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Lasha Darkmoon – Darkmoon April 27, 2020


“I’m not a doctor. But I’m, like, a person that has a good you-know-what.” — Donald Trump, suggesting it might be a good idea to inject bleach or other dangerous disinfectants into the body.
America is now in a dreadful state. A few months ago it was riding high, with President Trump on a crest of popularity. This was before corinavirus hit the country like a hurricane from hell.
Unemployment claims have now escalated to over 26 million, which is unprecedented. More than 4.4 million laid-off workers applied for welfare benefits last week. One in six Americans have lost their jobs in the last four  weeks. Projected figures for the April unemployment rate have been set at 20 per cent. The magnitude of job cuts, according to a news report I have in front of me now, “has plunged the US economy into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.”
This is Trump’s latest nightmare. To give the president his due, he is a man who manages to keep on an even keel when things are going well. He is all smiles when his people are smiling. When they lose their smiles and start gritting their teeth, this well-nourished man with the orange-tinted tan tends to lose his cool. This is what has happened within the last few days.
Trump’s easy-to-please supporters were initially delighted to learn from their president what they avidly wanted to hear: that the whole coronvirus crisis was “fake news” and that it would clear up in no time at all without the need for a lockdown. Warmer weather would do the trick. Within less than a week, he had changed his mind.  More or less declaring a national emergency, he now brazenly informed the bemused nation that coronavirus was a very serious problem indeed and that he had never doubted this for a moment.
And the world laughed . . .  as if a clown had just cracked a funny joke.
To add to the confusion and general consternation, Dr Anthony Fauci, Trump’s advisor on Covid-19 and Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases— “widely seen to be one of the most trusted medical figures in the country“—shocked the nation recently by suggesting that shaking hands could in future be banned.
“I don’t think we should shake hands ever again, to be honest with you.” — US expert Dr Anthony Fauci, on avoiding infections even after the crisis is over.” — Quotes of the Week, The Mail on Sunday, April 19, p.39
Understandably, people are getting a bit nervous. Never shake hands again? Overnight, the world has changed. The commandment “Love your neighbour” now needs to be rewritten: “Love your neighbour, but keep a safe distance from him.”
At this rate, kissing and sexual intercourse will soon be banned.
Big Brother will be watching you at all times to make sure you don’t get too amorous.
—   §   —
Meanwhile, the argument rages between lockdown and non-lockdown. A careful study of the facts seems to reveal that nations that have panicked and enforced extended lockdowns on their people have done much worse than nations that have pursued more laissez-faire policies, allowing their people to meet up in public more freely. Italy was particularly harsh to its population, especially its older generation, and Italy paid the price with a heavy toll of deaths. Sweden, on the contrary,  let its people mix in public, without face masks, and the Swedes were none the worse for it. The same in New Zealand.
Vietnam is a classic example. It began lifting lockdown restrictions last week after claiming it had not suffered a single coronavirus death. Despite sharing a huge border with China and having a population of 95 million, Vietnam acted quickly to enforce a strict lockdown followed by a swift return to normal. Cafes and shops in Hanoi began reopening last week and everyone is smiling. There were 268 infections in total—not bad for a population of 95 million—but not one of these infections led to death. (“‘Zero Deaths’ Vietnam eases lockdown”, Daily Mail, April 24, 2020, p. 10. See also here).
If you have any further doubts about this subject, this chart will perhaps help you to make up your mind:

Click to expand

To get back to the situation in America. Clearly the Trump administration was in the wrong to fail to recognize the seriousness of the situation earlier, unlike efficient Vietnam. With “experts” like Dr Anthony Fauci (pictured) to advise America, who needs experts? Men who advise their people never to shake hands again deserve to be put in special places.
Unfortunately, Trump has arguably made a bad situation even worse by scapegoating and demonizing China in an attempt to revive his flagging popularity among his core voters. The attack on Trump that follows does not come from the mainstream media. It comes from a dissident site on the internet, Information Clearing House, authored by the respected John Wight.
This, however, is from The Independent, a mainstream source quoted by Wight in support of his argument:
The  45th President of the United States has begun to move perilously close to the ranks of the growing number of conspiracy theory nuts in our midst, with their ludicrous assertions as to the origins of coronavirus and, inter alia, the sinister agendas of Bill Gates, the Chinese government, the Illuminati, along with the role of 5G masts in facilitating its spread.
As Trump becomes more embattled and struggles to answer the justified criticisms of his handling of the crisis, and as his approval numbers dip, his rampant megalomania makes him ever more susceptible to the charms of conspiracy theory as a route out of the reality he’s chosen to divorce himself from.
John Wight argues plausibly—as indeed most world-renowned virologists do in America, Britain, Australia and elsewhere—that China has at all times acted responsibly and is in way responsible for deliberately targeting the West with a bioweapon. He points out that “Beijing responded with impressive alacrity and organisation, pouring in thousands of doctors and troops, building temporary hospitals, introducing mass testing and contact tracing, and getting on top of the outbreak in a manner that has put Europe and the US to shame…. The pristine truth is that Donald Trump’s megalomania and sociopathy have been laid bare.
Wight’s indictment is savage:
With over 40,000 dead and counting from COVID-19 in the US, Trump’s failure to act with anything like the urgency of Beijing for six whole weeks after the WHO declared the virus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern has been tantamount to CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE.
Further still, his continuing denial of the seriousness of the pandemic, defying scientific medical advice in talking up the prospect of returning to business as usual in the coming weeks, marks him out as A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER NOT ONLY TO HIS OWN PEOPLE BUT THE ENTIRE WORLD.
(Emphasis added)


“A clear and present danger not only
to his own people but the entire world.”

—   §   —

According to the renowned BBC broadcaster and journalist John Humphreys, Nobel Prizewinners tend to go off their heads when they win the Nobel Prize. Most of them, he says, “recover within a couple of years but some remain a bit mad forever.” They begin researching “such weird stuff as extra-terrestrial communications and DNA teleportation and even whether coronavirus is a bioweapon.”
Humphreys then continues to cut to the chase:
Which brings me to Donald Trump. He stunned the world this week by raising the possibility of dealing with coronavirus by INJECTING VICTIMS WITH BLEACH.
They’d almost certainly die. But so would the virus.
Worth the Nobel surely?
— The Daily Mail, April 25, 2020, p. 23 
All too predictably, the president was branded  “dangerous” and “irresponsible” for suggesting that bleach could be a cure for coronavirus. Hospitals  rushed to warn America’s millions not to ingest washing tablets. The makers of Dettol started having hissy fits. “Please! Please! Don’t start injecting  Dettol into your veins!” they warned the unwashed masses. The masses started rushing round like frightened rabbits and headless chickens.
The president then gravely suggested hitting the body with “a tremendous ultraviolet or just very powerful light, adding helpfully, “I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute — one minute — and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that.”   
A statement greeted with muted groans from experts galore.
Not content with making an ass of himself in this embarrassing manner, the president then decided to go the whole hog and be as silly as possible. Pointing to his head, he burbled: “I’m not a doctor. But I’m, like, a person that has a good you-know-what.”
Exactly. You can go far in American politics if you have a good you-know-what! Robert Reich, a professor of public policy at the University of California, was outraged. He was not impressed with the president’s “you-know what” and said so in an indignant tweet. “Trump’s briefings are actively endangering the public’s health,” he fumed. “Listen to the experts. And please DON’T DRINK DISINFECTANT!”
Not to be left out of this Circus of Horrors, Hag Queen Hillary Clinton tweeted her haughty contempt for the beleaguered president: “Please don’t poison yourself because president Trump thinks it could be a good idea!” she sneered.
How did Trump react? With characteristic bravado. He pretended he was just being ironical and playing a trick on the experts. He had set a trap for the media and they’d fallen for it. “I was asking a question sarcastically to reporters like you,” he chutzpahed, “just to see what would happen.”
(Based on “Trump’s wildest corona claim yet”, Daily Mail, April 25, 2020, p. 12.  See also here.)
Brilliant! You can’t beat a man like that. Even when he’s down, he’s up! Maybe there’s method in his madness. The Orange Clown, his besotted admirers will tell you, is really a supergenius in disguise.
Watch this video and decide for yourself: Is Trump losing his marbles? Is America being led by a man who doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he’s doing?

VIDEO  :  11.50 mins