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henrymakow.com — April 16, 2020

 “Dr Shiva Ayyadurai is the most Electrifying, Articulate, Educated, Intelligent, and PATRIOTIC Lightning Rod to appear on the American Landscape in the last  244 Years.
I have NEVER been so impressed by the knowledge base and PASSION of a naturalized citizen of the United States who has demonstrated more courage and fortitude than a hundred Thomas Paines put together,  to step into the breech – at a time when American needs him most – and say what NEEDS to be said and DO what needs to be done!
This is an extraordinary and phenomenal individual who DESERVES your fullest attention more than any other voice on the internet. PLEASE listen to the astute brilliance of this man. There are few in the world who can match his mettle.”   – Ken Adachi
Shiva Ayyadurai, 56, obtained a Ph.D. in biological engineering from MIT in systems biology. His thesis focused on modelling the whole cell by integrating molecular pathway models. He is running as a Republican for the Senate in Massachusetts.
In this important video, he says:


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