mouthpiece to spew out their propaganda. Many others are also in service to the pope of Rome. Read the Jesuit oath.

  14. In my earlier post I quoted Dr. Fauci, but it was regarding the HIV vaccine.

    Below is a quote regarding the Covid 19 virus:

    In an appearance on NBC’s Today Show, Fauci was asked whether he thought it was “in the realm of possibility” to have a potential vaccine ready for wide distribution by January.


  15. JS Mill, On Liberty, 1859!
    The power (of censorship) itself is illegitimate. (Snip.) It is as noxious, or more noxious, when exerted in accordance with public opinion, than when in or opposition to it. If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind . (Snip.)

    But the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it . If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth : if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.

    Don’t expect the pro censorship assh*les to quote that – even if they knew it.

  16. As a subscriber to David Icke’s videos and a reader of Icke’s book “ The Trigger”, which decimates the the official story of 9/11, I suddenly find, anytime I try to access Icke, this message: No URL found for this tracker ID.
    David Icke is a journalist who is three decades ahead of the presstitute media and who has enlightened millions throughout the world, is now bound for the memory hole of the “Ministry of Truth”. And I hardly see any proper outrage at this flagrant assault on freedom of speech.
    I find the libel and mendacity of this article mind boggling for I have always watched Icke meticulously avoid implicating the majority of the Jews with the rotten acts of the few who call themselves Jews.
    The choice is clear: either you accept to be part of the Sheeple herd or you are destined to lead the life of a lone hungry wolf who is hounded by the packs of hierarchical wolves. David Icke has chosen the hard road to the truth and the boycott of his voice by the masters of discourse is the highest decoration on his chest.

  17. Good question Vespasian and the answer is simply that the Jews ARE a race and are descendent from Cain upon whom God gave a “mark” so that they could be clearly recognised down through the ages as the eternal enemy of The Most High God and mankind. Gen 3:15 clearly tells us that Eve had twins FROM TWO DIFFERENT FATHERS . . . . .

  18. They obviously don’t need to gauge from him anymore so off with his head. The British thing to do yet they scream over the extreme Muslims doing it. The hypocrisy is outstanding. Jews aren’t a people that’s the biggest lie they tell themselves. They are sect the filthest religion on earth with no connection to the original Semitic language so again they tell themselves another lie. You aren’t going nowhere Icke, we got you on record for last 6yrs at least.

  19. Antisemitism is vaccine for the mind, it should be implemented globally and digitally tattooed for access to free education, healthcare and social services.
    Those lacking the said tattoo should be socially isolated, compelled legally to wear a muzzle so as not to infect the healthy population with Jewish lies and diabolic agenda.

    Auferte gentem perfidam credentium de finibus
    (Take the faithless tribe from the borders of the believing)

  20. CnP
    Vespasian May 3, 2020 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    If “Jews are not a race”….why do people use terms like “anti-semitism”…..which of course refers to people who dont like the Semitic Race.

    If they are a race then why are christians or muslims etc never classed as a race?
    jews are brainwashed from the moment they are kicked out of their mothers womb to believe that they are god’s own chosen people. Now considering that jews invented religion as we know it today this is little more than self promotion.
    NB, non use of capital letters is intentional simply because I believe that religion is a load of male bovine waste matter!

  21. i saw rose/icke III.he talks about concentration of nephilim/archon genetics..so icke isnt racist- speciesist maybe.we need an end to speciesism..normally if you can bring forth offspring with a human that means you are human.the fallen angels would have had to have chimera splicing technology.pretty weird,but this is standard bible teaching, noah was “pure in his generations” but the wives of ham,shem and japeth could have had fallen angel mitochondria and a matrilinear religion might work to concentrate the genetics..instead of going after icke they ought to have a catholic council on where they really stand on genesis6..oh,the pope is too busy worrying about the greenhouse effect and the millions of years of ice core data.bears dont shit in the woods

  22. The Jews are NOT a race. Hebrew is almost identical to Irish so that proves they do NOT exist (read Conor MacDari and Schlomo Sand to corroborate). The Khazarians Satanic Talmudic Cabal have used the word “Jew” as a cover solince about 600AD.

  23. Jason,

    If, as you state, Enoch Powell went to Barbados to recruit blacks to come and work in the UK, then how on earth can he be deemed a hater of black people and anyone who believes in his views one?

    The problem with blacks is simple. If as you state, he asked them to come to Britain, to work, did he ask them to come and stay? There is a difference isn’t there.
    What you fail to understand is the simple fact that black people ARE NOT, nor ever will be British. In believing that they are, the mantra of the msm for the last 60 years, it negates the very concept of British. That is, if a pear can be an apple then there’s no need for the words apple and pears as they cancel each other out.

    Blacks came over and decided to stay, of course, promoted by the Jews who had their back, knowing that the more they help them, the higher the chance they’ll destroy the Britain. And they did.

    Powell stated basic common sense in that, when you allow people, not of your culture, civilisation and nation to gain power and authority within, they will begin to impose their cultural ways, rules and regulations, until you become a slave class under them. “East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet” – as Rudyard Kipling stated. The blacks invaded our lands and decided that they wanted to be part of something they don’t belong to, nor ever will. They ‘imposed’ and with every inch they were given took a mile, to the point that blacks want equal distribution of jobs amongst their people, destroying the meritocratic society we had created, because they knew, deep within that black civilisation was clearly inferior to white.

    The real racism, that is the modern definition of hating a people of their race, ironically comes from people like you. Why? You promote mass immigration and with it miscegenation, which will destroy the culture, society and race of the peoples wthin that land. Look at the UK in the 70’s to now? 50 years and it’s a completely different place.
    Your hatred for white people is shown in your views. And all you can do is shout out racist at people who state common sense about reality, you are not prepared to accept. Worse, that you should think you have any control over what another thinks in whom he/she should like, dislike, love, hate, employ, sack, associate or dissassociate with. You are the real racist, not me.

  24. What a piece of crap by probably another
    NWO cocksucker. Suggestion for everyone :
    read as much books about the illuminati,
    the freemasons. Read the protocols of zion.
    Read what’s in the following site :
    vho.org and you won’t have any doubts
    as to whaabout what is
    oing on since hundreds of years
    and who’s behind it

  25. How can you be anti semitic when there is no such thing as Jews? Hebrew is almost identical to Irish. If anything the Irish are the “chosen people”. Read Conor MacDari and Schlomo Sands books on the subject.

  26. There are definitely Jewish organisations that exert Jewish Power. AIPAC for one, the ADL and the ultra-ortgodox jews.
    I don’t think most Jews are anti-gentile, but they still take advantage of the tribal loyalty that helps Jews into the best jobs, who wouldn’t? But that isn’t good for the rest of us.
    I think the most dangerous of these groups is AIPAC. It has power in Congress that amounts to dictatorship. Whatever the Jews want the Jews get, and that usually means that Israel gets its own way, often at the cost of many lives, including American lives.
    DAVID ICKE spoils it for those of us who see this Jewish Power to be a bad thing. His ridiculous ideas on shape-shifting serpent-peple now contaminate real and justified fears of Jewish Power

  27. David Icke is a false Messiah, like Lord Jesus.

    I’ve heard of pictures of David Icke with reptilian tail hidden behind the jacket. Such pictures disappear from Internet because David is protected by Deep State. He was working for BBC Fake News – a reptilian corporation!

    Beware of false Messiah David Icke!

    Promotion of David Icke is an element of Idiocracy Agenda. False opposition.