Irish Savant – April 16, 2020

We all know the type: The Taker. The kind  who, irrespective of personal wealth, wriggles out of buying his round, the type who contributes nothing in group situations, instead watching closely for any opportunity for personal gain, the type who takes credit for a work colleague’s achievement, the type who in a sporting context will go for personal glory and fail when a simple pass to a colleague would have resulted in a guaranteed score. The Taker. Every interaction and transaction is analysed for the possibility of personal gain. To him personal loyalty means nothing. He’ll use people until they’re no longer useful and then drop them without a second thought. Such people are born that way and remain that way all of their lives.
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Bill Gates, philanthropist, pictured here with close friend Jeffrey Epstein. In fact a more unlikely philanthropist would be hard to find. The supreme Taker. Gates as a billionaire – that’s billionaire – was known in Seattle for redeeming discount vouchers when shopping. Who was described by Steve Jobs as ‘a talentless bum who stole everything that made him his money’. And that assessment is coming from an expert given that Jobs stole the Apple concept from PARC. The depths to which Microsoft, shaped in Gates’ image, would descend were legendary. It was SOP for them, even when the company was worth tens of billions, to bilk small developers out of their products and incorporate the functionality in the next version of Windows.
The ploy was simple. Small software company develops neat add-on for Windows. Microsoft express an interest. They’re nice and friendly and would like to understand more about the product. And then some more again. And after that they break off communication. In due course the small developer’s ideas have been incorporated in Windows and they original developers are left with nothing for all their time and effort. I have personal direct experience of this happening and it was widespread. (In fairness Microsoft weren’t the only offenders). You don’t like it, Mr. Small Developer? Then we’ll see you in court!  Ha ha!
The point here is that the developers would very often have happily parted with their material for the equivalent of  – and this is literally true – 10 minutes of Microsoft’s revenues. But you see to the Taker this is irrelevant. What’s important is that he’s triumphed and outwitted his counterparts. The fact that a group of people who devoted enormous time, effort and money were bilked out of their work is not, to use a software expression, a bug. It’s a feature. Little wonder that the developer who put Gates on his way ended up a derelict. Gates never gave him a cent  to alleviate his misery. Paul Allen was the co-founder of Microsoft with Gates and a friend since childhood. Yet when he contracted life-threatening cancer Gates debated with Steve Ballmer ways to ‘get rid of him’ as he could no longer contribute effectively.
Could you imagine a less likely philanthropist? Ok, apart from Soros?
Which brings me to the Gates Foundation and his crusade for vaccines. What’s motivating him? Money? Acclaim? Or something else entirely? Whatever it is it’s not altruism. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word. His early vaccine projects have had, intentionally or not, a catastrophic impact. Note that he comes from a family of eugenicists. He’s on record as saying that the world population should be reduced to 500 million. That is reduced by 90%. Whatever it is he does not have the interests of us ordinary folk at heart. Au contraire.
But thankfully the world seems to be waking up to the reality of this monster. Check out the reaction to his latest tweet.
As I’ve been saying for the last year or two, we’re on the cusp of some great denouement. There’s going to be a Great Unravelling. Will the Luciferians take total control? Only God knows.