Iran ‘launches military satellite into orbit’ amid tensions with US

Associated Press – April 22, 2020

Picture provided by IRNA on April 22, 2020 shows part of the Qased satellite carrier used by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) to launch Nour (Light)-1, Iran’s first military satellite, into the Earth’s orbit. Click to enlarge

Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard said on Wednesday it launched a military satellite into orbit amid wider tensions with the US, a successful launch after months of failures.

There was no immediate independent confirmation of the launch of the satellite, which the Guard called “Noor,” or light.

The Guard on its official said the satellite successfully reached an orbit of 264 miles above the Earth’s surface.

The two-stage satellite launch took off from Iran’s Central Desert, the Guard said, without elaborating.

The launch comes amid tensions between Tehran and Washington over its collapsing nuclear deal and after a US drone strike killed Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani in January.

Iran has suffered several failed satellite launches in recent months.

On Sunday, the Guard acknowledged it had a tense encounter with US warships in the Persian Gulf last week, but alleged without offering evidence that American forces sparked the incident.


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  1. I’ve read articles saying satellites don’t go into orbit as nothing can get out of the atmosphere, past the Karmon Line. So satellite are actually taken only to the stratosphere using a balloon and float past countries. The tether is long and balloon is the colour of the sky, this is why for e.g. we see the ISS going past, but not its balloon. So even the Iranians are part of this global lie? Of course, they have 5G getting their people sick and their parliament is a pyramid with 33 windows. As the Bible tells us, the whole world is run by the Devil. Only turning to God can save us.

  2. Common sense.
    I know I cannot prove the shape of where we live, and I know that you can’t either. But if some honest research is done, there comes a time when common sense kicks in and absurd theories are shown for what they are. For instance: the theory that we’re spinning and orbiting and zooming through space when the stars reset to where they were exactly a year earlier.

    Or the absurd theory that man landed on the moon, only exceeded by man up-sticks and comes back again. All done with those calculators with a revolving handle.

    That the world is run by satanic monsters and Nasa, firing squibs at the dome, is a money laundering scam is also just common sense. It seems to me that common sense has ran off up the garden path. Maybe it’s time to bring it back.

    Epstein didn’t kill himself>> common sense.

  3. You’re mostly right, Henry h. We’ve never been to “space” and can’t go there. The ISS is a hoax. Watch ANY rocket launch film footage and it will always begin arcing and eventually turn horizontally and go out of site before it crashes somewhere off in the distance. That’s why Cape Canaveral is next to the ocean. They NEVER go straight up as any real trip to “space” would have it.

  4. @Henry h
    “Nothing can get out of atmosphere?”

    There are more than 35,000 satellites now in orbit, most of them are space junk. You can see satellites even with naked eyes specially where there is no light pollution.

    Some of the big ones that can be seen with naked eyes are:
    International Space Station (ISS), Russia’s Soyuz, China’s Tiangong-1, Hubble Space Telescope, etc…

    “The tether is long and balloon is the colour of the sky, this is why for e.g. we see the ISS going past, but not its balloon.”

    Now to say that all of these 35000 space junk are held up with balloons would be a crazy thing. Somehow no one with binoculars or telescopes have found any balloons yet? ISS is an ongoing project how can it be held up with balloons!?

    “So even the Iranians are part of this global lie? Of course, they have 5G getting their people sick and their parliament is a pyramid with 33 windows.”

    Is this how we can conclude that Iranians are part of the global lie too!? We don’t have 5G going on yet, if there is, it is emitted from satellites and even so it would be discovered. More people in the world have died and continue to die because of bad food, bad oils and table-salt rather than from other causes such as the new 5G or corona-virus or even wars!

    As for the virus test… The idea that the test-method could be looking for a protein symptom and not the actual virus might be true, I am in no position to make a comment on this. However we all know that modern medical sciences are very symptom-based! For example there is fire in one of the rooms and this has made a lot of smoke in the house, we see the smoke and try to remove it by opening the windows…. This is attacking the symptom and not the actual cause.

    “…their parliament is a pyramid with 33 windows.”

    Many within Iran have questioned this building and criticism is justified, and it is so over done too that we can’t get away from it. The Islamic Revolution of Iran is just 40 years old. Even now there are infiltrating Jews, Bahaies ,Masons and hypocrite Iranians in various posts. Any people who truly want to take God’s covenant and fight Satan as a society/nation and not just as an individual will be tested, and you know the usual tests, the test of War, Famine/Embargo, and the political tests bringing complex sedition affecting hearts and minds. It won’t be easy. Regardless if you look neuturally you see points that don’t add up, I point out symbolic ones since you seem to be more into symbolism: we burn Obelisks in Iran, it is an object that you see all around the world… in fact Muslims used to throw stones at a small obelisk next to Ka’ba in Mecca during hajj pilgrimage just as prophet Abraham ع did and by some accounts even blinded Satan/Iblis’s right eye, being a Djinn however he was in material/physical form when this happened; unfortunately Saudis on the orders from their masters built a wall around saying it is for safety reasons! Had they painted a picture of an obelisk on that wall I would believe them!

    For the Milad Tower in Tehran, they made sure it has enough sides in the base polygon so it would not be classified as an obelisk! They were concerned during the design phase.

    “As the Bible tells us, the whole world is run by the Devil.”

    And what does bible say about defending against this and taking back the world from the Devil? Any solutions offered? … and who and what is the devil?

    >The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. (Psalm 24:1)
    >Acknowledge and take to heart this day that the Lord is God in heaven above and on the earth below. There is no other. (Deuteronomy 4:39)
    >Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession. Although the whole earth is mine. (Exodus 19:5)
    >Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. Father Lord JESUS touch my heart and show me the way of righteousness. (1 John 5:5)

    So these verses show that God has a claim on earth and that expects believers/Christians to take it back! My understanding is he is not going to fix everything by lightnings or miracles. In the western schools of thought we routinely see Trinity and triad concepts, it seems most western philosophers had rooted their thoughts in a form of trinity. Physics with the 3 Quarks as subatomic particles is just one example. Check out the book by “Jesus Christ – Quantum Physicist” by Dirk Schneider. Think of the triad: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. You also see it in politics with the 3 branches of governance, executive, judicial, legislative and in US the buildings associated with each is actually marked Father, Holy Spirit, Jesus. So despite this much trinity running through western societies still Devil runs the world? Is this a failure or a misunderstanding?

  5. Well one thing is for sure….France acted as a refuge for the original Ayatollah Kohmeni….and after the successful revolution in Iran they allowed him to return to Iran to lead the revolution……IT DOESNT ADD UP….UNLESS YOU ASSUME THE USUAL SUSPECTS ARE RUNNING IRAN.
    Look,put it this way… WW2 a close relative of the bespectacled geek Himmler….married an Israeli jew.
    OR….how about the president of Austria Fischer spending time on a Kibbutz in the 1960’s….HOLD ON A MINUTE…..6,000,000 jews murdered by ze Nazis…..there would be hardly a jew left alive in Austria…..SURELY??.
    Maybe for pointing this out….THIS was the reason I had shots going off left right and centre when I was walking around Vienna?….a few years back.
    Things seem to be on course for Israel’s final objective…the destruction of Iran…..what if… Germany WW2…..crypto Jews are calling the shots within Iran……keep in mind that Iran does have a super rich class.
    Theres one of those monumentally stupid “lives of the rich” programmes which stars “Persians” in California….the program doesnt inform brain dead Americans that they are actually IRANIAN CRYPTO JEWS.
    The Jewish fiends will be wanting payback for imagined slights which occurred 2000 odd years back.
    KEEP VERY FIRMLY IN MIND that President Trump is very definitely a crypto jew….

  6. Henry. You can buy a telescope and watch satellite movement. Their orbit rate is outer space not stratosphere. Also if satellites were in stratosphere there is friction and gravity so they would fall back to earth. Use your eyes and brain. The bible also wants you to think and not be blinded.

  7. Mefobills

    Thanks but if the Thermosphere is 2000 degrees Celsius, the aluminium, steel and glass would melt so satellites cannot be in it or above it, stratosphere is the max they can achieve. The US have a squadron to retrieve satellites in the air as they descend so the public rarely, if ever, see a crashed satellite and its balloon. They go to great lengths to maintain the illusion they can get into space.

    To the Iranian commentator above, thank you for your detailed response. Can you prove there are 35,000 satellites up there? We have all been lied to for years by all the nations and their space agencies

    You ask who the Devil is, well he is the ruler of this world, not God. You quote several scriptures, excellent, so I must explain to you that the Earth and the World can be different concepts, Biblically speaking. The Earth is of course a creation of God, so is ruled by God but the World in the other sense I am referring to, is human society as a whole which is independent of and alienated from God. Mankind is fallen from harmony with its Creator, so we are subject to our own desires and many of us decide what is right or wrong for ourselves. This leads to conflict between each other individually and nations. On top of our own weaknesses, the Devil, a spirit creature who was once a high ranking angel but coveted worship for himself, seeks to pander to our own desires, perverting them. Hence this world is obsessed with lust and murder, greed and all other sorts of filth. The media seems to love human vice. Governments and their elite puppet masters are fully aware that the Devil (slanderer) or Satan (resistor) is in charge, this is why they continue to lie just like their master. But take courage, 2,000 years ago Christ conquered the World, he died without being misled into sin (or wrongdoing), despite temptation from the evil one and much violence and torture. He didn’t advocate violence to achieve harmony with God, if he had asked, God would have sent 12 legions of angels, but he didn’t. Instead he fulfilled his Father’s instructions, saying ‘it is accomplished’ just before he died. This is the model for us, God will bring the harmony or as Christ called it the ‘Kingdom of God’ to the Earth, thus overthrowing the rulership of the wicked one, Satan the Devil. So it will be supernatural intervention, which results in government rulers, their generals and troops and all those godless self centred people who put faith in human rule and their position in that system being executed. However humans who put their faith in God and His Son will be the ‘meek who inherit the Earth’.

    Please do not be confused by the Trinity, it is a concept that originated after the Apostles were dead, it is not Biblical and is a third century AD concept brought into the Church by educated pagans, so called neo-platonists who wished to retain their paganism and fuse it with the truth of God’s word This dilution of truth is one fulfilment of the parable of the wheat and tares,

    I apologise if I am misinformed about 5G in Iran, I had read that the high amount of virus victims were as a result of this technology, like Italy and Wuhan. But perhaps the article was wrong or propaganda. This is why it is so hard to be sure of anything.

    I would also like to apologise about my limited knowledge of Iranian culture,I have never visited so I stand corrected about the obelisks and struggles in your society of which I know nothing.

  8. Henry.. You are right, the Earth is flat & supported on a big turtle !

  9. thew reason the USA has been preparing for war on Iran is simple, Iran refused to have a rothschild bank.
    A US genera said we will take down 7 countries in 7 years
    Iraq Libya Syria, all destroyed for refusing a rothschild bank
    so now they have to go to rothschild for loans to rebuild
    the IMF world bank and all the others are rothschild
    ” a rose by any other name ”
    One a loan is given by rothschild you never get free
    Iran is the next country the jews want stupid americans to go bomb for them

  10. Mr Reynard

    I doubt the Earth is flat as there are many maps of Antartica from the middle ages depicting the Continent as it is today but free of ice, so it cannot be a wall of ice that surrounds the oceans as flat earthers claim. Jury is still out on that one.

  11. I am a bit late in replying and there are many points raised, answering or posting thoughts on each point would take a lot of space!

    @Henry h
    There are 35000 objects orbiting earth most of the are debris and junk. I was referring to these objects, the idea that they are all held up by balloons seems very implausible! Regardless this subject is really not important, there are many key issues with priority.

    “..a spirit creature who was once a high ranking angel..”
    Yes, we call him Eblis and he is a Djinn not a fallen Angel (Angels never fall), he also leads many other Djinns that you call Demons and they are very real as you agree. However we have differences on key details of the story.

    You have said that God will bring “Kingdom of God” through supernatural intervention. Don’t you think this belief has made Christianity very passive? Why would you struggle to get back power from the Devil when God will fix everything through a miracle? At most you will need preachers who use Prophecy to warn people of evil plans, Christians would not be able to shape the future because they trust God to do it for them. In practice though Zionist Christians have been actively employed by Zionist Jews to bring about Armageddon, this is while most other Christians are just waiting for the direct divine intervention. Sunni Muslims too are in a similar situation, they have no real Islamic leadership, they think Imam is a prayer lead and are waiting for God to one day bring Mahdi عج and Jesus ع as the saviors; all of this while Zionist Muslims (Saudis) are working hand in hand with Zionist Jews. Elsewhere I have explained our (Shittes) views on Prophecy and defined important concepts of (nabi/navi = نبی = נביא) and (imam/nashi = נָשִׂיא = امام), in Arabic and Hebrew. Nabi/Navi is an agent of God or a divine representative chosen directly by God that brings designs and plans for the future of his own tribe or humanity. Nashi or as we say Imam is an infallible perfect human that can lead humanity and build the design and shape the future according to God’s plan. So this really puts Shiites on a direct collision coarse with Zionists and they see no other real threat, specially when they believe Anti-Christ or Dajjal is the 12th Imam! … and Hollywood has been actively helping with their views as well.

    You can study Iran’s revolution as most people have, as a separate and spontaneous event, or you can view it in a historical context, a linear history as long as the history of Islam and with focus on Jews too, in which case you see Iran’s Islamic Revolution like a Shia would. It takes a few pages to fully explain the subject. If I get a chance I’ll post another comment explaining this history.

  12. @ مقداد وفائی

    Project Loon is a quite open project that has never pretended to be satellites in space. It’s a network of high altitude balloons designed to bring 4G-LTE internet to remote areas. The balloons are designed to stay in the air for months, or even years, before landing for servicing. The descent of the balloon is controlled to a large degree, as the balloons can be raised or lowered to catch wind currents much like a hot-air-balloon does. The Loon balloons use helium with a system of “ballonets” that can be used to adjust the density.

    But while there’s a reasonable level of control for navigation, it can’t exactly land on a dime, and malfunctions can cause the balloon to simply drift with the wind and land somewhere random. So there are many accounts of these unfamiliar devices landing somewhere and causing brief confusion before being identified.

    No Satellites in Space Just Balloons Above the Flat Earth

    P.S. There is no such thing as space junk either !

  13. To the Iranian commentator, you are correct Christianity is a passive religion as far as secular politics is concerned, the struggle is to try to do what is right on a personal level, (i.e. not to sin) in a world where people want to indulge their desires and seek to put themselves first and yes God will intervene in this world’s affairs, as proof please look at the most clear statement in the entire Bible on this aspect found in Daniel chapter 2 verse 44, where it says God’s Kingdom will crush all these human kingdoms. I also agree that much of what claims to be Christian, isn’t Christian at all, this demonstrates only an outward appearance of Christianity, but in reality these denominations are very much a part of this world’s disputes and political objectives. Christ said his kingdom was no part of this world, so his followers must also be no part of it, so we remain neutral on political issues not even voting in elections. This can be difficult, and requires a measure of Faith.

  14. @Truthy1

    Look up the project Swarm, it started about 6 years ago involved 3 satellites, 2 in pair and another one solo orbiting Earth to map the magnetic field in 3D. Studying magnetic poles shifting and the possibility of polar reversing. It’s hard to believe these 3 satellites would be able to accomplish their mission being held by balloons.

    Balloon ones are mostly for whether forecast and as suggested they are held by tethers so they don’t move around and get lost! The video you posted says “Flat Earth”! Not sure what to say but I found this “” very interesting! And this one

    Now even if I was to ditch all rationality and just see what Quran has to say, then I would have to believe in the globe model as Quran is clear on this issue.

    @Henry h

    You can’t control world poverty at personal level by not sinning, you need to get into power and devise rules in order to eliminate poverty. We live in this world, an extremist Sikh or Hindu who castrate themselves to avoid sin are just deleting the problem/equation rather than answering/addressing it!

    In our understanding God/Allah is expecting humans that take up the covenant to strive and create his Kingdom and realize his plans.

    Which of the following is inherently better:

    1- To be able to shape the future!
    2- To be able to inform people of those who are going to the shape the future!

    Which of the following makes better sense?

    1- God sent prophets to inform us of his plans!
    2- God sent prophets, so we can be part of his plans!

    Again, much of the fight against evil has to be done through leadership and state power, individuals can’t really help. This is why Divine Leadership is so important, to show the world that human is worthy of power, that power does not corrupt. Any man that is corrupt is so with or without power. The idea that when you become a Father (having a family and children) you become a better man because of responsibility and not a tyrant.

    The bad experience in the medieval times and what is know as dark ages, led to secularism and separation of politics/power from religion in the western christian world. In our case (Iran), as Khomeini said: “Our politics is our religion and our religion is our politics!”.

  15. مقداد وفائی

    Thank you for the your reply, I see your position a bit better now. When Christianity fused with the State at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, it formalised a form of Christianity, which has led to great loss of life throughout history, from for example, the Crusades, Inquisition and Conquistadors to 2 World Wars where Christian killed Christian depending on which country you happened to live in. This is what Christ warned about, he said you will know the tree by the fruit it produces, the fruit of many denominations of Christianity is the shedding of innocent blood. This fruit is bad and Christ said that such rotten trees should be cut down and burnt and they will be until only the tree producing the fine fruits of love and peace will be left.

  16. The Flat Earth idea called my attention once but I realized it is a decoy with pinches of truth. The real issue they don’t want you to know is Geocentrism, it changes our worldview bigly, in a spiritual, philosophical and scientific way. Besides, a sphere is the geometry of equilibrium on nature, look to the soap bubbles in the air. The only possible explanation to the “flat” Earth is if this is a gigantic planet and the known world is just a piece of it.

    Anyway, let’s go back to Geocentrism. Gravity theory has a lot of flaws, and I’ll just ignore all the Relativity crap from that Jewish idiot and poser, Einstein, and all the ad-hoc garbage theory of dark matter/energy. On the other hand the Theory of Electromagnetism is tested and flawless. There are only 4 physical forces in nature, electromagnetic force, gravitational force and more two sub-atomic forces.

    All the macroscopic trouble comes from a missing link in the gravity theory, the Coriolis force, which is known for 300 years. But the Masons, including Newton, decided to call it a fictitious force because the Earth is supposedly spinning. It’s another case of inversion of reality, “real” is fictitious and “fictitious” is real.

    When we take the Coriolis force seriously, to describe the path of a bullet for example, we have a match between gravity and electromagnetism, and we can define the missing part of gravity, the gravitodynamic force (Coriolis), dynamic because it is dependent on the particle speed. From the equations the phenomenon of gravito-levitation is mathematically possible. There is only one problem with all of that, we have to assume the Earth is motionless.

    This is a new interpretation to the Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887. The Relativistic interpretation leads to an atheistic science-fiction dead end, the world we live today. In the book below you can check for dozens astronomical proofs the Earth is motionless and, more than that, the center of the Universe.