AIDS: The Myth and the Reality

“If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There is no such document.” Kary Mullis, Biochemist, 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

It has all happened very, very quickly. Prior to 1978 the disease simply did not exist; today though there are an estimated 33 million AIDS sufferers and by the end of 1999 the disease had claimed nearly 19 million lives. The overwhelming majority of these cases have occurred in Africa where the disease is exploding like a biological bomb and, according to UNAIDS executive director Peter Piot, “we are only seeing the beginning” of its impact there.

The standard line is that AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which is carried by body fluids and spread by sex, shared needles and blood transfusions. Prior to 1978 it was unknown and the acronym AIDS was only coined in the early eighties when the disease was first recognised. Even then few realised its devastating potential; today, less than twenty years later some of the worlds leading demographers believe the disease will inevitably slow population growth and could even reverse it. In effect it has all the potential to become a modern day black plague, felling hundreds of millions in its path.

So where exactly did it originate?

The mainstream media peddles a number of theories: foremost amongst these is the idea that HIV originated from simian immunodeficiency viruses found in some chimps. The virus itself is relatively rare amongst chimps but researchers have speculated that somehow the virus had made the jump between species, successfully crossing from apes to humans, triggering the AIDS epidemic. Edward Hooper writing in “The River” has further underlined this idea. During investigations into the origins of AIDS Hooper found that an experimental oral vaccine had been developed from chimp’s kidneys. Through American and European medical aid programs more than a million doses were administered in Africa during the 1950’s and, as if to emphasize this proposition, the maps of vaccinations and early AIDS cases are remarkably similar.

Hooper’s theory has prompted considerable debate much of which is at odds with the standard line that HIV causes AIDS. For example, in December 1987 Professor Peter Duesberg, virologist and molecular biologist at the University of California, published an invited paper, “Retroviruses as Pathogens: Expectations and Reality.” The paper was a bombshell, more particularly because Duesberg was considered by some to be “the greatest living virologist.” He had discovered cancer-causing genes and was the recipient of a $350,000 “outstanding investigator” award from the NIH, so when he talked his peers listened.

In simple terms his paper concluded that HIV did NOT cause AIDS: it did not fulfil the postulates developed by 19th century bacteriologist Robert Koch to prove a microbe causes a disease. According to Duesberg: “From every single angle, HIV fails Koch’s first postulate.”

Many other researchers have echoed his doubts, but few have received much in the way of media attention. After all debates between virologists and molecular biologists over retroviruses and anti-bodies can seem a little confusing to laymen. So the media was conveniently looking the other way when Dr John Seale announced the following:

“It is entirely possible that the AIDS epidemic was started in the U.S. deliberately. Few people would need to know of the plan, and the actions of one person would be sufficient to ignite the epidemic. Maximum effectiveness would require that the introduction of effective means of stopping the virus was blocked for as long as possible, by a carefully planned and sustained campaign of disinformation. The special problem of the release of an AIDS-like virus is that it would open up a Pandora’s Box, but it is naive to believe that nobody would be willing to do so.” Dr. John Seale Member of the Royal College of Medicine, London.
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, September 1988

Maybe the media ignored Dr. Seale because what he found is so horrifying as to seem beyond belief. Or maybe they were more interested in some other burning issue of the day. Whatever the reason though the mainstream media has systematically ignored Dr. Seale and his conclusions, effectively consigning him to the gulag of media isolation.

“The scale of the deception and disinformation is astonishing,” Dr. Seale wrote. “The virus has the properties of a skilled, devious and implacable invader with the capacity and willingness to kill every man, women and child on earth. Dissemination of the virus is being actively encouraged by some who wish to destroy our society.”

Whilst a few individuals like Dr. Seale have the courage and integrity to speak about what they have found most of his peers have simply been too shocked and frightened to speak out.

“Every biological scientist who has dispassionately studied the virus and the epidemic,” Dr. Seale has written, “knows that the origins of the virus could lie in the development of modern biology, just as of the nuclear bomb lie with modern physics. Most biological scientists have not yet come to terms with the terrible truth and have developed various neurotic reactions to cope with it. Many have developed a selective denial of reality and genuinely cannot see what is happening. Most who see it keep quiet, but increasing numbers are talking privately though they still lack the moral courage to speak out in public. They still hope it is a nightmare which will vanish with tomorrow’s dawn. Some who know perfectly well what is happening are deliberately fudging scientific data to keep the heat off them and fellow scientists of their molecular biological ‘club.’”

The average man or women in the street does not read the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine or scientific medical research papers, so few are aware of Dr. Seale’s conclusions. Yet his findings have revealed what can only be described as a diabolical proposition. All of which begs the question why, and equally who would be party to such a proposal?

With the planets population now nearing six billion the answer to the first question is almost self-evident: overpopulation and population control are pressing issues and what Dr Seale suggests would seem, for some at least, to provide a solution. This would be a particularly attractive proposition for those who propagated the disease if they knew how to immunize themselves and whoever else they chose. And here it is worth noting that in his amorous escapades Bill Clinton has never been reported using a condom. Could it be that he knows something that you and I and your average guy in the street doesn’t?

In October 1970 former U.S. Secretary of State Robert McNamara addressed a group of international bankers about the dangers ahead and the most ominous of all: “Population growth, ”he explained, “was the gravest issue that the world faces over the decades immediately ahead.”

According to an intelligence source (1) who attended the meeting McNamara announced that the world’s population would only stabilise at around ten billion in 2020. “We can assume that the levels of poverty, stress, hunger, crowding and frustration could cause in developing nations – which by then would contain nine out of ten human beings on earth – would be unlikely to assure social stability, or political stability, or, for that matter military stability. It is not a world that any of us would want to live in.”

He then went on to propose a solution; one might even call it a final solution. “Is such a world inevitable? It is not sure, but there are two possible ways in which a world of ten billion people can be averted. Either the current birth rates must come down very quickly. Or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way. There are of course many ways in which the death rates can go up. In a thermonuclear age, we can accomplish it very quickly. Famine and disease are nature’s ancient checks on population growth, and neither one has disappeared from the scene.”

Thereupon he alluded to the development of bacteriological warfare capabilities and, according to intelligence reports, discussed them with several selected delegates.

The answer to the second part of the question, exactly who would be party to such a proposal, is provided in FULL DISCLOSURE, by Dr. Gary Glum, from which the above quotation was extracted. According to Dr. Glum, a hidden ruling elite, consisting of a handful of rich and powerful families are behind the AIDS scourge.

Naturally this may sound a bit over the top, as it did to Dr. Glum when he first encountered the idea; yet the more he looked into the possibility the more the evidence emerged that this was indeed a horrifying reality. Namely that a hidden ruling elite with immense power and wealth at their disposal felt a growing population posed a threat to them and their power. And here it should be noted that this power elite regard this planet as their own personal property in much the same way as medieval landowners and aristocrats once regarded their own lands; at best they regard the Earth’s inhabitants as little more than tenant farmers, while they consider the overwhelming majority as “useless eaters,” superfluous to their needs and thus utterly expendable. Accordingly the AIDS virus was created in response, a virus which could potentially level population growth.

Or as expressed by Prince Philip: “If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” (2)

More than that though the AIDS virus was created with an ethnic propensity. According to Dr. Glum quoting from intelligence documents, British scientists at Porton Downs found that a certain Gc 1 gene predisposed people to the HIV virus whilst the Gc 2 gene seemed to provide some protection. Blacks and people of mixed race origins have a preponderance of Gc 1 genes in contrast to whites who have the Gc 2 genes. Which may explain why AIDS is spreading so rapidly in places like Africa, Brazil and Haiti as opposed to Europe and the white population of the Americas where it is confined largely to the homosexual community.

Confirmation that Dr. Glum was indeed on the right track came only after he had completed Full Disclosure and published it himself. The book had been printed and advance copies had already been sent out to politicians and other interested parties when two intelligence agents approached Dr. Glum. They told him that if he didn’t lay off they would bury the book and if he wasn’t careful they would bury him and his family too.

However the damage was already done, the book was out and word was spreading. Consequently Dr. Glum is fortunately still alive but the intelligence agencies have at least been successful in keeping the book and its content out of the mainstream media. Inquiries at our local library and bookshops were fruitless. Even though we had all the relevant details including ISBN numbers, the publishers address and even the book itself we were assured that there was no record of the book in either Britain or the U.S.. In effect Full Disclosure simply does not exist, not officially at least. Unofficially Full Disclosure is available in the UK from Dave Starbuck at £20.00 including postage and packing: from 52 Lancaster Avenue, Aldridge, Walsall WS9 8RQ, UK.

(1) Quoted in Full Disclosure.
(2) Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, quoted in an address to the World Wildlife Fund. Sources also include: The River by Edward Hooper and