Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012 NHS

Paul Swanson – YouTube April 17, 2020

10 responses to “Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012 NHS”

  1. I especially appreciate at 2.08 the nurses washing their hands so diligently.

    Question is…what plans are currently on the drawing board? We’re always plating catch up.

  2. Yeah, had me for a while until you can see the photo shopped blue virus move out of sync with the picture. fake?

  3. It looks more like it is a plug for modern medicine (big pharma) driving out the evil demons of sickness and death, than it is a portent that “they” are coming for our children with such.
    I would first find out if big pharma was the main contributor to that opening ceremony, and what organization(s) put up the money, before saying it is necessarily occult. If all of the dancing hospital workers in masks and scrubs of sorts in the hospital shots were from the same show, then the show becomes a great deal more than some unintended artistic portent, but an actual plan of what was to come being and looks very much like a form of subliminal programming for the masses, or occult insider stuff.

  4. YES! I was just thinking the same thing about this whole pandemic… It seemed eerily familiar and then I remembered this creepy opening ceremony. Interesting that it was in 2012, the supposed year everything would come to an end.

  5. COVID-19 really has nothing to do with “big pharma”; SARS-CoV-2 was an act of biological warfare against China by the usual Satanic cult. The attackers were apparently hoping that the Chinese New Year celebrations would spread the virus around the whole country, which would’ve likely destroyed China politically and economically for the foreseeable future, preventing or greatly delaying its rise to great power status.

    But China reacted quickly and contained the spread of the virus, so in a sense the attack failed to accomplish its primary objective. So now the Satanists are attempting to salvage what they can with their propaganda war against China.

  6. so if you’re an atheist how you gonna explain this? no clue except these same freaks take your access to divine power. wake up you’re not just a physical matter.

  7. Two more points:

    1- Generally speaking, in movies women/girls are symbol of land and country. I may be wrong but I failed to see any boy on those hospital beds.

    2- Those guys with hats landing in the end with parachutes that fought the virus guys, could signify the deep state coming to clean up the mess and be seen as saviors.

  8. The elite are deeply religious and believe in the Old Testament and Talmud. They believe that if they warn us before acting against our interest, then all their karma is lifted.

  9. You must have missed the opening ceremonies of the CISM World Military Games. If you don’t know, now you know. ENDGAME