Microsoft Releases (and Deletes) an Ad With Elite Occultist Marina Abramovic

Vigilant Citizen – April 14, 2020

On Good Friday, Microsoft released a video promoting its association with the elite’s favorite artist: Marina Abramovic. After massive backlash, the video was set to “private” and all traces of the campaign were scrubbed from Microsoft’s official website. Here’s what this fiasco was all about.

To promote its mixed reality device Hololens 2, Microsoft teamed up with prominent occultist Marina Abramovic to create an art project named The Life. In a promotional video posted on Microsoft’s official YouTube account, Abramovic is described as the “most legendary performance artist working now”.
The art project consists of people wearing the Holohens device to witness a ghostly version of Abramovic appearing out of nowhere while walking around while wearing a symbolic red dress.
In the video, which was released on Good Friday, Marina says that the project allows her to attain a form of immortality.
The Life is dealing with what is going to stay after I’m not there anymore, and I can face myself, and this frightening experience. Really like you’re facing your own ghost, but it is always this greater idea of immortality. Once you die the work could never die because the work of art can continue. In performance, the piece is only in the memory of the audience and nowhere else. Here I am kept forever.”
The video was not well received at all. After a flood of negative comments and about 90% thumbs down, Microsoft set the video to “private”. Since nothing can be truly deleted from the internet, the video was re-uploaded by other sources.

Microsoft also removed all traces of the campaign from its official website – although it still appears in Google search results.

This search result now leads to an error message. We still see that Microsoft describes Abramovic as “arguably the world’s most acclaimed performance artist”.
The fact that powerful entities such as Microsoft keep showering Abramovic with infinite praise is quite telling. Because it doesn’t take much in-depth research to understand what she is truly about.

Marina Abramovic

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8 responses to “Microsoft Releases (and Deletes) an Ad With Elite Occultist Marina Abramovic”

  1. MayB NOT the best person 2 push this technology. HARD PASS.

  2. Marina Abramovic “Explores mixed reality” ( read Marina Abramovic has her head up her own arsehole). I believe that is her reality – Her LIFE. As for the Hucksters from Christie’s I think they are up there with her. I believe tinned Dog Shit in a Red dress would be just as saleable at $1 million a Can (only at Christie’s). A Bargain so Buy at this discounted price before you miss out.

  3. What a GREAT artist Marina Abramovic is!
    Isn’t she wonderfully inspired?
    Amazing creativity!

    The world deserves to see more of this tragically underrated artist.
    The following video should be taken off YouTube immediately!

    Join me in DEMANDING the IMMEDIATE removal of this gross disinformation put forth by this fake journalist, Dan Dicks.

    Thanking you in advance for taking your civic responsibilities seriously.


    Press For Truth – Dan Dicks

  4. She is a disgusting adrenochrome drinking satanic pedophile.

  5. Furthermore -Marina Abramovic “Explores mixed reality” – if you look closely at abramovic you can tell it is a male, thus you have the ‘mixed reality’ coming from a jewish heritage. Such is why it is constantly pushed upon society like all the other lies told.

  6. These psychos won’t stop until normal people wake up to the reality that they need to vote with their wallets.

  7. What is their point with this cannibalism theme?

  8. One bullet is all it takes.